The “Double Standards” Of Arsenal Fans

The “Double Standards” Of Arsenal Fans by Hackinubee

So, let’s have fun after our away trip to Qarabag for our second Europa League match this season and It was an easy win for the Gunners and anything other than that would have been a shock.

Emery reported said Ramsey didn’t travel cos his wife his pregnant but he should be available for the weekend Derby at Fulham, Aubameyang is sick and can’t travel while Mhkitaryan didn’t travel due to political
reasons so I believe they should be well rested ahead of the said trip on Sunday.

So, to the topic, I’m not here to really criticize anyone but to see the funny side of things and wonder why some sections of fans react (or criticize) to our player’s performances in recent years.

So, here are some things I find funny about “a section of the Fans” which will start with;

Only Arsenal fans could say;

  • A winger in Walcott is a scam and isn’t of Arsenal quality, to
    make matters worse they’ll call for a certain Lucas Perez to replace
    him, a player who can’t even make the starting XI at West Ham to
    replace one of the very few Arsenal players to score 100+ goals for
    the club!!!
  • A certain Giroud isn’t good enough for the club even though he
    has over 100 goals and although he hasn’t been known for his goal
    scoring exploits but there aren’t many target men like him in the
    current football world and his link up/hold up play is up there and he
    also has his memorable moments like the Hat Trick against Olympiacos
    to take us to the UCL knockout stage, his Puskas winning scorpion
    kick, the two assists for Ramsey in two different FA Cup final and
    lots more, His replacement? Lacazette who hasn’t been able to even get
    called up to the French team recently.
  • Include Ramsey in line ups at the expense of the Most Talented
    Player, Most Popular and Most Loved (according to shirt sales) of all
    current crop of players in Ozil, a player with a goal contribution of
    0.5 (a goal or assist every two games) since his arrival and is said
    to be the fastest player to record 50 EPL assists and has been a
    constant source of chances and his arrival coincided with the Gunners
    ending their trophy drought, but some fans will still bad mouth him
    yet but his Shirt.

But at least, even they realized that Ramsey leaving isn’t the end of
the world for this team, Although the team will be losing its longest
serving player and a source of goals from midfield (it’s a feat since
other midfielders aren’t scoring) and it will have been good to get
something (preferably money) from the deal, but it’s how it is, there
hasn’t been an official statement so anything can still happen. He
hasn’t been good this season anyway, so I don’t think he’ll be missed
and we now have two strikers who should be able to score goals on the
long run.

Feel free to add other Arsenal Fans’ Double Standard (I couldn’t cover


  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Giroud is becoming a constant starter for Chelsea, while Morata is starting mostly cup matches alone….
    Santi Cazorla scored last night for Villarreal. A penalty, but still I’m glad for these 2 players and I hope they enjoy their football and enjoy the rest of their career.
    Concerning your post, Arsenal fans are really something else, but you can’t blame them can you? It’s the hunger for success that made the fans that way, if one player is cutting it, they want him out of the team. I normally say, Wenger’s achievements Ironically caused his own dilemma for him.
    His earlier achievements with us are the only reason we all feel we are a big club and that we need to keep that level. His achievements raised the bar for the rest of his career, especially the season we went unbeaten. After that we all expected the league from him once more and because our expectations are high, we keep expecting everything to go our way.
    The perfect example is Mohammed Salah at Liverpool, that guy scored over 40 Goals in his first season with Liverpool, setting the bar too high even for himself, now this season he hasn’t been getting the goals like he did last season. I hope someone talks to him and tells him that if he doesn’t Score 40 goals again that he’s not bad.
    Now the same bar he raised in his first season is what raised the expectations of Liverpool fans now, making them believe they’ll walk to the EPL and take it home or even the Champions league. These guys will hit the floor hard if they don’t get any of that.
    It is what happened to Wenger and Arsenal with its fans.
    So I really don’t blame fans who are eager to see us get back up to that level because, we’ve been there, it feels good to be there, it’s the best feeling as a football fan to be there, some fans will make the wrong call, and some will make the right call… But the thoughts is what matters, in the end we all want to get back up there

