The Arsenal formation to get the best from Vardy?


Arsenal are about to trigger the release clause for Jamie Vardy is a story that has just broken through. Whereas, a player who has scored 24 goals in the EPL would be great, the question will always be, is Vardy a one season wonder? There are reports that seemed to have been confirmed by no other than his spouse and Leicester coach Claudio Ranieri, that we have actually triggered the release clause. There are reports that Vardy, who previously wanted to stay in Leicester, wants to move to a team that will consistently play at the top.

If it is inevitable that Vardy is coming to Arsenal, how would we avoid getting another underperformer to the side that has enough of such kind of players in its ranks?

Vardy is fast though not quite like Walcott and benefited from long balls and counter attacks. He is good at finishing, holding the ball, and key passes. He likes to dribble, flick on and cross. He is however poor on aerial duels and passing. Vardy too can explore the wings.

So what pattern would be best for a player like Vardy? Vardy is built for directness. He suffers when teams pack their defenses with bodies. That means we need a pattern that disrupts such a setup by stretching the defenders to come out and get the ball, explores the wings, or both.

With the arrival of Vardy we need a super wing attacker much in the mold of Sanchez or better. There certainly have been reports that Arsenal are looking at wingers so perhaps it is in the realization that this will be necessary, however from that we can use the current players in the squad to try and align such a side.

The System I would recommend is
————Sanchez, Vardy————
——–Cazorla, Xhaka, Wilshere——
Monreal, Koscielny, Gabriel, Bellerin-

Both Pairs of Cazorla and Wilshere as well as Vardy and Sanchez can explore spaces in the wings just as Monreal and Bellerin have shown prowess in attacking from these areas. If I wanted to improve on this setup, we would get Mkhitaryan and release Wilshere. We get an understudy for Monreal as well as Bellerin and another Centre Back.

What do you think is the pattern that can give us best utilization of Jamie Vardy at Arsenal?

Nicholas Oyoo

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  1. Why not try ……………Vardy………….


    ………………. …..xhaka………………..
    .. Ramsey aint worth it anymore… rotate santi with El neny… xhaka fr le coq and sanchez fr iwobi/wilshere

    1. @Eddie Hoyte
      Jack ain’t worth it anymore either. Yet you stuck him on the wing. What a way to slow down such a promising attack minded formation.

    2. not willing to write of Jack just yet. but he doesn’t just waltz into the starting 11. reality is campbell’s play and worth ethic make him most deserving of all out midfielders for a wide position (bar alexis) but doubt he’ll get the opportunity because he’s not part of our “british core”

      1. @Andre
        Face it. Jacks through…Who will he bump from a midfield spot? Who will he bump from either wing? No one…
        Dude has got zero pace or dribbling skills. Can’t use his low centre of gravity to his advantage. Is injury prone, yet plays to draw the foul. And won’t change his style of play.
        Time to get maximum bang for the buck off of him…

  2. We need Alexis and Vardy’s doggedness in defending, with that formation we would need both of them having midfield duties. The need for them returning back up the field is a bigger need than Ozil returning, so I think it will end up looking like a defensive 451. Id put Cazorla in the centre of that team, because the other two are going to have allot of work covering wide positions, unless Vardy and Alexis return of course. But I think we’d only end up burning Alexis and Vardy out by giving them so much work.

    1. I got a very strong feeling Vardy and Sanchez will both play on the wings for the most part, Wenger is unlikely to drop Giroud and now with Vardy and Sanchez on the wings we carry a definite goal threat from both wings which kinda frees up a Giroud a lot more and also see him knock down balls for others like he did for Welbeck against Norwich. If Giroud is not performing he knows he’s got Vardy breathing down his neck for the central role. Overall methinks Wenger is trying to fire up all the players from their complacency by bringing in versatile and strong willed players, players who don’t get easily overwhelmed or bullied, aggressive even…this is what Xhaka and Vardy have in common compared to say Walcott or Ramsey, I hear even Debuchy wants to come back to fight for his place instead of the bitching and whining from last year. It was lazy of Wenger to emphasize a family atmosphere especially in recent seasons, it almost, if not created a culture where everyone patted each other on the back fostering mediocrity, in the real world of the premier league and elsewhere, it is important to be fired up by competition even among the players, and with a manager of Wenger’s stature, I’m sure he has enough in his locker to make sure said competition don’t get nasty and counterproductive to overall team performance. By the way Giroud was lying when he suggested he always welcomed competition, in December 2013, he clearly stated that ‘Arsenal do not need another striker’.

