The BEST thing about Arsenal´s FA cup trophy triumph?

What Arsenal can take from Wembley by Sam P

There was a hell of a lot for Arsenal fans to be happy about yesterday. Another major trophy, of course, as well as the great performance put in by the players to get us the result that we wanted. There was also the fantastic Wembley atmosphere created by the Gooners and the Aston Villa fans, which harked back to the good old days of the FA cup, helped by the FA making it the final game of the season again.

Football pundits have been talking about our second goal, the thunderbolt scored by Alexis Sanchez, as one of the all time best goals in the final and I am sure that we will be seeing it over and over again in the coming years. Walcott´s left footed beauty of an opener was not too shabby either and would have lit up any final.

But in my opinion the best thing about yesterday was the hope and expectation it left us all with, fans, players and manager combined. We now believe that the Gunners are on the verge of getting back to those glory days which culminated in the invincibles season.

We have good reason to believe as well. The trophy wait is well and truly over and the team has a winning mentality again. Arsene Wenger is full of hunger again and the squad is full of talent. So enjoy the FA cup and get ready for bigger and better days to come. What was your favourite thing about the Cup Final victory?

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!

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  1. My favorite moment was my favorite player in the current squad, Theo Walcott scoring the opener. Was very sad that he had to wait so long for his comeback.

    1. Agreed, excluding the part where Walcott is the favourite player – but I’m really enjoying him coming back from the abyss of the injury room the way he has done. Damn you, Hodgson (seeing how he called up Walcott for int.matches before he was ready for them). It was also a freaking insane moment when Sanchez scored THAT goal. I was in disbelief when he scored that screamer. Amazing goal, amazing to see him score again. As with Giroud, and it is also an extra pleasant moment whenever Mertesacker scores. In fact, the whole match itself was lovely!

    2. @ Hasib.
      Am very happy that theo waited for that long for his comeback. This guy didn’t play for a year and I think it was perfect man management from Wenger. If theo came back and got injured wewould have all murdered the manager for over playing him. Look at jay rodriguez of Saint. Similar injury and he is yet to kick a ball. Ronal keoman said its better to safe him for next year than risk him to another injury.
      jack and theo have comeback as better players because they have not been rushed. And now we shall reep the benefit of having the fitter and stronger. I think wenger deserves all the credit for the way he managed the return of the Jack and Theo

      1. I know it was great management buddy. But its sad to see your favorite player on the bench. That’s what I meant.

        He has played most matches as an Arsenal player in the current squad. I hope he stays. 🙂

  2. Theo Walcott’s goal was quality weaker foot & a great finish. The first goal is always the hardest to get and at that point in the game I was starting to think it was going to be one of those days when we couldn’t buy a goal then if villa could sneak a goal and win. Most days that goal probably would be the best goal but Sanchez goal even made Given grin. Mert’s goal pretty much sealed the win. Really pleased Giroud got a goal in a lot of ways he deserved to play but I don’t think anyone would argue with Walcott starting. We dominated possession got men behind the ball and made it difficult for them and scored at the perfect times in the match completely killing it off. Made the win look pretty simple but it was just a great performance by the whole team.

    1. I will disagree with starting Ramsey on the right. Our best attack this year would have been Theo, Olivier, and Alexis. Both Alexis and OG scored numerous goals for us but the right with either Ramsey Jack or Welbz were not enough.

  3. My favourite moment was watching alexis sanchez awesome lazer shot scoring for the second goal! Breathtaking top draw stuff!

  4. So what’s the consensus? Keep Theo/Giroud/Welbeck central and go for a class winger to fill the gap on the wing or go for a CF instead in which case Theo will be stuck on the wing again where he does not want to be?

    Playing Theo as CF would mean we have to spend big on the wing for something like:

    Alexis – Walcott – Reus / Alexis – Walcott – Isco

    Or on a smaller budget:

    Alexis – Walcott – Pedro

    Personally I think there could be a bit of an exodus at Dortmund.

    1. Not ignoring the Ox or Gnabry btw. Just covering the eventuality Ox’s injuries reoccur and I think Gnabry needs a full season on loan (could be used to nail Schneiderlin)

    2. I can’t see a mass exodus at Dortmund Gundogan looks set to leave but I think they’ll do all they can to keep everyone else. Aubameyang Would be a good buy Reus is quality but seems to get injured a lot Aubameyang is a good age tall scores a lot gets assist very fast and versatile & seems to get better every year. He would make a great front 3 with Walcott and Alexis all could interchange during matches and I think Ozil would have a field day with that sort of pace in front of him. I think between Grioud, Alexis, Walcott, Welbeck & Aubameyang we’d always have options and a lot of goals in the team.

    3. I agree that the wing has been neglected in player acquisitions. But Wenger has shown no sign that he wants to use traditional wing play at all, so I have my doubts.

      Wenger simply prefers to use CAMs all over the pitch like interchangeable parts.

      Then again, Wenger has shown some willingness to adjust his approach so who knows? Hope you are right about the wing.

      As to your questions……. I don’t know how Welbeck will fit into the attack other than as LW backup. Walcott should stay…. forever. Giroud is still a top scorer – in all comps he produced goals at higher rate than Costa. And Wenger still loves him so he will likely stay.

