The basic requirements of an Arsenal manager!

I have a dream…. by ArseOverTit

It’s of a Arsenal manager who at the start of the new season has ensured that a squad of sufficient quality and depth has been put in place by scouting players in positions where the team has been found to be lacking in the previous season. This is a basic requirement, no?

Equally specialist and dedicated coaching staff who are allowed to contribute for the better functioning of the team are in place working on areas like defense, midfield and attack. After all one man can’t dictate everything, surely?

With this in place the tactically aware manager would select from his large and talented pool of players to fit within a system of play dependent on the opposition where players are utilised in their natural positions. This makes sense doesn’t it?

If said plan does not seem to work during a game then the astute manager would (before it’s too late) implement a plan B so to attempt to avoid defeat. Fundamental stuff eh?

If players continue to underperform, make stupid mistakes, not reach their potential, lack spirit or be perpetually injured then the manager will not continue to select them (or give them new contracts) but will in fact release them. Sounds logical right?

Still, back in the real world (or should I say twilight zone) this is, and has been for too long a time not been the case at AFC (Arsene’s Failing Club)..

Our manager has failed to provide these basic foundations and competencies.

The Board seem okay with the status quo, as of course is our outdated and past his best manager (thank you but it’s time to part company). Are we the fans satisfied considering we are the fifth richest club in the WORLD?

Dan (ArseOverTit)

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  1. My credentials of an arsenal manager, “ambition” is a must! Not afraid to spend and bring in top class signings! Winning us the title and the holy grail to us gooners the championsleague! Coyg!

    1. Blah blah blah.
      Liverpool got bought. The first thing the owner did was splash £100 million on player. Then they repeated it again this season. How much had Kroenke spent on the club.
      In actual fact, he is taking money out of the club.
      You guys are setting your sights on the wrong target. If you want change, the target is KROENKE and not wenger.
      Arsenal is a mirror image of Kroenke’ s American clubs.
      He brakes money out, not put money in.

      1. Wow the first post that makes sense! American clubs are run on caps. Every club is run to not exceed that number. I think our owner views this club like that which is really the issue everyone should understand. If FFP was run properly then Arsenal would be able to compete with every club.

        1. Date : October 2014

          Gazidis : ” we have £20 million for players in January ”

          Common sense for the fans from galaxygooner

          Question : What will 20 million buy you ?
          Answer: mostly garbage .

          Question : Is 20 million really available ?
          Answer : doubt it based on past windows .

        2. The key phrase…….. “IF FFP were run properly.” FFP as currently constituted will not fully limit the spending. If it did the clubs like Bayern and Barcelona never would have allowed.

          The big clubs with big power also did massive spending BEFORE FFP was instituted to get themselves ahead of the game. Arsenal did the opposite.

          I don’t trust FFP to do anything substantial at all. The old big powers in European football would not let it happen.

          1. i have 2 chelsea friends tell me they are happy wenger’s at arsenal so that it “takes one potential good team out of competition”.

      2. i agree with you and it is true that the worst thing that happened was when this idi0t became the majority owner. Nonetheless the solution you proposed is the hardest and most tedious route to take. We would need an investor who overvalues the club to the point that Kroenke would be willing to sell his stake, and even if this happens the negotiations would take a long time. The other solution is something that drives to a liquidation phase.

        Arsene will not go out unless Kroenke wants him out. The easiest way is demand that our flops go out! No way we would reach the stupid 4th place trophy without covering with a proper DM.
        Flamini out!
        Diaby out!

        Without champions league, there would be too much financial pressures for Arsene to be able to continue with his idiotic ways of managing this FOOTBALL club.

  2. I literally feel that Arsenal just cant breath under Arsene anymore. They say a new manager will be a breath of fresh air, and that is so true. From the board, it is unprofessional to stick with him. Clearly Wenger is feeling his time is gone here, but he just keeps doing the same thing match to match, year to year. Something must change.. we have world class players i think. Why he or Bould doesnt do something with the defence? I just want to see they are trying something, even if its not working perfectly. But no, same mistakes every game. Other teams must be laughing because that defensive “tactic” that we use is commiting the same mistakes since 8 years. cleary not the palyers fault (but Mertesacker s.cks anyways). They running on the field like headless chikens. They commit childish mistakes, and then nothing happens again. Its far beyond frustrating….

