The edge is with Arsenal in their quest for Europa League glory

If there is one thing that no team wants it is for your opponents to be given a healthy dose of motivation days before a cup final and that is exactly what has happened to poor Chelsea.

The appalling treatment of Henrikh Mkhitaryan has given his teammates a huge incentive to win the Europa League, they want to win it for Micki and at this stage, any extra incentive can only help.

Of course, both teams will be totally prepared and when you get two teams so close in ability then sometimes it can come down to the tiniest of things that can make the difference and what has happened to Mkhitaryan is one of those “things”

I am always going to be biased but when it comes to my money I am very careful and while I am convinced we will beat Chelsea, I am much more certain now and that is going to be reflected in my betting on this game.

The astute punter is always looking for an edge and that edge can come in many different forms and as far as I am convinced, Arsenal now has a definite edge because of the Mkhitaryan situation.

I mean, it was not even a given that Micki would start the game, it can be argued that he is assisting us more now than if he was a starter.

I have already backed Arsenal to win and done a couple of other bets and I have not finished yet, I keep on amassing info, the latest team news, the latest odds movements and so on, I visit sites like Odds expert to keep me informed on the offers from the bookies in order to maximise my returns and at the right time I will strike and now that I feel Arsenal have that edge my confidence is sky high.

I am keeping my eye on what is called scorecasts, basically naming a goalscorer and the correct score, you can get huge odds on those type of bets for very little stakes.

I want to try and focus my next set of bets on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, he has already stated his support for Mkhitaryan, he is on fire right now and I am certain he will score at some point in the game and I feel that if I mix him up in some combination bets that he will provide me with a few more winners.

Anyway, while I was furious with the Mkhitaryan situation when the news broke, I am not now, I am turning it to my own advantage in the same way the Arsenal players will do. There is no point dwelling on setbacks or feeling sorry for ourselves, we are far better off taking the positives from bad situations and that is exactly what I am doing now.

Updated: May 24, 2019 — 6:57 pm


  1. Anyone serious about betting should totally ignore this inaccurate article about how to make betting profits. Correct score and specific goalscorer bets are what bookies love to offer and what mug punters fall for. Shun this type of betting like the plague IF you are a serious bettor. If not, then fine, go ahead and lose your money. The fact that you can get “huge odds” alone, should warn off any intelligent punter. You do not win money by backing the more unlikely happenings as all correct goalscorer and precise score bets do. Its’obvious, if you really care to think about it!

  2. It’s big Oli G, that I’m a little worried about.. he’s joint top scorer in the competition, I think. He now informs us that his blood is blue (😳) so he would love to put one past us… and with good old Shkodran in defence, it might well happen…Unless Sokratis wrestles him to the ground, just before he shoots (or heads)! That could quite easily happen too!
    I reckon it’s going to be a belter! COYG

    1. I’m worried about Giroud’s ability in the air as well. Mavropanos, our tallest CB that can match Giroud’s domination in the air, is too green to stop him in set-pieces

      Unlike when he played for Arsenal, he has lethal wingers in France national football team and at Chelsea. His hold-up play is proven to be very useful for those goalscoring wingers and he often withdrew the attention of the opposition’s CBs to let the wingers penetrate the defense

      Hopefully Chelsea’s players are in holiday mood because they are already qualified for CL and I wish Arsenal’s players want the EL trophy more than Chelsea’s

      1. Mavro wasn’t included in our EL squad, so Mustafi it is!!

        1. Yeah I just saw the list

          That sucks because Giroud would be running rampant with his massive strength and height, unless Medley can step up and contain him

          1. Let’s be honest here.Exactly how many times did we see Giroud running rampant?Never.That is why we sold him.I would have thought the Chavs have far more to worry about with Auba and Laca than we have with a RESERVE CF

          2. I agree Phil (about Laca & Auba!) All I meant was, you know how our ex players like to come back & haunt us (except Theo 😂😂)

  3. Anyone notice how Chelsea gave Olivier Giroud a new one year extension to avoid any occurrence of ARSENAL trying anything with him just like Chelsea did with Cech? This tells me that Cech’s appointment as a Chelsea sporting director after this season was a calculated attempt to destabilise our camp. The good thing is that it has back fired on them as I agree that it has turned into a boost for us.


    1. I just noticed when you commented

      Good observation and smart move by Chelsea

    2. Chelsea gave Giroud a new contract because they are barred from buying anyone in this transfer window. As for your other conspiracy theory, you need to get out more…..

  4. Never count you hens before they hatch.
    This crop of players do not know the meaning of motivation. If they did, they wouldn’t have given up 3rd/4th place with a whimper. Imagine losing at home to crystal palace and away to Wolves and drawing at home to Brighton after some players had come to the press to declare how motivated they were to win 4th place!
    My advice is “relax get a good seat in front of the telly, get some cold beverage and some popcorn and watch the movie sorry match unfold.
    If it goes our way great, if it doesn’t then it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Most of the team are bottlers anyway.
    We can only hope we win as this team has not filled us with optimism just yet.

