The biggest danger facing Arsenal after football returns

At some point, football will return and ideally, everything would carry on as it did before but in the real world that is simply not going to happen.

On balance, Arsenal was a team with momentum, they were unbeaten domestically since the turn of the year and FA Cup glory and a European qualifying spot via the league were all very attainable.

The trajectory that Arsenal was taking under Mikel Arteta was upwards and while I do expect that to continue in the long term, there is no knowing what the short term holds.

Arsenal will return from the enforced break in one of three ways, they will either continue down the unbeaten road, they will come back and have a set of mixed results or they will come back and do a worse than they were doing prior to the outbreak.

It is the last one that is the biggest danger, losing the momentum that had been built up could have far-reaching effects.

It would put Mikel Arteta almost back to square one, it would undo all the good work in rebuilding confidence and morale and the Spaniard will have to begin picking up the pieces once again.

In reality, Arsenal has more to lose than it has to gain once the season returns, they were already moving upwards and anything other than that would not be good for the club.


  1. I agree with the above view but for next season Arsenal will have to do away with either of Lacazette or Aubamiyang and in place Raul gimenez of wolves be brought.And secondly they must have a defensive and a defensive midfielders of high quality and an established center back.TO reduce the wage bill upon implementing the above then at least 5 players MUST leave.pls Michel Arteter must read this comment.

  2. It seems this site is trying to combat the situation with quantity rather than quality – don’t agree with that strategy.

  3. The problem is with the owner who minds of making only profits and not minding of making fans happy. Thats why even next season we may not even qualify for champions league.

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