The changes Arsenal MUST make for Everton clash

Following a tough night in Istanbul, Arsenal are left with no room for easing off when Slaven Bilic brings his Besiktas team to the Emirates on Wednesday night. Before then, however, Arsene Wenger has got a tricky trip to face Everton at Goodison Park to think about.

With the Frenchman already admitting that some of the players are not 100 percent, physically, he may well have to think about some of them not being able to start both of these next games, so here are my thoughts as to how the Gunners should line up on Saturday.

The Toffees may not have started well either, with a draw against promoted Leicester City, but they gave us a heavy beating at Goodison last season and we should expect a very tough test again. With Ramsey missing the midweek game, he should definitely start and Arteta’s injury should see Flamini alongside him, which will give us a bit more steel and energy in the middle, which we need.

With the three German World Cup winners hopefully back in contention, Wenger has good options and I would definitely bring Mesut Ozil straight back in and rest Wilshere for midweek. I would also be tempted to replace Cazoela with Podolski on the left. The Spaniard has struggled and we don’t want him to pick up a knock either, while the German gives us more goal threat and more defensive cover for Monreal.

I would be happy to keep Chambers in the side, but expect Wenger to bring the BFG back, to help Koscielny to settle if nothing else. Finally up front, Giroud was pretty awful last night and Sanogo has looked good, so if the youngster is fit, I would give him the nod. If not, I would be tempted to give Alexis a go in the middle and start the Ox on the right. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. I am really interested in who will add to the squads, honestly. We are exposed with just few injuries.

    1. if rumours are true we’ll be singing manolas soon but any other(big name fingers crossed 😉 ) transfers will happen only after we secure CL qualification…

      1. According to sky sports news Wenger has said he isnt close to signing anyone yet…..he best pull his finger out! Id also like to see campbell get some minutes saturday

      2. Horseshit, if we were getting a big name they would be on early in the window and help to secure the CL place.

    2. OT although ramsey got abuse from us lot for 2 years! and now look what it has done for him! one more year of abuse for giroud then hes going to be world class 😉

        1. Never mind that, admin when did sanogo look good?

          Well for me I would install mertesacker at Cb then push chambers into the midfield alongside Ramsey. I would bring ozil in for wilshire podolski for cazorla and campbell for giroud.

          Debuchy mertesacker koscielny monreal
          Chambers(or flamini) Ramsey
          Alexis ozil podolski

          I know that means playing all our cb’s, which is my only concern so perhaps flamini plays, arteta was awful against everton last year and could be injured anyway.

          Have to say at the moment there seems no let ups with the injuries, with gibbs sanogo and now arteta already joining Theo, diaby, ryo, gnabry and ospina. Was really hoping it might be different this season but 2 matches in and already 8 players have missed matches or part of through injury.

          1. Not even implying Giroud could ever be the same. But how old was RVP when he broke out????

            1. RVP hasn’t improved in his 28s. He was always class since joining the club. Injuries are what made him invisible throughout, his is case is similar to what Abou Diaby is going through. Assume diaby stay fit at this age for at least two seasons, are you going to say otherwise???

      1. Before talking of any player’s development will either be positive or negative you must be able to assess how much is he flexible with his movements, his movement with the ball, his footwork, his pace, dribbling ability and of course his physical part of the game. If you look at these criteria to Giroud you can not dare talk about him improving from what he can do right now. The guy is just a slug, what he is braced with is his rugby type of play. Making a comparison between Giroud and a 23 years old right footed player who can dribble and score with his left foot is just a disgraceful to say a least.

    3. Its funny how some of us on here actually thinks that we are going to buy a first choice DM. Arteta has been appointed club captain few days ago so do you guys think they gave him captaincy to sit on the bench then be sold next season like Vermalean did? Furthermore Ramsey wont be sitting on the bench either so I really dont see that happening. Not this window

        1. Hr wasn’t given the armband AND dropped in the SAME window. We had a year of mistakes before he got benched.

  2. lamp post up front, pace on both wings (a. sanchez on left so that he can track back and protect monreal, ox or campbell on the right),
    santi playing #10 role, arteta-ramsey double pivot, back 4 pretty much the same as the besiktas game…we’d steal maximum points…

    1. P.S. i hate the lamp post too but sanogo is out injured and against distin & jagielka we need ‘target man’ and that’s where lamp post comes in….

