The Brutal Truth about Arsenal’s Reserves

Did You all see Bayern’s bench or was I dreaming? Assessing Arsenal’s reserves‏ By Galen

After seeing our starting XI and looking at Bayern’s bench, I expected Arsenal to lose the game. I have finally come to the conclusion that we are good football side but not a great team. Barcelona had a transfer ban but still went out and got 2 quality players in Arda Turan and Alex Vidal. Bayern had King Vidal and Robben on the bench. Was I the only one that was looking at their bench? We get too emotional at Arsenal and that is slowing us down. How many years did it take Wenger to buy a top goalkeeper? We had to deal with the likes of Almunia for years.

Do you remember Wenger saying: “What will happen to Denilson if we buy Xabi Alonso”? Well well, where is Denilson now? If Sanchez or Ozil gets injured now, the season is officially over in November. That alone is very scary.

Our best team so far is:






Lets look at our squad Players.

Giroud. He is a good squad player. there are not many strikers in the world better than him at the moment. I would rather have him than have Rooney or Costa for example. I know we want an Aguero or a Suarez? But where do you buy this type of players from? How much??? £100million????

Jack Wilshere. I am so sad when I think of him. this is a guy who doesn’t play for 4 months and he returns and he is the best or one of the best players on the pitch. I will say we keep him and pray he gets well and fit as soon as possible.

Arteta and Flamini. They are not just injury prone but have passed it and its time to go.

Debuchy. I never knew I would ever say this, but he is so poor he makes me miss Carl Jenkinson. I will take him to the airport if he wants to go. I will pay his taxi too.

Gibbs. He has had chances upon chances, but never seems to take his chance. its 50/50 for him

Ox. he is so frustrating to watch especially because he got so much quality. His injuries always seem to come just when he is needed.

Per. Without Koscielny he is rubbish. I need no convincing. When Germany benched him they won the World Cup. Yes he is a leader, and he is very vocal, but he is so slow it affects the entire team. I think he should go as well.

Rosicky. Why did we even keep him? He wanted to go and we should have respected him. he is almost at the end of his career and we should let him go enjoy himself somewhere else. Top man.

Welbeck. I hope he proves me wrong. but he is just an average striker – very average. He has never scored 8 goals in a season has he? Pinning your hopes on Welbeck is like planting corn in the desert.

Chambers. He is a waste of money, truth be told. £16 million for Chambers. God help us. For the first time we were robbed. What is he? He is a poor RB, a poor midfielder and a poor CB. He should go on loan or something.

Campbell. He has got potential, but we need more. I feel like we should sell him. He is good player for a team like Swansea and Spurs.

What we need in the January Transfer Window.

1) Sell Debuchy and recall Jenkinson.
2) Buy a DM as quickly as possible. Krychowiak of Sevilla is top quality and at a £21 million release clause we should buy him as quickly as possible.
3) Buy a striker. Nolito, Vietto, Vardy, Higuain or Icardi. Walcott is always injured and sooner or later Giroud will get tired. Welbeck is just like planting corn in the desert .
4) Loan Chambers and get us another CB. If Koscielny gets one of his lengthy injuries, then its goodbye to the title. Jokes apart, I am quicker than Per.

Don’t tell me we don’t need a CB, DM and striker. Clubs with ambition buy players they need. Even if they have to sit on the bench then no problem. We cannot win trophies with just 11 players. We have the money. Lets spend it.

For the first time in my life I am happy that there is an international break. If we can even get a few players back then it will be awesome. God knows we need them.

Have a great weekend and good luck vs Spurs.

By Galen Sona

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  1. Get Vardy. Not because he scores but because of the workd rate. After Sanchez, there’s no one in EPL with the same work rate. This guy is a beast. Not sure though Wenger will like his style though.

    1. I have said Vardy and we should look to the lower div for strong defenders as well. We will always struggle with the squad we have as A apart from Giriud Gazola Sanches Ozil Coquelin Monreal the others you get 50% or less games. We have to many Puppies and not enough Dogs CB

    2. Vardy has a dam good shot on him too. He doesn’t waste to many chances.
      100% agree with the DM and Per.

  2. Haha i like the cut of ur jib galen.
    Good post.

    No doubt the guardians of the justarsenal galaxy will say ur full of bs.

    But its ok galen . I will keep u safe , my wingspan is large an feathery , like a pigeon on growth hormone.
    Hush now galen, its gona be jusss fine

    1. Anyone who says so has some mental delusions. The only thing I disagree with is Chambers, he’s still young and we’re converting him into CB so it will take time for him to come good. Other than that everything the author says is correct, could you imagine Arteta or Flamini facing Barca or Real, the thrashing we got made it clear we’re not ready to challenge for the CL

      1. Guess I have issues cause this Galen guy literally has no clue what he’s talking about. “When Germany benched him they won the World Cup” please don’t go into the field of science your brain clearly is a little off. We have the deepest squad in England our only problems is injuries. I would like a DM but use your small brain is wenger gonna pay £25m+ for a player who just signed a new contract?

  3. Nice Article Galen ?

    Vardy is a good and realistic option for a January buy and only valued at £15mil.
    Krychowiak is keen to come to Arsenal,
    But I doubt that wenger will be signing any of these,
    He will probably be looking to loan in one or two at the most.
    And we will hear the usual remarks of returning injured player’s being like new signings!

  4. Off topic but when watching the Bayern game I noticed how much Coquelin has imporved, and I dont mean his qualities as a pure DM, that was there ever since he came back into the squad less than a year ago, but I am talking about his technical qualities. In recent weeks I seen his passing improve massively and he now got the highest of any dm in the leauge (92 i think). He can ping passes from left to right, he isnt just relying on Cazorla which is great to see. But what impressed me the most is how technical he got in recent times, especially in the Bayern game the way he dribbles past players with a ball control like Santi is beautiful to watch. He really is improving every game and is definetly one of our most important player.

