The criticism of Iwobi is based on performance – not racism….

Over the past few months throughout social media there have been accusations of racism when discussing if Iwobi is good enough to play for Arsenal. It seems we live in a society where there is more you can’t say then can. When Sterling rightfully challenged the media at the end of 2018, I heard a fascinating debate about could some people be subconsciously racist?

The example given is why did English fans always give Sterling the lowest rating at the World Cup? Why did we focus so much on his performance over the other 22 men in the squad? That is a similar point of view now among some Gooners, are we extra harsh on Iwobi because the colour of his skin? Is it where he comes from the reason why some cannot understand how he gets picked ahead of Ozil?

We have a passionate fan base from Africa who rightfully are proud to see a Nigerian follow his dream. But in 2019 to not keep the debate strictly on football I think is a disgrace. I do not think any man or women should be accused of such a crime unless it’s proven. To play that card just to hide the players flaws is an insult to those who genuinely are suffering discrimination.

It’s got to the point where I see or hear people afraid to rate the winger out of fear of being accused of picking on him. Or worse, the times he provides an assist, we must talk about it like he’s proven his doubters wrong.

The History of Arsenal is filled with talent from all diverse races and nationalities. Legends to wear the red and white are not put into a criterion of nation, height, hair colour, etc, but by the memories they leave behind.

Since breaking through our academy can you name in the comments a big match performance where Iwobi has delivered? When has he changed a big game to show he has the mentality for this level? If anything, a casual fan knows him for being on the front page of a tabloids for partying the night before a cup tie. The reason the likes of me talk so much about Iwobi’s lack of final ball is he’s currently being preferred over Ozil and Ramsey.

What separates good players to the great, is making the most of your chance to prove your doubters wrong, not going missing. Unai Emery has done him no favours by playing 2 DMs in front of a back 5. It puts all the pressure on just one creative midfielder to provide the spark. I understand he’s still young, but he’s played enough for us to notice his positives and negatives. He gets the ball, carries it, beats defenders but his final pass is usually poor and his shooting is wild. Which for a player on the wing is what your qualities should be based on?

Iwobi’s record since his league debut …… ….And Ozil
2015/16 played 13, goals 2, assists, 2. Played 35, goals 6, assists 19
2016/17 played 26, goals 3, assists 3. Played 33, goals 8, assists 9
2017/18 played 26, goals 3, assists 5. Played 26 goals 4, assists 8
This season played 19, goals 2, assists 4 Played 13, 3 goals, assists 1

So, if our manager is picking Iwobi over Ozil for tactical reasons and we play like we did at the weekend, we have a right to criticise the player as well as the coach. Every season one has always contributed to double figures, the other has yet too. Provide those kinds of arguments, keep it football related.

Dan Smith


  1. Peterhos says:

    People should stop thinking of goals and assists while forgetting all the other things that have to happen for a team to win a match. How about for example simple ball retention, slack passing which allows the opposition to counter, weak shooting from easy positions etc etc. The list goes on. I think that Iwobi is a graceful mover with the ball who links up quite well, but sadly he has not got it at big moments. All great players perform at key moments. Iwobi does not.

  2. Darren Porter says:

    I absolutely agree with Dan Smith’s assessment. Quite simply, Iwobi is not good enough to play for Arsenal. Even Nigeria had him as sub in the World Cup. He flatters to deceive. He runs into blind alleys, his control generally is appallling , he shoots wildly and his care of the ball is so bad it beggars belief. Please just watch him closley and see how many times he gives the ball away in a game ot kicks it out of touch. He plays and usually gets subbed at half time when things are not working out.
    He is not in the same class as Ramsey or Ozil. How he warrants a place in the first eleven, let alone on the bench, above these two and others, is a sign of how poor the ‘Arsenal’ are. The acid test is to ask you non supporting Arsenal mates if they would like him in their team. The answer is always a definitive’ no thank you ‘.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ??Why is any criticism of Iwobi seen as “racist”, when Arsenal has loved so many black players from Viv Anderson on. Other players are rightly praised and criticized as their performances require. No one says Mezut Ozil shouldn’t be criticized because he is of Turkish/German descent.

    1. Goonster says:

      I don’t rate Iwobi but he is a good squad player. The resentment towards him is only born out of Ozil being as flatter to deceive player himself. The Ozil fan club look at Iwobi as the reason their princess charming (Ozil) is out of the first team. Iwobi is playing as a winger, the position the Ozil fan club have been crying about for seasons whenever Ozil is asked to play there.

      Ozil and Iwobi are as effective as eqch other most of the time (average performers).

      Ozil has had more then enough tries at Arsenal, wenger bent over to accommodate him season after season. Iwobi has been a typical in and out squad player in most of that time. What has Ozil comtributed to the club in the EPL, CL etc? We finished 5th and 6th with Ozil as our so called main player. I just don’t get it.