  3. ————- Szczesny
    Debuchy – Mert – Chambo – Monreal
    ———- Ramsey – Flamini
    OX ——– Özil —— Podolski
    ——— Sanchez/Campbell

    Assuming Arteta and Gibbs are injured (like they will be) and also giving a rest to Koscielny. Cazorla and Giroud have been so horrible they must be benched.

    1. We need pace against Everton. I would prefer:

      Ox — Özil — Alexis
      Flamini — Ramsey
      Monreal — Kos/Chambers — Mert/Chambers — Debuchy

      I don’t think we should start Podolski. He does have a killer left foot, but he is also has little pace and is very lazy tracking back, contrary to what this article says. Koscielny might need a rest, especially if he’s got any kind of niggle.

    2. Alexis OR Campbell??!! Hahahahahahah wtf. The delusion has gotten ridiculous of you’re torn on who to play up top between those two. What an insult to Alexis.

  4. If I have to sit through another 90 mins of watching giroud play I may kill myself. Its the only way out me thinks, could hold out to transfer window is close…… if no signing then well be transferring out of my window, ON THE TENTH FLOOR…… not another year of girrrrrroooooouuud.. THUMP..

  5. Our next game is Everton at Goodison park…after they drew their first game in the 86th minute and with our players jet-lagged… That game will be tougher than Crystal palace and Besiktas combined and we have Monreal at LB;oh monreal!i can still remmber how Lukaku molested him last time with that his squillacci style of defending, Arteta in DM, he might not even play bcos he got injured, and Girwaste again….Damn.
    Play Campbell or sanchez up front, flamini in LB and Chambers in DM with Per back in CB…

    This would be my dream

  6. It should be clear to everyone, including Wenger, that the squad is not strong enough! The need for a strong defensive midfielder is blatantly obvious. The team also needs another big central defender. And finally, and most importantly, the team desperately needs a striker that can put fear into the opposition. Giroud is clearly not enough and Sanogo is not ready. If Wenger signs a top striker, defensive midfielder, and a central defender before the transfer window closes, then the sky is the limit for this team. However, I fear Wenger will not do it.
    P.S. Wenger should have re-signed Fabregas. He will regret it.

    1. How do you propose signing Cesc and being able to keep (not sell) and have a remaining happy mid-field selection of Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere? Which one of the three do you sell in order to bring in Cesc? You’re call – also consider Cesc’s age before commenting. Because you can’t bring in Cesc and have a happy trio of Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere. Or perhaps you play one of the trio out of position so folks at ‘JustArsenal’ can gripe about that next….

      1. hey guy, arsenal is a football club and not a charity group. keeping players happy is not a priority our primary objective right now is to have a squad which is able to win trophies plus we always lost up to four key players due to injuries. please stop your madness.

        1. Hey guy,

          If you don’t have happy players they don’t play well and sulk and ask for transfers. This isn’t rocket science. Players who don’t play ask for a transfer. if Rooney doesn’t start he sulks, if Gustavo doesn’t start for Bayern he asks for a transfer. TV5 didn’t start he asked for a transfer. Because it is about winning trophies you must consider the egos involved. High talent players want to play not sit. If they sit they want to move on. That simple.

  7. I don’t understand this 100% physically ready thing. How and when are our players supposed to be ready? We play in 4 competitions, there is no winter break in the PL and our players keep getting a fitness reset because of injuries. So tell me, will they ever be 100% match fit? Genuine question.

  8. We must ease the Germans into the team gently as they maybe still exhausted from World Cup. I think they should have a few more weeks rest, so that they will ready for the long tough season ahead.