    1. gotanidea says:

      Giroud’s work rate and air duel statistics are excellent, but he was just too inconsistent as a starter at Arsenal. He is a big game player though and he deserved the World Cup trophy because of his hard work in that competition

      I foresee Salah would regain his scoring forms, because he still has excellent touches and movements. I wish Arsenal could get a winger with superb skills like him

    2. Mike says:

      “….it’s the hunger for success”. This is a lame excuse for the persistently critical behaviour of some of our so-called supporters. A large percentage jumped on the Arsenal bandwagon when Arsenal were overtaking Man U as the best team in the country (before the oil money started buying trophies). Sure these people want to associate themselves with success but this isn’t about “hunger” this is about what they came to expect as of right. Their weak egos demand that they have something to brag about to their mates or at work/school. This isn’t what “supporting” a club is about. “Support” doesn’t mean moaning all the time when things don’t go your way or slagging of the team if they don’t win every game or booing players if they have a bad game. Glory hunting is not “supporting” and wanting your fragile ego massaging is not “hunger”; there’s a massive difference.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Mike, another spot on post!
        If only the glory hunters could see the wisdom in your words, we might have a fanbase to rival those of pool, city and spuds that actually SUPPORT the club.
        City were getting gates of 30,000 plus during their time in the third tier of football.
        We were getting empty seats for finishing fifth / sixth, a cup final and semi final of Europa league.
        Awful football, but hardly third tier football was it?

    3. sanmi.marvellous says:

      @Eddie Hoyte,
      what a brilliant contribution you had there. Someone spoilt my afternoon earlier on, but you amended it by putting a little smile on my cheek.


  2. gotanidea says:

    Most humans have double standards and that’s why racisms will always exist, but I’m trying to be as objective as I could:

    – Walcott: No idea where you got that 100+ goals statistics, but he spent twelve years at Arsenal to score 65 EPL goals, which is not good enough for a long-serving goalscorer. His first touches are usually lousy and we could see what made him sold at the Everton match, because he could hardly offer other things apart from his pace

    – Giroud: He was a good target man, a super sub and has excellent work ethic, considering his low price tag, but too limited as an Arsenal leading man. I believe he was one of the biggest factors for France in winning the World Cup, but I don’t think he is the type of striker Arsenal need

    – Ozil: Watch how he created his first fifty EPL assists, most of them are from simple crosses and set-pieces, but rarely from beautiful through balls (unlike the other world class no 10). Since Xhaka took the dead ball jobs from him, he could not make any assist anymore and keeps waiting for a perfect pass, instead of forcing the opponents to make mistake

    1. adi says:


      The criticism from the large part of the Arsenal fan is justified.

      1) Walcott has had his chance. People forget that he had huge talent as a teen, but he blew it. Walcott is no more than a squad player in EPL elite level. Nothing more, nothing less. He is good back up, but we have Iwobi, Rowe, Nelson. Walcott or give the new boys a chance?

      2) Giroud has always been world class, but his style limits our attacking play. We didn’t sell Giroud because he was crap, but he wanted a nice pay day before retiring. Chelsea happens to lose Costa, at the same time, we have player like Lacazette or Aubameyang available, do you think is wise to keep Giroud?

      3) Ozil. Are we still debating about Mesut? We all know he is quality player. Don’t have to go far, ask the team mates. He is simply not consistent enough under Wenger. You can see he has change as a player under Emery. He tracks back defending. He has increased intensity for sure.

    2. Namo says:

      Walcot scired over 100 goals in all competitions for Arsenal. Go check ur records @gotanidea.
      Giroud also scored over 100 for us. Continue looking down on player’s achievements. I wonder what joy you get from it. Ozil has many assists that were not set pieces. There’s nothing you say that will change their achievements. You are free to criticize them when they get it wrong but stop trivialising their contributions to the club.

