‘The buck stops with him’ Arteta needs time but is responsible for results states former Gunner

Liam Brady admits that Arsenal would have won many more games if not for the stupid errors that they keep committing.

The Gunners have had a tough season despite winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield last year.

Brady says making Mikel Arteta their latest manager was risky, however, the Spaniard has done a good job and only a few grave errors from his players have stopped them from being in a better position.

However, he adds that at the end of the day, the buck stops with Arteta and he would be responsible for their poor performances.

Brady says he gets worried about how things are turning out at the Emirates, but he also knows that the club is working with a plan and they aren’t looking to buy success like Manchester City and Chelsea.

‘I see every Arsenal match and would be there but for the restriction on crowds during the pandemic’ says Brady via Mail Sport.

‘The appointment of Mikel Arteta was risky but so far he has done very well, winning the FA Cup last year too. He deserves support considering what he took over.

‘I think they could easily have won so many more matches this season but for idiotic errors. The buck stops with him if he can’t get the players to do what he wants them to do.

‘I have my worries and frustrations. I know there is no quick fix because the club is run as a sustainable business and that plan does not include buying a route into the top four like Manchester City and Chelsea.’

Arteta’s team has a few more games to salvage their season and winning the Europa League would be the perfect end to this difficult campaign.

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  1. I don’t understand when you say Arteta has done very well. What exactly has he done so well? Trying to chase most of youngsters (Maitland-Niles, Seliba, Nelson, Gouendouzi, Willock, and Martinelli). I’m very much disappointed with Arteta

  2. Well @Armoury you are very wrong but also very correct. Arteta did a fantastic job when taking over from Emery when he did and was the sole reason we put together some decent performances which resulted in winning the FA Cup. He tightened us up at the back, had players playing to there strengths and I thought our team started showing resilience and spirit.
    There can be no mistaking the bad performances. A very tame defeat in the NLD, and surrendering to a Villa side that was all but down. But most gave Arteta a lot of credit for what he achieved and we all looked forward to getting ourselves going forward this season.
    Then that’s where we started going backwards. A simple but expected win at Fulham then back to normal from there onwards. @Durand stated a very good point just recently that Arteta brought in SEVEN players to the Club that were an improvement to what he inherited. Add ESR and we should have been looking to challenge for the Top 4 not Top 6. But where are we now?No domestic cup runs, and a EL win the only hope of salvaging something from this season.
    In my mind we have gone backwards to when Arteta took over, with a much improved squad of players. Lose today and he should be held accountable. Arsenal should NEVER accept losing a NLD no matter what the state of our club is.

  3. Sensible words from LB who knows more about football than any fan who has never played or been involved in the professional game.Respect is something that has to be earned, and unlike some regulars on this site, he certainly has mine.

  4. Willian,Xhaka,Luiz should not start this NLD. Willian don’t track back and he marks the space giving Tierney a hard time not like when Tierney plays with saka or pepe at wings. Luiz is slow and he don’t make police marking like Holding does. Xhaka is lazy and Tote move ball quickly at midfield so expect a card for him. My line up…Leno, Cedric, Holding, Pablo, Tierney, Elneny, Partey, Rowe, Pepe, Saka, Lacazette….bring Auba, for Pepe, Odegaard for Rowe and Xhaka for Partey. This will win. Why do I choose pablo ahead of gabriel? Because pablo reads the game well. Willian should be a sub in this current arsenal team. Pepe is better and developing well he recovers the ball Willian don’t. Bellerin has been on n off the game ..only back passes. Xhaka’s vision is the problem arteta doesn’t see in him. That’s why midfield is blurred when he plays. He doesn’t make runs forward. He plays zero grazing neither do he shoot when he’s at right position..see how willock and Niles are playing, flowing football not like xhaka with commas all the time.

  5. Luiz, Xhaka & Leno are the ones who need replaced by actual players who can play the way Mikel wants without the errors of these 3 on a continuous basis.

    Individual errors have cost us so much this season! Cabellos near did it again midweek in Eurpoa league like last season v Olympiakos.

    We are worse off tbh and that all comes down the manager getting his players ready to go and play the way he wants but something isnt working.

  6. I agree with you cz when Tierney was missing we gave away stupid points due Arteta mistakes, y cant u put xhaka on the left and let elneny n partey play together? Cedric is not a natural left footer putting him there costed us

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