    1. Hi Abel… I just wanted you to know I loved your post on the big changes are coming article.
      Your shout out to all of us on here was brilliant & I loved your take on us all, it was hilarious & really made me laugh.. a lot!!! Thank you, Abel 😊👍👏

      1. Yea I saw it as-well sue ,nice to have a member who does not take everything too personal and sees that everyone as their own opinion 👍👍

        1. Exactly Dan! He was spot on with his observations 😂 nice to have some humour on here – and with you & Phil around, it’s never too far away 😉👍

          1. 👍👍

      2. Thanks Sue and Xxnofx, I just wanted to let you all know that I love you all regardless of our differences in opinion. This site wouldn’t be the same without you all.
        I think we’d all still be here when all our favourite or least favourite players move on.
        Lastly, I did read you reply to my post on the other thread Sue and I loved it. Glad you liked it. I can’t hold a candle up to you and fatboy when it comes to humor on this site.

        1. 👍👍

        2. 2 thumbs up from me too, Abel 👍👍

  5. This is the dumbest shît I’ve seen on net today, yes we’re Arsenal fans but please stop all the dirty conspiracy theories just to make Chelsea look dirty. I’m a football fan, the news that Chelsea even wanted Cech back at Chelsea has been on the net before even our Valencia games, suddenly now it’s a trap?
    I don’t know if most of you really follow football news around the works or you just always click on arsenalnews alone.
    Concerning the Giroud talk, you’re aware that Chelsea can’t sign players ain’t you?
    Or you just ignored that fact to make up these silly theories? Well Declan said it all

    1. 👍👍👍

  6. Danny Welbeck to score a hat-trick 😉 new contract incoming 😋

    1. 3 goals? Make it 4!! 😄 Everton are after him.. some of their fans aren’t impressed.. poor Welbz 😂
      How’s your thumb?! I’m gutted, no emoji thumb with a plaster on it! Haha!
      Nope, no signings! I just hope we don’t have to wait until 30 minutes before the window shuts for our first (& only) player to be announced!!

      1. We’ll be foolish to let him leave and join Everton he’ll come back and haunt us like he did with utd 😂 hahaha that’s Arsenal for you Sue 😝 plaster is off thankfully I can type now 😂 Charlton vs Sunderland on Sunday a repeat of the 1998 division one playoffs that was one of the best games I’ve ever seen 😁

        1. I loved it when he scored against them.. not once, but twice!! 😜
          Well thank god the plaster’s off! 👍 (just like that)
          I want to watch that – to see how Bielik does! At least there’ll be some football on.. so 💩 without it!
          I love how you remember all these old games.. bet you must have watched a helluva lot of football (& still do!!) 😉

          1. Is Koscielny leaving then ? 😮 Especially at old Trafford that was nice rounding de gea 😁 yeah I think Tranmere is playing Newport tomorrow and Barcelona vs Valencia in cup final 😁 not as much as I used to Sue I mean I won’t just watch any game because it’s football I wouldn’t sit and watch ligue 2 or conference or Scottish football unless it’s the old firm 😁

          2. He might well be… might have to get your tissues out, Kev!
            Well I’m with you on that – I just couldn’t sit & watch any crap!!
            So have you any angling planned? (& by angling, I mean the avid kind 😉)

          3. Don’t say stuff like that Sue 😆 he might be an OG like us but doesn’t mean he doesn’t still bring something to the table 😌 so you obviously don’t watch utd and Tottenham games 😝 yeah actually I’m off on Monday and Tuesday so I’ll probably do a bit of tench fishing on one of those days 😁 trying to book in some salmon fishing for July so that’ll be fun 😁

          4. I like him too.. but going by what was said about contracts, I doubt he’ll be offered an extension.. so it could be 👋
            Haha too right.. plus Chelsea & Liverpool!!
            Ooh that’ll do.. and you can use your daughter’s lure set.. bet you’ll catch loads! You know I’m no fisher, I had to Google what it was 😂😂 I’d never heard of it!! Stop laughing!!! Hahaha!!!

          5. Nah I’ll be fly fishing for Salmon Sue 🙂 you never heard of what ? 😆 So your not watching the champions League final ? 😝 Or Europa League final ? 😛 Yeah it’s looking that way! Sue it’s bad really bad Ramsey gone, Welbeck gone, Cech gone and now Koscielny! Possibly 40 mil to spend.. the squad is already weak plus Holding and Bellerin have serious injuries god knows when they’ll be back and how they will perform! It’s a mess.

