The changes Arsenal need to make at the Nou Camp

This is where Barcelona really bettered us by Briantole

We played a game where the entire world expected Arsenal to lose, but after that 2 0 defeat some fans were really over reacting and started putting the blame on some of our players, but I don’t think all of it was justified. Let us see…..

We were going well defensively for most of the game, doing extremely brilliant to keep out the outstanding MSN strike force. We were doing well in midfield, and players like Bellerin and Chamberlain were doing very well in possession. But we were let down in the final third where it seemed many of our players lacked ideas. Our crosses were cut and our shots were blocked. We were not playing with purpose in that position and didn’t seem to be causing as many problems as we should have to their back 4, and not only that, even our counter attacks were not up to scratch. Their defenders always found a way to deal with them. We were really lacking the sharpness, which was more than welcome news for Barca who did not have any problems with the Arsenal strike force.

I would like us to try this lineup at the Nou Camp..
Sanchez Ozil Welbeck.

You see Walcott might not be our most favourite player but his movement is sublime (one thing lacking from Giroud) and his pace electrifying (which is another thing lacking from Giroud). Other than that Walcott can always rotate with Sanchez and give him space to drift to the centre.
He can also score goals from either flanks which is an added bonus to our goal threat. Welbeck has produced some very mature performances for us in the right flank. The rest of the choices are self-explanatory.

It’s important to move on well, and move on from past mistakes…


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    1. Welbeck in for Sanches who has not created much, Walcott up front Cambell on right. Ellerny in for Ramsey, Gabriel if fit in for Per. Now as we have a squad try them or just forget we have them and use them only for subs what a waist. Wenger it’s time to look out of the square you should have confidence in the players you bought rather than use older ones who you will be letting go anyway. Get your finger out. CB

  1. You are right about it.
    Infact they outdid us at their defence when they turned it to attack.
    walcott welbeck and sanchez combo can cause problems to.any one

  2. The match has been played and lost, let it go, its not like we have a reasonable chance of going through now so we should just focus on the league now and especially the match on Saturday, the best way to get over that loss is to get the 3 points at stake on Sunday and let the 2nd leg take care of itself when we get to that stage…..

  3. So half the whole Manure squad is out , yet the go on and whoop Midjtylland 5:1 ??

    Now its alot scarier than u think…..playing against wounded animals

    not saying we can’t put em(manure) in our shadows….but that’d be more than just “Talk”!

    1. It’s gonna be a Hull of a game!! ?
      We couldn’t even score against a championship reserves team at home…. So Don’t expect an easy Ride to 3pts! ?

  4. the only thing of any sense in this aeticle is the call to move on …beginning with moving on from of the reasons over 5 years we have underperformed…quickly followed by wenger … the principle reason we have

  5. I was thinking the sane thing and I have a feeling wenger will underestimate them and cause trouble.
    They are very well capable of revenging that 3 0 scoreline they faced in our hands earlier this season.

    Wenger might start with flamini in that game

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