      If i had magic powers I would get rid of most of the squad apart from Torriera, young Guendouzi, Auba, Laca and 50/50 Leno.

      1. Dan kit says:

        That’s not true goonster I think iwobi as a footballer is absolutely shockingly bad ,and I’m also for selling ozil in the summer so I’m in no ozil fan club ,but any normal football follower can see if they actually watch football is that iwobi is not fit to lace ozils boots .at this given time ozil should be in the starting 11 it dosent take a genius to work it out, but if he’s not to be played then he needs to be properly replaced with quality not this pipe dream that iwobi can take his place .which I keep reading on here .end of the day iwobi is not good enough for this team unless ofc you’re happy to finish 6th every season

        1. Goonster says:

          @Dan kit.
          You are also entitled to your own subjective opinion like I am. You think Ozil should just walk into the team no matter what (out of form or not). That is your own opinion that you are entitled to.
          And I will keep saying, with or without Ozil in the team there seems to be little to no improvement or effect. Shows how dead he is. You interchange between Iwobi or Ozil and still nothing improves in the team.

          And also this should show how dead Ozil is, now you have people that are comparing him to Iwobi. How the mighty have fallen. No big club ever wanted him apart from Chinese club, he is now being compared to “Iwo” flipping “bi”.

          The moment people would rather have Iwobi in the team or any other player instead of Ozil should set off alarms for tye Ozil fan club.

      2. Midkemma says:

        I like how you had to say “Ozil fan club” and I bet anyone who shows any respect towards Ozil will get thrown in that box huh?
        I call that a pathetic and cheap way of dismissing anything good about a player, being able to put it down to the individual being part of the fan club, it is a cheap trick.

        If we wish to talk about facts then we can see how often Iwobi has been played in a pos that best suits him even if it means shoving Auba on the right where he hasn’t performed as well for us… And comparing that to Ozil being played on the wing when he is not a winger.

        You are ignoring how Wenger failed Ozil by lacking a DM and Emery who has a DM is failing Ozil by playing him out of pos. Lets judge Ozil on being used wrongly, that is what the Ozil haters are doing. Then comparing that to Iwobi who has been used in ways that get the best out of him… and it still found lacking.

        1. Goonster says:

          Sorry but it is the truth. Ozil has a fan club that most of you guys are members. No shame in it.
          Please stop with the Ozil excuses, “Wenger failed him blah blah”.
          We have had enough of that nonsense. Those Ozil excuses are used up and tired. They have been recycled and regurgitated for seasons now.. It is never Ozil’s fault but everyone and everything around him according to you guys. It’s always “This player, That player, This manager, That manager, This formation , That formation, These fans and Those fans etc.. You guys never hold him accountable for anything.

          And that is why you are in a Fan Club in my opinion.

      3. jon fox says:

        A good post and I agree with your last sentence, apart from being a tad more onside with LENO than you. Those players apart there is not one other of proven quality , though I would keep Holding, Mavrop and all the young fringe players too, such as AM-N, E S-R, Nelson, Saka. Not that taken as yet with Eddie either but would keep for a while to see how he progresses.
        As to the Iwobi racism debate, it is of course a ridiculous and disgustingly wrong charge by a number of (though far from all) Nigerians, who are in fact racist themselves by failing to understand that those who just don’t rate Iwobi as a player care nothing about his background. They wrongly assume that other fans, non Nigerians, are as concerned by nationality or skin colour as they clearly are. Frankly their disgusting and slanderous charges to the rest of us decent Gooners are sick and dangerous. They should grow up and learn that very few, VERY, VERY, VERY few fans are even remotely racist. Those who ARE though all seem to be from Nigeria.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      No point mentioning racism!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’ll tell you what a large lot of AFC fans have in here @@@Confirmation Bias@@@ and wouldn’t you know it, we have a perfect example right here with the article. Iwobi was the best player in that first half at Wham, not maybe, he was the best player on the pitch. After the Che game finished, it was mentioned that @Iwobi created more chances away to Wham, than the entire Chelsea midfield created all afternoon throughout their game. Too many of our other players didn’t show up v Wham, do we pick out Torriera, Lacazette, Leno, Guendouzi, or whoever was supposed to be on the other wing opposite from Iwobi. Those players were terrible. Iwobi in the second half, was not worse than anyone in particular, but he done enough for us to win that game. Remember when you used to blame Giroud for Ozil having a bad game, how you used to say if he had more pace and good players in front of him, remember that. Iwobi actually should’ve had a couple assists, but for bad decisions from the player[s] on end of it. He also put in a huge shift, pressing and defending, which by the way, is why Ozil is finding things a bit sketchy.

