The big Mesut Ozil risk that Arsenal must avoid at all costs

Arsenal must handle the Mesut Ozil situation with great care.

Arsenal is doing fine at this moment, they sit third in Premier League and easing through the Europa League. The last thing they need right now is a huge distraction.

The Ozil situation could easily destabilise the club, we have seen it numerous times before, in fact, it is happening at Tottenham right now.

When you get a huge influence unhappy in the dressing room the risks are significant. The last thing Arsenal needs is the German’s unhappiness feeding through to the other players.

All big clubs at some point get into this sort of situation and if they are lucky it dies a death if the player in question is unpopular, Gareth Bale springs to mind at Real Madrid. But if the player is popular then the club has to move fast before the discontent starts to spread.

I do not think for one minute that Ozil will do anything unprofessional but there is no way that his teammates are not aware of what is going on.

Ozil is close to a number of plays, you just know they speak and moan to each other. In fact, when Kieran Tierney starts regular can you imagine the conversation between Kolasinac and Ozil.

If Arsenal handles the 30-year-old right then it will all be good, if they do not, then it could become messy and affect the rest of the team.

This is the time that man-management is crucial. Get it wrong and it can be disastrous.


  1. if I am.ozil,I won’t move till my contract ends!!! can Nelson,willock and xhaka bench ozil?..what rabbish!!

    1. Ozil benched Ozil for playing rubbish for over 3 years

      Why do you include Xhaka and Nelson? They don’t play in his position. Xhaka is more of a defensive central midfielder and Nelson plays on the wings

      1. Sokritis has been rubbish since he has been here but still plays.Xhaka was born rubbish and is Captain. Another flawed excuse PAL

    2. In reply to Simon
      Laziness, unproductivity and absence when needed. Also a recurrent backpain when played a couple of times.

    3. Ozil caused his down fall because when he is needed in big games he is no where to be seen and even U E gave him a good chances to prove him self all in vain, And he fail to show his mercy to the club not accepting to reduce wages to keep him at the club am sorry to say that.

      1. When you say Ozil caused his downfall because when he is needed in big games he doesn’t show up, please can you point out one Arsenal player that always shows up against big teams except Lacazzate?
        Aubamayeang is our highest goal scorer but could you believe apart from scoring against Tottenham and Man United, he hasn’t performed away from home against the big side since he came to Arsenal, so would you say he is a failure for Arsenal?
        You all should judge a player at what he is known for and not what you need him to be doing that is totally different from his game.
        If you judging Ozil on not tracking back, then do the Same on Guendouzi,Xhaka, Torerria, Willock, Ceballos for not creating chances and having assists.

  2. Add Mustafi to that mix with Kol and Ozil and bang problem created. Although I sense that the entire team get along and they all probably joke about the manager behind his back. So there’s probably no unsettling amongst the squad

  3. Ozil has been paid 6 million quid since June for a couple of competition games
    and turning up for training.
    Why would any one be upset getting 50,000 quid a day?
    He is just cruising knowing that whether he finishes his contract at Arsenal
    or goes on loan some place he will get paid all the remaining 30 million quid
    his contract guarantees him by July 2021.
    50,000 quid per day for the next 605 days is the terrible struggle he must face.
    My heart bleeds for Mesut 🙁

    1. Agu Emen, could you please supply the rest of us on here the details that you clearly have regarding Ozils contract?

      As I used to work in a results orientated industry, my basic salary was linked to performance etc and I have no reason to believe that would be any different in the case of professional football…in fact we have just been informed that if UE wins the fa cup, league cup, gets to the final of the europa cup and loses again, he will be sacked – thats a performance related example clause in his reported £6,000, 0000 a year contract, because he needs to deliver CL football.

      Now Ozil has not played in seven of the eight premier league games, so that, one assumes affects his salary.
      Along with not being part of the squad may also affect the figures.
      Getting knocked out of the fa and league cups last season probably lost every player further revenue as did not finishing in the top four, qualifiying for the CL and getting beaten in the europa cup final.

      So, the figure you bander about with such authority has no real meaning at all does it?

      Unless, of course, you can show us the details of this contract…I could turn round and say that £250,000 of his reported £350,000 weekly salary depended on appearance money and you would have no proof whatsoever that that was not the case…in fact, if the club were trying to save money, one could argue that makes complete sense!!!!

      Since UE arrived, there has been a clash of coach and player, but at no time has Ozil commented on the situation.
      Unlike UE, who has publically criticised the player, Ozil has remained silent and the media has not been able to find out anything from him.

      Unlike Adebayour, judas RVP, Sanchez, Fabregas, he has maintained a dignified silence, only letting the fans know that he was happy at the club, was fit and ready to play via facebook.

      Therefore, The Arsenal need have no concerns about how they play this situation, because they know that Ozil is a professional who, despite appalling treatment, has carried himself with aplomb.