  3. arie82 says:

    Like you said, a striker who hasnt been know for his goal, ala giroud.
    This his stat goal in premier, 14,16,12,4, 46 goal in all premier seasons.
    Is that kind striker y want to lead arsenal. Harry kane had 30 goal last season.
    Which one better, harry kane who make 30 goal a season, or giroud who make 46 goal in total 3 1/2 seasons.
    Even in NT, hes job is not goal getter, his job is support striker for grizman and mbape

  4. Phil says:

    What this article does is highlight the different opinions supporters show for different players.
    Walcott-what did he average over 11 seasons at the Club?10-12 goals?I don’t believe I have ever known of a player who was indulged so much by a Manager of Arsenal.Wenger was the one who gave this under-achiever a contract reported to be worth £130k per week because he was afraid of losing him and too stubborn to admit he had made a mistake of persevering with the player when it was obvious to most everyone Walcott was simply not good enough.What will Walcott have written on his Tombstone? “I WAS REPLACED IN THE ENGLAND TEAM BY ANDROS TOWNSEND”.Enough said.
    Giroud is described in the article as one of the greatest goal scorers in the history of Arsenal Football Club.He wasn’t.He was a mediocre finisher at best.How many games did he play in the Premier League without scoring?Was it 17?And you wonder why we haven’t come close to winning the Title when our Centre Forward doesn’t score goals.Its the same at Chelski.Its the same with France.Giroud just is not a goal scoring centre forward.Hardly being missed by us now we have Lacazette is he?
    Comparing Ramsey to Ozil is like comparing a Fiat Uno with a Mercedes.There is no comparison.It is so easy to let stats try and prove the point but in reality it’s performances that count.I believe it’s fair to say Ramsey has been absolutely rubbish in every game he has played in this season.And this is after he has been played in the position HE wants to play.Ozil has been forced out wider and the result is the two of them have under performed.What would Ramsey’s performances have been if it was HE who was played wide with Ozil Central?Worst than what he has produced so far I would imagine.
    Here’s a question for the writer of the article-You have Chosen to highlight THREE players that Wenger brought to the Club and have continually divided opinion among supporters as they were (almost) always played by the manager no matter what their form.Do you believe that it was Wenger who should be answerable to your accusation of Double Standards and not the supporters?I do.

    1. jon fox says:

      Phil, A Mercedes, yes! But one that seems almost empty of fuel much of the time. The Ramsey Fiat Uno has plenty of petrol but the steering is obviously broken , not to mention reverse gear too. I predict that come next season neither of these malfuntional cars will be in our garage. I would seriously ask you how long can any player, however sublimely talented keep being picked on reputation. Reputation which is steadily eroding, IMO. None of our rivals at top level would play Ozil and you surely know that as well as I do. As for the Fiat, dump it! Please scroll down to read my own long post on double standards. I would value your comments. BTW, I don’t see Walcott as a car at all. Cars have engines!

      1. Phil says:

        Yes a very good post JF (not this one but the one following this).I just refuse to abandon Mesut Ozil.Sooner or later he will get a run of games in his favoured No10 role and then it is up to him to show us what he can do.He now has TWO class strikers to work with,NO Sanchez to continually lose the ball,a DM to cover in Torreira.He had NONE of this under Wenger and I accept the onus is now on him to step up and start playing to the level he is capable of.But he won’t be helped if Ramsey continues to be played as far forward and centrally as Emery has played him leaving Ozil isolated out wide.
        He will never change his game and I don’t want him to.He is a playmaker who should be the focal point of our attack.I want him finding space and angles not making 30-50 yard runs to make a tackle.It is counterproductive and unnecessary in my view.
        Ozil is going nowhere.His contract will prevent anyone coming in for him until it runs out so the sooner Emery starts playing him in the correct post then the sooner the team will benefit.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Exactly Phil, I agree with both your articles, got to play Ozil in the middle, The meadowlark lemon of the the midfield. As you say, with two top strikers up front and defensive cover behind, it’s our chance to get the best from Ozil and if we’re going to win anything we’ll need him to be at the top of his game.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Meadowlark Lemon, for the youngsters whose never heard of this genius, The Harlem Globetrotters famous middle man who linked every one of their famous moves together with the most incredible timing ever seen from athlete.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Saw him at Wembley Kenny and some of his antics on and off the ball were so hilarious.
            The Globetrotters were the” good guys” who always won and he was the Dennis Bergkamp of their team…sounds familiar to the Invincibles!!
            Wonderful memories of a great athlete and fun nights out with the wife and children.
            I wonder what happened to him?

