The Dutch FA cancel the League (without naming a Champion) and expect more to follow

The Dutch FA has become the second European League to cancel the remaining games, but with the new guidelines from UEFA, they have decide not to name any club as Champions.

Belgium announced Bruges as Champions but they were only one game from the end of the season and Bruges were 15 points clear. Holland, on the other hand, have decided not to name a Champion as, with 9 games remaining, Ajax and AZ Alkmaar were only separated by goal difference, so they are asking UEFA if both sides can enter the Champions League in the Qualifying rounds.

Just Spee, the president of the Dutch FA, was asked if he expected other European Leagues to complete their seasons, as they have pledged to. “It is slim.” he said on the BBC .

“At the same time I do know that what is true for us, we are footballers we want to play, is true for all of my colleagues around the continent.

“And in the UK it is not different. So they will hold onto a sliver of hope as long as it’s there. But again, we’ve seen how this develops. Is it realistic? In the end it probably will not be, but we’ll see.

“To be honest, seeing what is happening and seeing that things get postponed week by week by week, how realistic is it that within the next three or four weeks we will come to a different conclusion? Not so much I believe.

“And also the Premier League will need a number of weeks to complete their competition. Is there going to be enough time for that? Doubtful, very doubtful.”

With the government giving gloomy predictions about severe restrictions going on for a very long time, he could be right about England failing to complete the season, but what about his decision not to name a Champion?

“We thought it was really inappropriate to just award a title for this specific time-frame, where on the one hand the competition did not conclude, so there is no formal champion in that sense,” he said.

“But also, to take on board what society is going through, I mean talk about a champion in such a year?

“We did not believe that that was appropriate. For example if you were to compare that to the English situation, maybe you would come to a different conclusion, Liverpool is so way out compared to the rest, I would not blame the FA to come to that conclusion. But in our case that was simply not appropriate.”

I, personally, still think we will complete the English season, as the Government seem quite happy for the virus to spread, albeit in a controlled manner, but IF they don’t, then I believe that Liverpool will be given the title of Champions in the end, however they define the finishing positions…


    1. I actually feel sorry for them because they had basically wrapped up the league even before the virus kicked off, but you’re right, they shouldn’t be favoured over others.

      Leicester won the league at 5000-1, so who knows, City can still win it.

      If we can’t finish the season then it should be voided.

      1. I don’t TMJW 😂😂 If we were in their position, I wouldn’t be happy at being handed it, as there’s still a minuscule chance of being caught!! Although if they are given it, all their fans will never hear the end of it from me!!
        You know me, I’d much rather City won it!
        Exactly, it’d be harsh on the teams on the verge of promotion, but I can’t see a fairer outcome other than for it to be voided, like you say.

        1. Sue My opinion is that ultimately after much further discussion and futile attempts to compete the fixtures, Liverpool will be declared champions and points per game average will give final league postions , thus making us 8th and with a theoretical route to the EL, assuming City’s ban is upheld. YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF CITY BEING CORRUPTLY RUN BY AN OIL RICH CORRUPT ANDMURDERING MULTI BILLIONAIRE CAN NEVER BE SHARED BY ME.

          Your personal hatred for Liverpool is bizarre in comparison to your acceptance of the harm the City owners and regime have done to humanity, given your humanitarian general views (which of course are laudable). I don’t think you have thought this through at all Sue!

          1. Oh Jon…I have my reasons for disliking Liverpool as much as I do, as you very well know and this will never change…. and I’ve even told you why I favour City on numerous occasions…- my daughter supports them!!! She’s happy, I’m happy… that is all!!
            I guess you’ll feel the same about Newcastle soon then?

        2. Sue , In answer to your lower post and on your Newcastle question, the answer is a big and sad YES! If, as looks likely but not yet a certainty and which I hope falls through, the Suadis take over the TOON, then football falls even further into the cesspit.
          The hypocrites I often talk about and claim that ALL of us are, will then be shown in all their “glory” as most Geordies will welcome this takeover, despite being fully aware of how corruptly the Suadi owner works. Sigh!
          I love morality and life principles far more than football. Even than Arsenal! Without true morality, I see life as meaningless and without true purpose. That is what separates us from animals or should be anyway.

          1. You’ve got to feel for the geordies, rejoicing over finally getting shot of Ashley.. then finding out who is set to replace him! The majority of their fans aren’t happy with it, but what do they do? Lifelong supporters, having supported through thick and thin.. do they just stop supporting? The same applies to City…what a predicament…
            Don’t get me wrong, Jon, I don’t agree with what they get up to, it’s sickening. Imagine if we were taken over by one?!

      2. no team should be given the title without having mathematically won it

        it will create a precedent and if similar situation appears, the team in the future with 1 point or 12 point clear can be awarded the title

      3. I also felt sorry for all other English clubs when Liverpool hooligans got all our clubs banned from Europe for five years with their disgraceful behaviour in The European Cup Final against Juventus in 1985. It wasn’t forgotten, pay back time

  1. Admin PATS final paragraph is a flat lie, as the government has said the precise opposite to the bizarre lie he claims. Several people not connected with government have speculated on a possible completion certainly, but NO ONE in government has given any indication at all as to the Prem restarting soon and have In fact been careful NOT to give false hopes. This is a poor show PAT!

