The BIG changes Arsenal NEED to make in January

Arsenal’s season is already destroyed. by Frustrated Gooner

There have been more calls for Wenger’s head this season than ever before, and why not? This has been the worst start ever for the Gunners in a long time even by Wenger’s standards. Under Wenger this team seems to be not stagnating but decaying. His inaction to get a defensive midfielder and defenders is clearly showing results – much to the frustration of the fans. What’s worse is the division of Gooners over the team’s fate.

Our list of excuses is long… Our key members are injured (tell us about it): we dominate but lack the killer instinct and it goes on. Don’t all the world class teams go through this but still come out on top.

The first thing Wenger must concentrate on is lifting the team spirits and ensure that his forces end up in the Top Four so that they have their place in Champions League. This will ensure that the top players still want to join this club. He is experienced enough to understand this. A solution in the upcoming transfer windows like the following should be enough to show that Mr.Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis are serious about filling the trophy cabinet.

Arsenal in and outs

Let’s look at how this can work out for the North London club. Apart from Santi Cazorla, I don’t believe any other names will raise eyebrows because these names are either underutilized or underperformers (including Wenger). Cazorla has not been at his best so far in this season. Also he is aging (he will turn 30 before Christmas). Teams from his country- Spain (read as Atletico Madrid) have shown interest in him and this seems the right time to cash him out. Joel Campbell has not won the confidence of his manager, though he has stated that he would like to stay at the Emirates and win his place it seems unlikely (don’t forget Sanogo has been preferred over him).

Diego Simeone will be an ideal replacement. Saying he has survived in La Liga in presence of two giants- Real Madrid and Barcelona – will be an understatement. He has managed to win trophies too with ample Champions league experience. There is a similar situation in the premier league. Arsenal are in shadow of Chelsea and Manchester City and there’s Manchester United, who with their heavy spending are showing intent to bring back the glory. Also the Premier league is the most competitive in entire Europe. Simeone has class, character and persona to stand amongst the likes of Mourinho and Van Gaal. He can pass some of his chutzpah to the English side. Simeone is also known for youth development and his transition to the Emirates can prove to be a fertile breeding ground for him.

This overhaul will ensure there’s a fresh mentality introduced. Also it will add muscle to the current departments of defence and midfield (especially DM and CB). It’ll add versatility to this team so that they can play different positional patterns as per the opponents they are facing. It will also allow young guns like Chambers, Bellerin and others to learn their trade from world class counterparts and give overworked aging legs within the squad some rest. Productivity will shoot up amongst the players as there’ll be healthy competition to claim their role in our playing XI.

Arsenal have a salary structure in place. Check the table below. There’s ample scope of handing out promising contracts (with appraisal) to all the names mentioned and it won’t disturb the salary structure.

Arsene Wenger 175,000 Diego Simeone 115,000
Lukas Podolski 75,000 Morgan Schneiderlin 30,000
Joel Campbell 40,000 Marco Reus 65,000
Santi Cazorla 90,000 Julian Draxler 45,000
Abou Diaby 65,000 Lars Bender 60,000
Tomas Rosicky 85,000 Neven Subotic 90,000
Mathieu Flamini 65,000 Fabian Schar 10,000
Nacho Monreal 50,000 Matija Nastastic 75,000
Total: 645,000 – – 490,000

*Weekly in GBP

There’s no saying that the club does not have the think tank to have imagined this. It’s easier said than done. Transfers and salary negotiations are a tricky game. These players are mostly wanted by other clubs too and their current ones would not like to lose them. Wenger has been here since a very long period and has a very firm grip over the proceedings, it’ll be a task to convince him to step down and offer him a different and bigger role.

This is how the Arsenal squad will look like if the above story comes true (P.S: Left back situation is unchecked)

Diego Simeone

Danny Welbeck
Alexis Sanchez
Theo Walcott
Serge Gnabry
Olivier Giroud
Yaya Sanogo

Mesut Ozil
Aaron Ramsey
Jack Wilshere
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Mikel Arteta
Gedion Zelalem
Morgan Schneiderlin
Marco Reus
Lars Bender
Julian Draxler

Mathieu Debuchy
Calum Chambers
Per Mertesacker
Laurent Koscielny
Kieran Gibbs
Hector Bellerin
Neven Subotic
Fabian Schar
Matija Nastastic
Carl Jenkinson (currently out on loan)

Wojciech Szczęsny
David Ospina
Damian Martinez

Does that look like a team that could help us to compete with he other top teams?

