“The AST welcomed a recent approach from Daniel Ek” Supporters group meets with prospective new owner

The Arsenal Supporters Trust has had a meeting with Arsenal’s prospective new owner, Daniel Ek.

The Swede has put himself forward as the man to take the club back to its glory days and away from the hands of Stan Kroenke.

Despite signing the likes of Thomas Partey, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette and Gabriel Magalhaes in recent seasons, Arsenal fans still believe that their club is not being given the right support by Kroenke.

His involvement in the suspended European Super League seems to have destroyed his relationship with the fans beyond repair and they want him to sell and leave the club now.

Ek has been taking serious steps to become the club’s newest owner in recent weeks, including enlisting the support of some former players like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.

His group has now met with the AST and they released a statement to say that they welcome his approach to buying the club.

“The AST welcomed a recent approach from Daniel Ek and his consortium partners Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira, and that they said meeting us was a priority for them,” the statement read via TalkSPORT.

“A constructive meeting was held and we were encouraged to hear their commitment to making the role of fans central to their proposals.

“This is very welcome and we look forward to further dialogue. 

“We will engage with anyone who has a serious proposal as it is important any current or future owner is aware of the importance of working with fans.

“We also continue to seek a constructive and meaningful dialogue with Stan and Josh Kroenke.”

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  1. For what it’s worth, I find all the steps taken so far by EK very welcoming. This is a gentleman’s way of handling business. Let’s just hope he’s the messiah we’ve been craving for and not another wolf in sheep’s clothing. His approach and attitude so far speaks very well of him.
    Better and exciting days ahead to all Gooner fans.

  2. Flipping Ek (polite version) – let’s hope;

    1) He is fit for purpose.

    2) If yes, this has some legs to it.

  3. Considering the totally unnecessary steps he’s already taken, especially if this was nothing more than a somewhat elaborate marketing ploy, it appears as if this just might be a legitimate approach…of course, only time will tell, but I’ll gladly take a glimmer of hope over the same old, same old

    my chief concerns are as follows: that any potential offer will fall on deaf ears, as they have in the past, or the investment will be such that, without financial partners, silent or otherwise, he won’t have the courage and/or the financial wherewithal to properly invest…it’s not like he’s getting in on the ground floor, or even a couple floors up, like Big Stan did…for this to work he’ll be paying penthouse dollars for a mismanaged, middling club, which is a completely different proposition

  4. As Ek is having to borrow money to buy the Arsenal, where will the money come from to invest in players?

  5. I’m not convinced this man is the messiah we are looking for. Doubt he has the financial muscle to lift us towards the levels of Chelsea and Man City

    1. Hes not going to pump 200m a season that the fans always wanted…..

      Fans need to come clean on the type of owner they wants

      1. I support the self sustaining model, and all clubs need to take this approach for long-term survival.

        What I want is an owner who is an Arsenal fan, or at the very least, someone who cares for the club, is ambitious, and understands Arsenal, and footballing culture in general.

        1. self sustaining option is the way to go for the club not to incurr huge amount of debt and many more

          someone who care and ambitious is the same as having an owner who continue to pump money?

          just another way of writing huge spending

  6. If Daniel EK will keep Gunnersaurus and invest heavily for our club then I’ll finally get back smiles on my face.

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