The best uninjured line-up for Arsenal now?

I, for one, am dreading Arsenal playing Sunderland this weekend. Not because I think we could lose the game, but I am thinking we could lose some more players to injury. We all thought our injury list was bad before but to lose Sanchez and Cazorla last week on top of Coquelin’s three months we are looking thinner and thinner every week.

But we still have a very good team despite all the injuries, and here is my opinion of our best line-up….


The Ox Ozil Campbell

Flamini Ramsey

Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin


In the case for the defence, I am very happy that we still have a strong line-up at the back, and we can all hope that Giroud has still got his scoring boots on. Will stll hav the assist king to do the business, and if The Ox and Campbell can keep running around confusing the defence, Ozil may even chip in with another goal.

Flamini and Ramsey can take turns marauding up the field. Hopefully last weeks run out will have tuned up the Welshman to a smidgeon of match fitness, and I have no worries when it comes to the back four, well not against Sunderland anyway…

Obviously our main worry will be that Joel Campbell has one of his confidence-full games again and gets into he think of things, but my main source of tension will be how The Ox gets on. He has also been out for a while, and to be honest I don’t think he was playing well before that. But who else could be play in his place?

Okay I’ve had my say, do you agree that this is our strongest line-up or not?

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  1. I’ve just heard that Gibbs in back in squad this weekkend, If he took left wing instead of Ox we may be even stronger.

  2. this is our strongest lineup except girud for walcott. now, ox and Campbell better come better and if they play well together(wiz walcott and the wizard) then the pace upfront will be lethal. but i still think our season is f##ked thou.

  3. I wouldn’t play Ox on the left, but yeah I get the point we need to maintain our cutting inside wingers policy. I’d like to see Iwobi on the left because I feel he’s more natural there and he’s about as good as Campbell in my opinion.

  4. If this is our best 11 available, then I don’t feel we need inverted wingers. Inverted wingers means that everything is going to be focused on getting centrally again, with everyone then clogging the middle of the field. If we’re going to start to get goals from Giroud again, and we need goals from Giroud again, then it may be best to have Joel on the left and the Ox on the right, and at least increase the number of balls swung in for him. Also, if these players are starting and staying a bit wider, then it should still create room for mesut to operate.

  5. Yea at least…but Ox doesnt up is game in the first half withdraw him and slot in Adelaide..the dude has got confidence on the ball we know that, dont give me the he’s just 17 years old old is Ruben Neves? How old was Fabregas before we brought him out?.. if any player wont turn up in the absence of our first team players then bench him and give the next available player the chance..they must all beat Sunderland cleanly and convincingly before i can accept we still have a chance at the trophy.. Wenger like it or not we gotta buy good players come January…thumb me down but Carzola should be replaced by Isco..he’s 30 and can still perform i know but we need another Carzola..and that’s Isco

  6. I’d like to see Joel Campbell score. Think what you want about him; I see him playing his heart out.

  7. arsenal needs to consult the oracle and appease the gods… I think someone cursed arsenal with injuries.. this shit aint funny anymore and wenger isnt helping

  8. The climatic change at the Emirates isn’t Looking rosy Atm…….. Wenger’s hosting a greenhouse effect!

  9. It’s only 14 games in.
    Long long time to go.
    We have a soft run of games
    into the New Year (even Citeh is at home).
    We “should” be top of the league by Jan 1.
    Then our players will start filtering back.
    Unless we get more injuries I don’t think we need any one in.
    If the spine i.e. Cech Mertz Koz Flamini Ozil and Giroud
    stay fit we are fine. We rely too much on Cazorla
    Sanchez and Ozil anyway. Time for Chambers
    Chamberlain Adelaide and Iwobi to be given their chance.
    As Robbie says “We’re gonna do this”

    1. “a soft run of games”



      After an encounter with westbrom, westham and norwich…. Dare to call anymore games soft!

  10. .Giroud.
    .The ox oziL campbell.
    .flamini ramsey.
    .monreal kos per bellerin.

    Looks like a 12-man Line-up L()L


    Playing a front four of the , ox , ozil and campbell behind giroud in the lone striker role

    we are definitely beating sunderland with this one…


  11. Wenger said Theo might be back which is a big deal because in the last few games OG just hasn’t cut it for me. He may have scored one or twice but his movement has been poor and has looked languid and lazy.

  12. Giroud theo
    Flamini chambers Ramsey
    Monreal koss Gabriel bellerin
    I would love to see dis lineup in future

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