      As for your bleeding heart, there is a simple answer, go out and use your own talents to secure what the company you work for value your services at, Ozil and The Arsenal have shown you how it works…Sanchez at a reported £500,000,000 a week is another example for you to pick over…anyway, looking forward to seeing the copy of Ozil’s contract, as I’m sure every other fan is.

    1. Owen.G we won’t miss you your, not a true Arsenal supporter if you do not realise that all things and people move on time moves on you have to go with the time

  4. Seriously people let’s look at the facts!
    The old Hierachy including Wenger were desperate to hold on to Ozil having lost Sanchez ,in an attempt to halt a slide of the teams fortunes they offered him an enormous contract for 5 years.
    Ozil accepted knowing how important to Wenger he was.( first name on the team sheet).
    Then big changes are made upstairs and the manager is replaced.
    In comes a new recruitment team and the new manager doesn’t rate Ozil as highly ( right or wrong is immaterial )
    Fact is nobody is at fault but everyone is proffesional about the situation.
    So silly schoolboy mentality about unhappy players spreading discourse throughout the team is immature!!

    1. Well said Neil
      No evidence whatsoever about what’s written in this article ,not once have we ever heard of Ozil causing trouble at the club.
      If Emery does not like him that’s on him ,nothing Ozil can do about it .

      1. @Dan Kit Are you suggesting that Emery doesn’t like him as a person, and that is part of the problem? Because, that would for sure also be pure speculation.
        I would suggest all that can be regarded as factual in the current situation, is that Emery doesn’t pick Özil to play very much, because he thinks the team does better without Özil.
        We can all have our opinions about whether we would do better with Özil playing or not.
        But self fabricated “facts” about personal sympathies, other players feelings etc., etc. really do nothing except clouding the issue.

        1. Mate if you don’t understand what I’m saying don’t bother replying with a long winded post .
          “If Emery does not like him that’s on him”
          That means as a footballer .
          Ask me next time instead of wasting your time replying

    2. that is actually a sane comment in an insane world of stupid tabloids and papers and blogs,,
      its clear emery doesnt fancy players who excel at creativity and give very little defensively(right or wrong only time will tell) but he wouldnt change his philosophy now being at arsenal that he must have kept on since he is been a coach.

      anyways, we all can agree that the game play has been very poor specially on the attacking front but he wont count on ozil to change that, so as far as i see there could be two things, mesut ozil goes on loan for a 6 month period and during that time Unai emery will get his marching orders or continuation orders (If and only if we finish in top four as per raul sanllehi). So things might turn around for ozil but its sure they wont turn around under emery

      Personal opinion: I would love to see us play some expansive and wonderful football that made me love arsenal in the first place,, the first thing that comes to mind is ajax’s total football model, so we should probably hire erik ten hag next after emery’s average tenure finishes

  5. If OZil been playing, we would be 1st place by now, not 3rd, we would have thrashed man utd, beat liverpool, killed tottenham, and if Ozil didn’t get subbed off against Forest, we would have won 16-0 not 5-0. Against watford if Ozil stayed on, we would have won 5-2 instead. Against Chelsea in EUropa league, it was terrible mistake to sub him off, we would have fought back if OZil stayed on. I think Emery is clueless and should be fired.

  6. No need moan about the situation ozil still have contract upto 2021 and Emery has this year to prove he is good enough to lead the club back to top four. If Emery cannot make it he’ll be gone by may.

    1. The problem is 3 (!!!!) of our rivals are having mediocre or downright bad seasons. If we somehow get 4th, Emery will get his extension even playing shit cowardly football.

      Then the problem will just get postponed.

      1 thing I can almost guarantee, though:
      There won’t be any ‘unbeatable run’ to gloat about if we qualify for the UCL instead of the UEL.

    1. Im with you Sue.

      A coach or and board can destroy a player, a human being first; there’s a form of harrassement when you isolate a person, makes him feel not welcome, bench hip even un cup games, all that synical is not right.

      No one forced board to give such contract, nor Wenger; Sanchez gone , board got scared to lose Ozil too, we all did then. The board lets contracts run down…

      Emery can’t take Ozil who won it all and makes 3 Times his salary. He is very disrespectful beyond being our Cowboys owners’ slave who wants Ozil out to save money but so far biggest waist ever is Pepe even on a payement plan.

      This board and coach are catastrophies, it is obvious that we are walking on eggs, beside boring football with no sense nor tactic. Incapable of putting right team for over a year.

      Ozil is treated like Kos or Wenger, ingratitude and no respect for our club and players, us fans dont even count.

      Ozil must leave to Barcelona or Bayern he refused 2 years ago, same salary, then he will shine and back to World king or assist!

      Anyhow, this is Bad and abusive management… Dont have to hurt the human being, that us wrong…No cup team nor first team, he is nowhere then, isolated. Offending and abusive, harrassement Indeed. So wrong!

