The Draw is made for Dan’s Justarsenal Euro 2020 Championship Prediction League

So I have done the draw for the Justarsenal Euro 2020 Championship involving those who finished in the top 24 of the domestic table (everyone can join in though).

Like the countries, players will be divided into 6 groups of 4.

Competitors will predict every single score of the group stage, 1 point for the correct result, 3 for getting the scoreline spot on.

Qualification will mirror real life, the top 2 from each group go to the knockout stages, along with 4 of the best 6 third place finishes (a rule I hate by the way).

Let me know if you don’t want to play (or will not be available), but as things stand after a random draw ……..

We start with 24 and after the group stage we lose 8 of you

Group A B C
Phenom (ranked 21) Terrah (6th) Ernie Black (24th)
HH (2nd) Samson (9th) Kenya 001 ( 23rd)
J Gunner (18th) Shakir (19th) Davars ( 14th)
Dan Kit ( Champion) Sid (15th) Khadi (13th)

Sue (3rd) Okobino (16th) Declan (4th)
Edu (7th) Buchi (12th) Dotash (22nd)
Me (11th) Dunchirado (5th) Easy Guys (20th)
Sagie ( 17th) SJ (10th) lykmatt (8th)

Round of 16

(1) Second Group A Vs Second In B
(2) Winner of Group A vs Second in C
(3) Winner of Group C VS Third Place D/E/F
(4) Winner Of B Vs Third Place A/D/E/F
(5)Second Group D vs Second Group E
(6) -Winner of F Vs ThirPlaceABC
(7)-Winner of D vs Second Group F
(8) – Winner of E Vs Third Place A/B/C/D

Quarter Finals
Match 1- 1 vs 2
Match 2- 3 vs 4
Match 3- 5 vs 6
Match 4- 7 vs 8

Semi Finals
Winner of Match 1 vs Winner Of Match 2
Winner Of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4

Final- Trophy and Shirt

Good Luck Peeps


  1. I’m so rooting for this.phenom,ernie black and highbury hero beware of me.i’m coming with full force

    1. Pep the greatest manager my arse he only good with money put him with a club with 10 million and he’s just average like his no 2 mikel

    1. I would say sues and Declan’s

      I was confused though Dan as it looks like it’s groups of 3 the way it’s set out ,got there in the end though 😂

  2. My group looks easy but its all about being lucky with the predictions so i wish everyone the best of luck

  3. Did u say every one can join?
    Because i will love to even if it doesnt count….let me just test my self against the top guys..
    For me this euros will be my preseason😊😉

  4. OT.. Well done Brentford!! Really pleased for them. Toney in the PL 🙂

    Up next, the big one!! Come on City!!
    Foden masterclass, please!!! 🤞

    1. With you sue 👍
      Man City for the win for me just so the scrubby Man Utd supporters can’t take the piss out of them anymore for not winning a CL Even though my old man is Chelsea 😂

      Group of death for you 🥲

      1. The Mancs have been very quiet the last few days, Dan 🤣 A City win will give us even more peace!!
        I know (Lady Luck, please help me!!)

        Did you see the Cobra Kai teaser? Terry Silver!!!

  5. What do one have to do to get unbanned by the admin in justarsenal because it seems the admin has an agenda against me

  6. To clarify peeps ( I phone muddled it up)

    A Phenom, HH, J gunner and DKit

    B- Terrah , Samson , Shakir , Sid –

    C E.Blake, Kenya001, Davars, Khadi

    D Sue. EDU, ME, Sagie

    E Okobino, Buchi, Dunchirado, SJ

    F Declan , Dotash , Eguys , lyk,att

  7. Funny how Chelsea got rid of better performing lampard then Arteta then signed tuchel now they are champions League winner. But our board and some fans still believe we have the right person for the job, we should keep him and even back him up in summer with more funds. That’s difference in mentality between the champions and a mud table team.

  8. Chelsea is an example of what a committed owner can do to a club. We can blame individual players and coaches as we like, but the damage at the top will never allow us to return our club to it’s former glory. We just had our worst season in a long time, but somehow everything seems normal at our club. Our coach is very comfortable in his role, there is no clear direction at the club even though we are meant to trust the process. The transfer window has barely started but it seems we are about to have our usual transfer window. It is a shame what our great club has become.

  9. Actually glad Tuchel trumped Pep Ball three times. Waiting for more young innovative coaches to be able to counter a playing style which can at its worst be boring and anti football as we often see with Arteta’s Arsenal. At its best with the likes of Messi, Xhavi Alves and Ienesta it can be thrilling but in the hands of Xhaka, Elneny William and co it is a bore. Watch Chelsea play. They are cautious and defensive but the backwards and sideways passes are kept to a minimum in comparison to Arsenal’s game plan.

  10. We should have tried Andreas Christensen 1st instead of Gabriel…
    He is one of the most underrated CB in PL
    Just like Koscielny
    He has good awareness… Good Technical Ability…
    Good on the Ball and really good reading of game

  11. Guendouzi has agreed to join Marseille
    Marseille is also interested in the signing of William Saliba

  12. I am happy Tuchel got better of Pep..
    Pép is the most overrated Manager in game…
    He only Manages the clubs where he can spend ample money without any upper limit cap
    And Sometimes teams like Where there are no competition as such
    Look at his track record…
    Barcelona…. No cap on spending
    Bayern Munich… No Competition in league and can buy competitors players at any value
    And now City. Again no Cap on spending..
    City will buy Kane in the region of 70-100 millions..
    He doesn’t have any guts to manage clubs ravaged with problems like Arsenal, Tottenham where he can’t spend on players and has manage in what it has
    Manchester United was planning to appoint pep after Sir Alex but he said no and then went to do easy job of Bayern Munich
    I don’t why people rate him a much

  13. Well said kedar pep only good with a club with money put him ar WBA and he will struggle anyway bye bye Matteo next grant off to Roma get the lad sussoue LT

    1. Cmon stop hating on pep, how much did he spend when he created that dominant barca team?

      1. Barca team was already having Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Eto, Then Hé brought Zlatan
        So do you really think he needed to spend anything??
        Also there wasn’t any big competition in League except Real Madrid
        Even Athletico Madrid were not strong enough then..
        When Jose arrived at Real Madrid, he made Pép life difficult… After loosing title to Jose, immediately he took so called sabbatical.
        And then rejected Man Utd and joined easy managing club Bayern Munich

      2. And to your answer, he has spent 355 Millions on players when he was in Barcelona..
        The time where Buying 20 Million Player was big thing..
        We paid 15 Million for Arshavin which was our record breaking transfer then
        And nowadays Average Player like Nathen Ake is getting sold for 40 Millions..
        He has spent 355 Millions on players when transfer market was not this much inflated..

      3. Pép has spent almost 870 Millions since Joining City and More than 1.3 Billions in his entire Managerial Career.
        Even Spending 870 Millions he didn’t deliver CL and reached CL final just once with City that’s sums up his management skills and this is hilarious when people Rate Pép so high..
        I wonder if Wenger would have got half of the amount which Pep has spent then Where Arsenal would have been..

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