The changes Arsenal NEED for the Everton game (or risk more injuries)

Ramsey injury should be a warning sign not to burn the squad out.‏ by KM

Hi guys, so Arsenal have been rocking it out winning some big games, scoring some nice goals and recording some great clean sheets, and it all looks good at the moment. The only problem lurking round is the annual injury curse that’s hit us again.

We’ve hit form after the internationals which is great, but almost 90% of our squad was traveling across the world and most of them played two games with Aaron Ramsey paying the price with a hamstring injury.

The Welshman has become an integral part of our squad and he will be missed. This means we’ll introduce the Ox who has put in some dodgy performances so far, but he has all the ingredients to be a great player – and this is a big chance for him.

I fear for Alexis though. He traveled to South America and played two games with a slight problem and he came back and played another two games. Sanchez has played in every single game this season regardless if he started the game or entered from the bench.

Everton are a tough side, that will look for a response after losing to Man United, and we need this win, which might leave us top of the league at the end of the round, but it’ll be a tough game. We faded against Bayern in the second half, despite winning the game.

Fatigue is creeping in and looking at the bench, not too many options up front are available. Giroud for me put in some better performances from the bench and is an option to start up front. I really feel we need to rest Alexis at least for the first 45 minutes and put the Ox on the left and shift Walcott to the right.

Another player that might come in is Arteta. It’s time for our squad players to show why they were kept in the side. Cazorla is over 30 and played most of the games and Coquelin also has no real alternative, but Arteta or Flamini might come in. Another crazy thought would be to move Santi on the left and again rest Alexis, because he is the best player we have and he’s key to any title surge we will make this year.

On a final note, Wenger might think “I rotated in a few games and they didn’t end up all to well” plus “The system is working, why change it”, which are fair points but, priorities have to kick in too. We will most likely need to go to Bayern and get a result which will be another extremely physically demanding task.

Over the past three seasons we’ve improved on signings, winning trophies, tactics, discovering new ways to win and special preparation against different opposition. Now we need to improve on how we handle the squad.

Have a great Arsenal weekend!


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  1. No disrespect but arteta should wait for our cup game on Wednesday, if Alexis is alright play him and drop him for that cup. The only chance 2 players I expect is Ox for ramsey, Gabreal for boss or per. That’s all. The last thing we need to do is giving everton any chance or taking them lightly. Alexis is durable, I believe he can coup with all that. #COYG I wanna see us on top.

  2. If we plan not to end up like some seasons ago where Wenger refused to buy some back ups in january then we need to buy this time. Having only Coquelin as a dm is very risky. And critics to Wenger for burning and freezing out some of our players. Ramseys injurie did not come by surprise. Just wating till Sanchez collapses now.

    1. How much backup can you buy? What about the other players? They have running contracts. The squad is only 25 and you must honor your contracts, give a chance to the young, play the ones hungry to show their worth. Arsenal is not alone, all teams in the top 4 face the same problem. Even Real or PSG have this issue. There are things you can plan and things you must adjust while running. Remember, luck is integral part of the game. So far we were really lucky, let’s not jinx it.

  3. I think Arteta is out injured i read somewhere today online, that leaves flamini if hes fit? To be honest injuries come around all the time look at bale, aguero, silva, messi all out atm! Too many games jampacked into 2weeks is a problem for players then internationals plus travelling has to do something to fatigue/fitness levels! Sanchez will be next so he has to be rested and on the bench as he will have all week and take no part in league cup game against Sheff Wed! Rest of 1st teamers like Ozil, Santi, Walcott, Nacho, Bellerin, Koss and Coq can all get a weeks rest and ready for away day on saturday! My team for Everton:
    Bellerin Mert Boss Nacho
    Coq Santi
    Walcott Ozil Ox

    Walcotts movement and tracking back would make up for the loss of Ramsey. If we are strugglin for a goal throw Alexis on for 15mins. Campbell and Flamini might get a late run also for tired legs. Team for Sheff wed:
    Cech (GK dont need that much rest, Ospina inj)
    Debuchy Chambers Gab Gibbs
    Flamini Belik
    Campbell Adelide Ox

    Strong enough for Sheffield Wednesday?

    1. Adelaide is with france u17 at the world cup in chile i watched a game yesterday france vs paraguay and i must say that boy is special hes definitely going to be a star in couple years from now

    2. Bielik will.also miss the game he is on international.duty too.

      I think Macey should play against Wednesday, if arteta isn’t fit then give kamara a chance, I would also blood iwobi
      V Everton
      Bellerin mertesacker koscielny Monreal
      Coquelin cazorla
      Chamberlain ozil alexis

      Macey, gibbs, Gabriel, flamini, campbell, giroud, arteta or debuchy

      V wednesday
      Debuchy chambers Gabriel gibbs
      Flamini arteta (or kamara)
      Campbell chamberlain iwobi

      Cech, Monreal, koscielny, coquelin, ozil, alexis, walcott

  4. Play the best team possible for saturday, everton are no push overs and then rest people mid week in the cup game. Hopefully we can be 2-0 up by the 60 minute mark and take Sanchez off!

  5. I don’t think Wenger will put Walcott back on the wing just yet, Ox will come in and I am 98% certain that Alexis will play. I’m fine with that so long as Alexis avoids any late or dangerous challenges. If we get to a comfortable position within game well then that might be best time for Alexis rest, Cazorla too with Arteta or Flam coming on.


  6. he has made some good points big decision for arsene tommorow whether he rest Alexis or play as far as I am concerned we can’t risk any more injuries so rest Alexis for tommorow game and introduce him as a sub in last 20-25 min he looks really jaded of late but knowing both Alexis and Wenger I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start also should rest cazorla he has played non stop for us .

  7. I’d like to see Chambers get a go at CF. Maybe Arteta at RB, and Flamini in so Kos can get a rest.

    Now where’s Budd to correct me?!?!?

    1. By correcting someone else’s opinion?

      That concept shouldn’t even exist, have your own opinion by all means, but correcting others?!?!? No, oh no no no, zero respect.

      1. Hmm you should always espect your fellow Arsenal fans. Budd doesn’t correct peoples opinions he argues against them
        I only saw Budd correct a spelling actually, that is not an opinion.

          1. LOL Get real mate. The way someone’s name is spelled is not an opinion, it’s a fact. He can’t try and persuade you to change someone’s name as a fact is a fact!

            Would you like it if people continually spelt your name wrong?

            1. I wasn’t even referring to names or spelling!

              Budd hasn’t even appeared and you’ve convinced me to blow this ridulous site off. It’s like listening to whole community of Michael Owen’s trying to impress each other.

              1. Ahh that’s a shame, we like angry young keyboard warriors to take the Mick out of. Please don’t go!

                On second thoughts – GOODBYE!!

  8. One change for me.
    Play giroud upfront.
    Condition: if ox plays in the right flank. ox can beat full-back and cross the ball into the box.

  9. Can see Alexis starting, Will be interesting to see the line up though as Giroud loves a goal against Everton so Wenger might force the rest on Alexis and put Walcott on the wing. Personally I think Alexis will be ok for 50-60 mins so he should start then get a well deserved rest for the week. COYG!

  10. Listen Baby Please

    Rest Mertsacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Bellerin, Coquelin and Alexis for Bayern


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