The Basic Arsenal Problems – Manager, balance, injuries and planning

Only one man to blame by GS

1)Wenger, Dick Law, Gazidis or Transfer Committee (or whoever is really in charge)

We needed a Striker and a DM. Who did we have today? Arteta and Giroud. Arteta needs to go Dubai FC or New York City FC. As for Giroud he is not Arsenal material, never has been and never will. He came to Arsenal for £10 million. That is what he is. Blaming him or calling him poor is just plain stupid. Giroud is a £10 million player and that is exactly what he has given us. Nothing more, nothing less. Forget the red card. That is exactly what Giroud’s level is – £10m.

2) Poor Planning and Sanchez.

Sanchez is so good a footballer its hard to tell when he is struggling. But this man played the Copa America and won it for his country. I expected him to miss at least the first three games of the season but he was back at Crystal Palace. We acted as if we never knew Sanchez had played at the Copa America. We had to rush him back onto the pitch.

3) Ozil and Cazorla problem.

Ozil and Cazorla together will work against the lower Premier league teams who can’t pass the ball. Any half decent team will realise that our midfield is not balanced. I remember the league game last season at Old Trafford where we just couldn’t touch the ball. We needed to bring Ramsey in the middle to help stop the firepower.

When we beat City it was a combination of Cazorla, Coquelin and Ramsey. When we beat Chelsea in the Community shield it was a combination of Ozil, Coquelin and Rambo in midfield. Playing Ozil and Cazorla in the middle is just meek. We shall be found wanting every time we play a good team. Coquelin needs Ramsey by his side to help him in these big games. Having too much technique or more possession doesn’t make you the better team.

4) Injuries and Lies.

Wenger knew Welbeck won’t be back anytime soon. he always comes back and says on advice of the medical staff we have decided that they see a specialist. What where they doing all that time. We are always late in making decisions. We waited a whole summer before doing Welbeck’s surgery. We waited a month before doing Jack’s surgery. Its madness.
Can you imagine what what will happen to Arsenal is Coquelin gets one of these injuries? Oh Lord, don’t let that happen.

5) What to expect in January.

Wenger: “The good news is that we have Jack and Welbeck back. they are both looking very good and very fit. They are both very fresh and they gonna be like new signings.” Then they will both get another injury in February…


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  1. The five things we learned (in fact we all knew) after yesterday game :
    1) Never, and I mean never play Ox + Debuchy on the right flank together. And I mean never.
    2) There’s an elephant in the room needs addressing: Sanchez form. Really.
    3) Giroud is totally out of form. Useful only coming from the bench to keep busy the opposition defense. Pressure is taking a heavy toll.
    4) Wallcot IS a striker/forward. Wenger needs to play him more in that position.
    5) English clubs in Europe are the laughing stock. I understand is only the first game but it is already a trend in the last 3 seasons.

    I hope people understand now how important is Ramsey on that right side and why Walcott & Ox don’t start in that position. Other than that, Ozil looks to be in a great form.
    Not a great night but fortunately it is over and we can think forward.

    1. Forgot to add on sixth point : I have said Wenger should start Walcott every game ahead of Giroud. Unfortunately he does not listen to me. And what a stinker by Gibbs, godammit.

      1. Yesterday debacle must have been the 50th wake up call…how many more does the 8m pound man need before he gets off his comfy ARSEnal!!!
        Cant see Bayern slip up…already fighting for the 2nd place after first match…all very embarrassing & sad!

        1. Thats cause CL winning teams dont slip up so easily…Bayern, Barca or RM would’ve atleast ground out a draw from yday game with 10 men.

          1. Bayern Barca and Real are the darlings of Europe and largely get favorable decisions. English clubs on the other hand are not liked throughout Europe for some weird reason even though it seems everyone supports the PL. We see evidence from this bias or angst regularly by FIFA or UEFA and with performances of some of the officials chosen. I have no doubt that we should have gotten something from that game even with ten men but I also have no doubt that the performance by these officials was astonishing at times. Giroud was not aloud to even challenge for the ball neither was any Arsenal player when entering there box, it was like the ref had a totally anti physicality rule that he made up or got influenced into. I don’t like saying it was down to bad refereeing why we lost any game and I’m not going to say its the reason here because it’s not, I will point out one thing though ..that they made it tougher than it should have been.

            1. finally!…….something for u AKBs to lay blames on……. The Ref!…..really?….. Were we even on the pitch last night?

      1. I think you were missing. Check the comments last night. I was right here. Which is unusual for me after every game.

        1. True Bud was on last night
          and did not flinch from
          his views but I saw him
          twitch slightly when Giroud got sent off 🙂

      2. yea…….Buddha was here last night……. And he only commented once……i think he was either pained or ashamed of his profile pix

    2. Nah!………he scored a header over stoke…….and some were Like “Hey!…the pressure is off him….Giroud is back….he’s found his mojo” Bs!