  3. Get Aubameyang and have Aubameyang, Alexis and Vardy up front


    1. @robertthegooner
      Guess you ain’t been payin much attention, where Aubameyang is concerned, huh dude?

  4. How about adding a thumbs up and a thumbs down icon at the bottom of your article because I’m ready to give a thumbs down for that formation and weak midfield.

    1. I thought I remembered that was supposed to happen. I thought it was a good idea, also it will give admin an idea of everyone’s favorite pieces.

        1. That’s correct, but I meant more in popularity, you might get more ideas of how to split the fans thoughts, resulting with some interesting debate. Not that it doesn’t get interesting.

          1. Actually, on second thoughts admin. I’m thinking there will be too many wobs involved whenever a loss or two, so it might be difficult to siphon reason from the thoughts on thumbs. Same sort of thing on a winning streak, some people might thumb something up that they would have thumbed down a few weeks earlier. It’s a difficult one, you probably made the right choice by leaving it, if people don’t like it they don’t have to read it.

    2. Sometimes an article is to develop debate. So you should be offering a counter formation and defend why that formation is the best

  5. Now the unrealistic targets starts again..WE WON’T GET AUBA….

    I agree with SoOpa that formation is not really our problem,but players and tactics are…

    Look, we can buy Vardy and Auba and still look poor…
    Just remember our 2-0 win against ManCity,the players suggested that we play on the counter not Wenger….

    Against Manu at home, Walcott said the players had a meeting and they all decided to win that game….again not Wenger….

    Wenger needs to change his approach too,his tactics,show more respect to the opposition,stop favouring some players, instil belief in the players more, be aggresive at times,and motivate more and more…

    If Wenger doesn’t change,it will be hard for him to win this league am afraid..I hope he does!

    1. @goonerboy
      So, they decided to win 2 matches without the help of Aw’s tactics. Wonder what they were thinking during the losses…

  6. Looking at the team including Vardy just brings to mind five reasons why we won’t win the league next season.

    #1 Pep Guardiola @ Man City
    #2 Antonio Conte @ Chelsea
    #3 Jose Mourinho @ Man Utd
    #4 Jurgen Klopp @ Liverpool

    And then there’s #5 Arsene Wenger and another bunch of mediocre signings at Arsenal. Simply no ambition.

    They just signing players to shut the fans up that’s all.

      1. Yes I remember you. The one who was ranting about us winning the the league…… Aaaaaaand then you got shut up! Welcome back.

        1. @dboy
          You got me mixed up with one of the muppets you run with. I never rant…And I never left. I’m always gonna think we can win the league though. It’s called “Wanting the best for your team”. Try it sometime. Whatever team you might be supporting on the day.

          1. Oh please shut up you muppet. Everyone wants the best for ARSENAL. its just that some of us have our eyes wide open and realize that our manager is not good enough to win us the league and others like you, will do anything to defend him.
            Wenger is not Arsenal. And Arsenal is better off without him.
            The lack of ambition shown in the transfer market this past year, along with cavalier tactics is the reason we finished 10 points behind Leicester.

            Let me explain muppet, as I can see you scratching your head. A team either has the quality of players to play a certain tactic or they adapt and play a tactic that suits the players. If you dont have Barca quality and try to play Barca tactics you get what Arsenal gets. Where Leicester played to the best of the abilities of what they had. So muppet either your manager has the balls and the money to buy the best possible players in a transfer window (el -nanny ain’)t it or he sets up the team to play another way.

            Arsene tries to play like Barca with Giroud instead of Suarez and Campbell instead of Messi, Flamini instead of Busquets etc..

            So get off your high horse muppet and know that we care a lot more about ARSENAL than you do. We just dont care about your master.

            1. Jim. You can make a point but there will be NO personal abuse. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean that everyone else is wrong. It is an opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.

