The big Champions League teams now expected to join Arsenal in the Europa

Even though Arsenal have qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa League, that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to play for this Thursday.

The Gunners need a point from their final two fixtures to guarantee they win their group.

As we were not in Europe 12 months ago some Gooners may not be aware of the changes UEFA have made to their secondary competition.

Group winners essentially skip a round, going straight to the last 16.

If there was ever a season where you want to avoid a further two games in your calendar, it would be one where a World Cup is bang in the middle of it, meaning you’re already facing a hectic schedule.

Not just that, runners up in the Europa’s opponents in the round of 32 would be one of the sides who drop out of the Champions League.

Sometime to win things you need luck that’s out of your hands.

We are unlucky that there are some big names who could be joining us in the knockout rounds.

With a game to go in the CL, who’s in danger of dropping out.

Perfect incentive to get the draw we need.

Fun fact ….

Out of the 12 Founding Members of the Super League, 5 will not be in the Champions League after Xmas.

That number could grow….

Group A – Ajax or Rangers

Rangers got to last year’s Europa League Final.

Yet for there to be any Scottish representation in Europe after Xmas they would have to beat Ajax at Ibrox by a 5-goal margin.

That’s because teams on joint points are separated by their head-to-head records.

Ajax won 4-0 when they met in Holland.

Group B – Atletico Madrid or B Leverkusen

Madrid would still be in Champions League contention had they scored their stoppage time pen on Wednesday.

That kept their opponents in Europe.

Madrid have won this tournament three times since 2010. Will be in it again if they better or match B Leverkusen’s result.

It’s not in the German’s hands but they do have home advantage on Match Day Six

Group C – Barcelona

For second year running one of the biggest names in the world failed to advance to the CL. knockout stages.

Unlucky to have been in same group as Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, meaning one of Europe’s giants were going to have to settle for a place in UEFA’s secondary competition.

Will be under massive pressure in Spain to win this trophy as a minimum requirement.

Group D – Spurs, Sporting, Frankfurt, Marseille.

Spurs thought they were in the knockout stages until VAR ruled out Kane’s late winner last night.

That means they need a draw in France to be sure of progress.

All 4 can still qualify.

Group E – AC Milan, Salzburg, Zagreb

The San Siro will see a straight shoot out for who advances to the next stage, with the visitors needing to win.

AC Milan win means Zagreb could steal third if they win against Chelsea.

Group F – S Donetsk, RB Leipzig

Their 1-1 draw on Tuesday means Celtic are knocked out of all European Football.

Donetsk will currently be in the Europa League but if they beat Leipzig the two will swap positions.

Group G – Sevilla

That’s three Spanish sides dropping out of the Champions League with only Real Madrid now flying the flag for Spain in UEFA’s premiere competition.

The most successful team in the history of the Europa/UEFA Cup, lifting it 6 times since 2006.

Group H – Juventus, Maccabi Haifa

Incredible how uncompetitive Juventus have been, with just 3 points, the same as Haifa.

Juve have to match or better Haifa’s result on Matchday 6.

Juve host PSG, Maccabi are home to Benfica.



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  1. I’m just worried about Barcelona because they have some of the best attackers in the world and Spuds because NLDs are always difficult

    That’s why Arsenal had better field their key players for all EPL games while they’re still in EL group phase

    Unfortunately, Marquinhos is sick, so Saka won’t be able to rest today. Hopefully Nwaneri can also play on the right wing

    1. You mean the 15 years old Nwaneri that’s got school tomorrow to travel to the Netherlands with the team?
      Also, I’ve read on a few places, fans suggesting Arteta using Nwaneri was a PR stunt.
      This is what happens when fans don’t think things through or use facts to back up claims.
      Nwaneri was only allowed to get with the first team and play because the following day, he wasn’t going to be at school, after the Queen passed on.
      Also, FFS fans need to just stop saying stuff, Europa League rules means you can’t play a 15 years old kid.
      So no, you won’t be seeing him anytime soon as long as he’s 15.
      With school and the European rule, I wonder how certain fans expected to see more of him

      1. Fabregas made his debut and played regularly at 16 in England before Brexit, so I thought Nwaneri would be allowed to play at an EL game

        1. It doesn’t work like that, besides you do realize “15” and “16” are not the same numbers right?

          “Those eligible must be born on or after 1 January 2001 and, since their 15th birthday, have been eligible to play for the club for any uninterrupted period of two years or a total of three consecutive years with a maximum of one loan period to a side from the same association for a period not longer than one year.

          Sixteen-year-olds can be registered if they have been at the club for the previous two years, without interruption.”

          Ethan Nwaneri does not qualify into any of that group of requirements.

