The continuing problem of Arsenal’s right wing options….

Arsenal’s right-wing conundrum by Briantole

Recently it seems that Wenger has turned the tides around by playing players in their most favoured position for a change, but there is one place that has come under the spotlight. The right wing.

First of all Ramsey plays here but he is not a winger. He doesn’t have the skill and acceleration of a winger. His defensive skills are admirable but he lacks the bite in the final third playing on the flanks.

Theo Walcott – For most of us he is the most natural in that position, but for some time now Theo has insisted that he is more suited to the lone striker role. He has the speed, the touch and the movement perfectly suited for a winger. The main flaw he has is that his defensive instincts are wanting, He doesn’t track back so often and he also lacks the drive that pushes the team forward.

The Ox – Maybe our most viable option here.The problem is that he is too inexperienced and is lacking in confidence. And his style of play seems more to be covering ground than to be a force in attack. His father Wenger and he are convinced that he is more of a midfielder than an attacker. He so wishes to have Lahm’s versatility. It could be important to him.

Joel Campbell – a player who has been slowly proving himself and looks like suitable cover for this position. He has creativity, skill, work rate and control, with an extensive amount of success in attack. The problem is he doesn’t have enough pace and looks far more comfortable on the left. At the left we all know what’s there…..Sanchez. But the Chilean cannot play in two positions at once, and given that he is also far more comfortable on the left it seems inevitable he has made the position his own.

With all the current options seemingly not satisfactory and Wenger also admitting that they have better positions to play at.

Also Wenger admittedly posing regrets as to how he was not able to get hold of Sterling and Coman, it seems fair to say he is also not as convinced about our right wing options as the fans are. He might purchase more wingers come January, and with the Nolito and Isco links becoming more realistically possible, the fans will be pleased if we could bring in a true winger as an option.

But then again with Welbeck and Wilshere soon looming out of their injuries I might have gotten far ahead of myself, but there is also the possibility that neither may play at all this season…..

Wenger needs to think hard about this conundrum.


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  1. This is one of the areas that we lack quality option, non of what you said can fill the wing the way Sanchez does or even closer … I had hopes in Ox, he is a brilliant dribbler and runner but unfortunately sometimes looks like he doesn’t know what to do and what is his role, add to that he is fragile too …
    I say Go for Mane, Mahrez …

    1. Yea……..until Ox us ready to step up and show grit…….his place is on the far end of the bench……. Right now,Campbell deserves what he gets!

    1. @harshil
      Exactly. Joel has pace enough to cover the RW spot and do it very well, as he’s been showing. Can’t believe the disrespect he’s been getting after the shifts he’s put in out there…

      1. There is no debate, Campbell has proved himself to be in the mix. Our forward line can be made up of any combination of Giroud, Alexis, Theo or Campbell. The rest must challenge those 4 for a spot over the course of the season.

  2. I think your problem stems from the fact you adjudge wingers to be of a certain mold, old style thinking ..being about pacy dribblers. The thing is back then the pacy dribblers needed to know how to wrap their foot around the ball sending it into the box. Also the counter attack structure is based on speedy wide-men. We are a possession based team and since them days we have seen a Beckham, who proved you don’t need to beat a man before crossing. We have seen a Ronaldo, who outscores all from the left wing. We have seen Silva of city, who becomes hard to track and great at providing chances. You say Ramsey is unsuited, I believe you should have been paying more attention because just like how Cazorla makes a kind of assist before the actual assist this is what Ramsey had been doing also ..he had been involved in much of the build up.

  3. Welbeck is not actually a winger per say but more of a striker as he’s been playing for England successfully as a striker before injury forced him to take a break. Although he can play at the wings more especially at right winger. The problem with him is, he’s not been abled to nail down a particular playing position in the Gunners’ front as his end product in terms of goals scored is too average. Hence he’s been slated as the Gunners’ 3rd striker with occasional option of playing him at right wing.

    Walcott, the Ox and Wilshere are the 3 Gunners who can comfortable play very well at right wing with Walcott looking the better option of the trio and Wilshere coming 2nd best there while the Ox is placing 3rd in the pecking order. And Ramsey is an extra option to play at that right wing whenever the need arises.

    Does Arsenal need to sign a top quality senior winger during this coming January window? Ehm, I like to say NO Sir, at this time. Maybe they can sign one in the summer. I used to advocate for the signing of a top quality right winger before the season kicks off. But after reviewing the quality options we have at right wing, I’ve since barked down.

    I have now join the bandwagons of the agitators for a top quality DMF for the upcoming Barca Ucl 2 legged tie knockout match, if the Boss can find one at affordable cost price. If the top quality Coquelin was not sidelined , I wouldn’t have joined the bandwagons of the advocates for the signing of another top quality DMF by the Boss since Flamini is available. I am also advocating for the signing of a top quality left back for security reason as Gibbs is not convincing at left back top quality defending. But Arsenal could be lucky to play throughout this season without anything serious happened to Monreal.

    I think the balance Gunners mid front 3 that have stood their grounds firmly in 2 away games are: Campbell(lw)OzilWalcott(rw). I expect the Boss starts these 3 mid-front for the Man City game this night at the Ems. But if the Boss is sure that Sanchez is 100% fit to play, the Boss could start him ahead of Campbell at mid-font left wing.

  4. The problem with Wilshere and Welbeck is there injury record. If they are out for such long periods of the season, returning them into a squad will upset balance, without guarantee of any long term playing time going forward. Will there come a time where AW has to think long and hard about any real benefit gained for such few games played.

  5. To be honest if we had a full squad fit i still would be calling for another DM to help with Coquelin even just given 6months to settle into the club like Gabriel for the following season… would be a miracle to have a fully fit Arsenal squad even for 1month in the season! RW wouldnt be needed if Welbeck was fit, Ox progressed and Theo stayed fit but is our weak spot but if Campbell can keep progressing then maybe take a gamble on him until the summer, god knows he could do the same as Bellerin/Francis and breakout this season… he has shown glimpes of class and work rate is 4thbest at the club to Sanchez/Ramsey/Ozil imo, wings is the hardest position and Hector n him have gradually got an understanding on the wing with eachother now! Hard call but next few games before january window opens are so important for Joel, hope he steps up. I like Mahrez alot, would love him at arsenal but if he can do it i beleieve campbell can! Goal/Assist and great performance tonight im all for Campbell claiming RW as his until the summer at least

    1. These are the games that counts.. the Big boys coming to the Emirates. Show what you can do and be the difference in these games. No better chance for Joel Campbell than tonight!

      Liked what Arsenal have done for the Atmosphere at the Emirates tonight with the signs to make the place look daunting for City. Just like they did this season v Munich in the UCL. Will be a great scene!

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