The Balogun transfer saga could be good or bad for Arsenal

Balogun’s Destination: A Balancing Act for Arsenal

Folarin Balogun has emerged as one of Arsenal’s most talked-about players this summer, and the reasons are abundantly clear. The young forward dazzled in the French league last season, netting an impressive 22 goals and providing three assists for Stade Reims. Notably, he secured the fourth-highest goal tally in the league, even surpassing the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar.

Having showcased such promise, it’s no surprise that Balogun is in high demand. His standout performances in France position him as a sought-after player, and various clubs are eager to secure his services away from the Emirates Stadium.

Among them, Italian powerhouse Inter Milan have shown keen interest, while French clubs Monaco and Lens have also entered the race for the USMNT international.

Yet, the stumbling block remains the price tag. Arsenal value Balogun at £50 million, a sum that few clubs possess the financial clout to meet, especially for a player relatively new to senior men’s football.

The intrigue intensifies if a Premier League club steps forward with an offer, potentially sidelining foreign interest—a scenario not uncommon in the transfer market, given the financial muscle of English clubs.

Herein lies a crucial question for Arsenal: do they prioritize a substantial transfer fee, potentially strengthening a domestic competitor, or opt for a slightly lesser sum and send him abroad, where his influence on their league campaign would be indirect? The latter offers an easier route, avoiding facing Balogun in future matches.

However, the pursuit of a higher price tag carries its own risks. If Arsenal choose to maximize their return by selling Balogun at a premium to a Premier League rival, they must brace themselves for the prospect of facing him on the pitch later.

History has shown that players relish such encounters against their former teams, often capitalizing on the opportunity to prove a point or even create a narrative of redemption.

In the coming weeks, the focus will be on whether a Premier League club makes a compelling bid for the talented USA international.

Arsenal fans, though, might find themselves torn between appreciating Balogun’s heroics from a distance or witnessing them up close — a decision that could significantly impact the club’s future dynamics and fortunes.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. Balogun is Young, and you can hardly see a better option as their are scares of prolific Young talents, united just played 70m+ for a player with little experience yet less prolific from what they did last year, balogun is worth what we say he is what and we are in no pressure to sell for less… It’s the current realities of today’s market, that’s why clubs in Spain are pushing for super league as everyone is becoming jealous of premier league spending power

  2. If Chelsea are willing to pay £50m for him, it’d be very good for us financially and strategically

    Chelsea have got the powerful Armando Broja, Nicolas Jackson and Christopher Nkunku for the CF role. They’re still approaching Elye Wahi, Deivid Washington and Dusan Vlahovic

    Giving them Balogun could ruin the balance of their squad, their dressing room harmony and make them fail to sign Vlahovic

    1. Hunny, teams are making efforts to sign good. CF but Arteta is sticking with Nkethia I just hope it turns out well. Now we have several midfielders without a dynamic CF. I still wonder why FBalogun wasn’t given a chance to prove himself at all in pre season except faint appearance. I wish the coach isn’t setting up himself for fierce criticism if things don’t turn out as planned. My fingers are crossed.

      1. I guess that’s because Nketiah isn’t as marketable as Balogun, who could only play if Nketiah is loaned out

      2. He had a little injury and the manager doesn’t want to risk him as he has been listed for sale, clubs sell players that are relatively not poor or bad, balogun is sold purely on business merit as he will fetch us decent amount to offset some of our expenses, he needed to play regularly and currently we can’t offer him that so it’s best for all parties to move on, we can’t afford him and nkettiah In out squad

      3. Looks like if Arteta doesn’t favor a player they are out, no chances no fair shot. Maybe club made decision not Arteta? Possible I guess.

        Meanwhile, Vieira who is below par and needs a loan is still here. Also, 5 years now and waiting for Nketiah to show something, anything worthy of competing for a starting spot.

        Too bad Balogun hasn’t had opportunities like Nketiah.

