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Wenger’s BIG job ahead of Arsenal v Brighton?

Despite Arsenal having picked up the pace a bit in the Premier League since the shaky start to the season saw us lose two of the first three games, we are still a little bit off the pace in the new title race. The likes of Man City, Chelsea, Man United have opened up an early gap and with our north London rivals Tottenham breezing past Huddersfield today it is vital that Arsenal pick up all three points tomorrow.

With it being a home game against Brighton you would certainly expect us to, and even though Arsene Wenger picked a fairly experienced and strong side in the Europa League this week, he still was able to rest key players like Ramsey, Ozil, Lacazette and Alexis Sanchez.

But as well as selecting the right team and tactics to get the job done tomorrow, the Arsenal boss has one very important thing to do. In my opinion his biggest task in the build up to this game is to make sure the players go at it with the right attitude.

That means no complacency because we have won a few games or because Brighton are in the Premier League for the first time ever. No strolling around expecting technical ability to be enough to win a football match without putting in the effort and no forgetting about the defensive side of our duties.

I really hop that Wenger has been banging on to the lads about focus and effort, because that is where qwe slip up too often and with the league table as it stands, we cannot afford to do it again.


11 thoughts on “Wenger’s BIG job ahead of Arsenal v Brighton?

    1. Mudassir

      @IstJamaicanarsenal, there’s nothing like been pathetic here, it is just that we are tired of keeping too much faith in the future uncertian wenger plans, nobody really hate jack in person we just tot it was right time to part ways, but wenger refused to let go, now that he’s getting back he’s also getting our support back. whats wrong with that. in some other teams they would let him go back then and resign him when he’s ready like the case of MATIC and LUKAKU vs MOURINHO.

  1. Simon

    What would be bad about playing Jack?

    Think he has a very real chance of breaking through to become a starter this season

    1. JJPawn

      Jack is not good enough for the speed of the EPL defense. Holds on to the ball too long, and then get hurt.

      Maybe, Jack is a man now, and that much tougher, but he is till vulnerable due his style of play.

      Maybe Jack could play on the wing opposite Sanchez? Jack’s ability to dribble might be useful after turning the corner (at the corner) and getting to the box before passing?

      Quadrado or Jack or Theo or Iwobi or….?

  2. bran99

    Our rivals are winning with so many goals, if, a big IF, we are in the title race, this could affect us big time at the end of the league. This Brighton guys should be our training lesson, give them a big pounding, we should punish these small team with a high margin, or else it’s 5th again or even 6th this season

  3. McLovin

    I think Wenger gets a bit scared if we are winning 2 or 3-0 tells our team to slow it down and contain. Thats why we never win matches as big as Spurs, City or United.

    I think the horrorshows against Anderlecht and Newcastle traumatized him.

  4. Mr pat

    Arsenal fans? We are truly on a different planet goals win matches all I’m interested is a win and that means 3 points anything elsewhere is a bonus

  5. Gooner4ever

    All I want is 3 straight point. I don’t care about the goal margin. We need to defend from 1st minute to the last minutes. ARSENAL all the way

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