The Boss doesn’t want to talk about the title – He just wants Arsenal to keep winning and keep improving

Arsenal have been steadily closing the gap on the Top sides after our opening two defeats, but although the Gunners have now won an amazing 9 games in a row since the game at Stamford Bridge, Unai Emery does not want everyone to get carried away. When asked about our title chances, he said: “We lost the first two matches against Manchester City and Chelsea. When we are winning now, continuing in matches, we need to be in the same way.

“I think our mentality: calm, work, enjoy and enjoy working, together as one thing with our supporters like today. But improving individually, improving collectively and also finding our best performance in each match and the combinations with the players and the system also. Because, we need to continue improving and we can.”

And when he was asked what he liked most about the win at Fulham, he made it clear that he wants the whole squad to be on the same page, whether they start on the pitch or on the bench. He continued: “We spoke yesterday, the day before the match. We played Thursday and the time is very short, but we want it like that. We want not to stop thinking and winning in each match. The concentration is one thing that we need every time. When we are arriving at training or at the matches, to push a lot.

“I think today, not only the players in the first 11, but also in the bench. We won a lot of matches with the players, where they are starting in the match but they are playing 20, 25 or 30 minutes and helping us. Today is the same. The players, they are playing, like Aubameyang and Aaron Ramsey and Matteo, when they are in the side they are continuing helping us with their quality and continuing together in this way.”

Whatever Emery is doing with the players it is definitely working! Everyone is keen to impress and hungry to play. Let’s keep this winning run going on and…and on!

Onwards and Upwards!


  1. Break-on-through says:

    Iwobi is a fool for talking about title credentials after yesterdays game. Not even ten games into the season, and he thinks its a good idea to put extra pressure on the team. We’re trying to improve our mental toughness and then this child brings us back two steps by talking s**t the moment we get a bit of form/results going. Really annoyed me what he done, Auba and Emery have the right idea, Iwobi needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and let the manager do his thing one game at a time.

    1. John Wick says:

      Nobody even thinks Arsenal have a shot of top 4 let alone win the title so I doubt anyone is gonna take Alex Iwobi seriously he just needs to keep his head down shut his mouth and learn to score goals!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Iwobi needs to concentrate on continuing to improve his own game and contributing to team performances, rather than commenting on social media.

        1. gotanidea says:


          Iwobi, Bellerin and the other young players do what the young people usually do, showing off or trying to gather more followers by doing controversial things

    2. Olumighty says:

      Calling him a fool is insulting he’s just been carried away by the winning trend.

    3. RSH says:

      Trying to find what was wrong with his comments? He didn’t even mention the title. He essentially just said the players are enjoying their football and that his teammates are quality.

    4. Jay Oku says:

      It’s funny that as a fan and as a normal person,you take what the paper reported and used it to make an assumption and type a statement.

      Read the full interview and see if what was reported was what he said and how he said it.

      You need to get full details on any situation, whether in real normal everday living and especially from the click baiting media, before going off in a rant or a deregratory comment,which can be divisive.

    5. jon fox says:

      Nothing wrong with a young man having ambition. Far better than the opposite , surely? No sensible Gooner should seriously believe we have any title chance this season , despite Emery’s talents. We simply do not have the players or squad at title level. But do you honestly want our own players saying what I say? It is fine for me as a fan of whom no one bothers what I think, which is as it should be. But please, NEVER take ambition, .
      however far fetched most of us may deem it, away from young players(or older ones too). You are far too hard on a young player who has been here since a young boy and who is vastly improved this season.