    1. The striker who contributed to 44% of the previous champions league goals?? Or the 22y.o captain of a CL club who made it into the Bundesliga TOTS?
      Just curious as to which of those signings you can possibly rationalize as mediocre…? Unless your sole scouting source is perhaps fifa manager mode….?

  7. One thing that nobody has mentioned is how Vardy is nothing like our nice boy routine signing. A son in law as Souness does put it. He has a bit of a reputation for being a lads lad. I reckon he will have no trouble letting his feelings known, which is good, some players need a bit of a spark. Jamie, Vardy Vardy Vardy, we can hope. He has a bit of a temper but I think he uses it in the right way, he uses it in his commitment. Really looking forward to seeing what he and Alexis look like in the same team, hopefully Ozil will find Vardy more often than he has found Alexis. Loving that we are going so early in this window, I reckon there are still two or three more players to come, two at the least.

    Xhaka, he too is a deviation from the son in law signing.

  8. Ok, after initial scepticism I’m warming to the idea of Vardy in an Arsenal shirt now…

    I think he would give us something fresh and new…….aggression and plenty of hunger for goals…!

    Seriously though, if we mould his strengths into ours it could be amazing. Whatever happens though with him coming off the back of an amazing season it could only benefit our goals tally.

    It’s not a done deal yet though, Leicester might tempt him to stay with a big money deal. We shall see. 🙂

  9. Like we would have to change our playstyle or formation LOL because we can’t trust the new man?!? PMSL!!

    Vardy will be ideal for our current playstyle, if we have a CF who can hit the back of the net then we will not have to make a million and 1 passes around the box waiting for the CF to take his chance.

    Wenger likes to dictate the play with possession football, that means we can keep pos deeper and hit them with speed as soon as they come out to challenge our CM.

    Signing Xhaka who can tackle AND PASS, alongside Cazorla who is a little dream on the ball.. we can sit deep with the ball if we need to.

    As for pressing higher up, Vardy moves about and his movement is nothing Giroud has ever done, if we go back to before Giroud then you will see how RvP was moving around to get the ball and be active in the game, not a static fool like Giroud who could only hold the ball up for others… which slows down any attack we make.

    I actually think Arsenal would play the ‘Arsenal way’ more with Vardy then we do with Giroud, was we a team slow in attack with Anelka? Henry? Wright? RvP?

    No, we was fast and deadly.

    Giroud has changed the public opinion of how Arsenal attack, that is a really bad CF to make the neutrals think ARSENAL is the reason for the slow attack! PMSL! The OP also thinks this… Wenger will not change the formation, this is Wengers formation, it has been like this since day 1!

    Wenger likes a sole CF who is supported by an intelligent pass master, look back to our old “442” formation, the def and GK has stayed the same with a back 5…

    Gilberto = holding CM who could make a good pass, help keep the ball.
    Xhaka? Coquelin?

    Vieira = Tough tackling B2B CM who could keep hold of the ball even if surrounded.
    Elneny? Ramsey? Cazorla was a unexpected magician in a deep lying CM role.

    Bergkamp = ACM who could pass like the master he was and unlock oppositions def.
    Ozil? Not as much of a goal threat and I think Ozil needs to score more but kinda easy to see the pass master role there.

    Pires: threat from out wide for goal scoring but also creative, both a goalscorer and a creative outlet.

    Ljungberg = direct fast threat who could score.

    Henry = a CF who could get in behind the oppositions def, could hit the back of the net and could pass the ball.

    I am in no way saying Vardy is in the same class as our great TH14.
    Vardy has the attribute where he can get in behind with ease which is something Henry could do.
    Vardy can curl the ball into the bottom corner from coming from out wide, something Henry was renown for doing.

    Couple similar attributes.

    As I said, Vardy is no where near Henry. He is more of a CF who can replace Henrys style more than Giroud though and that for me is a step forward.

    1. Vardy wont be used as a CF, i think he would be placed in one of the wide position. So i strongly doubt Giroud see him as a threat to his position. I think Giroud would be more worried if Welbeck was healthy or Sanogo had develop some confidence.

  10. I totally disagree. The game has become more physical and having someone who is a threat off set pieces to head the ball in is a huge weapon.

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