The Bundesliga receives government go ahead – Imminent restart to season

So, The German government put off making a decision on whether to restart the Bundesliga last week, but they have now reconvened and Angela Merkel has decided to give the German Football League the go ahead to play behind closed doors. “The decision on the Bundesliga was unanimous,” said the mayor of Hamburg, Peter Tschentscher.

Christian Seifert, MD of the German Football League said in the Guardian, “Today’s decision is good news for the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga. It is associated with a great responsibility for the clubs and their employees to implement the medical and organisational requirements in a disciplined manner.

“Ghost games are not an ideal solution for anyone. In a crisis threatening the very existence of some clubs, however, it is the only way to keep the leagues in their current form. On this day, I would like to thank the political decision-makers from the federal and state governments for their trust.”

The League is even discussing starting as early as next week, but not having any contact training for a couple of months it is more likely that it will be the weekend after on the 22nd. Frank Baumann, general manager of Werder Bremen said: “It will take time to get used to competitive football again, after a break of two months and restricted training,”

“We have only been able to train in groups of four players at a time up until now [because of regional restrictions, stricter in Bremen than some other areas] and to start before May 22 or 23 would be a real disadvantage for us.”

But it certainly seems that it is definitely going to restart, and very soon too. As they are the first big League to do so in Europe, the rest of the Big Leagues will be following it closely to see what the pitfalls are, if any.

You can be sure though that if it is a success, the Premier League will be not far behind them…


  1. Great news.
    The UK is probably 4 weeks behind the Germans so a 20th of June start looks possible.
    The Premier league will have a month to learn from the Bundesliga.
    Will Arsenals first game be v Man City.
    Will the FA Cup still be played?
    What about European football.
    As long as we finish the league I will be happy.

  2. As of yesterday Covid deaths in Germany 7,275 in UK 30,076 ..Is this really “greatnews” Stevo? Thankfully decisions as to when football resumes will be taken by our Government and not the Football authorities where greed and self interest prevails.On this occasion I hope we follow the examples of France, Holland and Belgium where the deaths are the highest in the World per head of population.

    1. Naive fans are jumping the gun based on little more than Raabs silly comment that he would like football started again soon. Yes, there is indeed a selfish, “care nothing for society” mass movement to restart football in June, hardly surprisingly. But when sober minds prevail, as they will, I STILL MAINTAIN THERE WILL BE NO RESUMPTION OF OUR Prem this summer.

      IF BY ANY CHANCE I AM PROVEN WRONG, then I will be finished with top level football, as I cannot nor ever will condone anti society decisions. It will be the end for me as a Gooner and Prem follower and I will never watch nor even support Arsenal ever again. I care nothing about being out of step with other fans but I CARE PASSIONATELY about doing what is right.

  3. Germany have handled everything different to everyone else and have kept the virus under control, something we haven’t manage anywhere near as well. I cant see it being beneficial to anyone really, i saw a tennis match played behind closed doors the other day in Germany with no croud and it was dire and boring. I really dont see a game of football played under conditions of no crowd, no atmosphere, no excitement and in an environment of people still dying of the virus around us being worthwhile. Good luck to the Germans, i hope nobody dies through their experiment but ultimately they are in a far better place than we are. I know it is different times but watching sterile football played with no real meaning is not something im looking forward too. I also think we are a long way off where Germany is as far as controlling the death toll of this virus. Any spike Germany gets from their resumption of activities form the lockdown will be far far greater with UK.

    1. Reggie
      There will be bags of atmosphere when football resumes! We will all have our cheer or jeer app to create the desired excitement we shall all feel. Will the designers have ‘Kroenke Out!’ on the app as well?

      1. Sue, i just cant see the point, its all not football and ultimately not necessary. There is desperate and there is DESPERATE!
        Next thing we will be saying, no relegation or promotion, errrr! That really would add to the non excitement.

        1. Reggie
          I was only trying to be humorous hence my Kroenke reference.

          I am not keen for football to resume too soon especially as so many are ill and dying. With a husband now having to be shielded along with millions more then our normal isn’t great.

          At some point though, society will have to take steps to return and football and other sports will no doubt be a welcome relief for many whether in front of a crowd or not.

    2. Reggie, Personally I wouldn;t regard almost 8000 deaths as even remotely under control. BUT I UNDERSTAND YOUR POINT ALL THE SAME.

      1. I am a bit confused to be honest,not so long ago, Pl football players were made scapegoats now the people, politicians..want them to return as soon as possible?we are talking about human beings with families,children like the rest of us, wouldn’t it be nice to ask them what they think?and no I don’t want to hear about how much money they earn!

        1. When you say the rest of us do you mean the rest of us that are making huge sacrifices? Do you mean the one million frontline workers separated from their families in order to keep them safe while they earn £10 per hour? If there is one thing these pampered footballers are not, it is like the rest of us.

          1. Admin Martin
            That was said with a high degree of feeling
            Along with our neighbours we will be outside at 8 showing our respect for the NHS and the social care workers-as well as others who are working for our common good

            1. Yes, my family and I, what is left of it here, also clap every Thursday night. The least we can all do in honour of the true heroes in our society.

          2. Admin Martin have I missed something ?have i touched a nerve? don’t get me wrong the NHS staff deserves our respect but in your millions front line workers,does that include bus drivers, people who collect your bins,cops,cashier’s….??please let me know!

          3. I have in fact missed something,sorry I didn’t know,I just read it,once again my apology and best wishes to you and your family.

    3. Nice one, Reggie 👍
      I watched Juve v Inter back in March and it was so weird..almost like watching a training session!!
      Dortmund v Schalke it is then…. I never expected it to be back so soon! But it is, and like you, I hope all involved will be ok…

        1. REGGIE, IF THIS EVIL CONSPIRACY ACTUALLY GOES AHEAD, IN DEFIANCE OF ALL HUMAN NEED AND DECENCY, then I confidently predict that many more will do as I will do in that eventuality and give up following top level football. I cannot just stand idly by while this evil so called plan continues to defy all humanity. Prem football is irredeemably sick and anti human. I STILL THINK IT CANNOT POSSIBLY HAPPEN, when it dawns on certain fools what it would entail. To actually even want to resume football when hundreds are still dying daily reeks of the philosophy of Hitler, Stalin and the worst monsters in human history. I will have nothing to do with a game that allows this, IF IT SHOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

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