  2. John Wick says:

    It seems the more we win the more we get criticised but that’s fine, I like how we’re going about our business, winning games no talk of winning titles etc = no drama no expectations! I heard Paul Merson on the debate downplaying our Ramsey’s goal against Fulham, saying that’s ok doing that against Fulham when they’re already winning but can they do that against the better teams like Liverpool and Man Utd.. Liverpool ok but Man utd ? Come on Merse get off the sauce Newcastle could have scored 6 at Old Trafford.. it’s obvious it’s irking pundits that we’re doing well, they’re hoping the wheels come off against Liverpool so they can say I told you so! Apparently we have absolutely no chance of beating them so if we do manage to put Liverpool to the sword I honestly cannot wait to hear their excuses, they’ll probably say it’s ok beaten the likes of Liverpool but can they beat the likes of Chelsea and City! According to that hobbit Bellamy he doesn’t like the Arsenal fan base he thinks we demand too much, doesn’t any big club? Then says you have to respect man utd the biggest club in the world in his opinion.. well he should listen to utd supporters have to be the biggest antagonistic self righteous arrogant people you’ll ever come across! On that topic did anyone see that big heavy guy with the red face crying his eyes out with joy at old Trafford on Saturday when utd won haha

  3. Innit says:

    but Emery seems to be good at doing whats necessary to win with the limited resources we have
    Im glad we have Emery
    He has already proven himself to be a better tactician then Wenger

    1. Innit says:

      By Silly I meant that it is Silly to talk about the Title after only less than a dozen matches in
      I’m not even thinking top 4
      I’m just enjoying WINING at the moment
      I don’t like to complain much when we are winning
      Its a mighty nice feeling to WIN

      1. st sass says:

        if it’s not for the title, then what are we playing for.

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Of course Arsenal winning run in all competitions must continue running unlimited that their position in the PL table to win the Title and the Titles of the 2 Cups competition of Carabao and Europa League they are playing in this season will be strengthened immensely.

    Let us hope all the Gunners who have gone to attend the Nationalism games during this interlude will return back to London Colney intact and resume training alongside their colleagues who they left behind at home training.

    Is the PLTitle win talks for Arsenal by us Gooners early into the season’s campaign too early? Well, it might be too early to start talking about it for Arsenal. But it is not out of place to be talking about if for Arsenal at this early stage of the season. Because Arsenal who by virtue of their being 4th in the table at this early stage in the season are in the Title race already. Hmmm.

  5. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Break-on-through I think you’re wrong to call him a fool, I bet you’re one of the folks who wanted him gone without giving him a chance under Emery, so any lil chance you get against him now you use it and resort back to calling him names..
    He’s still young, yes we should keep going this way, but there’s nothing wrong in a young player having some belief in his teammates and team.
    Maybe he should’ve avoided the question or gave a different answer but he’s no fool for saying we can challenge for the league.
    Right before the season started, I was among the few folks who insisted and kept saying Emery’s first season will be a success and that I see us ending in between 1st to 3rd position and winning the Europa. It doesn’t make me a fool does it? even though some of you saw me as one.
    Now Emery’s winning matches in all competitions with not just a certain squad but with the whole players in the team. It’s still a far call, but the positivity is there for all to see and the belief keeps growing. Ain’t no need calling the young man a fool for starting to believe in his team..
    Take a chill pill bro and tone down the anger

  6. ozziegunner says:

    Let Arsenal be the “quiet achievers”. Hopefully the squad can continue to improve under Unai Emery and beat Liverpool to cause Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher to cry in their beers.

  7. RSH says:

    Now that we’re getting media attention, and there is an international break and little to talk about, pundits are bigging us up. Thought we were doing great not attracting attention. But if you want to win stuff, you also have to be able to handle the pressure. I don’t think we will win the title this season. Our defense is still too shaky and we still have other issues we need to sort out. The three teams above us have a more complete squad, and better players. Doesn’t mean we can’t finish above one of them though. I think top 4 is very achievable and from the beginning that was the goal of the first season. Top 4 and a piece of silverware is a very accomplished first season and we build from there. Chelsea can win titles after changing managers because they always have players like Kante, Hazard, and a stable defense. We need more work on the squad and it’ll take more than one transfer window. Very positive start to Emery era and lets just keep at it

