The changes Arsenal need to make in January to secure the title


I will make a very controversial statement; Arsenal are inconsistent because of inconsistent players in the first team squad.

Can Wenger use the winter window to remove the inconsistency from his squad now that the core of the side has formed itself? This he needs to do by biting the bullet and letting some players to go so that he can bring far more consistent players to sustain the title challenge we are currently mounting.

Which players am I talking about?
Ramsey – I know there will be noise over the choice to let this talented player off. He was our Alexis two seasons ago and would score (and kill off big people, haha) pretty important goals when the team was in need for a goal. However, Ramsey is being played out of position and despite him putting in the shift on the right side, he is more a box to box player and loses importance when not played in his best role. Unfortunately Carzola proves a better option next to Coquelin. And Ramsey would fetch a fortune. His replacement would be Karim Bellarabi of Bayer 04 Leverkusen. He will seal the right wing with competence just like Sanchez did the left wing and can be called upon to the central position in case there is the need.

Wilshere – This is another high potential player but he suffers lots of issues with injury (And is adamant he will never change his play to reduce instances of injury), and also blows hot and cold. On his day Wilshere could win a big game and arrogantly feed dust to the best in the world. So I would suggest he goes out on loan to a championship side and put together a run of games injury free. His replacement, – Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, commonly known as Isco.

Ox-Chamberlain – We all remember a similar player who went almost through the same trajectory as Ox and is finally settling into the side. Theo Walcott is beginning to look like the real deal but unfortunately his body still gives him some injury fears. If Compared to Joel Campbell, who with one match, has managed to show class in scoring, tracking back, giving crosses and winning duels. There is really no justification for Ox to keep Campbell out of the team at the moment. He too should go for a loan outing in the championship to improve his consistency. Or outright Wenger should sell him off. His Replacement – Alex Iwobi.

Welbeck – We transferred him from Manchester United and it is time to help his potential shine through by returning him to lower levels of the premier league. He is a hard worker but he needs to play consistently for a lower premier league team – His statistics are really not reading that well at the moment. Soon his quality will shine through then he can rework his way back to a bigger side. His replacement should be either Cavani or Higuain.

Additions to the squad – Saúl Ñíguez Esclápez, known simply as Saúl from Atletico Madrid would be a welcome addition. Young, already playing in a big league and can fit right in just in case there is injury to either Carzola or Coquelin. Hakan Çalhanoğlu would however be the more expensive and popular option for the same role with the same form of versatility if not more.

Recall Wojciech Szczesny from Roma. We are in need of a quality backup and I have a feeling that Szczesny will be a great keeper once he shares the training with a great keeper like Petr Cech.

With the core of the team in place – Cech, the back four, Coquelin, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, Campbell and Giroud, the new arrivals will bring little disruption to the squad. In fact, this will help Arsenal in the premiership run in, as well as picking up from in the new season seamlessly. The depth of the squad will immediately be broadened. For instance, in case there is any injuries on Sanchez, Conquelin, Carzola Giroud or Ozil, with the new arrivals, there will be more than enough to carry on where the injured players left off, especially in the EPL and the FA Cup Many of these players will be Cup tied). Giving players deserved rest during the heat of the season will also be possible without fears that the quality will go very low.

Do you think Arsene Wenger would be open to these changes, and would these changes deliver the elusive titles to Arsenal, starting with the Premiership?


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  1. @Nicholas: “Loan Wilshere to championship side”
    How would that help, his injury problems.Championship is also very physical.

    1. Wow….the question should be, how such garbage article is even considered to be posted? Come

      1. what a delutional article! we have been crying for squad depth all these years and now that we finally get the chance to have a competitive second team, u want to get rid of the players and get completely new unproven ones who are yet to have understanding of arsenal team chemistry!
        whoever wrote this article should be banned from this site.

    2. if there’s one name on the team that needs offloading in january, then it’s Mr Debuchy ……. Seems like he’s already given up on football……. Flamini(age and injuries) , Arteta(age and injuries) , Rosicky (age, no playing time and injuries) can add up to that list……. But of the Lot, i feel more for our lil mozart

  2. All I can say is thank god you are not in management – 3 English internationals and 1 Welsh you want to get rid of from the team to win the title, don’t give up your day job.

  3. Debuchy got injured, Bellerin took over and hasn’t looked back since then..Arteta got injured, Coquelin took over and hasn’t looked back too..Ramsey and Ox get injured, i hope J Campbell follows suit…I hope he becomes the revelation of the season and we would win the league with two South American warriors in attack..

  4. Very strange articles. Why would you sell our future. Rambo and Wilshire are early 20s and have lot of time to prove. cazorla is in 30s and rambo will be a good replacement of him. Wilshire will be class player and can beocome our captain, even the king also beleives the same. Welbaeck we just signed and he will get lots of services now with ozil returning to imperial best. He can play as a Winger also.
    probably the OX needs a loan spell as I am very optimistic about Campbell that he will make the right wing of his own.

  5. Sell Ramsey….wow, what happens if Cazorla gets injured or in a year or two when his age finally catches up?? Would it not be good to have someone like Ramsey ready to occupy that central role in the first 11. I am thoroughly frustrated with Wilshere’s injury woes but lets not let him go in the winter please. At the moment a fit Jack is probably the one who can best play the Ozil role (removing Santi from centre is not an option) should the need arise, plus he’s versatile enough to play many positions. Lets leave the talk about who can/should be let go for the summer window please. Our squad isn’t all that deep.