      Hope Barça gets him, watch how Ozil shines and feeds Suarez, Messi, Dembele Griezman. Barça will make a killing! It is a top addition for Baraca or to just imagine that..He would play Champions League too.

      1. I’ll be gutted (really gutted!) to see him go, but hope wherever he ends up, it works out for him.. and that he isn’t treated like this again… disgusting!

  7. It’s all about money and the new people in control’s plan. I feel Ozil needs to track back…… I just happen to believe every player needs to track back…..except the strikers and others strategically placed for counter attack. What you do when you’don’t have the ball is very important. He is going nowhere and will play more games….support the rebuilding of arsenal especially the players…..

  8. Why is it most people here forget that their role is to support: to support the team and the coach. My fellow Gunner it hurts me to say, we are amongst the worst supporters ever, all we are good at is pulling down the team, the players, the coach and lately each other. Nomatter our situation, we are always whining and complaining: always. Look at the Milan teams when they got relegated for match fixing, their fans stuck by them and still filled their stadium. We are a different lot. Newcastle is a sterling example of a team with a non fickle fan base. Guys, do not the teams mentality is also affected by the fans don’t forget that….we contribute, so do decide to do so positively or negatively.

  9. I am a fan of Ozil and still believe he will perform if the manager decides to field him. But having watched this situation, it’s clear to see the best thing for all parties concerned is for Ozil to move on.
    To be fair, what Emery has been doing is logical IMO. Imagine what message it would be if the rest of the squad are told to work their socks off but at the same time they see Ozil stroll on the pitch. Add it to the fact his salary is in another league of his own.
    As another possibility, it could be Ozil lost it and said something like “Emery you dipsh1t!” in front of his team mates, no wonder he was exiled lol.
    Emery tried to make him captain, some players respond to that positively but Ozil remains indifferent, so maybe this time it is Emery who lost it.
    But whatever the outcome of this situation is, I will forever remember his classy one touch pass (lob?) that enabled Giroud to run behind the defence and scored. THAT donkey lampost slow as hell Gee Rude run behind the line, it is truly a miracle.

  10. If i am to say something that arsenal should do at this very point i will like them to do it before it will be late by bringing ozil into the team because without him arsenal will find it more dificult to score goals in a match which we all know that when your team can’t scores to hold on the control of the match they will face much presure and that can result to losing the game and injuries to some players that can’t handle the presure .,please we the fans need goals and ozil

  11. The fact remains that,Unaiy dislikes big-name player. That’s why he left PSG just because of the arrival of Neymar and Mbappe. So just accept it that Emery doesn’t want to play O”zil just to freeze him out of the club. Believe or don’t, there’s no creative mid-fielder in Arsenal squad than O”zill.For his impact on the pitch for those who buy Emery’s scape goat that O”zill is lazy, let’s recall last season when we went 21 games unbeaten, O”zill was in each and one of those games untill emery started to reflect his enemity against him. And what happened, we lost our race to top four with loosing sluggishly. Back to the current season, let’s look at the only 2 games he has played partly how better the team was with him compared to those games he hasn’t featured at all. And you can as well refer to the pre-season games as well. So the problem here is emery and not O”zill.

    1. Unless of course you take in to account Mhiki (who everyone rightly complained about)…. He was more creative than Ozil last season (PL stats) despite playing less minutes than him, and almost as creative the season before too despite playing less than him then too. Mhiki also contributed much more to the defensive side of the game more than Ozil does, so if people were happy for him to be benched and then moved on why not Ozil? 🤔

  12. Ozil please say on and enjoy your contract. It’s Emery’s cup of tea if he refuses to allow you work for your wages.
    Vindictive, negative, anti-arsenal flair manager. OUT EMERY ! Let’s enjoy our football again

  13. i am by no means an ozil fan, not by a long shot . but, i do believe the way that our club, in general, is treating him is unprofessional and ridiculous. either move him on or play him.i dont care how much he is being paid, that should never be the basis of any arguement .give him away if emery is thatn desperate to get rid of him, give him a free transfer and let him go wherever he chooses.that would be best for both the club and mesut , in my opinion.he will never replicate the form that made him world class, at our club.every manager makes mistakes regarding the buying and selling of players,as it stands, both parties are in limbo right now , and it is not ideal for either.

  14. On my last comment, I defended Emery but to balance things out I believe Ozil still can perform if he is positioned in Zone 14 (before you laugh, it exists). It also backed my opinion that Emery’s system that exploits wide areas isn’t so effective after all.

    These are excerpts from an article titled “The use of Zone 14, the key to winning football matches” by Pablo Maggio :

    “A clear example is the French national team at Euro 2000, which was crowned champion and made use of 81.3% of their assists in goal with passes from Zone 14, showing a style of direct attack and with great use of the central area of the ground.”

