The curious case of Welbeck in an Arsenal shirt! Keep or sell?

When Arsenal signed Danny Welbeck from Manchester United in 2014, the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger claimed that the deal went through because the Manchester club owed him ‘a favour’ after the sale of Robin van Persie. But three years on, it appears that the deal was a shrewd piece of business from the side of Louis van Gaal, who had made it clear that there was no space in his side for Welbeck.

Since moving to the Emirates, the Englishman has managed to make just 66 appearances in three years, scoring just 17 goals in all competitions and has the lowest goals-to-game ratio of all the club’s forwards. Over the course of his Arsenal career, you could think of innumerable instances where the former Manchester United star has missed absolute sitters and the fact that he cannot seem to stay fit for extended periods of time does not help his cause either.

But what is really disappointing about the situation is that the player has everything it takes to succeed as a striker in the Premier League. With raw pace and acceleration to go with a good physical presence and ability in the air, one might say that Danny has failed to live up to his potential so far in an Arsenal shirt. Despite all his attributes, the one thing he seems to lack is what is most important for a striker – finishing. If he can improve on that, I do not see why he cannot score 20 goals a season.

Considering the fact that the Englishman is still only 26 and has been extremely unlucky with injuries, perhaps he can be given more time at the club. But the fact of the matter is, neither Welbeck, Giroud or Walcott for that matter are capable of leading the team towards the title. These are players who can play second-fiddle to strikers in the class of Aguero, Costa or Lewandowski. So with that being said, the next season will be crucial for Welbeck in terms of his Arsenal career – if he fails to maintain his fitness and does not improve on his finishing, he must be let go.

Who agrees?



  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Sell, sell, sell and sell!

    Danny is a great athlete but a class footballer with natural ability he is not.

    Said it the other day. I’ve never seen a footballer rep l an oncoming football so well. Watching him with a ball is like watching a cat pawing at a piece of wool.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Repel an oncoming football

  2. GrahamB says:


  3. Drayton says:

    Keep. Sell Giroud and Walcott. Welbeck may not be the finisher we want him to be, but he’s a very nice change-of-pace squad option. He also has a knack for popping up against Man U, and I’d rather forgo the 10-15 million we’d get for that alone!

  4. judge_me_in_ may... 5097 says:

    Curious indeed.
    LVG described Wellbeck
    as a donkey yet Wenger panic
    bought Wellbeck for 16 mill.
    9 premier league goals in three seasons from this brilliant talent
    who will be on the books 4 more years.
    There are many more curious cases in the Wenger archive.
    Amaury Bischoff Yaya Sanogo Marouane Chamakh
    Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi, better known as Gervinho.
    Park Chu-Young Mr Nicklas(Lord) Bendtner. 浅野拓磨 Asano Takuma
    All the best strikers in Europe were connected to Arsenal but
    Mr Wenger chose to buy these clueless klumsy klutz calamities.
    Arsene has an eye for talent..maybe a glass eye.
    Arsene knows best.

  5. amb98 says:

    Welbeck is not a world class player, never will be, but I would much rather have him over Walcott and Giroud as he is a fighter and always gives 110%. Keep him as a squad player.

  6. Krish says:

    Welbeck is a joke of a striker..
    sell him asap..

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Welbeck’s miss of the season against Everton tells us everything we need to know about him. He’s barely good enough for the bench! Apparently Wenger wanted him on loan, instead of a buying him, but why was Wenger even considering a loan for a player of Welbeck’s limited ability, and terrible scoring record, when we desperately needed a top striker?

    On top of that, he’s become incredibly injury-prone, so he has to be sold. He’ll most likely get a pay raise, with Wenger in charge though.

  8. Krish says:

    and those people who compare him with giroud and walcott, giroud is much more of a fighter and thrice as good as welbeck and superb option from the bench and walcott is one of our best finishers that guy knows how to shoot unlike welbeck or ox who can only run and dribble nicely with no end product.. i dont get all the hate on walcott how many wingers out there have more goals than walcott?

  9. Sean says:

    Sell along with Wilshere, Debuchy, Per, Giroud, Walcott… maybe Ramsey & Coq! They are not good enough for Arsenal, plis all their wages add up along with small fees just to get rid. Start rebuilding with this… then;
    1. Usmanov buys out Kronke
    2. Dein replaces Ivan & Dick
    3. Wenger leaves
    4. Big transfers with new owner
    5. New big name manager
    6. Ambition shown, Alexis signs monster deal
    7. Ozil signs on dotted line for 180k or leaves

    Ready for New campaign with New Owner, New Manager, New Big Players, New Coaches & a New Belief in every Arsenal Fan across the globe.

    Players brought in i would love Usmanov & Dein to oversea this even just for one season by David as he is gettin older, think in his 70s now. Who we sign??

    1. Rorie Day says:

      I agree with your list except one:

      Le Coq – The criticism he gets is isn’t just ridiculous it sad (not from you) he has never been a dictator or a play-maker. He’s a destroyer who has a better passing range than he gets credit for.

      Last year, when we were leaking goals left right and centre, he came and saved our season from total collapse. And is 1000 times more committed than his “Superiors” in Ramsey and Xhaka (who might come good).

      As for Welbeck, I’d keep him as depth; as he’d be a good option for the Europa once Perez has left.

      list: even if it pains me to see Wilshere go…. At least we had that night against Barca…

      1. Sean says:

        I do get where your coming from though he takes up wages & space just sitting on the bench as a new enforcer would be bought, was between him & Elneny! Elneny just as good as him & can play a few positions, him, xhaka & new dmf… santi is there too! Who would you bring in as a dmf?

        Wilshere again will take up space, his injuries will never go away but if needs be loan him as much as possible & see where it goes? next summer it will be Santi near 33 ready to go! We need a whole rebuild the next 3 transfer windows esp this summer & next as Jan not greatest time to gt good players

  10. n1gooner says:

    Absolute joke fan base we have. Danny has given 110% every game for us and had he not been unlucky with injuries he would be even better then when he first came here. There is more dead wood here then starting on welbeck. Get of this lads back and let him get a run of games and he will come good i know it.

  11. bran99 says:

    with Europa as our new Champions league, I think Welbeck should stay, we might never get the strikers we need now that we still have Wenger as our manager and we are not in the ECL. we and Everton are in the EL, hahaha!!

  12. Simon says:

    Wellbeck OR Perez – not both!

  13. Sad to admit but all three strikers OG, Walnut and Welbeck put together don’t make a Costa there it is I said it……the quality might be there but just like any other player with potential under WENGER they fade in oblivion….another truth from all 3 if you go to the stats OG has been the more consistent the reality is and history will tell that no player under WENGER (last years) reached their full potential except for Sanchez every other ARSENAL player is just average surprisingly most play for their National teams and there they excel…..maybe because they play on their natural position…………makes you wonder

  14. GrahamB says:

    Welbz and Perez, together.

  15. Frank says:

    Sell him. A forward that can’t score or assist. Seriously!
    For all the bagging Giroud and Walcott get, at least they score goals.

  16. jakseth says:

    keep as sub. he definitly has potential and can become an arsenal great if he stops missing those sitters. he was sometime really scary to watch this season.

    i would actually keep Giroud and him as subs and get a top striker. sell walcott.

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