  3. Two things are important in life ..patience whenvu have nothing and attitude when u have everything …we have waited for 10 years ……let’s continue to wait till the end of our life…..we are not doing to for wenger or board we are doing it for our beloved arsenal fc ..gunner forever

    1. @gunnersrocks, assuming your lover is sinking in the river, and you still have chance to rescue her, will try rescuing her first or just follow her and sink together with her just to prove your love???? Considering you statement I guess you will go for the second option.

  4. an btw what are we doing with corners? we are the worst in the whole planet from corner kicks. Why? we havent got any player that can kick the ball in the box from the flag? yes we have. its just something seriuosly wrong with our set pieces. i dont know WHY THEY ARENT TRYING TO DO A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G DIFFERENT? we dont scored a single goal from corners anyways, wouldnt it be worse? no, just wenger sticking to his old ways, that even Leiccester can defend, while they drinking their afternoon tea… i ask it again, why they dont trying to fix the problems. same with the defence. Is wenger thinking that is all right? this is the only answer, or he just doesnt care anymore…. if he is a proud man, then he will go now..

    1. Well said 9/10 corners don’t even make it to the center of the box they’re just easily headed off of the near post by defenders.

      1. they prob dont train corners. even if they got it past 1st man, the midgets would lose to taller players from other teams. wenger has assembled an unbalanced team.

  5. Forget the manager hes goin nowhere
    Its this window we need to focus on.
    Bonnie Tyler said it best. .we need a hero.
    Were holding out for a hero til the end of the transfer window.
    Hes gotta be cheap. Hes gotta be french.
    Cos wengers not willing to spe -enddd

    1. sanchez could be our hero. ox is trying to emulate him. but its not enuf. my sense is wenger doesnt know how (among other things) to motivate his players. thats why we have bad first halves. after 1/2 the game has been played, it becomes its own motivator for the players. but they sure aint getting it from the softly-softly manager. they never come out of the gate hungry .

    2. I gonna teach you something that you understand more about Wenger.He comes from strasbourg.a town in france that is pretty much an ancient part of germany.look at his name and he speak fluent german.he has a mix of french and german understand the racism intented.
      I don t understand.he bought Chambers a 19 years old to play rbfrom southsamptom.Chamber is not better than Jenkinson or Bellerin at RB.He is the same age as Hayden and Ayagie in CB.Why not trust our youngs and go and buy the youngs of others club.
      I wait for the anomcement of the CB and DM anytime soon.

  6. The transfer window is open – the chance to finally improve our squad and add some depth to turn our season around. But we’re still only talking about a new manager? Get behind the team and judge him in May for goodness sake…

    1. Erm… have I just travelled back in time 12 months? That comment looks awfully familiar just like it’s Jan 2014 again.

  7. “Our brand is defined by more than winning” a quote from our chief commercial director Tom Fox.
    That’s why wengers job is safe , profit and money comes before wins and trophies.time to kick out our greedy yank owner and his button monkey gazidas along with le fraud.

  8. Let’s all get behind Wenger !
    In particular if we meet him on a cliff top and then give him a gentle nudge !

    1. Podolski and Sanogo are injury prone
      and not up to it so are no loss.
      Others who will be moved on in the
      next 18 months include Diaby (always injured)
      Mertesacker Kos (archilles) Monreal Flamini
      Arteta Rosicky Wilshere (ankle) Ryo,
      Chamberlain (thigh) Walcott (legs) Cazorla.
      This season is gone for any title aspirations.
      Next season should complete the rebuild.
      We should seriously challenge again in 16/17.

  9. Sanchez and Ozil have been bought to sell shirts and merchandise rather than win trophies for the club.

  10. Basic requirements of an arsenal manager are to balance the books and gain qualification into the champions league..
    Arsene is the best at it..!