    1. As far as i know, everyone from the WC semi-finalsists/finalists have started playing (even if 45 min) where ever they are whether in competitive or non-competitive matches. Our Germans are may be getting some extra rest . And you want few more weeks for them ? You went full retard man, never go full retard.

  9. My only worry is Monreal and Santi on the left as tactical genius Wenger will put him again there. Monreal will be molested by Lukaku and Santi will keep drifting to middle with no defensive contribution leaving Monreal even more exposed. And Everton knows this. I expect a lot of bombardment from that side as usual.

  10. He wont regret resigning Fabregas because he is not the striker,LW,DM we need… Even if fabregas had joined with reus and dimaria, as long as Giroud starts upfront we are doomed. He not only misses goals,he kills the tempo of the attack which is where Sanogo betters him.

  11. apparently tom fox our big wig commercial guru could be off to villa “screw them i say” we need him to sow us some more big commercial deals in the coming successful years up the gunners he will be a key player in the board room area in the next few years

  12. Firstly, Wenger needs to get his tactics right. We can’t afford to have the middle and right flank as attacking channels. We need pace on the left flank so we can stretch the everton defence. If Giroud starts, and Carzola is on the left we’ll be lucky to get a point from the game. If Arteta is injured its time for us to see that Chambers can do there. Only one league game played and i’m already pulling my hair out giroud style!

  13. The biggest change required is in the Managers head! He is not in with the modern day tactics at all. Example: Last game Rambo should have been taken off after receiving the first yellow card. Ox should have been brought in much earlier. He should have tried bringing in Campbell for the lampost. As it was, OG was hardly in with the game. Campbell could have done no worse.
    I know this is a hugely demanding job, but he is paid enough to keep his mind clear and focused on the games. Monreal facing Lukaku gives me the chills. Podolski and Ozil should start.

  14. Szczesney
    Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielney Monreal
    Chambers Ramsey
    Sanchez Ozil Ox

    That’s what I want to see but it won’t happen, Ozil and Mertesacker will both come off early though if they start with the Besiktas game in mind.

  15. didn’t know we loaned out wilshere to potsmouth lol he even comes with comedy wig also don’t smoke with that on your head jack or you might meet a similar fate to wako jacko’s hair

  16. Stick Santi in the middle. He hasn’t impressed me on the left and Wilshere has hardly played that well there either. Put Sanchez and Ox either side and we’ll be far far better off.

  17. So many injuries
    variable form lines
    phasing in new players
    means every game requires
    a rebuild of some description.
    Exciting stuff.

  18. I would have Giroud up front from the start, Sanchez on the left Flank, Ox on the right and Ozil in the centre. Between Ozil and the defence I would have Chambers and Ramsey. Defence Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Monreal.

    Debuchy I noticed in the World Cup was very combatant and heavy, he was like that last night and I liked the way he stood over Ramsey and shoved their player away from him. Monreal was also combatant last night and played tough, I was pleased with him too. Chambers is looking better than both Mertesacker and Koscielny, so it’s not a given Mertes will be drafted straight back in. It could even be Chambers paired with Mertesacker. Who knows? One eye will be on the second leg.

    I am a bit reluctant to drop Wilshere to the bench, he needs a run of games, not be rested. Players at his level are expected to be able to play 3 times in a week. If he wants one game a week then he should play for Man Utd. I am more inclined to have him partner Ramsey and put Chambers in central defence.

    It’s a tough call. How about Ramsey in the middle with Wilshere and Chambers between him and the defence?

  19. Ladies and Gentleman, where is Dr. Diaby ? Still working on his fitness ?
    This has always bothered me : What if Diaby gets injured while working on his fitness to get back from injury and is trapped in the cycle ?

  20. I was surprised wen all these comments left rosicky out of d squad. its ridiculous how some infant football fans analyzed game. we got no 1 like rosicky.


