The biggest transfer test for Arsenal will come this summer

The new transfer policy at Arsenal is that they will either negotiate a new contract with their players or sell them if they have two years left on their contracts and for at least one very high profile player that reality is coming down the line fast.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has just two years left on his contract and if Arsenal are true to their new policy then he will be sold if he does not agree to terms.

This is what managing director Vinai Venkatesham said

“When we are selling players we need to maximise the funds we get to reinvest in the team.

“We need to be really disciplined when we are dealing with senior players who are not towards the end of their careers.

“So that means we have to start making the difficult decisions when they have two years left on the contracts.

“We’re either going to renew those contracts or we’re going to be selling them.”

“We’re going to have to be brave in those decisions.

I am not sure it could be any clearer than that, it is worth repeating the key quote

“We’re either going to renew those contracts or we’re going to be selling them.”

Now, Aubameyang’s contract expires on the 30th June 2021 and by my calculations that means come the 1st July 2019, he will have just two years left.

We know that Real Madrid is interested in the 29-year-old Gabon international and his wages are not outrageous so there would definitely be interested parties, it is not like we cannot get top dollar for him, we can.

I seriously do not want Aubameyang sold but I do want the club to stick to their new transfer policy no matter what, even if it does mean selling our Golden Boot winner.

We simply have to be ruthless and I would be far more disappointed if the head honchos at the club go back on their word and show weakness.

Hopefully they can negatiate a good deal with Aubameyang that suits everyone, but if not, they adios, there is no other option if the club is to have a credible transfer policy.


  1. I agree. Losing Auba would be a massive blow, but the club MUST be ruthless from now on. I wouldn’t even say it is that ruthless making a decision on a player with 2 years left on their contract, it’s just sensible business. If Auba doesn’t agree a new contract this summer, and we sell him, I will actually be pleased. It means the new regime are not messing about, and that will send a message to the rest of the squad.

    1. Its only a massive blow if you don’t have someone lined up to come in who is going to take up the mantle.. this is how the conveyor belt of players work. Talented youngsters get an opportunity from the bench level but key players and positions should be covered by the next proper signing. This is what David Dein did very well during our peak period.

  2. Ruthless is fine as long as we improve. We need to be ruthless in buying, not just selling. I don’t see that happening

    We need Aubameyang. If we lose him there is no guarantee that we will replace him with someone of the same quality. We could replace him with a winger but again he would need to be of the same quality

    I hope he signs a new contract!

  3. can you please tell me who Arsenal can replace Auba with??? For how much?? And when was the last time we spend 100M on a player, because that is what you are looking at for his quality forward.
    keep him for the two years and give him his bonus plus an extra year in ’21

    1. Perfectly logical crispen, especially if you include what salary a£100 million player would be asking for.
      Unfortunately though, our club has lost so much in the transfer market (sanchez, ramsey etc) that it seems we have to make a stand at sometime.
      I guess if we were able to sell aba for that amount of money, it would, at least, show a profit for the club. ..kronkie!!!
      This is where the negotiating skills of our new team need to show their worth, because, in my opinion, if we let the likes of aba go, it would signal our intent to become a selling club and we would disappear from the top club rankings very quickly.
      interesting times ahead for UE and the players.

  4. I don’t think we should be worried about him leaving yet, he loves the club and wants to stay. So I reckon it’ll be easy agreeing to new terms. If Ozil is being paid that ridiculous amount for doing absolutely nothing then the we can also pay the Premier league top scorer something in that region.

    1. Just go pick up from your comment on the previous thread

      I said we shouldn’t sign players like Mustafi Xhaka and IwobI
      I know it’s hard to read what people are saying so I will explain

      That doesn’t mean iwobi was signed just that we shouldn’t see gun more like him

      Secondly if you think he’s a good players tell me how many games he’s been good in ?

    2. TMJW, expecting you to pick up on Th14 once again bringing Ozil into the debate…I will expect nothing less from you!!!

      John0711, its amazing how people comment on someone’s opinions, without actually reading what they have actually said…OR not reading the original article properly.

      1. Ken I think John0711 was referring to a previous article i.e. not a comment on this thread, where TH14 had lambasted Ozil (no surprise there!) and put forth Iwobi as a viable alternative.

        1. Gunnerjack, I did realise that my friend, it was TH14 I was having a go at, while agreeing with John0711.

          TMJW blasted me in a previous post regarding Ozil and I was wondering if and when he would do the same to TH14 bringing him up, although, as they think alike, I’m pretty sure the goalposts will have been moved once again to accomodate their lateral thinking of Ozil and Iwobi.

  5. are u kidding me?it take arsenal for ever to have clinical finisher as Auba n would take 100m or more to get his qualities n how do u think we can replaces him if sold?

  6. A contract is a biparty agreement and one cannot decide anything unilaterally…We sold many best players like Ashley Fabregas Nasri Van Persie Adabayor fearing losing them for nothing. How many did we replace? Was those money reinvested? Easy to sell…Not that easy to buy a player of that quality..If we sign a player for a certain period it is the responsibility of both parties to respect the contract. After the tenure if the club doesnt wish to extend the contract the player has no option. Similarly after the tenure if the player doesn’t wish to extend his contract what to do? .. If the club can sell the player …why not player breach the contract? Clubs want to sell the player for making profit at the expense of players ability.. Is it fair? Imagine you are employed in a company and u performed very well to promote their business…When the company tries to sell u to another company against your wish and fpr their profit what would be your reaction?.. You have all rights to work there until the end of contract..After that its left to both parties…So wiser option is not to give long term contracts for mediocre players.. Ozil didnt want Arsenal to sign him after his tenure and he was ready to go..It was clubs failure of not letting him go rather than spending huge salary…That amount was enough to find someone else in his place…Look at other clubs which perform well without an Ozil….We should have let him go and learned to live without him when he was not interested to continue …Signing him again is the mistake of club and not his…We utilised him well during his first contract period…So respect that at least….You can bash a player who purposefully idle himself…If his form has dipped its beyond his control..Its natural..When we are at 70s will we be able to perform like we were at 50s? Imagine your wife or children bashing you ‘Good for nothing..enough get out of this house’ This would be the players feeling. Not only Ozil..Cech too…please stop bashing players who were once hero to us….Atleast dont destroy their confidence till the cup final…

    1. If I am getting 350 grand a week for almost doing nothing, I will be thick skinned and take all the garbage. In today’s world, money matters! Unfortunately every article finally ends up in an Ozil vs Iwobi debate. Sad!This mid week we need all our heads to turn up, let us cheer them for the next 3 days. All the best to Emery and his merry men!!

      1. Bob Stevens, your last three sentences would have united the fanbase, but you have to go and spoil it with that little silly first sentence dig that ensures the subject you claim shouldn’t happen happens!!
        VERY SAD
        Never mind, let’s get behind UE and his boys and watch Ozil mesmerise the chelsea lads into submission, earning his reported £350 grand a week.

  7. With all the players going for nothing because of contract ending……Cech, Jenkinson etc`……this is a great chance with the saving of their wages to extend Ozils contract and give him a little bit extra !

      1. I put it on the next post aswell, Sue, but none of the Ozil blasphemers are biting ! hahahahaha

        1. May I interject here that I do not approve of people posting things to deliberately wind up other readers. It is called “trolling”. Please refrain in future…

          1. It`s called having a laugh GoonerP and I can never refrain from trying to have a laugh, I`m told it`s good for health ! 🙂

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