The case for Arsenal selling Theo Walcott to a top foreign club!

Many Arsenal fans think that Theo Walcott is a ‘one-trick wonder’ despite his excellent scoring record for the Gunners. Since coming back from a year-long injury Theo has struggled to even get some first team action and faces more competition from within the squad than before, which is also putting his England place at risk.

But now we have the uncertainty of contract talks, which don’t seem to be progressing at all, and most Gooners don’t seem too unhappy about the prospect of him leaving. Liverpool are the team most often quoted as a likely destination for the winger, but perhaps we should consider selling him to a top foreign club, as they seem to have a great opinion of Theo.

England face Italy in a friendly, and their defender Giorgio Chiellini has some great praise for he Arsenal man. He said: : “I am always a fan of Walcott, a quick sprinter and terrifying for defenders. England notice his absence. For the world of football, it is positive that Walcott recuperates totally to his top level.”

Even the great Lionel Messi admitted that Barcelona were scared of Theo a few years ago after Barca played Arsenal in the Champions League. “I can only speak from experience but he was one of the most dangerous players I have ever played against,” said Messi. “Barcelona players are not scared easily but I can tell you that when we played Arsenal last season he truly worried us.”

“When we were playing Arsenal at the Emirates we were so in control of the game at 2-0, with all respect Arsenal were not even in the game,”

“Then Theo came on and changed the game. He pretty much single-handedly salvaged a draw that night.”

Then we have Pep Guardiola, who is now at Bayern Munich but was with Barcelona at the time. He famously said about Walcott: ‘You would need a pistol to stop him.’

This tells me that his reputation beyond these shores is much greater than at home, so perhaps Arsenal could get a much better price for Walcott abroad. And then we wouldn’t have the danger of of him coming back to haunt us in the near future!

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  1. I like theo’s pace, we should keep him, but if he isn’t happy then sell him…. But no foreign clubs have confirmed they want him! He may join our rivals and come back to haunt us…

  2. I say, just pay him that extra 10,000 per week ! That’s peanut to Arsenal !

    After all, what can be worse than what Asene has done before :
    –paid Park $65,000 per week to play 3 games in 3 years
    –paid Diaby $65,000 per week to lie on the medical table for 3 years
    –paid Squid $65,000 per week to sit at home and use Colney training facilities for free for 3 years.

    If Theo is paid $100,000 and can bring in at least 10 over goals per season that can win us 3-4 more games , that could be the difference we need to get that EPL trophy !

    1. He is a class player and far better then Danny. You no you need a face for football even if yr not playing well and TW looks so upset and sad at the mo. AW treats players like shit theses days. TW go get a brace Tuesday mate and show out FRENCH over paid manger what he is doing. AS DW could do with a rest so play TW and see us piss Liverpool

    2. When welbeck is earning 105,000 (for running around)
      then Theo DEFINITELY deserves 100k at the very least

      SIGN HIM UP!!!

  3. we shouldn’t sell Theo. Honestly, everything is just media rumours anyways. Lets be patient and hope Walcott signs. As for his 100k per week offer that he supposedly wants, I still think the club should refuse it. Pay rises have to be earned and Arsenal are no longer in a desperate position where they have to bow down to player power. Theo’s a good player but why should he be one of the highest paid on the squad when others have done much more than him? Sets a bad example and precedent.

  4. Loyalty is what matters so if he can’t recall the faith Arsenal has had in him sell him.It’s not like we are selling Messi!And coming back to haunt us?Hell no!

  5. Keep Walcott, he CAN be world class, but don’t give him a pay rise, it would be ridiculous. He has played 20 matches in the last 2 years. He is being payed 90k to sit on the treatment table.

  6. Give him a pay raise based on performance. Current wages plus 8% per goal or assist. It protects the club, while giving him the ability to earn his bonuses with his on pitch performances. All parties win.

  7. No pay rise, walcott needs to earn it, u earn what ur paid, we arsenal fans need to be paid by ur goals n then the management pays u for what ur doing for the team

  8. Sell him if he won’t suffer earning £100K a week!

    On his day (RARE) he is brilliant but that
    Hasn’t happened in all his time at AFC (even considering injuries).

    One in, one out. Business as usual..

  9. Theo’s first three or four seasons at arsenal were quite disappointing saw glimpses of what he was capable of but always seemed to struggle then I think he stepped his game up and had a couple of better seasons 2012-13 season he was brilliant 21 goals off the wing had a really great season 2013-14 started the season strong but wasn’t getting the goals he got the previous seasons had a bit of an injury then looked better than ever for a short period before his injury. He really upped his work rate and was tracking back working really hard for the team. I remember the FA cup game where he got injured he was all over the pitch.

    It takes time to get back from a serious injury he was out for over a year he’s going to be rusty after that amount of time plus we’ve had plenty of players to choose from in attacking positions. Him not playing much at the moment doesn’t seem like a big deal mostly media trying to create a situation. He’s looked good when he came back room for improvement but what do you expect he’s rusty. Great player I hope he stays & I think he will give him time and people will be loving him again. Everyone loves to write players off far too quickly.

  10. Someone to let me know what is bad to Walcolt’s game? when we played against Monaco in the 2nd leg, the team played with what you call players better than Walcolt in more than 70 minutes and created only four goal scoring chances but after his introduction he created a chance in just 1 minutes and another chance followed after just six minutes which resulted to Ramsey’s goal. Can someone trackback and see how many chances the team creates when plays with and without Walcot?. Yo forget that players like Sanchez and Ox they are very good with the ball but too much dribbles unlike Walcot who can position himself in danger areas with his pass he is always in the neck of the opposition defenders. For me he is still one of our most dangerous players not only to have in our team but to be granted with the first lineup. Defending which is the main outlined weakness of Theo which is not true provided he can drag back the oppositions to their own goal and that is positive for me.

    1. are you kidding, Sanchez is way more dangerous than Theo. And lets not act like we were crying out for Walcott when he was gone for a season, we did pretty okay without him. Walcott offers something a lot different from our others players, which is his directness, and thats why I like him and think we should keep him, but he’s not our most dangerous player.

      1. Werent crying out… but we were the season before and even thought he could of tipped title in our favor.

    2. he did f’ck all that game. the attack came from the left side only and that s bc theo doesn’t get involved in build up enough.

  11. walcott should be given the same as he is currently on (around 90k) but we should give him higher bonuses give him the incentive to try and get back up the pecking order

  12. 2012-2013 was excellent season for Theo. He played brilliantly

    Last two seasons were bad because of injuries. So he couldn’t show his class

    I like him a lot. I want him to stay. He has pace and good finisher when on form.

    However, if he wants too much money or he wants to leave then it’s part of football. We will need to find a top replacement

    Reus can play LW, RW, CAM, CF, striker. He is an excellent player. It’s maybe also possible to part exchange with Dortmund.

    I want Walcott to stay, but I hope that if he does leave we get an even better forward and we don’t sell Walcott to our rivals.

    Lets hope Walcott signs a contract soon.

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