        1. Agree Durand. Bolugun supposedly being better than Nketiah is opinion and in Artetas opinion, he thinks Nketiah is. Im not sticking up for either but Nketiah came in the team last season and blew Jesus scoring effforts right out of the water. What many people DO NOT realise when banging Nketiah is he played about 6 games carrying an injury after his goal burst because there wasn’t a replacement until Trossard came. When he was fit, people forget the praise he was getting from all sides.

  3. He is a rare Tall Target Man with a potential 20 goals a season. They are hard to find in his age group for less than £60 million. So as it would cost Arsenal £60 million to replace him that is why they value him at £60 million. Poor clubs like Inter Millan and Monoco cannot afford him and should not embarrass their fans with laughable low bids. Under Arteta with further training he will become an important player for Arsenal and give us many match winning goals. Priceless!

    1. What, who? Balogun? He’s 178 cm tall, that’s roughly 5 foot 10. He’s not tall or a target man. Or were you talking about someone else?

  4. Balogun could be a victim of the gaffer 4 & 5 phases, as fourth phase takes shape Balogun maybe seen as a risk as to what phase 5 should look like.

    In a nut shell the gaffer states on completing all 5 phases would mean creating something of an Arsenal era, akin to Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp at Man City and Liverpool respectively.

    So while Raya may fits in the different phases, Balogun inclusion may not as clear cut, in my opinion.

      1. Talking to ESPN explaining his interview with Arsenal board, the gaffer stated not only did he had to show them a plan and process in which he believed would be in 5 phases and end European and home denomination.

        James Olley
        Senior writer, ESPN
        Published March 15, 2023

        The five phase plan

        1. What I want to see is quotes where arteta or any person talked about the phases and what they are, Arteta said phases, if he didn’t categorically tell us what the phases are, how then did you know? I have read and watched opinions about what they phases could be but at the end it’s all opinion, you can have your opinion but coming to say every time about the phases makes it sound like you are certain about the things you say and you inside knowledge and I would like to know too

          1. Think you are moving the goal post.

            So you and I actually agree, not only that they are phases but they are actually 5 phase in which the gaffer think he can complete the process.
            As published

  5. In my opinion, Ignore the low valuations mentioned by ANTI ARSENAL websites TBR, Evening Standard,Mail and 90 min, i personally have blocked them by the drop down menu and press “hide” as they always under value the price of Arsenal player and inflate the price of players Arsenal may wish to buy. In my opinion they come accross, Very Anti Arsenal and not reflecting a true Arsenal fans view.

  6. Arteta does not want Balogun, Balogun wants away. Its justt the situation. Arsenal playing poker with his sale. They will sell the minute someone bids £40 mil. The problem is, if someone doesn’t. Arsenal need sales to comply with FFP, Balogun is one of them sales needed. Arsenal want at least one more signing. Balogun staying is a fly in the ointment.

    1. Balogun still have a long contract with us, we are in no pressure to sell, if no club can meet our valuation then he stays and help the team, in few seasons he could be worth 100m+ he is young and talented and there is a massive shortage of strikers who can give you goals in double figures, arsenal selling him less than 50m will be a big undervalue, we have seen less talented players going for crazy amount, his our biggest asset this summer and we should get every penny possible

      1. Thats all well and good if, 1) Balogun wants to stay (go on loan) as Arsenal would like but he doesn’t. 2) if Arsenal did not have to sell for squad size and FFP. 3) if Blogun wasnt an asset, that they can sell for good money. Its not about maybe or the future its about now. Balogun will be sold, if £40 mil is offered.

  7. The summer transfer window isn’t closed yet but still remain opened till after Sep 1st when it’ll shut.
    As regards to Arsenal’s Balogun, anything can still happen. Which could see him stay at the club this summer. Or exit it on another loan out deal or get sold. But the onus is on seeing him being sold for big money making. Which should surpass the money that Aeawnal received when they sell Alex Iwobi to Everton.

  8. The summer transfer window isn’t closed yet but still remain opened till after Sep 1st when it’ll shut.
    As regards to Arsenal’s Balogun, anything can still happen. Which could see him stay at the club this summer. Or exit it on another loan out deal or get sold. But the onus is on seeing him being sold for big money making. Which should surpass the money that Arsenal received when they sell Alex Iwobi to Everton.

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