  5. bur says:

    Why are people talking about Everton and Chelsea players on this web site. We have to move on. the current squad have put together a run of results, sometimes i don’t know how, but on the whole we have to be happy.

    1. Innit says:

      I know. Winning 8 matches in a row is fantastic
      we are in all 4 tournaments
      We should enjoy it and hope it continues
      Emery has brought a revitalization, new energy, new tactics and new philosophy
      We have 2 defensive midfielders
      He is getting the best from Iwobi unlike last season

      Its a fun season

      1. ozziegunner says:


        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Agree 100% with Bur and Innit.

  6. Terrence Mulenga Chokwe says:

    I know its out of topic but is there some truth in the Almiron rumours

  7. jon fox says:

    Let me inject a contoversial thought into this debate. It is this: In my long life I have long ago concluded that in general matters-I am not specifically referring to football, though it is not different – VIRTUALLY ALL OF US AT TIMES HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS. PUT ANOTHER WAY, WE ARE HYPOCITES. FURTHER, THIS DOUBLE STANDARDS OR HYPOCRISY IS A NORMAN AND NATURAL PART OF OUR SHARED HUMAN CONDITION! I hope some of you will consider what I suggest and think seriously about this. If you do, you will surely recall times when you, your nearest and dearest and anyone you know well enough , will have done precisely this. It is also part of our HUMAN double standards to criticise others for doing precisely what we do ourselves, thus proving our own double standards. Others do it back to us too. When you widen your thinking, to this level, it takes the sting out of the “dreadful crime” of being on the receiving or giving end of double standards. There are far worse things in life; cruelty, hate(not dislike of certain footballers ability either but actual, awful, sinister HATE , as practised by terrorists and villains), wilful neglect of the desperately needy. To summarise, we are ALL human and therefore fallible but the good and blessed news is that the overwhelming majority of we humans across the globe, in country after country, are basically good, decent and compassionate. Let us count our blessing whilst laughing at “double standards” as we , unfortunately, continue to indulge our own and very natural human weakness. Sorry to be profound. Perhaps I should have a soapbox at Speaker Corner! it has been suggested to me more than once. I even once considered it but there is always football on the telly on Sunday when Speakers Corner is active, so naturally, I watch the footie instead. Double standards then? You bet your life. I am constantly guilty but easily forgive myself. I only wish I found it as easy to forgive others for sharing my “crime”. Sometimes, only sometimes, I even do. As this is an Arsenal site and I am, so far, guilty of the crime of not mentioning Arsenal – something I have often castigated others for NOT doing – I had better say something about Arsenal. I fancy we will win on Sunday by 3-1. THAT TRICK WON’T FOOL ANYONE ON HERE EITHER BUT THERE YOU GO! It is our imperfections that make us normal, interesting and human and no perfect human exists. But Dennis Bergkamp comes damn close!

    1. Namo says:

      Jon, this is the best post I’ve ever read from you. Very true indeed, somehow someway, we’re all guilty of double standards. It all depends on the situation and issue on ground.
      Thanks so much for such a lovely post and I really hope we beat Fulham on Sunday. It’ll be quite refreshing to go into the International break, on a positive note.

    2. Michs says:

      Well said, I take my hat off to you!

  8. RSH says:

    football fans being hypocrites is nothing new, and not specific to Arsenal fans. We all have opinions that aren’t consistent with what we’ve said in the past. As other posters have pointed out, every human does it.

    As for your points, you’re papering over the cracks of average to above average players by just throwing stats around. Walcott, Giroud, and Ozil are all notoriously inconsistent players, especially the latter one. Ramsey falls into that category as well. All of them have had their moments in an Arsenal shirt and all have gone whole seasons of just being terrible.