      I talk about form, and performances, unless we’re talking about Auba ..because he is electric this season. The game before Wham, again Iwobi was one of the stand out players. He had a difficult patch for a spell, but before that difficult patch he was one of our unsung heroes along that 22 game unbeaten run.

      @@Confirmation bias – Iwobi, Bellerin, Ramsey, Cech, I see it with Ozil even at times. Ramsey esp, myself and RSH are the only two, I can remember, who don’t overrate or underestimate with this one. We even have one on here who has such a huge ego, that he believes, the minority in here know more than AFC legends, ex PL managers and players, scouting teams, pundits, because he says we see more from watching them for years. They watch too buddy, every televised game, AFC legends will watch it all, they all grew up in it, and besides, when you say ..we watch them more, you’re forgetting the minority part, online. What a blooming ego.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sorry B-o-t, Aubameyang was not”electric” against West Ham. Again he missed a number of clear cut chances. It is well understood that all strikers miss chances; however if Aubameyang had taken the chances he has fluffed this season, he would be out of sight for leading scorer and Arsenal would be higher up the table.

  3. Samuel says:

    Arsenal vs Chelsea 3-0. Iwobi was excellent. Chelsea vs Arsenal at the beginning of the season, at the Liverpool bantering he was the only existent player on the pitch. The problem which all of you have with him is goals and if I remember correctly y’all did the same to sterling until he started scoring frequently.

    1. McLovin says:

      Sterling already scored 10 goals on his second season. After that he has scored 11, 11, 10, 23, 10.

      This is Iwobi’s 3rd full season, with 3 goals so far. 3 last year, 4 before that. He’s yet to start scoring.

      He’s a decent squad player at the moment, also homegrown.

    2. Midkemma says:

      Not just goals, it is his end product, the whole package of final ball.
      Not just shooting but assisting, creating chances for the team, having purpose with the ball instead of looking like a lost headless chicken.

  4. Sue says:

    I think those stats speak volumes!
    If Iwobi has to play, I’d rather it be as a sub.. yes I know he has pace & is quite skilful, but put him in front of goal & he becomes lost! His decision making isn’t up to scratch!!

    1. Mobella says:

      Sue, this is a flawed argument for me. Why comparing Iwobi with more established and far talented Ozil. Whether fans like it or not and hate to accept it Iwobi has improved and with his improvements he still has nothing on Ozil. Except this is to placate us Ozil’s admires there is nothing in it.

  5. Antonio Nayeb says:

    Totally agree.
    Iwobi undoubtably has talent however the vision at the majority of the time just doesn’t seem there enough.

  6. Red and white says:

    Can we have a statistic linking direct or indirect goals wrt loss of possession / error for both players? I am an #Emeryout, but on this topic he is spot on.The lad is improving and its good for both club and player

    1. Phil says:


      1. Red and white says:

        He is putting some decent performances in a below average team. At least he takes the ball forward i think monreal is missed on that flank and belerin on the other

        1. Dan kit says:

          Decent performances!! Please remind me I’ve forgotten already

          1. Red and white says:

            Surely Dan waiting for the next game team sheet, will remind you to watch the game

            1. Dan kit says:

              Didn’t get any of that

  7. Isaac says:

    I Am African and black for starters and hopefully my comment is far from racist. For a while I have said it, each time Iwobi and Guendouzi start, we have lacked that game control and spark. Whereas Matteo is young and has time to mature and deserves cameo appearances but he is also not the best choice of young midfielders we could have got, does play that incisive pass, can’t retain the ball, periodically picks a long pass(but check Sandro Tonelli), he’s more of mediocre and unlike Cesc I honestly don’t see him coming of something
    Iwobi on the other hand has those little glimpses of a good touch, dribble or turn but that’s just about it, he won’t contribute Much in attack, won’t get direct involvement is goals or set up, but in a way will survive ‘Jay Jay’s nephew’ you look around at wingers from other big team and that’s when you realize the Emirates faithful are being cheated, Sane, Sterling, Mahrez, Salah, Neymar ( one thing is they know what to do in the final third and won’t get brain lock at the moments that matter) and Ozil too has this that makes him special, he gets into the channel and his ball back be assured will have direction

    Truth Iwobi can’t be relied on to drive you even for 10/38 games, even for a team like Everton, he simply doesn’t fit. I think he should be let go coz he is the player to be called upon by a big team, and team is better off mounding Rowe smith for cameo appearances