Frustrated Gooner

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  1. I know it might not happen but I wish I could see wenger have a go with the right players…like a proper defense and and great dm….and play fricking wingers on the wing….but I guess his stubbornness will only hurt him cuz I can see someone coming in take over..make 3 yes 3 key signing to this team and winning the league…now thats gonna hurt aint it wenger

  2. And they call him deluded. SMH. Who is going to pay 9 mils for Rosicky or 10 mils for Flamini? Or even 5 for Diaby 🙂 Cazorla is almost 30, who is going to pay 15 mils for him? Maybe Podolski can raise 10 mils. Just maybe!

    1. 5 mill for glass man? ahahaha
      10 mill for nacho? looool

      simeone reus bender schniederlin draxler – in JANUARY loooooool

      this is trollin on a inter planetary scale

  3. We really need to worry about tonight first as there is no Chezzer, no Wilshire, no Welbeck, no Walcott and no Giroud, apart from all the other crocks.

    1. I got a 15/8 bet on victory tonight. I know is almost a waste of money but I did the same two seasons ago against Bayern. Put 100 EUR in it. Already marked as loss.

  4. We only need 3 defensive signings,what you have just written is too much but if we do ship-out podolski and campbell we do really need to sign draxler.and plz guys can we talk about transfers when it re-opens in jan but for now we support arsenal

  5. Mouriho turned chelsea team around in just two season, how many yrs would it take Arsene to build Arsena team, wenger out! ! !

    1. it was sickening watching Chelsea last night wining 5-0 away from home, what balanced team and when the sub’s come on it just blow me away to see such quality depth in a team, they have all the players we was once after.

  6. who exactly will be paying 5 mil for diaby?? and 9 mil for rosicky?? He is 34. 10 Mil each for monreal and flamini ???????? hahahahaa.. boy i want some of what youre smoking

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. He he he he he he he he he. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    Uffff. Sorry. Wait let me try that again. Diego Simeone? ThenDraxler and Marco Rues togather? With Lars Bender?
    But 9 mil for Risicky? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    10 for Flamini? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. He he he he he he he he he he.

    Please Admin more articles like this.
    Still similng. But amazing editing.
    But my stomach still hurts.

  8. Jack deliberately got injured so that he can take Ozil’s place in the medical facility too


    1. lol I can understand Chelsea players getting injured because they have a hot’y working as a Physio but US WHY??

  9. On rereading this aricle i now fully understood the comical tuning along with the words that will miss the untrained eye.

    “Emirates can prove to be a fertile breeding ground.”

    Ha ha ha ha. Seems like the author of this article is a professional troll who supports Wenger and understands that we are going through a rough patch.

    I was incredibly dull to have missed it the first time around when the author used the unbelievable high prices.

    Now I m sure this is a masterpiece of the “House of Rahmans”.

  10. On rereading this aricle i now fully understood the comical tuning along with the words that will miss the untrained eye.

    “Emirates can prove to be a fertile breeding ground.”

    Ha ha ha ha. Seems like the author of this article is a professional troll who supports Wenger and understands that we are going through a rough patch.

    I was incredibly dull to have missed it the first time around when the author used the unbelievable high prices.

    Now I m sure, this is a masterpiece of the “House of Rahmans”.

  11. Some teams celebrate trophies, we celebrate injury
    humiliation, n defeat, one FA cup in ten yrs, “Wenger
    pls out” we need change, we need trophy, we need
    truth, we need a winner as a manager, we need
    someone who can beat Morinho. “Wenger out”

  12. I believe you lot try to interpret too hard whatever comes out of the club these days. I for one tend to agree with Usmanov which I believe is a true Arsenal supporter (and he backs that with his own money) : the first step taken to fix something is to acknowledge you have a problem. You can do that in front of everyone or you can do it in private but the facts are the one proving in the end whether you accepted the fact that THERE IS A PROBLEM.
    I have written before here about the shocking statement that the board have no clue unless Wenger has an idea and if not they wait for him to come with a plan (which they will back up). People here did not understood the HUGE implication of this statement. This means that football wise our coaching capacity is being drastically diminished as in a club there’s not only the football needing attention. Football requires a whole range of services in order to function properly. And if you have ONE PERSON calling the shoots and the other following blindly … well, you understand where I am going.
    There is no rebuild without a crisis, let’s be clear about it. If Wenger will leave we will have a period of mediocre results (hopefully we still beat the Spuds in the process) until a new team emerges. When I say new team I don’t exclude some of (many) our current players.
    What I want to say is that the problem is deeper than Wenger. Much deeper! For the last years I thought we have a plan and Wenger is put this into practice. I was supportive to the whole British core concept and this may have worked if they have given everything on the pitch. I also thought that there’s someone IN CHECK in the board and keeps our team accountable not only for financial results but also for performance. We are not a corporate at the core. Without football (read performance) the whole business model will fall apart. Our board does not understand this (except probably for Usmanov). They are in for the short term profit and if this fails they will happily take their money and invest it somewhere else, not necessarily football. Make no mistake, until the club (whoever is calling the shots) acknowledge the model is wrong for the long term development there will be only frustration. The next one coming after Wenger will be required to bring the same amount of gains and I am not talking here about trophies. For them, that’s a bonus. The real deal for these sharks are the notes depicting HM the Queen when she was young.

