The Euros, Mourinho and Arsenal signings (or not!)

As the Euros has only 4 teams left, where are the Arsenal transfers?‏ by KM

Hello dear Arsenal fans. These Euros are some kind of interesting. The way Croatia beat Spain than failed to beat Portugal, who eventually slipped passed Poland into the Semis without a single win in regular time. Of course we cannot go past Wales incredible run to the semis, with Belgium’s spectacular waste of talent and of course… Iceland beat England!

So from one Brexit to another it doesn’t look like this will affect the premier league too much as United and City continue to add quality to their sides. Ibrahimovich and Mkhitaryan are two players that we could’ve signed. This highlights one major difference between Mourinho and Arsene. One focuses on short term success built at all cost, while the other sticks to old fashioned principles that have questionable results.

We’ve so far signed Xhaka and a Japanese forward who looks like another stunt move to increase our revenue coming from the Far East. Remember Ryo Miyachi and Park? He’s 21, likely to be sent on loan and as Giroud scored two goals against Iceland it may be just enough to convince Arsene we don’t need that much striking backup.

I am worried, as I am every transfer window. City have Pep who signed Nolito and Gundogan, again two players who could’ve improved our squad and didn’t cost a fortune. If we fail to sign a striker that would be a genuine first choice candidate this is a failed window for me. Luckily the Euros haven’t provided anybody whose price would skyrocket.

What about a defender and a winger? Draxler continues to be an obvious choice for me, but I feel like we won’t risk it, because we have the Ox and Theo, whose future uncertainty has been shadowed by the Euros.

Finally I’ll finish with the fact Ozil missed two penalties and Xhaka also missed, eventually costing Switzerlands head in the tournament. Maybe we need to work on this. I remember Ozil missing a penalty vs Bayern when we had them on the backfooot, which led to a 2:0 defeat.

Character and signings! Two things we’ve lacked over the past few years.



  1. we have 3 goalkeepers
    9 defenders
    8 midfielders
    6 fowards

    All vying for first team opportunities so I dont understand which signings you are talking about

    1. He is talking about quality, character and steel!!!
      Please name 6 of them that have all three of the above

      1. Cech, Ospina
        Koscielny, Monreal, Bellerin
        Xhaka, Santi Cazorla, Özil, Ramsey*

        * I will count him but i know that the most of you won’t so you can leave him out if you want ^^ )

        You wanted 6 names.. here are ten (nine) of them 😉
        i get what you are trying to say and we do need top signings but dont talk arsenal down and stop having such inferiority complex we have got a lot of super players/ top stars

        1. Please count out Ospina, Bellerin, Santi, Ramsey and Ozil. Theses guys have quality, yes, hit character and steel, I doubt it.
          All the same, a weak manager who is in charge makes matter worse.

          1. Take a look a some of ospinas games for columbia if you want to see steel from a goalkeeper. Double saves against messi and aguero, total determination not to be beaten. My only concern about ospina is that he appears to be fearless and hence gets injured.

          2. @JohnLegend
            I agree the ‘weak manager’ bit is the biggest problem that Arsenal has (and has had for the last 10 years!!!)

    2. @Ram…….I guess u got a problem, and it’s called “Myopia” (Short-sightedness)

  2. We need two quality signings to do well. Arsene should just please do the needful

  3. The EURO’s = meh.. whatever.

    Mourinho = Ibrahimovich + Mkhitaryan. And now he wants to add Pogba?! I hope not. A midfield of Schniederlin, Pogba and Mkhitaryan I’m afraid will be too much to handle, theoretically.

    Arsenal signings = Our most likeliest strategy is to wait on the the “bigger guns” to make major moves in the transfer market and hope we benefit from the domino effect. Madrid, Bayern, PSG, and Chelsea have barely moved. I fully expect City to do more than Nolito and Gundogan.

    This brings me to one other issue being overlooked by many here. i.e The remarkable upsurge in the number of top-quality coaches/managers in the PL, and the implications this could have on Arsenal’s season from a tactical point of view.

    The EPL welcomes elite managers/tacticians like Guardiola, Conte, Klopp and -relatively speaking, Mourinho. Not to forget the likes of Ranieri, Bilic and Koeman. I’d like for Admin (or anyone else) to do a profile on these guys.

    Where does this leave Mr Arsene Wenger -the most experienced manager in England for more than two years running?

    1. If Wenger sticks with the 4-2-3-1 system in every game and doesn’t adapt then tactically he’ll be left behind by these managers,tactics should differ from game to game because our opponents will be different each week,it was interesting seeing Low of Germany matching Conte’s Italy 3-5-2 formation so as to give themselves a better chance of winning!

    2. can you explain the basis upon which you think the midfield of Morgan, Mikhy, and Pogba will be scary? Is this not the same Morgan who had an underwhelming 2015/16 season? Did you know Mikhy before the Tottenham and Liverpool Europa league matches? While Pogba is a very good player, evidence also shows that he can be pretty average at times. Much of what you said is down to some idiosyncratic prejudices than anything else. These same arguments were put forward at the start of every season for 10 years now, but reality has turned out to be something else.

  4. 1. Fashion out a way to make this Arsenal team produce goals on a consistent basis throughout the season. OR

    2. Add damn good GOAL-SCORER to this Arsenal team. He may be a CF or a midfielder or a defender for all I care. So long he has proven himself well to be a consistent goal-scorer, buy him.

    The onus is on Arsene Wenger to do atleast one of the above in preparation for the hugely anticipated next season. #SeasonOfSeasons #EPL’sMiniUCL #BattleForRelevance.

  5. The Yawn-uros.
    The best manager wins the league.
    2016 Ranieri 2015 Mourinho
    2014 Pelegrini 2013 Ferguson
    Mancini Ferguson Ancelotti
    Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson
    Mourinho Mourinho.
    Be the same this season.
    Best manager will win the league.

  6. Would resigning RVP be really such a bad thing?Wenger did resign Flamini after all who we forgave and Man United have just signed Ibra who’s 34 while RVP is 32 with a proven record of goals in the EPL,I would much rather have RVP than having no striker come in at all

    1. Dee ease, it is how you word it, talk about rvp leaving because arsenal were showing lack of ambition, selling fabregas, nasri and song and you will get approx even numbers of thumbs up and thumbs down.

  7. At th very least we need a top oroven striker and RW plus a decent hard working relianle CD

    Lukaku, mahrez, Ashley Williams

    But to makes really really jump for joy get 3 world class signings

    Lewandowski, Aubameyang, hummels

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