  8. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I won’t say Iwobi has never stepped up in the big games, that’ll be a big lie.. He’s the only winger we have, we all know what he’s capable of but the problem with his is the final pass and finishing touch he lacks.. I have no problem with playing Iwobi when he’s in form, the game against Chelsea he stepped up big time, he seems to always do that against Chelsea, Our first leg at home to Liverpool, I believe he changed the game and got Lacazette his goal didn’t he?
    The problem with this team is it’s full of poor players, The case of Ozil is while Iwobi has the strength and agility, he lacks the vision and pass accuracy, while Ozil doesn’t have the strength to do everything Iwobi does, he has that quality Iwobi lacks by a great mile.
    Personally I love when then both play, each games they played last season after Sanchez left, they worked together, Ozil seemed to be looking for Iwobi and Iwobi was always drifting and trying to look for Ozil to make the final pass maybe, I could remember cussing at my TV because Iwobi cpuldcw done something but he was looking for Ozil. I’ll say they compliment each other…
    I criticize Iwobi whenever he’s playing poorly and I credit him a lot when he steps up, I’ve never hidden that fact. I guess it seems like a war brewing because Emery prefers to leave Ozil at home and Iwobi on the pitch, it’s the reason people keep questioning what he brings to the team and question him a lot, like I’ve said Emery needs to play all our best players every time, and for the wings Iwobi is the best option to play there, Play these guys together and let them do their job but no, the bugger has disrupted the team in so many ways..
    He’s at fault if Iwobi keeps getting picked on like that, since People expect Ozil to do every job on the pitch and he’s not even playing, I guess people want to see Iwobi doing it instead since he’s getting picked ahead of Ozil, people point to his stats, assists and goals, it’s Emery’s fault the heat on Ozil and Iwobi got doubled or rather tripled this season.
    Iwobi will never alone carry the team, the boy ain’t no Messi or Mbappe but Emery sees him as one of Messi/Mbappe/Hazard so people criticize the boy a lot, even when he plays well, folks says he did nothing or should’ve done better

    1. ToluCOYG says:

      Waiting for who will disagree with your post, 100% agree.
      The sticks that boy is getting is simply from Ozil lovers.
      Ozil’s vison that comes to play once in every 5 matches, what do we call that.
      Iwobi should just leave the team, then maybe they’ll have their peace. Oh i forgot, they wont, Elneny would definitely be the next obvious target.

    2. Arsenal fan 999 says:


    3. Midkemma says:

      Iwobi has improved this season, at least in my opinion, he is still lacking in attack though and in some ways I feel Kola is better suited at providing that final ball.

      If Iwobi could defend like a defender then I would be really curious to how well he could do as a LB, having players ahead of him who have that final ball could mean a lot of his work doesn’t get wasted by his own lack of final ball.

  9. Lenohappy says:

    “So, if our manager is picking Iwobi over Ozil for tactical reasons and we play like we did at the weekend, we have a right to criticise the player as well as the coach”.Really isobutane created lots of chances in that match,he even defended very well,what else do you want him to do,like I keep saying it’s not his fault that the coach keep using him ahead of ozil and please just stop already,xhaka is supposed to be ozil replacement but not iwobi because iwobi has been playing on the wings,this reminds me of a young sterling at Liverpool,people keep saying he’s not good enough look at him now,the same thing goes for chamberlain,it’s only arsenal fans that will wnat a player to disappoint just to prove some silly points,this past 4 matches iwobi has been our best player

    1. T'ble maker says:

      Nice one lenohappy

    2. Phil says:

      Ben our best player?
      Number of assists please?
      Number of goals scored?
      Number of times he completely messed up with poor choice of final ball or just inbred inability to make the correct decision?NUMEROUS
      The player is a trier.He works hard.But do you seriously believe Iwobi has the quality we need?I don’t and never had.Probably never will

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Phil I get your drift but since the entire team has been poor lately and our attack seems to go through Iwobi with him working hard I guess you have to call him our best option so far

        1. ToluCOYG says:

          Dont expect that please, his peace of mind depends on Iwobi’s poor performances.
          Anytime Ozil is not playing, someone else should fill the role of the holding midfielder and Xhaka should step up to replace Ozil and not Iwobi as postulated. Its no rocket science that Xhaka is absolutely useless yet no one here will pick on him, its always Iwobi.
          Iwobi has won MOTM already this season, not perfomed spectacularly but not badly. I’ve read all sorts of derogatory words used on him on this site, quite appalling.
          You can lay on him for a particular match but saying he can never fulfill his future potentials is gross, are you God?
          Eddie, i appreciate your decent amd civil objectiveness, remain blessed.

