“The audacity” Pundit says Arsenal deserves an apology from this player

Gabby Agbonlahor is one of the most outspoken former players who have turned to punditry, and the ex-Aston Villa ace is not happy with an Arsenal player.

The Gunners want to make the top four and return to the Champions League at the end of this campaign.

If their strikers score the goals they need and other players do their job well, they can achieve that goal.

One man who should score more often is Alexandre Lacazette. Instead, the Frenchman is bothered about finding a new club that plays in the Champions League.

In a recent interview, he revealed he was in talks with suitors and wants to play in Europe’s elite club competition.

Agbonlahor is unimpressed by that and says the striker should apologise to the Gunners because he is supposed to score the club needs return to the UCL.

He tells Football Insider: “If he wants to play Champions League football the only team he’ll be playing it at is Partizan Belgrade or Panathinaikos. He won’t be playing it at a big club because he can’t hit a barn door.

“The audacity to say that he wants to play Champions League football when he’s putting in performances that are lacklustre is an insult to Arsenal, to be honest. I think he should apologise.

“Maybe he would be playing Champions League football for Arsenal if he could score a goal.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Lacazette truly got the timing of that interview wrong, and he is not good enough to think he should play in the Champions League.

Arsenal has given him a chance to get a team into the competition, and he cannot do that. We could still make the top-four, but he might not get a new deal to enjoy the competition with us.

VIDEO – A great win for the Gunners at Stamford Bridge and Mikel Arteta was in an upbeat mood after the game…

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  1. Hw dare you also talk about Arsenal!🙄
    Kindly leave our matter off your stinking mouth!😲 Mtcheeeeeeew 😠

    1. How this player can pass judgement on another, is the height of hypocrisy – reflect on your career mate, before judging others.

      1. Exactly Ken.
        Also, Laca was asked if he’d been contacted by his former club Lyon and if he’d consider joining them. As Lyon are having a poor season they won’t be playing Europe next year and Laca simply said he’s not been playing CL for 5 years and that will be’d live to play it again.
        It’s not arrogance to say he’d like to play for a club playing in the CL.
        He’s a free agent and could easily join a club like Benfica, Marseille or perhaps even Atletico Madrid (as a squad player).
        Take it easy Agbon!!

  2. For once I agree with Gabby. When we were on a good run(without Laca’s goals I dare say) our so called captain didn’t make these tasteless comments but all of a sudden we’re on a losing streak and this is the time he thought it right to grant this interview? It was mad disrespectful plus the timing was wrong.

  3. Given the amount of chances Laca has been given time and again, he should have scored lot of goals by now. Its ok if he wants to play CL football next season but his first commitment is to Arsenal. If he plays well and scores enough goals for Arsenal, Arsenal themselves will be in the CL. Anyway, I feel now MA will play Eddie till the end of the season and hope Nketiah scores as many goals as possible to take Arsenal to the CL.

  4. I do not agree with those Gooners above who slate Agbonlahor for airing his opinion.

    He is after all a TV and radio pundit and it is a crucial part of his job to give his opinion. It is our free choice whether or not we agree with him.

    But to claim he is being hypocritic ON THIS MATTER (since I have personally long maintained that ALL humans are hypocritical by nature , AT TIMES), is plain unthinking and reactionary. How a man I respect as much as KEN 1945 can write as he does above, is disappointing, IMO.

    For the little its worth, I believe that if we all examine our consciences honestly , that almost all Gooners will agree with Agbonlahor, even if many of us will not be honest enough with ourselves to publicly say so.

    I WILL say so and I firmly agree with Agbonlahor, ON THIS MATTER.
    I stand for free speech. Do you?

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