    3. Yeah English team were bad but the big joke was on Arsenal and everybody is laughing at Arsenal than any other of the three teams.Do you know last night win for Zagreb is their first win in CL since 1999. Arsenal was given one of the weakest team in this CL competition.Everybody expected a win, like by big margin but the whole match there was no fight and desire.The game was so poor at all front last night.City and Man Utd played their hearts out even though they were defeated.Man Utd players witnessed a horrific injury to their team mate, that will affect their focus and rhythm but they fought with desire to win the game till the end.City were the better team than Juventus, they played really good.I have even read an article on Sky that states even though Man utd and City is defeated they still can qualify the group stage, thats how their performance were reassuring.But Arsenal were really poor from starting the game till end.Zagreb got their first win in CL since 1999, that says it all.

      1. Statistics is a bitch. For your info, it was Wenger’s 50th loss in Champions League. Now, that’s a round number. But you don’t see me moaning.

    4. i was told that the psychology profession has added justarsenal site as a source material for unraveling the mindset of junkies…i can fully understand why

    5. Our first and foremost problem is Wenger if he is sacked the new manager will do right. Wenger lied about injuries in summer to justify not buying any outfielder. He is bad news and with him Arsenal never wins anything at home or Europe. Wenger out and so should the AKB’s.

    6. Ferdinand said this of Özil about his lack of almost everything as a player (except passing which I think every player does)
      I think that comes from the manager and the other players. If you see a player at Liverpool Stevie [Steven Gerrard] losing the ball with no intention to cover back there is no way he is coming back to the changing room without an ear bashing,
      The 26-year-old playmaker did not however, track back against Zagreb and completed no tackles, interceptions or blocks against the Croatian giants.

  2. Good Article Galen.
    But i dont understand the squad picked by Wenger…Was it cause he had one eye on the Chelsea game…What if that game doesn’t go in our favour as well – would mean that we lost both while trying to secure one only.

    1. The only change I had a problem with was resting the no1 GK, like wtf. Why would a gk need resting, I can understand wanting to give Ospina games but in the CL …this with AW’s wealth of experience seemed like a rookie move.

      Also I know it’s pointless now but for me Theo was the man to start an away match. He played well against a team renowned for sitting back making things difficult so would of had confidence, also DZ where likely to try and play ball so he would have had some space. If not space well then he would have pinned them back.

      1. I think it is safe to say that Wenger also had a stinker in preparing this game. The best forward being benched but still starting Sanchez? If is anyone needing rest, that is Sanchez. And yes, you are right, Ospina was brought in only for game time. Why didn’t we used Jeff if we really wanted to rest some people? Why not starting directly with Campbell? It is frustrating for him and for fans because we don’t know what to make of Campbell as of now exactly because he plays when the pressure is up. Or not at all.

        1. Jef was injured in the under 21 game last Friday so no he could not have been involved in the game. People can say whatever they want post facto but the truth is that the team was good enough to win the match. Football is not a game of darts where everything is down to the player and player alone against the dart board. In football and other sports there are other human factors such as the opposition, the referee, and teammates that play a role in the overall outcome of the game. So this one dimensional view of events that is exhibited here is down right stupid (I have used the word stupid because admin allowed the writer of the article to use it without moderation).

  3. Zagreb coach said this,

    ‘Arsenal is one of the best teams who ever played here and they did exactly what we agreed they would do,’ said Mamic. ‘We thought it would be very important to close the middle, to stop the fast passes.’

    ‘That’s what we did and it’s nothing new. We have already seen other teams who beat Arsenal use the same tactics. This is a good way to beat them.’

    ‘Arsenal has top four top international players, and other top players compared to Dinamo, but they are not world class. We just concentrated in not letting them come to the ball. It was probably one our best games tactically.’

    1. Yup, probably in our fantasy, he must and should change tactics.

      It’s too predictable.

      maybe my naive alternative tactics to go to 4-3-1-2 formation:


      Bell BFG Kos Mon

      ___rams mycoq caz


      ____walcott sanchez

      Please, it’s just alternative, so wenger didn’t use same old formula till dead.

      Who knows, it might work, if not, at least give it a try.

    2. Exactly, that’s no secret teams read our style very easily-we dont have a plan B…The Ozil pass and Walcotts goal vs Stoke was unlike the usual Arsenal type of goal (walk ball into net), but it worked and if we try such things more often we will get more goals…esp since we have pace players like Walcott, Ox and Sanchez in our team.

  4. Let’s be fair for a while now, take a deep breath to get fresh chest.

    Wenger is a man that doesn’t like anyone told him what to do.

    It just as simple case.

    Wether we like it or not, at least just support players with resilience will like alexis.