          1. I didn’t know about that specific rule in EL for a fifteen-year old

            I played many Football Manager games before and I could field a fifteen-year old in UCL, so I thought it was also allowed in real world

  2. I am happy to welcome Barca and ath. Madrid they are nothing special my only concern is having an English team join especially one in North London managed by Conte to me if we can’t beat teams like Ajax,Barca, Athletico, Sevilla,jeventus that looks very beatable then we have no business winning Europa

  3. To be frank, I’m not worried about any of those teams. It’s not arrogance, but the truth is they’ve all been pissful poor.
    If we can’t relish the challenge of these poor teams right now, I wonder why we’re bothering to go participate in the UCL

      1. They’ve been playing better football than us?
        What is this, Dan?
        Liverpool is a better team than us at the moment is also what you’re saying?

        I said they’ve all been pissful poor so far, if you agree with that, then what makes them better than us at the moment?
        The fact they have squad depths? Better individual players? or what is it when they’re not performing as a team?
        You said all of them, that includes Juventus and Athletico Madrid. Barca, I might agree, but in what universe are the current Juventus, Athletico Madrid, Ajax, Marseille, and Spurs teams better than us?
        Do you see why people always say you are always negative and moaning about the team?

        1. I would say yes Barcelona have better players then us , last season finished 2nd in their division , we were 5th
          And this season are challenging at top of la Liga
          So only argument they are worse then us would be they failed in CL but that’s a level we have not been good enough to even reach
          Can you not see how arrogant that is that us Arsenal fans are calling Barcelona poor ?
          As for negative comment mate
          I agree I have been negative for years now
          But it does coincide with the worst period in decades
          Trust me we win title this year mate , I’ll be positive lol

          1. So, just like I said, our only agreement is Barcelona?
            Why’d you say they’re all better than us, cause TBH, ain’t no way the rest of those teams especially Juventus are better than us.

            1. My point is your putting nose up at teams who domestically been doing better then us
              It’s arrogant.
              Go up to a Juve , AC Milan , Athletico Madrid fan and say Arsenal are better they will point to our recent record of ,5th, 8th and 8th

      2. Please don’t underestimate the current Arsenal team. Also I’d like Arsenal to draw Juve at some stage so as to show Locatelli and Vlahovic what they missed when they rejected Arsenal for champions league football!

  4. I wouldn’t want Arsenal to play to a draw game in their Europa League march away to PSV tonight. And hang on to the draw in their group A as winners of the group before they play host to Zurich on the final day of the group stage matches.
    But I will want to see Arsenal win their tonight’s match against PSV to serve them as a booster to quickly return to their winning ways in all competitions once again this season.
    Their winning ways in all competitions which they lost at Southampton last week MUST Arsenal return to using their PSV match tonight as a template to do the returning to their winning ways tonight unfailingly.
    For, it will look as if Arsenal have gone mediocre unable to return to their winning ways quickly after losing it.
    But for Arsenal to quickly return to their winning ways in all competitions again starting at PSV tonight, i will want to offer Arteta my kindid advice to start the same Arsenal starting XI that he started against Southampton last week as a very strong Arsenal starts for PSV tonight.
    Arteta by so doing, I believe Arsenal will beat PSV tonight and quickly return to their winning ways.
    I know that some Gooners will point it out to say, what of Arsenal Epl home match against Nottingham Forest next Sunday? A match which Nott For’s spokesperson has vowed that Nott For will wreak a havoc to Arsenal in the match.
    But notwithstanding that empty vow boast. Though the Gunners are not robotic neither are they machines to not get fatigued or tired. But even then, being the professionals that they are, the Gunners advance of tiredness as an excuste for performing bellow per in matches for Arsenal moreso as they are only 15 games played in the season MUST stop immediately.
    As the saying goes that to whom much is given, much is expected of the Gunners as their returns for Arsenal in their match against PSV tonight and next Sunday in their Epl home match against Nott Forest. Two consecutive matches that they the Gunners MUST produce 2 wins for Arsenal unfailingly as their returns for the club.

  5. We only need a point from 2 matches, so why keep fielding the same players?

    Play backups today and sub in starters if needed.

    Sprinkle couple starters with majority backups, and sub out early as possible.

    If the backups are unfit to get the job done over 2 matches, doesn’t say a lot about the coaching staff.

    Lokogna has been here long enough where there should be some improvements in his game. Nketiah been here 5 years FFS, if not ready when will he ever be?

    If Holding and Cedric can’t handle this level competition, then why are they at the club?

    Coaches should be better at using the resources we have at the club.

    Our backups aren’t trash; wouldn’t want B team playing PL matches, but they have enough quality to get at least 1 point from 2 matches in Europa group stage.

    1. We just need a point today..
      Because currently we are having 12 points and PSV on 7
      If we get a draw today then we will maintain 5 points gap on PSV…
      Even if we loose against Zurich, still we will be group winner..
      However if we loose today then 5 points gap will be reduced to and just 1 game left..
      Which makes things difficult..
      In that case we will have beat Zurich on final day..
      Also if we loose today greater than 2 goal margin and subsequently just got a point in last match against Zurich and PSV manages to with their last match then they will be qualify as group winner…
      Many ifs and buts… still can’t risk today’s match

  6. Many of those teams will get knocked out by EL group runners-up before they’ve had the chance of meeting us.
    You watch and see.

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