          1. Phil says:

            There are some who feel Iwobi is blessed with talent.He is not.He is an AVERAGE Premier League Player AT BEST.
            Would he get in ANY other Top 6 side?The answer is an emphatic NO.But some feel he is good enough for us.That is why we are where we are because of players with the ability of Iwobi AND Xhaka.(I won’t get started on the defence).
            I remember one of Iwobi’s early games at the Nou Camp against Barca.Lost 3-1 but Iwobi played well that evening.But has he EVER really showed the talent to ever be considered good enough?Not in my mind he hasn’t and I just do not believe he ever will

            1. ToluCOYG says:

              Who says he’s got heavenly talent? Just calling a dog a bad so you could kill it, continue.
              Tarkowski is a good defender capable of playing for any top 6 yet he’s still stucked with burnley.
              Zaha, would comfortably replace Iwobi in our team, yet stuck with Palace.
              Ndidi will replace Winks easily at Spurs, yet still with Leicester.
              Maguire is better than an central defenders paraded by United, yet still with Leicester.
              And a host of good players playing for teams below the top 6.
              Presently, he’s not at the level expected of him but its clear for all to see the heart he’s got. You can’t say he will never come good, stop playing God who alone knows tomorrow.
              “Talent will get you there, hardwork and determination will keep you there”.
              If you so detest him, buy up the club and terminate his contract.

              1. Dan kit says:

                I’m with @phil please I would love stats to show us just how good he is ,are we talking Robert pires stats here ?please some one post them for me to shut me up .
                I’m a football fan not just an arsenal fan and it bugs me how some fans would rather see their Country man in their team head of what’s best for the team .how any fan on here can actually keep a straight face while writing some of this crap is beyond me .
                We are talking about a player who can’t not complete more than 20 %of his passing in a game ,can only dribble past himself then lose the ball ,shoots like a 10 year old kid .but he lets start ahead of a World Cup winner who’s stats don’t lie .
                Btw I’m not ozils biggest fan but I want what’s best for our team and that’s ozil but a country mile ,not just ahead of iwobi ahead of every attacking midfielder in our team .

                1. ToluCOYG says:

                  You see why i said you are engaging in calling a dog a bad name so you could kill it? Just went round the internet to fetch some if his statistics, checked on passes completed, none scored him lower than 71% and you wrote above to not completing more than 20%. Sir, for your health sake, stop the bashing.
                  Just as you all wish, once we get funds then we can buy a replacement for him.
                  So you agree to Phil saying he will never fulfill his potential? Hmmmmm, only if men can be God.

                  1. Phil says:

                    See-the whole topic headline suggests that anyone writing anything that approaches criticism of Iwobi is “sometimes” viewed as racist and your tone suggests this.It is nothing to do with racism and certainly nothing to do with God who you like to mention other than “God Given Talent”.Unfortunately Iwobi Just hadn’t got this talent and no matter how hard he tries he will NEVER have the skills to be considered a top player.

                    1. ToluCOYG says:

                      Phil, all we are saying is just for you to engage an appreciable standard of moral values.
                      What if i come around and say, with whatever you’re doing you will never come out good.
                      To also add that you will never be globally known and your future is bleak just becos i feel you are not talented enough.
                      Would you appreciate it?
                      Cos these are kinda statements made to people of your and they commit suicide easily.
                      Either you like it or not, he’ll continue to play ahead of Ozil until he’s ready to work hard for the team.

                2. Mobella says:

                  The same stats people discredited when it comes to Ozil. Iwobi is getting there. The only thing remain is goals. If Emery has taken him to task on that and encourage him to shoot more we would have had a couple of goals. We can slate him when our are wasting the chances he is creating. In our last 3 to 4 matches I’m struggling to pick any our players that out performed him. I don’t need goals or assists from him to see that. People should stop saying he is not talented because he is. A player without talent and beat opponent on one on one consistently and pick out some good pass( Fulham match comes to mind).

                3. Boluwatife says:

                  So if I may ask, who will you play ahead of him in our team currently? The guy has being on a good run and should be encouraged not bashed always. It’s guys like you that polarise the world.
                  As long as you keep being unfair, we his country men, will always rise to defend him.

          2. Midkemma says:

            Ozil isn’t a holding midfielder, think you need to learn more about football… number 10 and holding midfielders are different. Holding midfielder normally refers to the deep midfielder, the one who provides an extra line of defense… They can be creative players, they do not have to be though.

            That is not Ozil.

            Xhaka is not an Ozil replacement, Xhaka is a deep lying playmaker while Ozil is a number 10, different players in different roles. number 10s offer through ball threats as well as other creative threats, a DLP is someone who will do long balls or help retain possession.

            As for claiming people do not pick on Xhaka, seriously, WTF????
            I have read so many people moan about him, saying he shouldn’t be here and how Wenger wasted £35 million… Why did you lie and claim people do not moan about Xhaka?

  10. Lenohappy says:

    You nailed it bro @eddie.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  11. Darren says:

    If you pro-Iwobi supporters believe that Iwobi should be in the first team, let alone on the bench, you deserve every result we get. Consider whether he would get in any other top six side, even top eight. You want average and mediocre, Iwobi is your man.