    However- requirements of a top club with title aspirations are to :-
    1. Prove that the team are moving forward. Year on year!
    2. Prove that they can be competitive and sign adequate players
    3. Prove they are capable of moving with the times and adapting to change..

    I’d settle for a season out of the CL (not being negative) sometimes you have to go backwards before you can move forward..
    Ask yourself have we moved forward in 10 years of being in the CL..?
    Did being in the CL allow us first choice on Kallstrom Sanogo chamakh giroud arteta Mertesacker etc..
    Answer no! So what difference is it not being fed the same lie year after year by Arsene stating we need CL to attract the best players..
    A year out might not be so bad..?

  11. WENGER, can only fool himself and his AKBs but not me (and ofcourse others like me)….. We all know he doesn’t like using his 1st team keeper for cup games…… He mustn’t use sczesny’s shambolic perfomances as an excuse for choosing to play Ospina against Hull city……. Cuz come next premier league game he won’t have the balls to bench inconsistensies…..he’d say c’mon szcesny have learnt his lesson, Mertesacker gonna improve…..dammit!…..really, could we put up with all these cheap lies borne outta deciet?…….i certainly can’t……i know him too well,,,,,,,and yea, cuz he’s a lover of mediocrity and a master of shambles…….Booooo ………..

  12. Cannot wait to hear TH14 views on the club and Wenger when he starts for sky sports can see a few sparks between him and merson !

  13. The basic requirements for the
    Arsenal football Manager are to
    1. Keep the club financially solvent.
    2 Keep the club in the EPL top 4.
    3. Make the ECL last 16
    Wenger and the club have achieved all
    these aims for 18 seasons in a row.
    The secondary tier requirement is to win the EPL .
    This has not been achieved for 11 seasons
    The third tier requirement is to win the EPL.
    This has never been achieved by Arsenal F.C.
    Should Arsenal aim higher or should
    we appreciate where we are?
    The debate continues.

    1. If that’s the plan then ticket prices should be matched to the ambition,at the moment fans pay top price for an average team with no chance of winning the league !

    2. Actually point 2 and 3 are about preserving a source of income and as such echo point 1.

      It’s all about generating profit through ECL and lucrative deals while keeping overheads relatively low. It is a football club operated like a brand.

  14. Get rid of deadwood, Arteta, Flamini, Mertesaker(arguably), Monreal. Replace Arteta and Flamini with Carvalho and Junior Malanda, replace Mertesaker with Hummels and Monreal for Tyrone Mings and our squad will be looking much better.

  15. Also, now Poldi is gone, who will Wenger replace him with? I reckon probably just a shit player who we’ve never heard of before as usual.

  16. Wenger believes patience is a virtue.
    Wenger believes patience will be rewarded with more titles eventually.

    In Wenger we must Trust

  17. I’m bored of Wenger now as if he was really a fan of the club he would leave and be replaced by a new manager with ambition and fresh ideas.

  18. How many of us on here would love to have the money and time to follow and cheer the team on every game home and away ?

    Our fat cat greedy c#nt of an owner does and cannot be bothered?says it all !

  19. It runs deep. Most fans should now that Wenger reports to the board and these gentlemen also set the objectives for the club. If Wenger is still in charge it MUST mean he meets his targets…THE LACK OF AMBITION COMES FROM THE TOP and unfortunately it echoes through our players’ performances.

    If you want things to improve you need Usmanov, a very astute manager and a few player to lift the squad: sell the dead wood and replace them with first team players.

    CB: buy Hummels to replace TV5, BFG on the bench
    DM: sell Flamini, buy Carvalho/Schneiderlin/your choice and bench Arteta
    CF: Sanogo out, Cavani in and Giroud on the Bench

    That’s how you get stronger.

    Repeat this in 3 more positions in summer, then in the following window and so on.

  20. just chill no 1 is getting sacked mid season that helps no one. learn from other clubs mistakes

  21. I can lead Arsenal to Premier League title and European sucess.
    -Mesut Özil on Bild.

    Premier League- No.
    European Sucess- Let’s find out.