  6. Yes you should definitely weaken your own squad mid season and replace them with players that are not for sale. That will definitely help you win the league.

  7. by inconsistency, do u exactly mean…….. Wilshere and Ramsey?……… If i were wenger, i’d be strict and disciplined with these trio but i’d still have em on the team…. Wilshere, ramsey and the Ox….. Seems they are being stubborn sometimes (neglect their rich talents) ……. Someone needs to use iron hands on these boys

  8. Calling this article a garbage is an insult to garbage articles, its worse than that.
    I stopped reading when he said we should let our engine, our back up box2box (Ramsey) go and sign a RW.

  9. All well and good touting players we should bring in, and as the writer seems to suggest we bring them in by January does he have any thoughts as to whether they will settle into the EPL right away and do the job for us?….i can agree with Wilshere going out on loan but suggesting we get shot of Ox and most especially Ramsey is just plain bonkers….Ramsey is not been played in his preferred position and ut shows but the boy leaves everything on the pitch everytime…he takes one too many touches atimes, and he has not been at his best this season yet but what he gives our team a different option going forward andx gives our opponents something else to worry about….takling jettisoning him for Campbell after one good game by Campbell is just plain silly……and Szcehny?….give me a break, he’s had enough chances and blown it all, he should stay out on loan for another 3 years, maybe then the penny will drop

  10. Arsenal are great and they will continue to be great and remain great at all times. Inconsistency comes, Inconsistency goes. Consistency comes, Consistency goes. Nothing is permanent. Campbell is being upgraded to the right wing position to hold fort for temporary absentee Ramsey and Wilshere. Iwobi is lurking-around to come-in into that right wing too. We don’t need a new signing for the right wing in January anymore. However, the Ox is the only likely viable cover for Sanchez at left wing. Save if there be any youth in the academy the Boss is considering to upgrade to that left wing. We need a top new signing for the left wing in January. Is Bielik coming of age soon for a DM slot? Reports have said he showed the characteristics at Sheffield Wed COC game. If so, no need to hurry for a new DM signing in January window. Flamini can still cover for any of the 2 ADM & DM that are there. What of striker? Yes, we need one if Akpom will not be recalled from his loan deal. Suddenly, we are short of cover in that position without warnings? We’ve been told Walcott will be available in December for Selection again, so too is Welbeck is said will be back for action in February. I think we need one signing for that position in January to forestall any eventuality. (Aleksandr Kokorin?) Let’s pray for Giroud to remain strong for us. My takes are: 1 left winger and 1 striker signings for us in January will be okay.

  11. Im always one for Articles going up for possible transfers but come on mate…Ramsey,Wilshere, Welbz and Ox SOLD?? Maybe loan Ox out but Ramsey and Wilshere are our future and still young plus Ramsey a starter as it is and hes Santis replacement possibly along side Coq in a year r 2 time as Santi is getting younger 31 isnt he? Wilshere our future captain so thatis defo not happening, he is Mr Arsenal tbh! Welbz just here and i like alot of fans have been pretty impressed with him his workrate is second to none give him a chance just like we are hoping Campbell does a Coqerlin and step up like those two have!

    We have a deep squad if fit and a few additions are needed just to complete the whole squad in general but i think we all forget who we are… we are The Arsenal, we make players with potential to stars 80% of the time! Koss, Nacho, Bellerin, Gabriel, Coq, Wilshere, Ramsey and thats just now not the fabregas’ of the world so my point is we also have Hayden and Akpom out doing ok on loan at Hull, Martinez at wolves who imo should be Cechs understudy, Jenko at WH and Gnabry at WB. We have Iwobi, Campbell, Beilik, Adelide who all look like they could play for Arsenal. We need an attacking player who can play all 3 positions up front and score like a Greizzman/Aubameung and a HM that can do a few jobs in the starting 11 and my choice would be William Carvalo… young, strong, hungry and dominate (u21 wc for Portugal and is a full internatial) can play DM, DLP, CB and Box-Box… would be perfect for us but dead wood is needed to leave for wages to be freed (we arnt stupid with money) Arteta, Rosicky, Debuchy, Ospina… Ox and Chambers loaned out so maybe another CB if this is Pers last season in the starting 11 and Koss isnt getting younger and creeps up with injurys but thats where im hoping Hayden can step up!

    Without injuries we dont need a whole lot! At Xmas we might just have a full squad fit (fingers crossed) then judge what we need for Now its Bayern…


    1. And Wellington Silva who was doing great at bolton as has abit of flair about him and was starting to do good things there but injury got him but hes also an option next summer!

  12. in January let Arteta and Rosicky go
    buy Hazard from Chelsea before Real does and bring Bielik to the first team as backup to Le Coq

  13. Sell our English players who we have been patiently developing over the years and replace them with players with no EPL experience. I bow to you sir.

    I cant imagine the time and thought you put into writing this article.

  14. This article is nuts, we would struggle to stay in the top four with such a mixup of players! Imagine how the rest of the squad would feel if we just ousted half our first team!!!

  15. Big lurker and post occasionally on this site but I had to post on this insanity.

    This guy has to be trolling… hard, he won if he is.

  16. I expect the author is on a high because he has just taken Bromley to 3rd place in the premier league and the finals of the champions league on football manager!
    What a load of tripe. Worse than the article thorough is the fact admin actually posted it.

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