The Belgian uproar over Trossard’s dad – Will the Arsenal man get picked for crucial clash tonight?

Leandro Trossard has become the 2nd Gunner in 12 months who’s Dad felt compelled to defend his son through the media, In the process critiquing his national manager.

This is obviously a big story in Belgium. A fading ‘Golden Generation’ has been questioned for overachieving for years and are under increased pressure after losing their opening game of Euro 2024.

Like in England there always seems the need for there to be someone to blame.

Domenico Tedesco responded by dropping our player for the Belgian’s 2-0 victory over Romania.

The 29-year old’s perception was not helped by KDB’s body language towards him, the captain visually unhappy with the substitute for taking an extra touch a couple of times instead of playing a first time cross.

Taking an extra touch of course is the sign of a lack of confidence which begs the question does a father talking to journalists help in any way?

Born in the UK it’s refreshing to hear that England are not the only country who are reactionary. Two weeks ago, the same pundits who were saying Southgate had selected the Three Lions greatest ever squad have spent the past few days suggesting they’d be better off without Kane, Foden or Saka starting? That’s based on topping our group with 5 points!

Imagine if we had lost a match.

Of course, based on the talent they have, The Red Devils shouldn’t be losing to Slovakia at a major competition, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be perspective. Under the current regime that was their first defeat in a contest where on another day they covert one of the numerous chances they created.

Is a 1st defeat since 2022 worth destroying the self-belief of an attacking asset who you need to be relying on?

Dodi Lukebakio’s pace and directness was effective on Saturday, but his suspension opens the door for Trossard to prove himself against Ukraine.

The spotlight would have already been on him in a contest where it’s a must-not-lose. The pressure was already immense without his parent’s input.

While a player can’t be responsible for what family choose to say to De Morgan, it’s not helpful to work with a boss who’s aware of the quote, ‘I don’t think Tedesco is a good coach ‘.

Imagine the headlines in Britain if heading into a must win encounter one of England’s best players loved ones was telling the world how bad Southgate was at his job?

Trossard senior of course is Belgian and equally has every right to express an opinion. Yet he could be biased when he compares his child’s importance to KDB?

Comparisons like this are not productive: ‘Yeah, we talked several times about Kevin De Bruyne’s replacement. I think that you can’t replace him because he’s a different player. He is doing different things and the same for Leandro.

“If we speak about the replacement of Leandro, it’s also difficult, he’s not replaceable. You can see it in England because every player is a little bit different ‘

Of course, we don’t know the relationship between father and son. There could numerous reasons why a man would feel protective of his offspring. Let’s be honest his parenting has worked??

He’s helped raise a professional athlete who earns thousands of pounds a week doing something he loves. Do you know the odds of a family doing that?

If acting in a certain manner has supported your baby boy getting this far, you’re not going to stop now.

Yet, like Ramsdale, it might be worth taking your dad to one side and question who benefits from talking to the press outside of the press?

Unless criticism is personal and turning into abuse maybe the juice is not worth the squeeze?



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  1. Pound for Pound the Belgium national team is probably the most powerful assembled European team, it has been like this for quite some time but haven’t got much to show for it, you can’t blame Tossard dad wanting to see his inform kid take to the tournament like a storm.

  2. At least he makes runs and carries the ball forward to the penalty area, otherwise the ball would still be in midfield with the other numnuts not making progress. Why don’t other players carry the ball forward. Yes his final pass should have been better and he should have by now scored a goal and not had so many miss shots.
    Hang on a minute, Sounds like I’m describing Foden!

      1. You mean foden whos likely to win the PFA for last season ,I’m not his biggest fan but he played a blinder this season and this ridiculous talk of his England appearances are because he’s being played out of position as are half the team ,you even blamed him for costing saka a goal 😂
        Trossard is a decent player that is it ,take you’re blinders off it makes your posts look ridiculous.

  3. I expect the Ukrainian to have a busy afternoon with the inform Arsenal man starting this one for the European power house.

    Am predicting Belgium 2 – 1 Ukrainian when the dust settles as both teams struggles to get their act together.

  4. Belgium has a dec chance of winning the whole thing
    Good side. Trossard, Lukaku, Onana, Debruyne, Tielemans

  5. Trossard- like Ramsdale is a big boy now.

    I stood on the touch line this weekend watching my young grandsons (6&8). There is always a parent giving it large to their offspring when they are only trying to do the best they can. Some just don’t know when to belt up.

    I don’t think Trossard or Ramsdale can possibly benefit from overt parental interference – quite the opposite

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