    1. Jaido says:

      Pls how does Chelsea has a complete squad than us, if you talk of liverpool and man city I can still agree with you. Moreover sometimes it’s not all about having a big squad that win you the titles, it’s the believe

  8. ozziegunner says:

    RSH, the defense has been improving in my opinion, even Mustafi played well against Fulham, Socrates is solid and adapting to the EPL and Holding is building on his early promise. Torreira starting makes Xhaka play better and Xhaka’s height and physical presence is being demonstrated without the dumb challenges. Against Fulham the defensive error came from the normally reliable Monreal, who should have reefed the ball into touch with only a few minutes to go before half time.
    The Arsenal players still need to improve their judgement in deciding when to play the ball out and when to just clear the danger area. The Arsenal goal keepers Cech and Leno are being called upon to make too many saves. Still a work in progress, but more clean sheets and a reduction in the saves made will be a good indicator of improvement.

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    many fans are suprised with our winning run….

    we had 2 quality finishers

    good midfielders

    defense strengthened

    no major contract distraction issue

    majority of the key players had a good rest in the summer

    apart from the big 5 teams…we should able to win most if not all of the teams outside the big 6

  10. Phil says:

    Who exactly are the Big 5?
    If you look at the Top posistions in the League the only Clubs that are considered BIG CLUBS are Arsenal Liverpool and Man Utd.The rest are NOT Big Clubs.
    Citeh are a Club that were playing in the FIRST DIVISION only a few seasons ago.Chelsea would have joined them if that Communist Gangster hadn’t laundered his latest robbery to save them.And 5pur5 will be there when they realise that’ it would have been better ground sharing with Leyton Orient than building a ground that looks like a Toilet Pan and will only be full when the BIG CLUBS play there.
    Just saying

  11. David Rusa says:

    It is still premature to talk about the title now. Only eight games have been played so far. So how can anyone honestly determine who will win the title? In the same vein, I wish to take exception to both Gary Neville and Alan Shearer who have ruled out Arsenal and Chelsea as title contenders. Unless someone is a prophet he cannot realistically rule out a team which is tied at the top with Man City and Liverpool like Chelsea, or one which is just two points off like Arsenal. Arsenal has not asked for anyone’s permission to start winning games in a row. Likewise words of some misguided fellows will not deter Arsenal from its new found winning mentality. If Leicester was able to crush everyone and take the title in 2016 why should some people think Arsenal can’t achieve such a feat? The oft quoted Arsenal frailties are now beginning to look more and more like a mirage! Even when Arsenal gets a clean sheet still the fragile defence is quoted as if that is something which the team cannot banish. Currently Arsenal has the second highest goals scored after Man City but the pundits will always quote the potency of Liverpool’s striking force or Spurs’ efficient forwards. If the nine game winning streak was by another team it would be on the lips of every pundit but because it is Arsenal nobody wants to talk about it. There is no harm in that. Perhaps by the time some people wake up from their slumber Arsenal will have reclaimed top spot! Nothing is ever impossible in life. Let the boys do the talking on the pitch.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      David, Neville and Shearer unfortunately as supposed experts, are doing what no professional should ever do in letting their prejudices affect their judgement. This early in the season, it is too difficult to predict the final positions given the closeness of the points table at the moment. Injuries to important players can derail any club’s run in the competition, even Manchester City or Liverpool.

  12. pires says:

    We obviously are ALL delighted.Wich is a good thing. BUT we must stay “calm”.And keep winning over a WHOLE season especially in big games.We used to reach this kind of form in previous seasons but we never sustained a real challenge for the title.Emry has to improve the defense as we are ,i think ,always going to score in the other end.

  13. geariod de burca says:

    anybody who talks about winning the title is an absolute moron. we have put together a nice little run indeed, but there are going to be a lot harder games coming along . title talk is putting the entire club under unneccessary pressure. players and fans should shut up until a tilt at the title becomes a reality, fools !!!.

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