    1. ozil is still a sore subject for me.

      such a magnificent player, on his way to balon d’or glory, then at madrid he started going muff crazy (i sympathise), became inconsistent, strated losing his edge, an has carried it on here.

      word is bond this kid was seen by many germans as there future along with muller.
      something needs to change with his attitude- huge waste of talent

      1. completely feel that, I watched a couple of his highlights for werder bremen and he just showed so much passion back then, I still believe he has that in him but I think it will require him to dig deep because I suppose after playing for real madrid and winning the wc you might feel like you’ve achieved a fair amount already, but wc players always want more

      2. Huge waste of talent- the jury is still out on that i guess. But ofcourse he didn’t live up to the billing. And that penalty miss against Brayen when we were on top makes matter more worse. But let’s not forget his heroics against Liverpool and Everton (best performance?) in the FA Cup was integral to our cup sucess last year.

        Being played on the left flank this season and during the world cup has not added to his credibility but we can surely agree that he is a player who has very badly lost his mojo.

        Falling out with his dad, having the affair exposed (not sure how true), Mandy Crespo moving out of his house (Daily Mail ran it), and than not living up to the billing somehow got to his head i guess. Not to forget getting booed by the fans. It fcuks with the brain you know.

        I really really hope that this man gets back to what he was. Having Sanchez and Ramsey line up next to him will ease up some pressure hopefully. It’s all mental pressure and the believe in his own ability i guess.

        Can he come back and turn around our season? Let’s wait and find out.

  22. I’m going to the emirates tomorrow and want to buy a few bits of merchandise,my plan is when I come to pay is spend some dollars I have and see the reaction of the cashier,when challenged I will say that the money all goes to that greedy yank so I have saved him the trouble of exchanging the currency !

    1. Spot on leano.,!
      Infact just steal as much as you can.. ( not that I’m advocating theft) everyone that attends the shop(s) should thieve every bit of arsenal merchandise as possible..
      Then at the end of the season – and there’s no improvement, we should hire a skip or lorry and dump the lot outside kroenkes or arsene’s office with as big a banner we can make demanding they both quit!

  23. Just seen the pics of the players training today and no one is smiling,missing poldi already !
    I bet the team spirit is low without him

    1. good. i’m sick of them smiling when we are all taking it more seriously than they are. they should not be smiling.

      1. Spot on – Poldi and others dicking around on Twitter and Instagram after a loss or a lucky win really did my head in.

  24. Football is a business, a profitable business doesn’t change its ways. They could care less and by they i mean Kroenke about what the fans think or want. The only way to make any change is to stop going to the home games, force kroenkee to sell his share to Usmanov but that won’t happen. The same fans who complain on AFC tv are the ones who keep going back game after game then moaning about it. Do they not understand if you keep feeding them your hard earned dollars they will continue to profit off your back?

  25. Arsenal administrators now claim they have 20 mil to spend in Jan. They also said they had 100 mil to spend in summer, but they spent maybe half of it. What happened to that the rest of that cash? Pocketed?

    I don’t believe a word Wenger or the executives have to say anymore.

  26. Boycott the games, protest out the stadium, boycott the sponsorship brands till heard.

    Easier said than done. That would mean not watching Arsenal on TV which I just can’t do.

  27. Arsenal are officially bottom of the net outlay league when you take the average net outlay per season, trading on average at over £7 million in the black over the 5 year of 10 transfer windows
    This is the worry..
    Even had he (Arsene) just broken even over the period 2008-13 instead of turning a profit in the transfer market he could have spent another £36 million.(£36m!!!! Add that to the £42m wasted on ozil) that’s £78m on a solid defence and keeper !!!! I think this is the valid criticism for most objective supporters. He did spend a lot last summer (2012) but in truth still less than he received for RVP and Alex Song. It is this that hurts the honest regular fan.

    Yes we achieved the minimum but has we just invested slightly more than we brought in for selling 2 top players what might have been?

  28. I was ranting Wenger out for months, gave it a 1 month break for December, was meant to be till end of January but AKB’S made that impossible.

    Had my 2 cents worth si time for another break.
    Good luck to the lads fir tomorrow, Wenger break a leg.

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