    1. Bad world cup does not mean the player is crap, by the way, as an arsenal fan you don’t need world cup to know what song is capable of. If world cup is to believe then joel campbell is a better player than Ronaldo. Case closed

  22. just seen on gunner-sphere watze bvb ceo stated this about reus ‘We will have to wait and see whether we can keep hold of Marco. ‘All I can say is that I know him really well and it’s not about money with him.’ this sounds more promising than a week ago let me translate in to just arsenal language he is on his way lol coyg

  23. We aren’t doing the business Arsene, FFS, FFFS, FFFFFFS!!! In other words, FOR F*CK SAKES!!!!! The other clubs are leaving us behind with their enquiries and offers……………………..

    1. Like who? Man united and their amazing signings? Like Liverpool who lost one of the best players in the world and replaced him with Southampton? Like Man City who spent a boat load on a holding mid and a CB? Who is leaving us behind?

      We aren’t doing business? Really? We’ve spent 3 times the amount we have in any transfer window. In Sanchez we spent more on a single player then any other team in the league. This has never happened before.

      Do you have access to print, television or print media where you live?

  24. Before talking of any player’s development will either be positive or negative you must be able to assess how much is he flexible with his movements, his movement with the ball, his footwork, his pace, dribbling ability and of course his physical part of the game. If you look at these criteria to Giroud you can not dare talk about him improving from what he can do right now. The guy is just a slug, what he is braced with is his rugby type of play. Making a comparison between Giroud and a 23 years old right footed player who can dribble and score with his left foot is just a disgraceful to say a least.

  25. wenger is like a master stage magician he says “abra cadabra” and goes pulls the big money player out of his red and white hat but there’s nothing there, but a bit of slight of hand later and there’s REUS CAVANI AND CARVALHO stat attack cards being pulled from out from behind your ear “its magic” wenger says and then takes a bow to the fans LOL (i told you he would get the players we needed) he truely is magic a round of applause for the great wengerino

  26. Giroud makes Ozil less effective as Ozil cannot combine with him as he lacks pace for through balls. This should be incentive enough to go out and get a World Class striker to support our 42m signing.

    If Germans are ready to play, no opposition wants to see:

    Campbell Ozil Ox
    Ramsey Chambers
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Debuchy

    This gives Ozil 4 targets instead of 2.

  27. More like one of those hapless clowns wheeled out at kids party to do stuff with handkerchiefs…..anyway don’t get the carvhalo business clearly mourinho is f****** around as there is no place for him in chelski so we could get him and the Greek guy seems a done deal though no idea if he is really EPL ready so if we could get either reus or costa … And both are possibilities….would be a really decent window…. but then I wake up and the clown is still trying to pull out the handkerchiefs

    1. Shame we didnt sign Rojo can play cb and lb. Good player and with gibbs being fragile would have provided great depth.

  28. I would give Santi another chance, as #10 this time
    Debuchy – Per/Chambers – Kos/Chambers – Monreal
    Ramsey – Flamini/Ox
    Campbell – Cazorla – Ox

    Will put Ozil and Podolski in the game at the 70th minute mark. Save one more sub for Rozza or CB (Per/Chambers)

    GTFO Giroud.

  29. We need serious players! I hope the boss realises that without another CB, Defensive Midfielder and a much better striker than Giroud, top 4 will be but a dream this time round. Just take a look at Chelsea with their power, pace and skills; then look at Man City with their power and silky skills and then take a look at our team with just the pace and skills and immediately you start to realise that we haven’t got the balance right. Please let’s not bury our heads in the sand any longer but admit that our team is not strong enough. I hope we get through at Everton as it is not going to be an easy game for us. They are a very good team and will still be high in confidence from the way they turned us over last season. I wouldn’t like a defeat to act as a catalyst for Wenger to take action but should have addressed these concerns long before we played Everton!!

  30. Podolski didn’t play much part at the WC. So, he should be fit properly for Everton. We are short at the back and with Gibbs off and Monreal suspects to Lukaku onslaught. How about Bellerin for Monreal? If the boss doesn’t give his youngsters games to play, how can they rise and stars? My starts: Szczesny, Debuchy, Koscielny, Bfg, Bellerin, Flamini/Chambers, Sanchez, Ozil, Campbell and Podolski. They will humble Everton. Let the boss further test the versatility of Chambers as DM.

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