  13. Will we see more or less the same team tonight and expect a different result hopefully chambers at CB and even podolski or Rosicky starting

  14. I’d be happy with a top Defender, DM and striker or Reus (Sanchez can play up front)

    Nastasic: 5mil
    Reus: 20mil
    bender: 20mil
    Total: 45mil

    schar: 10mi
    Schneiderlin: 20mil
    Cavani: 20-30mil
    total: 50-60mil

    Seriously, January will be difficult just getting a defender

    January is known as a difficult transfer window because clubs are less likely to want to transfer, players are more expensive and unless players are unsettled they won’t want to move.

    That is why Wenger is a moron for not doing his transfer business in the Summer. Now, he may get 1 or 2 average players, a good but expensive player or no players at all or an injured player lol

    FFS on transfer deadline day he was in ROME refereeing a match. WTF

    1. he didnt need to do any biz, bc he is confident (read delusional) in zee team.
      he’s also confident he can change
      ozil into a winger,
      monreal into CB,
      chambers into RB,
      arteta from MF to CDM
      welbeck from CF to LW,
      all while being a “attacking manager”. its all the referees, bad luck, bad schedule,
      zee naivete and zee lack of discipline.
      also maybe a little bit zee lack of doing video research on opponents,
      or zee lack of changing tactics to counteract zee opponents.

    2. Best defender option for january?

      Nastasic 5m
      is a left sided cb with immense potential he would be a bargain at 5m he once had a market value of 18m

      OmAr toprak 16m
      This Turkish international is one of the best in Germany with Leverkusen he is of similar talent to merts and per wich would ofer them good cover.

      Inigo martinez 13m
      One of the best young cb in la liga. He currently plays for David moyes team and we have good relationship with sociadad. He is also knocking on the door of the Spanish national team

      The wildcard
      Murillo 7m
      A 22 year old Colombian who has been very impressive for Granada he has even got himself a call up to the national team were he plays alongside ospina. He is tall , strong and quick

  15. LOL
    even ‘utterly over optimistic’ would be a mild phrase
    still, i am surprised that you did not include any top striker in the INs

  16. Defender: Schar, Van Dijk, Reid, Nastasic (One of those 4) I can see Van Dijk play CDM and CD role. So that buy could potentially fulfill 2 roles.

    CDM: Bender, Van Dijk, Kondogbia

    Keeper: Chech (If he is for sale get him, Ospina or Martinez can be sold or loaned out).

    The rest we do not need. Nowhere do we get the money quoted for players that have contracts end. Pod, Campbell, Carzola, Monreal have value. The rest have hardly any.

    1. Seriously 2-3 buys is all that is needed for the winter transfer. The other upgrades are for the summer as we have quit a few contracts finishing. Hopefully than we can also replace Wenger.

      1. if we only get good players, but dont get rid of wenger, he’ll still screw it up by : not playing players in their proper positions, not rotating between PL and CL, subbing too late or not enough, favouring french players, not coaching wilshere to pass earlier, not changing in-game tactics, not adapting tactics to each opponent: these are all intransigent colossal management failures and having better players does not make that problem go away. the set of players he has is already much better than the results he is producing with them. #wengerout

  17. No matter what Transfer business is difficult. I think Aresenal bought well bar Ospina and his injury. We needed 2 more; a CDM and CD. But than you talk already 8 new players to integrate. Look how MAN U, SPURS, LIVERPOOL are struggling with so many new additions.

    1. i’d rather buy the right players and struggle (maybe take more than 1 season) to integrate, rather than not buy the right players (in which case you would have a fully integrated team of poorer players)

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