The difference between Arsenal and Tottenham according to Teddy Sheringham

Former Tottenham star, Teddy Sheringham has aimed a dig at Arsenal after Spurs hired Antonio Conte as their latest manager.

Fearing that their season could implode, Spurs sacked Nuno Espirito Santo and replaced him with Conte.

They now have one of the best managers in the world at the helm and Sheringham believes it shows the level both clubs are at the moment.

Spurs have changed managers even though they are just two behind Arsenal on the league table.

But the Gunners are making progress and are happy with the work that Mikel Arteta is doing. Sheringham believes it shows both clubs are operating at different standards, suggesting that the standard is lower at Arsenal than it is at Spurs.

“Tottenham are [tenth] in the league and they’re only two points behind Arsenal who are supposedly having a fantastic season at the moment,” he said as quoted by Football London.

“The Arsenal fans are seemingly delighted with Arteta right now and yet they’re only two points in front of Spurs.

“That’s where the two different standards are at the moment in North London. But Tottenham are clearly unhappy with where they are and needed to change things,” he added.

It shows you’re doing something good if your biggest rival cannot stop talking about you.

Spurs might think the appointment of Conte would automatically turn them into title winners, but that is far from the truth.

The Italian would need time to turn things around at the Tottenham Stadium, while Arsenal’s players have already moved far in understanding what Arteta wants from them.

This season is shaping up to become a very interesting one and the second half of the campaign would be very important in terms of how both clubs end the season.

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  1. Oh Teddy.. I will tell you what I told you when you guys hired Jose you can take Poch out of Tottenham but you can’t take Tottenham out of Tottenham.. I will be here when the axe comes down again 😂

    1. Quincy did you know that spurs have four managers under contract to 2023🤔 pochetinho, Mourinho, Nuno and now conte!

      1. 😂 I am not surprised at all in fact I expect Conte get the sack early on tbh he is a good coach but Tottenham is a losers game he will find out like Jose found out and their annoying fans whew I hope they enjoy their one point 😂

    1. Spurs will always be a small club and you always will be jealous of Arsenal Football Club bitter Spurs fans no class

      1. Who cares who is their most successful manager his name might even be Kumbaya and I still won’t care 😂

  2. It’s about context. Spurs moved from top of the table to 10th. While Arsenal moved from bottom of the table to 6th. Which team is regressing Teddy? Good footballers don’t make good pundits.

  3. “ It shows you’re doing something good if your biggest rival cannot stop talking about you.”
    Says Teddy Sherringham… about Arsenal… totally oblivious to the irony!!

  4. How “sweet” that the ever loyal Sheringham, who played his best days at Man Utd, should retain some pig headed fondness for Spuds.
    I IMAGINE HIS GREAT GRANDFATHER MUST HAVE TOLD HIM OF THEIR LAST LEAGUE TITLE. Though he must surely have died of old age by now! Like all the others from the Victorian age!

    I also like Spuds a lot . Roasted, (s)mashed and ready to devour actually!

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