The Brentford coach talks about Arsenal game “They are a massive club”

So Brentford are preparing to face Arsenal in their first ever Premier League match, and it will be a massive occasion for the players and the fans, who are finally allowed back into their new ground, the Brentford Community Stadium, which was only used for the first time a year ago and has not ever had the full capacity of around 17,000.

So it is going to be an amazing day I am sure, and Brentford will be keen to carry on their winning form at home, where they haven’t lost since March.

Their coach Thomas Frank has been talking on their official website about tomights game, and he said: “There are two simple targets for me. One is to win the next game which is on Friday against Arsenal. Two is to finish as high as possible. We want to be positive minded and attacking for as many minutes as possible in the Premier League. That is our aim.

“They are a massive club. They are one of the biggest clubs in England and in Europe. They are going through a transition; they want to be a top four club again. They have done the right thing in appointing a very promising manager in Mikel Arteta. They are trying to build a new team and a new culture; that takes time. Every manager and team needs to win games but I am convinced that they can create something exciting and new in the future.

“We need the fans. I expect two things from Friday night; my players will run themselves into the ground and the fans will be right behind us through every minute. This is the kick-off to a new world where we have never been before. We are just excited and looking forward to playing against a good side.

It is also going to be a massive game for Arsenal and Arteta, with three points a must ahead of our next two daunting fixtures. We need to win, and we need to win well….


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  1. VasC says:

    If we think that only the next two games after Brentford are daunting, we need a reality check. Because, history is against us, when it comes to our clash against Brentford too. Our head-to-head record in all competitions reads, played – 11, draws – 4, we won – 3 and Brentford won – 4. Like they say, there’s no easy fixture in the EPL. Hope we have something to cheer about at the final whistle in the season opener against Brentford. COYG!!!

  2. Eddie says:

    “We need the fans. I expect two things from Friday night; my players will run themselves into the ground and the fans will be right behind us through every minute. ”

    Can’t say the same for our fanbase who before the season even kicks off, are already out in full flight against the boys and their manager

    1. Mrcool says:

      This is because our fanbase are realist. They are not zombies. They love to say things the way they are..

      Do you expect our fanbase to start hoping for a top 4 finish when the MA and Edu are messing not showing any seriousness in the transfer market?

      With MA in charge and with Xhaka and Elneny anchoring the midfield, our fanbase already know how the season will end even before it begins.

      1. AndersS says:

        I hope for a Top 4.
        I wouldn’t bet on it, but nor would i bet my life on it not happening. So why not hope and support?

        1. Eddie says:

          Anders exactly!!
          I have my doubts about this season too, but why not just support the team and build their morale instead of killing it?
          Will that action help the team?

      2. Jay says:

        If we arsenal fans are truly realists as some would like to claim as their reason for their ever pessimistic views and feelings, then being realists also should be accepting that the players we have are the players at the managers disposal for whatever reason & would be the players to represent the club. So Let’s just get behind the team on match day to push them till the final whistle for every game. Over criticism only makes players to struggle to give their best mentally and probably physically too. If the team is having a bad day, what the support from the stand does is to give them that extra lift to put in the extra effort and fight which makes the difference. Once the transfer window closes, the reality of our squad would be the players registered for the season, we must support them to play better, that is the only way our joy would be full. Let’s lift the gloom and have a very positive and enjoyable season. CoyG !!!

    2. DaJuhi says:


      its not like all these Arsenal fans have waited patiently for 15 years for challenging for another title..

      Its not like they’ve been charged the highest prices in Europe while constantly being promised to compete with the best in the world..

      Its not like these Arsenal fans haven’t watched them play, supported the club and players, players who have been sold to rival clubs who then went on to win titles while we still reminisce of how good the times were late 90s and early 00s..

      I count every single person I see on Arsenal fan pages as a fan, actually a true fan. Don’t really care how much they moan or not, because they are STILL AROUND. They didn’t jump ship to Chelsea or Man City bandwagon when the oil money started flowing.

      Nothing will change unless your voice is heard. Supporting blindly without question will quickly lead to the way of Leeds. I can support Arsenal in Championship too, but I would much prefer to complain NOW of the current state of club than complain about it while we’re relegated.

      1. Eddie says:

        We’ve had all summer to make our concerns heard. We’ve done that.
        Nobody’s saying we’ve been doing great, but today is our first game for the new season and you’d rather bring all of those moanings and complaints into our opening game instead of supporting the club you love for the new season?
        Why don’t you guys understand that there are times to complain and critique while there are times nothing but your support will be needed?

      2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

        Bravo DaJuhi!!! why would anyone want to silence such a well-reasoned and considered opinion

  3. Crowther says:

    Can’t wait for a draw of 1-1 tonight

  4. Sylva says:

    Arsenal will win the game mark my word.

  5. salisu principal says:

    Up arsenal

  6. salisu principal says:

    Arsenal are sometimes annoying, look at what David Luis was saying that he part ways with arsenal because he just needs win win win,whereas they arsenal are in long time project,so they are not desperate to win because of their project any way UP GUNNERS

  7. gunnerforlife says:

    The Brenford manager seems to know exactly what he wants from his players, his plans and tactics, not sure the same is true with MA. Still as a true and loyal gunner, 3-0 to the Arsenal, hoping for positive forward looking football.

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