The attacking formation to make best use of Arsenal’s new stars?


Every Arsenal fan must agree this was a winter window like no other. We brought in three players. Two in attack and one in defense. But it was the players that we moved out in the attack and brought in in that department that raised eyebrows. We sold – Walcott, Giroud, Sanchez, Coquelin. We pursued Johny Evans from West Bromwich Albion but everyone watching could see that it was not a spirited as we pushed through the arrival of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. In Aubameyang’s case we had three officials in Germany to push through the deal which almost did not go through.

Basically, we lost players in the Defensive Midfield department and we were not keen on making additions. We added in defense but not really for first team and we knew we wanted another defender but we seemed not very desperate to get someone. But in attack we were relentless and if rumours were to be believed we searched far and wide and players like Malcom Filipe from Bordeaux, Lucas Moura from PSG – Now with Tottenham, Cristian Pavón of Boca Juniors, were routinely featured as possibilities.

But perhaps the most telling is these words attributed to Arsene Wenger that tell the story behind the highly ‘Attack reorganization’ Window purchases.

“The danger is when you are an attacking team that you don’t score and then of course you create your own problems,” Wenger told the official Arsenal website.

“We don’t necessarily need relief but we want to be more efficient on the football pitch because when you say we’ve conceded too many goals, I think we don’t score enough goals.

“That’s our basic problem. That’s not only defensively but offensively, we don’t score enough goals.”

(Attacking) “That’s our DNA. We are an attacking team,” he added.

“That is why we have to work on that and find the balance.

“Without destroying our offensive power, we have to find the balance so we are better defensively.”

On this statements I agree 100% with Arsene Wenger’s assessment. I hope he finds the balance to keep our DNA intact. I suspect he went into defending reorganization and spoiled the team’s cohesion instead of reorganizing the defending in a manner that it carries more attacking competence and ensure we can keep teams from scoring. Perhaps Wenger thought of Ozil-Sanchez partnership as Maradona, Messi, Cristiano, Berkamp and Henry all rolled into two and would survive the removal of one attack-minded player who was transferred to defense in the latest 5-defender setup with three in the back and two wingbacks who could also add in attack. In this game, he must have realized the wingbacks are normally isolated and dealt with easily if not specialists in the wings so the CBs were invited to come over and assist in attacking too. Then perhaps the leaks in defense began and therefore everybody was invited to defend and attack at the same time. The game must have lost rhyme and ended up with Arsenal taking too long building up, taking wayward shots and not converting enough shots taken. On the defensive end we soon were being caught out more often. Keeping clean sheet used to be routine but lately, Cech may just fail to get that 200th clean sheet he seeks so much.

If Arsene is seeking the great balance, there is actually a pattern that can deliver just that. Balance in attack, meaning it can accommodate our super attack terror from of Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Aubameyang – LMOA. The pattern promises more. It can draft in Ramsey and Wilshere too.

However, the pattern involves dropping Granit Xhaka (a player Wenger has not dropped yet but his performances indicate he should be dropped) and pushing Kolasinac somewhere in there too. The pattern is 

There is concerns that if Lacazette and Auba play together, there will be no one coming from the bench for Giroud-like rescue. People are forgetting there is Welbeck, Iwobi, Reiss Nelson, Edward Nketiah who can sit on the bench and come in when one of the two needs to rest and so one does not have fears that after using the two there no one popping from the bench who can play super sub… If Auba or even Lacazette is not able to play, you would be surprised at Nketiah and Nelson…but even Welbeck and Iwobi playing with another attacker may just become very good players that we might have not noticed about them before. Walcott is already firing in all cylinders at Everton suggesting we didn’t see the best of him.







It would be a bold line-up if Arsene went for it but look at the advantages. Lacazette is aready showing great link up play with his colleagues and can play the second striker. Aubameyang at the CF role but biased to the left so he can take advantage of the width in the left to initiate attacks and stretch the defenders, Lacazette plays second CF but biased to the right so he too can stretch the defenders. Ozil and Mkhitaryan play a rear but potent attacking Mid-fielding duet, and can proceed to take chances and score. Ozil has already shown he can get the goals.

Kolasinac and Ramsey provide the width but can cut inside and offer assistance to Wilshere in the Anchorage role. There will be no need for Bellerin and Monreal to spend too much time attacking and can stay back to defend 80 percent of the time. Xhaka should be retrained in the new Arsenal pattern and must find his way back in, by displacing someone, not sure who.
In the summer, with this pattern in mind, Koscienly and Monreal are past 30 and beginning to be too injury prone. They need replacing with 23-24-25 year olds capable of performing in the same level. Ramsey is ever hot and cold and maybe we need someone more consistent. Maybe sooner rather than later Ainsley Maitland-Niles will pick the spot from him. If we let Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott go, we can let Ramsey go too, yes we can. In the defensive midfield, we can go for a player in the mold of Jean Michael Seri from Nice to push Wilshere for that position. Of course Petr Cech needs to be replaced sooner rather than later and someone like Sergio Rico for Sevilla would be wonderful addition.

If there is a new pattern, what do you think it would be and what would be your dream pattern.