    “The statistics indicate that a team is four times more likely to score a goal playing the ball from zone 14 towards the penalty area than the wings. This statistic is even greater when the ball is received by a technically gifted player who passes vertically towards the centre-forward or with dribbling into the box in front of the goalkeeper. Zone 14 is very effective when vertical movements are made on and off the ball.”

    “Offensively, it is essential to have a technically skilled player to control the ball in zone 14 (it is statistically proven that players have the ball there for approximately 2.7 seconds. Players need to be mentally quick to read what the situation requires. Whether a through pass or a dribble will lead to a subsequent shot at goal. The vertical passes will be fundamental and the use of the third man runs have relevance. It is proven that the winning teams are mostly those who have been able to use Zone 14 for their benefit.”

  15. Love how Emery takes the whole blame for Ozil situation…. Mourinho, Wenger and Joachim Low, all top managers, and all criticised his work rate too 🤷‍♂️
    For those who seemingly don’t understand why it’s so important for Ozil to track back…. its not because people actually want him to be making tackles but Emery is trying to instill a pressing game (evident in UEL setup), but the only way that works is if everyone is closing down their man.
    If Ozil plays and doesn’t bother closing down his man etc like usual the whole press fails, which means the whole set up fails.
    Personally I think Emery has given Ozil plenty of opportunities to change to fit his style, even reportedly swinging the Captaincy votes in his favour (which if true implies Ozil doesn’t have the dressing room completely on his side) all to try and motivate him but it hasn’t worked, what else is he meant to do?
    Wenger, as usual, was right when he said that without international duties Ozil’s motivation was dropping and that his new contract had pushed him further into a comfort zone.
    Ozil could slot back into the squad but unless he offers more I don’t think he deserves to…. Lackadaisical creativity is just not enough when there are youngsters working their ar*es off to get a start 🤷‍♂️

    1. Wenger criticised Ozil? Mourinho didn’t criticise him but used riling as a technique to get better performances, or so he thought. Less said about Low and how he handled the 2018 situation, the better.

      1. Yes indeed Wenger did, of course they were about as polite as can be as Ozil was his golden boy, but he did still criticise him on occasion. Few examples – back in 2017 when Ozil hadn’t scored in over 2 months he mentioned that he was missing shots he should have put away and needed to improve, he made negative comments about Ozil’s fitness record after the Europa league exit, and as I paraphrased before he said that not playing in international was sapping his motivation 🤷‍♂️

        You can also add in Wenger allowing Ozil to skip training in order to keep his fitness levels up as yet more evidence against his unsuitability for Emery’s style.

        And if that wasn’t enough how about Mertesacker? Just recently he’s said that it’s all about Ozil’s fitness levels and admitted that he tried everything he could to motivate Ozil himself yet nothing worked 🤷‍♂️

    2. You are exactly right on why we can’t use Özil if we want to play a pressing game like all top teams at the moment.
      And you can add Ancelotti to your list. he was the one deciding to sell Özil to us, and the Real fans were up in arms about it. But what was Ancelotti’s reason? He needed a player with a higher work rate. he said it quite openly.
      Go figure 🙂

  16. Thanks bro you have a very big point there. And besides since unai Emery took over arsenal, no player in the squad that has create chances for teammates than özil. Emery is not playing attractive football. Against bounemouth arsenal played 444 passes while they played 404. In wenger era you can’t see that.

  17. P’se my fellow Guner Nifty, kindly track back to last season’s team sheets in relation to games played, you will prove yourself between me and you who well followed up the team, has better records and not just twisting them for better narratives

  18. Dear MadHatter, if the players emery fields are good (least to say) at tracking back and as well at pressing, we would be at least 3rd behind Liverpool and Man City of the teams to have conceded the least goals in the top six. But check, we are conceding goals in premier league like we are scooping awards. So by that fact i believe the players he fields in the middle of park apart from matteo are not any better than O”zill. Trust me emery doesn’t just fancy the man. You talked of some managers like Prof. Wenger and the special one Mourinho as well as Joachim Low commenting about O”zill’s lack of tracking back in games. But all those managers used the player in most of the games. Review the records ; Wenger at Arsenal worn 2 FA cups, Mourinho at Madrid LA Liga and Low with the Germany national team worn the world cup in Brazil with O”zill in their 1st elevens.

    1. We have been conceding shots against/goals not because Ozil was missing but because our defence was too weak to allow us to go forward. Adding Ozil into that mix with zero presence off the ball is just going to make the squad weaker not stronger.

      Yes they still played him but that’s because his creativity levels were so exceptional it was worth compensating for his weaknesses, now he is 30 years old, is not as creative, suffers from back pain etc etc….. He is no longer the Ozil who wowed the world at Real or with Germany, his motivation has gone and took his form with it 🤷‍♂️

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