  12. Gavana says:

    Henry 1:1 Viera

  13. joshinoe says:

    I don’t understand why people keep seeing Iwobi as the problem instead of giving this young lad a chance to keep improving. Arsene Wenger rates him highly, Emery believes in him. His national team coach loves him. Iwobi was good against Chelsea, and Liverpool especially in the second leg at Anfield, those were big games too. It’s not Iwobi’s fault that Ozil is benched. Wenger used both Iwobi and Ozil on the field of play together. Which other player in this current team can run on the wings taking on defenders in the process? Iwobi track players back when defending, he has a good understanding with Kolasinac. most of Arsenal’s goals lately is from the left position where they both play. Iwobi is clearly the future of Nigerian team, don’t let the world cup deceive you. He is adored in Nigeria. He scored the winning goal that took them to the world cup after all.

  14. Seye Adewunmi says:

    The way people talk about football is amazing, we’re all pundits now,so we talked about sterling and how he has improved It’s because he is surrounded by good ball players at man city,and against west ham iwobi happens to be the only one pushing and working hard at the front,but we are all omitting something which our dead midfield of xhaka and guendozi,no creation,It’s all s8de ways balls which even affected the front and i will be blame the coach as well,you don’t change a winning team, he keeps changing players and this is bad and it affects the confidence of the players etc lacazzet,and iwobi plays much better when he plays with nacho,we need to pray for this team instead of condemning them, don’t be surprised the same iwobi if given the chance at clubs like city and liverpool will become.much better player

  15. ebilalas says:

    It seems every Arsenal player is a flop,Xhaka is bad, Elneny is poor,Ramsey is shit,Ozil is lazy,Mustafi sucks,iwobi is average…….so on and on

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Unfortunately many of we older posters have been privileged to see so many great skilled and committed players wear the Arsenal shirt.
      The disappointment for me is, that for so many of the current players, it is just a very well paid job based in London. They are not committed to the badge and can’t even lift themselves for a London derby like West Ham United.

  16. Boluwatife says:

    So here we go again. I am not someone that rates Iwobi that high is, if even at all. I Whenever I see him in the starting 11 (both in the national team and club) I do not feel optimistic and I think most fans share this same feeling. The reason why most rise to his defense passionately is probably because they feel he doesn’t get treated fairly. I also believe he doesn’t get a fair treatment but I do not think it’s cos of his skin colour. Arsenal fans do have their favourites and those they easily pick on. For example, players like Ramsey, Xhaka, Ozil and Iwobi do get more criticism than praise even when the clearly merit the latter. When these players have a very obvious strong performance, you hear fans talking about how irregular such performances are. In the Pool game and one other game that Iwobi had a good performance, I saw a comment in which someone was saying he made few key passes as if players like Aubameyang do anything in games rather then popping up to score one or two goals in a match.
    Toreira has being performing poorly in recent games yet he’s still a god to many. It’s a blip not inconsistency issue. He caused us a goal against Pool and Fulham, yet we do not read anyone criticizing that. Not like that’s bad, but shouldn’t same or something similar apply to all?

  17. A.G.Douglas says:

    Please Arsenal fans don’t give up on your players. Chelsea gave up on Salah etc. Man Untied did the same Pogba etc the list goes on. Iwobi will be a great player in time. I am asking you fans to encourage your players and see their potential to be better. Stop limiting them. Bergkamp was rejected by Inter etc. His career was going nowhere. But you Arsenal fans supported and loved him. The same with Thierry Henri. They are legends thanks to the fans. Let us support the players and dream big.

    1. Phil says:

      There are many players who did not succeed playing in Italy.DB10 and TH14 were just two of a long list.But I hope your not suggesting Iwobi is comparable to the two living legends are you?I know the worlds gone mad but surely not THAT MAD

  18. Fabulous says:

    Some on this site are just so concerned with Iwobi. Even when the topic isn’t centered around him yet they somehow find a way to mention him.
    Days he performs excellently ,some still point to his shooting ability just to undermine his performance but fail to recognize we have 3 strikers that are paid to score goals.
    People that know the game of football should know that there is no perfect player (player that possess all ability needed in football). Even Messi has his own weaknesses. It is how consistent you maximize your strength that makes you a great player. Iwobi’s strength is his speed, dribbling ability,physical strength and passes(especially lay offs). All these he uses to great effect especially this season. His obvious weaknesses are shooting, concentration and decision making.
    Every player has its unique role in the team. His role is not to score, that is the work of Auba and Laca. He plays to link attack and Defense which he has done so efficiently. Just check his chemistry with Kolasinac this season,It’s no coincidence that Kolasinac has blossomed in attack so well this season. Lovers off stat should also know that he has a couple of assists this season and pre-assits which could have been more if not for occasionally wastefulness of our strikers this season.
    I find comparison with Ozil ludicrous and an attempt by haters to undermine him because they don’t play the same position(or do you guys prefer Ozil playing from left wing) , their salaries are miles apart (his performance and salary are relative ), One is still young and trying to fulfill his potential.
    And please stop saying he can never be a great player, its just got to show how myopic your knowledge of football is. There are so many players that weren’t even at his level at his age yet they grew up to become superstars. And you can’t tell me someone who is terrible as some here feel would be promoted from our Academy and has been a regular for two great managers.