    1. The government have not indicated the League will finish, but ALL the Premier League clubs insist it will be completed.
      But, actually, all I stated was MY opinion (I know you disagree….)

      1. Admin PATS direct quote “as the government seems quite happy for the virus to spread, albeit in a controlled opinion”. That is either a flat lie or the opinion of an idiot! THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION. As I am certain you are NOT an idiot, the flat lie is the only explanation and I repeat PAT, THAT IS A POOR SHOW!

        1. I think Pat was referencing the British government’s more relaxed reaction to the outbreak compared to, for example, Singapore, S.Korea or even Latin American countries. Using this stance, he was speculating that the government may be more willing to lift restrictions earlier than other countries meaning prem games could be finished.

          Speculation cannot, by definition, be a lie. It can be based on false premises but I don’t think he was expecting an angry keyboard warrior wth a worn-out caps lock to take every word so seriously.

          I do wish we didn’t have to be subjected to every banal opinion that comes to your mind. I guess I’ll follow the others’ lead and just keep ignoring you, starting…now.

          1. But Sean, he specifically wrote the quote I copied. How do you account for that flat lie then? His PRECISE words give no room for any sensible misinterpretation, unless you wish to choose, for reasons of your own, to lok at it that way! I CONSIDER TRUTH AND THE CORRECT USE OF WORDS THAT ALWAYS SEEK THAT TRUTH, RATHER THAN MUDDY THEWATER WITH WRONG MEANINGS ATTACHED TO THEM , TO BE OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE. Perhps you do not then?

        2. Jon, not like you to call Pat a liar, in your opinion he may have made a mistake or even guilty of false reporting but he’s certainly not a liar. Sorry mate, too strong

        3. Well you wanted direct quotes Jon (yes this quote came after this article but it’s real.) DCMS Secretary Oliver Dowden: “I personally have been in talks with the Premier League, with a view to getting football up and running as soon as possible.”

          Article on sky then goes on to say they are looking at june. This is the aim and you can keep claiming you know better than those involved but it’s clear they think it’s very much possible. Think the main issue your having is not remembering why social distancing is in place and instead thinking it’s an absolute measure that needs to be observed by everyone at all times. Reality is if the at risk, those who come into close contact with the at risk through work/living could be trusted to isolate completely we would never have needed a lock down in the 1st place.

  2. The prem can “ insist” all it likes but 5he reality is that it can’t be concluded.Null & void is the reality I’m afraid in the timescale that is left.If it’s down to a coefficient then so be it for European places.suits us apparently,for year after year of all those seemingly worthless top 4 finishes.Besides,why should the scousers be handed it? Almost a qtr of season left & anything can happen( however unlikely)consider it payback for 1985 & them getting English clubs banned for 5 seasons from Europe.

  3. The Dutch case is super interesting as the first league to officially call it a day. So much controversy already from Ajax being denied the title to league 2 teams being denied promotion. Inevitably, you’ll never be able to please everyone as gains are zero-sum. For every winner there is a loser.

    As bad as I feel for Liverpool, I’d agree with others that if all current positions are not respected, then none should. Perhaps translate this season’s performances into a handicap next season? Total points determines what points clubs start with? It carries its own problems but would at least ensure that this season’s efforts weren’t for nothing.

    It would be good for us gooners though, obviously. Definitely a season to forget! Hard not to let that cloud judgement.

  4. I feel gutted for Liverpool.

    Although there were times when they had the backing of the ref and some decisions going their way, they put in the effort to be where they are today.

    This is almost like carrying a child for 7 months, finding out the sex, buying clothes, only to lose the baby through no fault of yours.

    I’m not happy about it.

    Irrespective of affiliation, we all should know when to applaud someone for being and doing a great thing. They aren’t leading the league by 3-9 points.

    The EPL, should find a way to handle this other than declaring no winner.

  5. either the league is cancelled

    or cancelled the 2020/2021 season and postpone the current to January 2021

    this will give players more time to prepare 2021 as well

    if over 18,000 death is not enough to have either season of the league cancelled then what is? 18million death?

  6. The situation has improved in some countries now and i can see germany resuming the season pretty soon

    The premier league on the other hand is on some very complicated grounds and there are also talks about a 2nd wave if the lockdowns are eased.And i hope the fa can come to a good and more importantly to a safe decision.

    And liverpool should not be awarded the title unless they are mathematically champions

  7. Thank God Liverpool lost to Watford before the virus started, if not those stupid pundits would have said if not for the virus, Liverpool would have been invisible. But on this particular topic, I really feel for Liverpool, they are a well run club and they really deserve the EPL but if the trophy is given to them and this kind of thing happen again what will be the solution, let them just void the season and erase it from record. But Liverpool needs prayer, they nearly won the league in 2012 with sterling Suarez and sturidge, they should have won it last season with a massive 99points, they only needed 3 wins to win it again this season and this happened again, being a Liverpool fan is frustrating, I can imagine what’s going through the teeth of kloop now.

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