The Aubameyang secret that is not such a secret

You have to hand it to the English tabloids, they literally have no shame and will put out stories that either contradicts themselves or are simply outright lies.

Each morning I go through Arsenal related headlines, it is my job after all and sometimes I come across the most outrageous headlines or articles that simply have to be called out.

This headline from the Daily Express and the accompanying article fit the bill of utter ridiculousness.

Arsenal star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang holding secret talks about Real Madrid transfer

WOW, where to start?

First, how the hell is it secret if it is being splashed across their website?

Second, these so-called secret talks are not actually with Real Madrid, they are supposedly with his teammates Dani Ceballos and Mesut Ozil, yup, Mesut Ozil.

It seems that by asking Ceballos and Ozil what it is like at Real Madrid is enough for the Daily Express to proclaim that Aubameyang is holding secret talks.

They cite some obscure Spanish publication for these revelations, I mean, this is as clickbait as you can get.

How any of them know what or who he is talking to is beyond me but even if Ceballos or Ozil are running off to the media and saying Aubameyang asked me what life is like at Real Madrid how the hell does that justify such a headline or article, there is literally nothing of any substance to back up either.

The headline is misleading in the extreme, the article is woeful and the really sad thing about this is that some Arsenal fans will fall for this rubbish.

Do not fall for this made-up rubbish and remember the name Jack Otway, he is the so-called journalist that wrote this garbage because by remembering his name you will know anything he writes in future is almost certainly fake and can be disregarded.


  1. counsel says:

    lacazzette is the best arsenal player since rvp he should be the captain apart from xhaka he is the only player we have who oozes confidence.AUBA is a finisher he doesn’t brings much to the game he cant create chances for himself and doesn’t score agaist big teams

    1. Loose Cannon says:

      Remove Auba, Laca, Torrera, Ceballos and Leno from our line up and we will be competing for a relegation spot.Well, Pepe is getting to know his team mates and England, he will be great as the season progresses.Why do we always question our best players? It is the coach who needs to be questioned for his tactics and approach to the game. With the right coach, and the above mentioned players we are a top 3 side, but sadly Unai will let us down this season. We lost a point against pool and two against Spurs because of Unai. Even Tony Pullis has agameplay (to play physical), sadly Unai seems confused in his second year.Ten months for this coach to leave AFC

      1. Jay says:

        We didn’t have all of this players 2or3 years back and with a weaker squad we finished top 5.

      2. Diogenes says:


        Obviously if we didn’t have those players we would have replacements.

        Replacements for Leno, Ceballos, and Torreira wouldn’t be that difficult to get as there are a couple dozen players of similar quality in their positions to be found through various European leagues.

        But you’re also right: Auba and Laca would be difficult to replace; not too many consistent strikers around.

        We would still fight for places 5 – 8 even with mediocre replacements, though.

  2. Dion says:

    “…..he can’t create chance for himself and doesnt score against big teams ” wow just wow.

    1. Lenohappy says:

      I just checked his stat from last season, he assisted 9 goals in all competition last season and still he thinks he can create chances, the goal he scored against Burnley this season was created by him all Ceballos did was give him a Normal pass, he goes past two players to score that goal.

  3. Lenohappy says:

    Please just keep quiet if you don’t know what to say, how can you say a striker that assisted 8 goals last season doesnt create chances, for goodness sake this guy is best striker we’ve had sinca RVP, the guy rarely get injured, he’s fast can score goals and and in case you forgot, he’s the first arsenal player to be a contender for the golden boot and am sure he will still be a contender this season. And you said he doesn’t score in the big game lok, this guy scored most of our goals in the Europa league last season, he’s already scored against toth this season, but I guess he’s not good enough lets just sell him.

    1. Dan kit says:

      That’s what I love @ Lenohappy about him ,he never gets injured (touch wood)and he always seems to play 90 mins .
      His record since he’s been here speaks for itself .
      His goals last season gained more points than any other player in the PL that stat alone is like a goldmine to us .

      1. ken1945 says:

        Even Mesut Ozil??? Why would that astound you kind sir?

        Surely asking another player who he obviously respects and admires, doesn’t need spelling out twice?

        Let’s be honest here, this really doesn’t need an article, it should be consigned to the bin…unless, of course, Auba has no intntion of signing a new contract?

        1. counsel says:

          @ken1945 OZIL and MUSTAFI have been declared persona non grata at the emirates by the manager.We were crying out loud for wenger to be ruthless now we finally have the man with cojones who has become a nightmare for fringe players

          1. ken1945 says:

            Counsel, would love you to produce the evidence regarding Ozil being made persona non grata, although what that has to do with Auba allegedly talking about Real Madrid, I fail to understand!

            Your witness my lord – I object as it’s just heresay!!!

  4. S.J says:

    Aubameyang is great, him and Lacazette complement each other very well that is why I stand for them to be played together most times. With 2 good wingers in Pepe and fast and skillful Martinelli and 2 good central midfielders in Guendouzi and Torreira we will have good shape

    1. Lenohappy says:

      The problem is with two good wingers, one of auba or laca will sit on the bench.

      1. Innit says:

        Thats right
        We only have one good winger this season though

        If we get another good Winger and IF Aubameyang stays, he should be our preferred striker over Lacazette but both will have opportunities to play PL, CL (if we get there) or EL, FA cup, League Cup

        Another idea is sell both Aubameyang and Lacazette next season and buy a Top striker and Top winger

      2. MadHatter says:

        That all depends…. I personally think that Laca can play a Bergkampesque role and drop deep to play between the lines.

        In fact on a previous thread I gave almost the exact same line up as a 4-4-2 that would have similar tactical flexibility to the legendary Invincibles but without the same intuitive feel to freely swap formation on the fly, but it would allow Emery to keep a starting 11 whilst still tinkering with the formation to counter the opponent (either match by match or with a call from the sideline)

  5. McLovin says:

    “He doesn’t score against big teams”

    This is a problem for anyone really, not just the strikers as the whole team can’t score against big teams.

    1. Lenohappy says:

      I guess scoring a hat-trick against Valencia in the semi final of an European competition is not scoring in the big match lol, take auba out of that team and we will be fighting for 7th and 8th and that’s a fact because laca will always get injured and when laca get injured who else do we have.

  6. lol… a player that won a golden boot,, even when been deployed out of position who has constantly told the coach he’s more better in the middle.. yeah, Auba has his short comings,, he doesn’t link up well,,he’s not good to cut in from wide areas either to give a pass or shoot (although he did that against Burney) but its not enough reason to say he’s not good enough and should be sold,, I’d rather have him in my team than laca. without him last season,, I don’t think we would have even made remember why Wenger bought him,,if Wenger was still in arsenal , arsenal might have been worst but one thing I’m sure is that,,Wenger pattern would favour Auba so well that he would have won the Golden boot alone.

  7. dudu says:

    After hearing what Dani said about Liverpool I completely loose hope on Unai Emery..

    1. Bora says:

      Auba and Laca our two formidable strikers.

  8. GB says:

    Laca the best since RVP? Don’t make me laugh….?

  9. Thinesh says:


    Martinelli Lacazette(C) Pepe

    Guendouzi Toreira

    Tierney David Luiz Holding Bellerin


    1. Yossarian says:

      The team certainly looks much better with Tierney, Holding, & Bellerin back from injury. Pepe is a great additional and we also have Ceballos to add to the above. I think it’ll come good.

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