    1. ToluCOYG says:

      Couldn’t have said it better bro.
      For both country and club, he’s done little to command respect. He’s damn average at best, that’s the truth.
      But to start laying into his future like i’m God, i will never.
      I wasnt suprised when one of them here made a case for the white guy that threw a banana peel at Auba. The thrower said he threw what was at his disposal then. Only for me to get here and see someone supporting him that he could have thrown it unknowingly, i mean, who does that.
      Its gonna be hard for the country men of Iwobi not to see all of these as supremacist attitude towards him.
      If you guys want him, buy up the club and terminate his contract, simple.

      1. Phil says:

        Ok let’s get some perspective here shall we.I don’t HATE Alex Iwobi.I just simply believe he is a very very average footballer.I used to really rate Kanu.Same country.Same colour.The difference here is that one was a supremely gifted footballer blessed with unbelievable ability and the other is Alex Iwobi.
        There was a period when Arsenal had these players all through the SQUAD not just the TEAM.Our front two at Old Trafford in 2002 when we clinched the Double were Kanu and Sylvan Wilford.Injured for that match were Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.That is the quality we used to have.That is the quality we need to get back challenging for the major honours.
        I believe nobody seriously considers Iwobi is and never will no a No10.That just won’t happen.So if he is likely to be played wide left I will give you a list of players we IUSED to have at this Club.
        George Armstrong
        Graham Rix
        Brian Marwood
        Anders Limpar
        Robert Pires
        Every one of these players would walk into this Arsenal team at the moment as a Left sided attacker.THAT is the quality we need and the quality we demand.Unfortunately Iwobi will NEVER be able to match the quality needed.That is a fact.

        1. ToluCOYG says:

          At the moment, he’s not good enough, no doubt.
          Its funny when you remain adamant on him never to come out good later. Just continue if that makes you happy.
          Ever heard of “late bloomers”. Maybe you gat little time in you to see Arsenal flourish again, dont worry, its gonna happen soon. Iwobi is average, even safe to say he’s below average, we all know that. He’s so bad that he plays like a toddler, we are aware of that. Its either Ozil sorts himself out to replace him asap or you buy up the club and terminates his contract. Its that simple, deal with it.

          1. Phil says:

            But it’s not that simple is it?Some feel he is a better player than he actually is.Some feel he is developing and will get better.I feel that with what he has shown so far is that whatever improvement he has made still is not good enough.I obviously expect higher standards than others.That goes in all walks of life.Deal with that Pal(PS That was especially for @Ken1945).

            1. ken1945 says:

              Phil, been waiting patiently, what took you so long?

              My take on this is that this is a football forum dedicated to Arsenal and it’s fans / supporters.
              We have a multitude of players from
              different countries, backgrounds and cultures.

              Once they pull on the shirt, they are Arsenal players.
              We just judge them on performances and nothing else and in my opinion, that’s what’s going on here.

              Iwobi? He’s not keeping Ozil out, Unai Emery is.
              Does he warrant a place in the team? Ask Unai Emery.
              He doesn’t think Ozil does, so one either accepts his decisions or not!
              Maybe some silly fan will accuse UE of having favourites, after all, that’s what the same silly fan accused our ex of wasn’t it?

        2. ebilalas says:

          You need to blame the owner for not buying quality player you mentioned (far better than Iwobi) not hating on Iwobi……….. I get your fustration
          Peace out ✌✌

        3. john wheeler says:

          agree 100%

      2. Midkemma says:

        I questioned if the banana had real racial abuse behind it, claims from his lawyer was saying that there was nothing racist behind it, how do you know what was going through a man’s head…
        Are you some kinda ‘god’? (BTW, which god? i assume a single god and ignoring the many god of other religions?)
        I do not know if it was motivated by skin colour or if it was generally what he had in his hand at the time… How do you?
        Should all men stop eating bananas incase we get accused of being racist?

        I like how you had to highlight ‘white’ in the mans description, if that was reversed and it was a white man saying black then BOOM! White man being racist.

        You are a racist piece of sht.
        Claim others are racist to deflect from the truth, you can’t put skin colour out of your mind and treat human beings as human beings!