  5. I saw the line up of the team yesterday and decided not to watch the game. Instead I watched the History channel and went to sleep early. I woke up this morning and checked the scoreline and see that we lost. And I’m really happy with my decision. Now I’m not a football expert but I predicted that we were going to lose yesterday. I really don’t get why rotation was needed 5 games into a season. I would’ve rested sanchez. He was the only one who needed it.

    1. exactly what i did. i decided not to watch the game after seeing the lineup( i knew we should never under estimate our opponents as the influence of this defeat will b seen in the next games for the most mentally sensitive and fragile squad in the epl). woke up this morning and happy that i did not watch the game…

  6. All pretty fair but I have to defend Arteta, the guy could play and I think still can, but only in the right position. He is and never has been a DM. He could play the Santi role very well IMO but his lack of legs means he needs someone like Le Coq alongside him. Having said that it’s pretty clear either he or Flamini should have left this summer and been replaced with someone like Schniederlin.
    The definition of stupid is to repeat the same mistake. Playing Arteta at DM, especially when you have just replaced both fullbacks was madness. Ox is another issue. Like all our young British players he lacks any defensive nous, Ramsey is poor in this regard too and Jack is arguably worse.



    Tactics and game approach



    Training methods

    Medical incompetence




    The Board

    The there’s the new breed of Akbs called “BEBAs(Blame everything but Arsene)”

  8. Same old Arsenal. Going into games without a plan B and expecting a free win.

    Huge debate as to whether the EPL is the best league in the world, one thing for sure is that its mighty entertaining. EPL teams get found out in the UCL because the level of technical ability of the players and tactical awareness is below expectations as compared to teams in other major leagues. One of the biggest culprits is Arsenal of course, we go into games with the same approach (thinking if we beat Stock we can beat Bayern, Barca and the rest with the same type of football). Anyway COHESION will win us titles, oh wait, we don’t have that anymore!!

    I don’t see us winning the EPL this season, if I was Wenger I would put my best resources in cup competitions especially the UCL, qualifying 17 years in a role and reaching 1 final is just poor no two way about it. At this rate this man will retire minus winning this trophy, whether its priority for him and his board is another issue.

    Our team is not showing enough desire to win, players look as though they are in comfort mode bar a few.

    1. I heard that the boards get wenger free lifetime hall pass to be arsenal manager till he crap himself to death.

      That’s the minimum time you all WOBs should have to wait!!!!!

  9. Our loss doesn’t even us a chance to congratulate Hazard on scoring the 1st three points for the RUGBY World Cup too…

    1. Really?We are trolling other club players after yesterday’s performance? i wonder what others would say about Giroud, Ox, Sanchez, Arteta, Debuchy, Gibbs.

      1. Like i said our loss doesn’t warrant us the chance…..but it was there i had to take it, dude!!!
        Anyway with that team sheet did u expect us to win anyway…I said before the game, that this is a CL game and not a CC game, as much as rotation was imp for the Chelsea game ahead, it didn’t warrant changing both full backs and our reliable DM.

    1. Sad part is , I’d still bet on a “burnt-out” Sanchez being the most likely one to score vs Chelsea on Saturday.

  10. Come on, cheer up guys. Why so many negativity clouds here?

    It’s not the end of wenger’s era yet?

    He still wants to manage Arsenal at least for another 10 years more.

    We have to be patience,
    give him that another 10 years of arrogance, he said that it is not as easy as you WOBs think to win UCL.

    Please be patient with wenger. Be positive. Arse Knows Best.

  11. Wenger needs to go ASAP, more than 20 seasons only 3 titles I agree with Jose, Specialist in failure, the same mistakes are being made every season. This man’s arrogance are turning Arsenal into a top 4 side only.

  12. Arsenal did ok away.
    We’ll beat Dynamo at the Em.
    So where’s the problem?
    Olympiacos is weak too.
    Arsenal will cruise through.
    Last 16 will do.
    We need our best players
    for what we can win… the EPL.

  13. Y’all kept saying Walcott is not a striker this and that. Martial scored a typical henry goal. Please what did Walcott do. That guy is doing just well.

  14. I feel we are going to loose the next important game as well. We have seen Wenger’s failure so many times in this regard. His poor tactical awareness and planning is costing us much. yesterday, we could have won it easily if proper team selection and tactical application was made by Wenger. But…

    1. To be fair, not all mate.

      Can you imagine if Roman Abramovic was the arsenal owner?

      See, that the other reason, why he feels so free here at arsenal to do whatever he wants, cause in the end if you bring profit to silent stan, that yank idiot just to stay silent no matter what wenger haters feel. Period.

      I don’t see Usmonov either with the grerat will to offer mountain piles of cash to kroenke yet, so he is no good either, only just talk, talk, but no greater will to take over.

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