The changes Arsenal SHOULD make for Everton match

Okay I have calmed down a bit now and am now looking ahead to the Arsenal game against Everton at the Emirates on Sunday. It is going to be a tough one as we are coming off the back of a real downer of a game against Monaco, while the Toffees will be in a great frame of mind after breezing past Young Boys of Berne with a 3-1 win giving them a 7-2 aggregate victory. Jealous? Yeah so am I.

But we should not write this game off just yet as Everton are still in poor form in the Premier League, only just managing to snatch a point off Leicester at home last weekend. They have only two league wins in 2015, against Hull and Crystal Palace and so you would normally expect the Gunners to get a win.

A lot depends on how much of a response we get from the team. Arsene Wenger seems to be expecting one but he is also ready to rotate his squad. We certainly need some fresh legs and the first player to come in should be Theo Walcott who must be wondering what he has done wrong to keep getting left out.

Hopefully we will have Ramsey back in midfield but if not then I think it should be Rosicky that comes in with Cazorla moving back into the number 10 role. The Spaniard looked tired in the second half against Monaco but he did not complete the game and should be reasonably fresh. Ozil should sit this one out unless Wenger needs to replace Cazorla.

The other obvious change must be to bring in Gabriel for Mertesacker who was absolutely dreadful but has played almost every game and needs a break. Perhaps the full backs could be changed as well, more for the fresh legs than as a punishment, but I would not be surprised to see Gibbs keep his place. This would be my line up.

Chambers, Gabriel, Koscielny, Gibbs
Walcott, Ramsey, Cazorla, Alexis

What changes would you make?

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  1. I still don’t understand how wenger would prefer welbeck over walcot. Walcot can score makes our attack fluid. Walcot must surely come in for everton and for all games

    1. @akcyril, I can’t understand it either, and the more confusing thing is: it happens both home and away,

      My team: 4_2_3_1
      _ ___Alexis/Akpom


      ____rambo__Le coq


      1. Guys it is about his contract. As nice as walcot is, his agent is a pain in the a$$ when it is contract renewal time. Walcot is the most difficult arsenal player when it comes to contract renewals.

    2. I just wanna see Mertesacker and Welbeck on the bench for the rest of the season. You don’t start Welbeck when you’re looking to score goals, I’ve been telling fans he is our worst buy of this season his first touch is like a goalkick, he provides no competition to Giroud at all and play don’t give me that he works hard BS I’v heard enough of it an attacker’s first job is to score and assist not run about like a headless chicken.

      1. But welbecks touch and technique can be sharpened with games. And you can’t teach pace, power, and his runs which welbeck has. If he works on his touch and concentration we could have a real player on our hands

    3. @Akcyirl, Welbeck contributes more to the thickness (solidity) of our game than Walcot does, if you ask me. When you play Welbeck on the right flank, for instance, he does not leave the Right Back exposed. He (Danny) may not have the best goal and “assist” stats, but you would feel his impact generally more than the one-dimensional Theo.

      Honestly, sometimes I talk crap about Welbeck—like he really can appear stupid and profligate on the pitch every now and then— but the frank truth is that Danny Welbeck is a very, very talented player and I do seriously pray that everything clicks for him soon. He really needs to learn how to strategically position himself in the opposition’ box, a bit of luck will do too.

  2. They owe the fans a good performance after Wednesday but most of all they owe it to themselves to perform well.

  3. I’d start
    Bellerin, merte, kos, nacho
    Le coq, Ramsey
    Sanchez, Giroud, Özil

    We need Giroud playing well for the rest of the season so the sooner he forgets the last game the better. I know Özil didn’t have the best game but he was just trying too hard to force passes when he didn’t need to. The balance will be better with Ramsey back.

    Everyone has been hyper critical of the team following the Monaco debacle and rightly so but the clear cut chances to score that game were there. Against “Europe’s stingiest defense” we could’ve out 5 past them, playing as awful as we did.

    1. And the Sczez back in net change, I just flat out think he’s better then ospina and I’d rather have our best keeper be our premier league keeper

  4. Our technical area and bench are devoid of instruction, emotion or fighting spirit.

    This filters through to the mentality of the fans in the stadium with a sterile environment enforced by stewards.

    This is the corporate at the Emirates devoid of a North bank and a way where Wengers Attempts to instil ‘calm’ results in no direction (unless his moaning to the 4th official).

    He either does not have the personality or tactical awareness (perhaps both) to turn a under performing AFC around. Leaving his team to do what they want.

    We will (perhaps) beat Everton, but we are out of the UCL until we feature in it next year if we can fight with those teams around us to secure the right..

  5. I thought 4th place junkies were bad enough …. This guy seems to want to lower the bar to 6th place …. What a sad state of affairs …. No comments on this site about Martin keowns delusional pre match predictions against Monaco the guy is a hired voice for wenger … Only one change matters and that’s at the top

    1. @Invincibles49, you have gone a bit too harsh, even Alexis was extremely poor that night, Giroud can’t score from an empty net, Gibbs forget he is a defender that night and he was never good going forward as well, and then there’s mertheSnail and clueless black ball waster, am not racist Am black too. And so on, so singling one player out is a bit unfair.

  6. I will drop Sanchez who is totally poor in the Monaco game my line up
    bellerin .Gabriel. kos.monreal
    Walcott. Ramsey. ozil .welbeck

  7. Ozil is like 10million player, 42million, dats too much for him. Is always strolling on d pitch, welbek mayb poor but he got us many free kick in d game, Giriod didn’t score who else did? Sanches played his life too,no result though. Moreal gradually better dan Gibbs in defence, overall, WENGER to b blame for all dis embarrassment, poor game plan, 3 goals in your back yard, ah, how? Why! Dis is bad. I forgive d team for d 1st goal bcoz ther is nothin dey can do, 2nd 3rd goal, same counter goal, Arsenal problem over d year. Yet no solution to it. Am sad,

  8. Until wenger realize that some pllayer in arsenal is average.have you guys ever wondered why by now gibbs is not a regular in english team? Reason because he is so average. When it comes to big game until we sign a better option monreal should play in the big games cos he is more disciplined than gibbs. Watch mancity game and watch monaco you will see the Difference.he is always out of position I wonder what bold Teaches him. Again I think is that time in the season where rosicky should play more and I don’t want to know how much ozil is worth. I think we should be fielding this team.
    Monreal gabriel koscielny. Bellerin/chambers

    Le coq rosicky

    sanchez. Carsola OX.


    Bench:chambers flamini ramsey gnabry welbeck szceny ozil gibbs walcot.

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