        Go on and claim I am racist… I love it when people do. I grew up being bullied for being white, I got called the milky bar kid on a daily basis. I grew up in a small town outside Birmingham in the UK, it is a hub for multiple cultures which I find beautiful. Yes I questioned if an act was motivated by racial issues or if it was a stupid person who threw something which can be mistaken as racist and as such, taken as racist because someone cried wolf.

        My point here is that anything can be taken and misread. Not to jump to conclusions and instead, find the truth. If the man threw the banana as a racial insult then punish him for it, if it wasn’t then do not claim it was and then play the victim card. That is kinda being racist yourself to turn something into a racial issue when it wasn’t.

        1. ToluCOYG says:

          Call me whatever you want, i don’t care cos it wont get me banging my head against my smartphone.
          We all know Iwobi is average and the earlier the board signs a better player, the best for us all.
          But as it stands, Iwobi keeps your lazy Ozil outta the squad. Thats the truth which you all should deal with.
          Castigate him all you like, it won’t bore me neither will Iwobi drop football to become something else.
          The fact is this, when you moan too much, its bad for your health.

          1. Phil says:

            Guys-you are overstepping the “Unwritten Law” on this site.NO RELIGION.NO RACIST ACCUSATIONS.
            If Admin was monitoring this he would have stepped in so with him being away you should respect the values on this site in his absence.

    2. Midkemma says:

      “Some on this site are just so concerned with Iwobi. Even when the topic isn’t centered around him yet they somehow find a way to mention him.”

      Yet the thread is about him and we are talking about him in this topic.

      I am a regular on this site and I have read many threads which do not bring up Iwobi.

      Not as much as the hate Ozil or Xhaka gets, they do get more hate than Iwobi… Yet you proclaim that this site are just so concerned about a player who is average at best… PMSL.

      Any football fan who has understanding of football will recognise that all Iwobi has is effort, not lies, like Beckham only had a good right foot. If Iwobi can make the most out of his limited talent is another question.

      I wonder if the supporting comments for Iwobi are coming from specific people who may be able to associate themselves with Iwobi over being an Arsenal supporter…

  19. Kenny Rolfe says:

    We won’t win nothing while the likes of Iwobi, Xhaka and Mustafi remain in our team and their not the only ones. Simple as that.

  20. Midkemma says:

    Why does the racist card get played so much with Iwobi?

    I have read so many Arsenal supporters scream out for a new Vieira.
    I have read the hype around AMN.
    I have read people praise Gilberto and point to him as our last WC DM.
    I have read people sing TH14 praise.
    I have read the support Eboue had during his personal life issues.
    I have read posts admiring Kanu.

    I do not see a racial issue with Iwobi, I see a skill issue, if he has the skill then I am confident Arsenal fans would be supporting him like people are claiming for AMN to be given more time or how Nelson could do better when comparing how well he has done on loan.

    Another thing I do see is the abuse Ozil has had.
    The abuse Xhaka has had.
    The abuse Bellerin received.

    From my perspective, more white players get moaned at than black, in all cases it is about what the player brings to Arsenal over their skin colour.

    Claiming people are being racist is disgusting when they are just being honest about a players skill level. If anyone has been abused for their skin colour then they know that bashing on Iwobi skill isn’t being racist and to claim otherwise is belittling those who have suffered real racial abuse. You should be disgusted with yourself. Not for your skin colour but for being a horrible human being!

    1. jon fox says:

      One of your best ever posts, full of straight to the point, no nonsense, tell it as it is truth. Congrats! They just can’t get it into their own daft unthinking heads that we fans couldn’t care less whether players come from England, France, Nigeria, Gabon(as Auba does) Australia, Timbuktu or the MOON! We don’t care if their skin is white, black, yellow, green with orange dots or anything. We DO KNOW IT IS VITAL TO ACTUALLY HAVE Skin. But as ALL DO , we leave it at that. We ARE concerned with two things.; have they got the required ability; have they got the required fighting spirit. End of!

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jon, you should also be congratulated for your common sense reply.
        Never expected anything less from you on this subject and it gladdens me to see so many of us think alike on the ugly face of racism.
        I would like to think that Iwobi would see it in the same light as you, Phil and midkemma have so passionately described (amongst so many).

  21. Grandad says:

    We won’t win anything because of our inadequate defenders not because of Iwobi, Ozil or Ramsay.Iwobi is not being played instead of Ozil.We are not comparing like with like.Iwobi is being used as a wide attacking midfielder who covers more ground than any other player because he is the best athlete on our books.He is a prodigious worker who has strength, speed and the physique to play as a defensive midfielder.What the lad lacks is football intelligence and composure.He will probably never overcome these weaknesses but is most certainly a more than useful member of our squad.Wenger and Emery both rate him highly and with respect to our fans these professional Managers know more about football than we do.Time to get off Iwobi,’s back. He is not the problem.

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