      1. I’m all for Giroud to stay, we need tactical options and he is good at what he does. When spaces are tight and there is not a great deal of movement options he is a very good option. I think we lacked width in some games last year, even we our overlapping full backs.

      2. Agreed but the point is, missed by many it seems, is that Danny is a squad player and not an automatic starter when everyone is fit. So there is no complication as to where he fits in. He will definitely get his chances as a cup player or a bench player and a good tactical option or, and I hate even saying this, to cover for an injury. I think it is great we have him.

    4. Theo will not last playing as a CF. great for this week and West Brom but I forsee someone clashing him when he makes a turn. Out wide he has space and plenty of it. If he makes a turn on one CB and doesn’t see the other waiting to cut him in half then Theo might be out another year.

      1. A front three of Sanchez, Welbeck and Walcott will be orgasmic, they could swap positions. The three of them have very good pace. Or, It could be Sanchez, Theo and the Ox, this would be ghostly. Aha! Bang!!! Bang!!!! Bang!!!

    5. One of the most interesting post-match comments came from Theo who to paraphrase him, said “yes, everyone knows that I want to play through the middle” BUT and a big BUT “that there will be games where it wouldn’t work”. He is has obviously been schooled by Wenger on that – and maybe Walcott playing CF yesterday in a game that suited pace rather than something more patient, is a sign of things to come. I welcome that.

  5. For me the best part of this FA Cup title was the performance. I don’t place so much importance in bragging rights as I do with simply enjoying a classic Arsenal performance like the one I witnessed yesterday. (But then I don’t live in UK). I am still excited.

    I do however thoroughly enjoy thinking about Mourinho whining and throwing his expensive glass ware at the walls after witnessing Arsenal execute one of the best performances of the season on their way to a record 6 FA Cup wins under Wenger. I am certain he is still secretly nauseated today but will be thinking up some new way to spew some kind of vile nonsense in the media.


  6. Alexis, Giroud and Walcott all scored awesome goals. The fact that Mertsacker scored and with his shoulder lol was also cool

    But my vote goes to Alexis for best goal
    Also it was really fitting because he is arguably our hardest working player and for him to win a trophy on his debut season is fantastic

    Walcott missed last year so it was great for him to play this year.

    Ozil has been here two seasons and won two trophies. Not bad huh.

    1. Yes, the ecstasy and passion on his face was a thing to behold. Not rated by most but that was a captain’s moment to rank right up there in our illustrious history.

  7. We said the same thing last year: Move forward and improve. We won the FA cup again and finished third. If we do well with transfers and Forsythe’s work is successful, then we should really be in for an even better season.

    Predictions: Citys squad is full of old players, I think they will do worse the next season unless they go on a shopping bonanza. I think they will do worse than this season.

    Chelsea: They’re in a close to perfect situation – only player who could need replacement is Terry, but he has not really shown any sign of a declining form due to his age They have Zouma already, so theyre done there already. They only “need” to improve their backup, I think Chelsea are not going to be prominent on the marked, other than buying a striker, most likely going for the same striker Wenger will be after, just for harassing us. I think Chelsea will be title contenders with us next season

    ManUtd: Going on a shopping bonanza this season as well, also getting rid of deadwood. They will also be in for a striker and a defensive midfielder, and will be linked to pretty much every target we’re linked to aswell. I think they will do well, but not as well as us.

    Table: Arsenal and Chelsea will be battling for the title, Manure will follow up at 3rd. City a bit behind there again, but reasonably ahead of Liverpool, Spurs and the saints.

  8. Admin/Bob,
    I do believe Arsenal have come of age, and everyone who’s come of age can freely “Bang”. Hence, I want us to now formally change our catchphrase from “BOOM” to “BANG”.

  9. Szczesny has said he is staying at Arsenal next season. Sadly we wont sign a top class keeper.

  10. Higuain/Vieto/Martinez/Lacazette we need one of these player. Welbeck and Giroud are average.

    1. I think your one of those fans that either play a lot of Fifa and their ratings as reference or you just hear people suggesting names and taking their opinions as facts. I suggest you watch some of those players as well as their opposition before you define players as average. I’m sure that you were one of those screaming for 28m Bony and Lukaku, and now you don’t mention them.

    2. Higuain already rejected us for Napoli. He can continue to cry as he plays in Europa League.

  11. Sanchez Goal
    Walcott Goal
    Record breaking
    & style in which we won our back to back
    12th FA Cup.


  12. Are Sky Sports really commenting on Wilshere singing a song about Tottenham? Don’t know whats worse, them writing an article about it, or other fans piping up having a go at him. HAHAHAHAHA

    1. @RWRW
      In all fairness, it was out of order to sing it on live t.v. Dude needs to grow up and concentrate on his game instead of worrying about what Spurs are up to, or not…

  13. Yes.. it’s my first time to post a comment on dis site buh I have been following d blog for a long time now, just been finding it difficult to create an account. I am glad to be here. I am a true gooner in and out. Very excited about yesterday’s victory and how Alexis must feel now especially after choosing Arsenal over Liverpool.

  14. “My most successful years are 2007-213. Keeping stability while fighting with billionaires”
    Arsene Wenger


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