          6. Lure set!! 😂😂
            No I’m not watching it!! It’ll just make me feel angry & nauseous!! Oh Kev.. 2 teams I detest, doesn’t get much worse, does it??
            I can’t wait for Wednesday, although the butterflies have kicked in!!
            Tbh Kev, I’m not too worried about Cech going, you know there are some players you can’t really take to (or maybe it’s just me!) well he’s that player!
            Jeez Mr Doom & Gloom, what happened to Me Full Monty?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          7. So during the CL final where will you be Sue and what will you watch instead? Yeah I’m actually beginning to think about it more now, I’m not nervous as I know we’ll win the competition! I hear Mkh and Ozil may be offloaded 😉😂 haha really? You googled that 🤣

          8. I don’t honestly know, Kev… be pointless going to any pub… so I may head to the cinema (hopefully there’ll be a 5 hour movie on 😂😂)
            Haha stop laughing!! I can’t help it, I’m no fishing geek, like you 🤣 although I am learning 😉

          9. Fishing is not geeky it’s a mans sport real men fish 😉😂 David Seaman ? Michael Keaton, Jeremy Wade, Tiger Woods, Liam Neeson even John Terry alright maybe not John Terry but the rest of them! Rhianna is a keen angler and also Kim Kardashian 😂 Sue learn the game join the club 😂 library perhaps? Lol

          10. Hey, you forgot Sir James Bullard 😉
            Riri & Kim getting their nails dirty & touching maggots? I don’t think so 🤣
            The library?! 😆😆 maybe if Ted was there, then yes! (Ted 2 btw!) My library isn’t open that late (dayum!) So the cinema it is!!

          11. They don’t have to touch maggots they could (lure) fish 😉 you won’t have to Google That anymore 😁 good job you said Ted 2 because I thought you meant father Ted 😂 either way you’ll have to come home and find out the result I think it’s best you just sat at home and watched the game you can run but you can’t hide Sue 😆 second that running at your age probably isn’t a good idea 😉🤣

          12. Oh ok smarty pants 😜
            No Kev.. that game isn’t for me! I’ll have to deal with the aftermath when I get back.. and for the next 30 bloody years (at least!) 😂
            Hey!! I walk very briskly, that’s as good as jogging, not running though! 😄 I’m very happy with my weight & fitness levels thank you very much, just not my age 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          13. Sod the Champions League, the Europa League is the real competition! Well it’s not but just arrogantly believe it is and keep telling people that 😆😂 guess I’ll have to tell you about that game then 😆 Well Sue being in your mid 50s is nothing to be ashamed about 😉 joking 😀

          14. 🤣🤣🤣 don’t wish mid 50’s on me!! Bloody cheeky sod!! 😄
            Yes you can tell me – but I probably won’t listen hehe!!
            Yes the Europa is the most important (with the greatest team the world has ever seen) taking part!!

          15. Your not even old early 40s is young I just like making you think it’s old 😂 but you always listen to me Sue you said I’m a lucky charm 😆 it sure is Sue I just can’t wait to finally see European glory 😀

          16. Yes I’ll always listen to you – just not when you’re on about the bloody spuds or scousers 😄😄
            You are a lucky charm, you know your stuff, but I have a little pessimistic side that I just can’t seem to shift!! You’re a bad lad taking the mick (even if it does make me cry with laughter!!!) 👍

          17. I reckon 97% of people on here thought we were out after the Rennes game in France and didn’t I say you going to Baku in may 😛 and looky here Wednesday night we play in Baku 😃 I am yes but only because you enjoy the banter 😂😀 my ex was 2 months older than me and I used to wind her up saying yeah but your older than me and she’d say I’m only 2 months older and I’d say your just trying to make yourself feel better 😂😂😂😂

          18. Ha a cougar (actually I’m not sure 2 months will make her that 😂😂)
            Yes I love a bit of banter… bring it on, I say!! Life’s too short to be a miserable sod, hey Kev!
            Any chance I get to wind up, you have to take it!!
            So what will your line up be for Wednesday?

          19. A lot can happen in 2 months Sue so you might have something there 😆😂 agreed not too much winding up though I know my limits 😂 Leno, monreal, Koscielny, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Niles, Torreira, Xhaka Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette it kinda picks itself doesn’t it Sue 🙂

          20. Ozil? You’ll pick Ozil? 😳😱😱😱 haha!!

  7. Emery confirmed Welbeck is leaving after the Europa league final.
    There will be NO contract with us
    Most probably Everton

    Sad. I wanted Danny to stay

  8. Eddie Hoyte, i assume your coment about “dirty conspiracies” was well directed to my post. Just cos you feel right about an opinion doesn’t mean you are right. No one is labelling Chelsea dirty here. I am only saying the timing of these announcements makes it suspicious…

    Try to be polite in making your observations especially when it relates to other people’s comments and stop calling people’s comments SILLY please. We are all here for Arsenal and not to show how smart we are by using unpleasant language on others. Thanks and good morning to The Arsenal family…

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