  1. No Ramsey, his lack of discipline kills any balance.

    4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1

    Bellerin. Kos. Mustafi. Sead
    El Neny
    Wilshere. Xhaka

    Ozil. Laca. Mhki

    Or 4-2-3-1

    New GK
    Bellerin. Manolas. Mustafi. Sead
    Fabinho. Wilshere
    Mhki. Ozil. Laca

    Hopeful summer transfers into account

    I’d be happy kos and Mustafi cut out schoolboy errors, Iwobi on bench with Ramsey

    1. Durand. FYI, Ramsey’s win percentage in the team versus out of the team is higher than Wilshere’s. He’s actually one of the few like Ozil that there is a noticeable difference when he’s out of the team.

      1. @Break-on-through

        Thanks for FYI, i wasn’t certain.
        I still rather Ramsey not play; usually plays like
        10 + Ramsey rather than 11 together.
        Ramsey can’t hold ball he flicks instead, ALWAYS bombs forward cause its bestfor his glory not team. And always out of position thats why the constant mad sprinting and injuries

  2. “(Attacking) “That’s our DNA. We are an attacking team,” he added.”

    He has said this many times. Wenger hasn’t changed from this stance for the past 13 years. That is why he doesn’t get a top defensive midfielder and that is why our defense has been so poor. That is why we fail. Wenger has actually said he doesn’t believe in spending big on defensive minded non defenders.

    Wenger is resistant to change and stubborn as a ?.

    Attacking is all well and good. I LOVE GOALS. I love assists and build up to goals but you need players who are excellent at getting the ball back, tackling, tracking back, protect defenders, short passes, cover sideline to sideline, be a leader and begin attack.

  3. Alright is everyone set, are we ready to Biiicker!!!!. Are we ready to Complain!!!

    We have a decent home record so lets be a little more confident with this one. Monreal Mustafi Koscielny and Cech have some making up to do. Midfielders will need to snap at players heels because Everton will bring an aggressive game, they’ll need to be on it because Ozil and Henri will get targeted and won’t be the greatest cover out there. Lacazette has to prove a few things with Auba ready to pounce. Come on you Gunners!!!!!

  4. Ps, that line-up up there is crap, three CBs as well as three CM’s, you need at least an outlet at fullback to have some width. And then you have forwards who can go into wide positions higher up. But no manager would ever go with that formation up there, they are all in the game too long to pick anything resembling that pile of poo. The mad thing is I’ve seen a few people, actually more than a few people go with that 3-3-whatever bs. Next time I have a difference of opinion I’ll try to remember this one.

  5. IMO we will see a blend of 4231 and 433; depending on the players reading of the game.

    Xhaka and Wilshere sitting deep, although I would much prefer AMN instead of Xhaka but Wenger will not drop Xhaka 🙁

    Ozil playing as the extra CM at times and moving up to play ACM at other times, moving between the lines and now he will have pace around him to make use of his passing range better.

    Auba and Mkhi playing as the right and left forward but ‘narrow’, they combines well at BvB and having them play off each other in counters could replicate that fantastic form they shown which resulting in bags and bags of goals.

    Laca as the CF, he has good movement and can create gaps in the def which the oncoming Auba and Mkhi can exploit. Laca will be more than just someone to pull CBs though, the ability to play smart passes and a deadly shot will force the oppositions to mark him hard or he will get goals.

    Fullbacks will be attack minded and providing the width that Auba and Mkhi will lack from their narrow play.

  6. These Journalists don’t know how to ask the right questions to Arsene Wenger. If I was a Journalist I would ask the right questions like this:

    Me: Mr Wenger you said that yous attack is not sharp enough right?

    Wenger: Yes, that is correct.

    Me: Don’t you think it is as a result of endless pass, pass, passing the ball side ways and back passes with none of your players able to dribble past the opposition defense and create scoring opportunities?

    Wenger: Em….ehm…I think you have a big point there.

    Me: But have been in the game for so long and you should know that your defense is also porous or don’t you think the law of diminishing return is setting in as a result of your longevity with Arsenal and that you need to move on and not drag the club backwards?

    Wenger: (Angry voice) Look…I will not answer any more of your questions.

    Its not that difficult to ask the right questions is it?

  7. Wenger actually admits that we are an attacking mindede team. Pity about all the sidewys passing without any pentration or balls for strikers to run on to then is n’t it? Apart from Ozil, our one creative player of class of course. But fat more damning of Wenger is his total inability to even recognise that to have a top team you MUST have a good defence. He could not defend FORT KNOX FROM AN ATTACK BY A MOTH!

  8. Wenger is a fool, why start Iwobi over Lacazette.

    Lacazette on left will put in good crosses where as Iwobi just loses possession and is a headless chicken.

    Iwobi won’t start for another other top 6 team.

  9. I told you guys a few days ago,You will not see LMAO becasue of Iwobi. Iwobi is undropable, he can do no wrong. Becomes drunk then starts the next game, no punishment. Overated player, he is one of Wengers new favourites like Xhaka as well.

  10. Iwobi is in the team, again? Xhaka and Ramsey is another shaky combo in that important area in the middle of the park.. don’t know but I hope with Auba, we should be able to outscore teams

  11. To come from the person who saw the potential in Henry before everyone all the way to favour iwobi instead of lacazette or wilshere is enough proof of when a once progressive wenger became senile. I hope iwobi steps up watching all the world class attacking players around him. Else they will simply ignore him like when alexis and ozil only played with each other.

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