    Now we just need to beat spurs and put them back in their places. COYG!

  5. This is the stupidest piece of writing ive seen.
    you look at benches really.Where are you from?
    I would like to correct you on some things.

    youve got them completely wrong mate
    welbeck to begin with is the best england striker
    he is a winger and very energetic
    he can very useful in some circumstances you saw how he performed against tottenham and monaco
    We all have mixed opinions of him.Some say he is a great talent some dont
    He performed extremely well during pre season and has also produced some eye catching performances in an arsenal shirt
    benching might make him rusty abit but talent cant be denied

    mertesacker. A world cup winner
    second best player during 2012/2013 season the rest is for you to judge

    debuchy. he is a french international and played really well before injury

    to sum it up.youve suggested that we buy nolito higuain icardi
    that shows you even have a much lower ambitiin than the manager

    1. This tool has never heard of nolitio vardy or icardi until he read about them in the daily Mail. This is such a terrible piece of writing with no thought or depth. Our squad is excellent I think we do need a DM and Id love Reus in the summer he should be our main target.

  6. Galen you and I don’t usually see eye to eye, but in this case we almost agree. I think what’s tough for Arsenal is that Arsene has amassed a bunch of players that if fit/healthy would result in a very strong team, but instead because they’re oft injured, we’re always on the brink of well let’s just hang on and hope they come good v. let’s just get rid of them Mourinho style and get new people. I’m thinking of Theo, Jack, Ox, Welbz, Gibbs…..Ramsey (who has yet to remotely replicate his form of two years ago). Unfortunately, these guys are always hurt right when we need them.

    I think Per still serves a purpose, but only in certain set ups. He was great against bayern at home (we held a low line), and should be fine against mid table English teams. But when we need a high line, or Koscielny isn’t there, then I agree, ever since Germany dropped him he hasn’t been the same.

    For me, Tomas absolutely still has a role to play. Get him fit and watch him shine and combine with Mesut and Santi.

    Arteta, Flamini, Debuchy, Campbell (who I used to love and want to see get a genuine chance, but he’s proven he’s not consistently at the level) need to go. Chambers, who hasn’t consistently displayed that he will be arsenal class, out on loan.

    In — Jenkinson, Wellington Silva, Gnabry, New DM, New CB, new forward. Hard to get someone like Kyrchowiak from Sevilla, as he will want to play just as much as LeCoq. I’d imagine that’s why we didn’t Schneiderlin.

    1. Where’s the harm in playing with two DM’s at once,
      Especially against the big boys!
      That will allow Cazorla to play in his favorite position,
      Where he used to chip in with the goals,
      And that would also help towards resting and rotations!
      With the rest of our midfielder’s.

  7. First of all, nice post Galen.

    OT: Do you know the difference between me and someone like ‘The Analyzer’? The difference is that…when Arsenal performs well, I praise them…but I also balance it out by pointing out what we’re doing wrong, or what we need to improve. And I’m not scared of doing it even if I get thumbed down by everyone. However, ‘The Analyzer’ seems to criticise anyone that has a contrary opinion to Wenger’s…and takes everything hook line and sinker.

    The reason I really appreciate Galen’s write up is that he’s not scared of criticising what’s wrong. Wenger still remains the best Manager Arsenal will ever have (and for a long time)…however, he’s started to tarnish that record. I really hopes he leads Arsenal to lift this BPL, then retire in peace…So that he’ll be remembered with a victory (Like Sir Alex).

    If we don’t get ruthless in the transfer window, we’ll continue to get battered at least once every UCL year. It’s been happening now for 3 or 4 years. And anyone who doesn’t see that (The Analyzer) might not be an Arsenal fan.


  8. Arsenal to compete at high level we need three starters and one backup and we are ready to go

    World class striker (the only one that i see we could get is higuain)

    RW i hope we bought pedro before chelsea he would really have suited our style

    CB with all respect to gabriel i don’t see him ready to make the 2nd CB spot his own there are better CBs out there and mert is inconsistent

    And a backup for our coq

    Sell debuchy and campell for few millions
    Get back jenko and we are ready to go

  9. Very embarrassing that i didn’t read the article before i write my comment because it tells all what i’m saying and even more lol

  10. First of all, I would not read anything into the Bayern game as they are head and shoulders above everyone right now. Maybe you shouldn’t compare our bench to Bayern’s if you were so taken aback by the brilliance of it.

    Chambers is only a youngster, we have many examples of Arsene giving the time were it worked out in the end ..many more than Almunia and Denilson. Impossible to get it right every time but we won’t find out until they are giving the time like how Ramsey and Coquelin were. People who make such statements as in above article forget too easily what side their bread is buttered on. Gibbs, you will be hard pressed to find a better second choice full back than Kirean Gibbs. I would also say that having a French first teamer as second or third choice full back hardly sounds like a mistake. You want to get rid of before even the lad has had one prolonged run of games and then promote our third choice ..has it not sunk in that we own the three of them so before you start raving about your standards and who will never live up to them just leave the clever stuff with our manager to decide and then you can just clap sing and dance when we win or vice versa when we lose.

    1. Gibbs would have been slaughtered if he played in for Monreal against Bayan,he is the only full back that when received a ball he plays it back not forward He gets forward but his defending is woefull,now he is a player that needs loaning and Arsenal getting in a left back to cover Monreal Again look to a lower Div. CB

  11. @Galen
    You want to get rid of every one except the most injury prone player this side of Diaby…Jack wheelchair…Lmfao

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