  9. ken1945 says:

    I think Eddie’s initial reply to this post sums it up pretty well in my opinion.

    As far as I can recall, most of us on here who post on a regular basis, do not have double standards, but do have opinions that differs from others.
    It’s if one is willing to listen to anothers opinion, digests it, considers it and then changes ones mind, then someone might interpret this as double standards.

    This forum allows for all different kind of opinions and, in most circumstances, debates are held in sensible and challenging ways.
    I love to hear other Gooner’s opinions and it always amazes me that we go to the same match, watch the same players and still end up disagreeing on this or that.

    As an oldie, it takes a lot to make me change my mind, but guys like Phil, Jon, Kenny, Durand, ozziegunner, Eddie etc etc have done that.
    The “younger” fans like Xxnfox, Midkemma and Stubill always make extremely good points and as for Sue, well she keeps us in check along with the other “gentler sex” on here.
    Far too many others on this great debating forum to mention, all bl**dy gooners ‘aint that a FACT!!

    There were only three REAL issues that I can remember dividing our great fan base and where double standards MIGHT be suggested, Arsene Wenger ( still does unti his autobiography appears ), iwobi’s role/image at the club and the Tony Adams drinking discussion.

    Walcott and Giroud double standards? Not in my eyes, it’s each individuals perception of the man being discussed.

    The biggest double standard I associate with Arsenal, is the way our club is treated by the media, some of it’s ex players and referees. Just wish the club would come out and challenge the obvious biased nature, but that’s just my opinion!!

    Jon, speakers corner sound a great idea for you old friend, rest assured I will be there, arguing the toss as usual!! Put it on your bucket list.

    1. stubill says:

      Thank you for the compliment Ken, but I’m not sure I fit into the younger fans category, I’m 54 next month, so maybe the early middle aged category fits me lol.

      1. ken1945 says:

        That’s young mate believe me that’s young!!!

        But don’t you agree, the heading is very misleading, we all voice our opinions and that’s what we discuss?
        Maybe I’m missing the point, but double standards never occurred to me, just difference of opinions on everything Arsenal.

        1. stubill says:

          Agreed, it’s not double standards, it’s opinions on the individual players and team(s).

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      @Ken thanks for the credits??

  10. sal says:

    great article, hoyte spot on mate!!

  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    @Sanmi.. Glad I had a positive effect on ur day mate? Mike you’re wrong to call some fans glory hunters, everyone wants to win and yes we all know it’s impossible to win every time but respect other people’s views.. Everyone won’t bear the pain for long, some can bear the pain forever… its the bond we share that matters, after all we all have double standards at some point

    1. ken1945 says:

      Eddie, must come back to you regarding Mike.
      In my opinion, we have inherited fans who are trophy hunters and I DO respect everyone’s views.
      It’s the same with every successful club, younger fans tend to identify themselves with a winning team and then, having been morphed into that clubs make up, cannot understand why they don’t keep winning.
      No sense of the history, beliefs, cuedos or ethics that made the club at all.
      I’m not criticising them, rather the world we live in today.
      I want it now, so I must have it now sentiment driven by decades of me me me attitudes harking back to a certain Iron Lady!!
      Before I get absolutely blasted by others, let me make it clear that I am talking about a small minority and it’s only MY opinion.
      If you want an example, refer back to Emery’s first two games and how he was perceived as a no hoper by a small number of fans and, of course, most of the media.
      Still love to read their inputs mind you, it makes for great debating!!!

  12. Break-on-through says:

    The biggest double standards is when they move the goalposts. For ages you could here fourth is not good enough I’d prefer any trophy over this, but Wenger will never win another trophy mark my words. The goalposts got moved the very next season. Ramsey last season did have a terrific season for a CM player, there is no doubt about that. But some in here just wont accept that this was the case. They talked about Ramsey last season exactly the way they talk about him in this one. Its day and night the difference, even a different role. So goalposts with some will always be moved for this player. Oxlade was berated over his lack of end product or composure, yet Iwobi they say is one of our most in form players. I don’t like double standards, we all probably do it but some people are blatant hypocrites, there’s a difference.

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