The excitement we all felt watching the Arsenal Women training live and meeting Alessio Russo

An incredible eveng in Melbourne watching Arsenal Women’s open training

It was 10 degrees in Melbourne tonight and over 600 Arsenal Women’s fans came to Aami Park to watch our Arsenal Women train. Such a massive treat for Australian Arsenal and Matilda’s fans as we got to see what goes on behind doors over the other side of the world.

As I got to Aami Park there were lines and lines of people queueing to get inside to see their heroes for the first time. In a sea full of red and white, hundreds sat and waited in the cold to just get a glimpse of the Arsenal Women and their staff. With Gunnersaurus going around the edges of the pitch greeting fans and getting everyone pumped. The time edged closer to 5:30 and you could feel the excitement in the air and just before 5:30, London Forever was blasted out on the speaker system and hundreds of Australian Arsenal fans stood to sing our anthem and our Women ran out clapping the huge crowd to show their appreciation.

After the squad clapped the crowd, they huddled into a tight circle and began their training, warming up in front of the crowd and showing their appreciation to the crowd that have gathered on such a cold night in Melbourne.

After the warmups, the women set up to do rondos, playing fast knit football that the crowd were gasping to see. Australia loves women’s football, but it just felt like we were all welcomed into an inner circle where we had never been able to go before, and with our Arsenal Women so close and doing what they do best, the emotions were high on everyone in the crowd.

Then the women moved to an 8v8 game where the goals were spaced out so that they could work on both attacking and defending, putting their best foot forward and showcasing what they have to offer to the whole stadium. With senior and junior players mixed, the amount of quality that was on show was amazing and to finally be able to see it first hand was incredible.

I’m a massive Lionesses fan too and luckily got to meet Alessia Russo after the game and had a few seconds to say as much as I could, I told her I was extremely proud of how well they did in the world cup, how great her new podcast with Ella Toone is, and how much of a hero she has been for me in recent years. Meeting one of the people I’ve looked up to for years and admired was incredible and I don’t think I can explain the warmth and love I felt even getting the chance to meet her.

Alessio Russo taking a selfie with Daisy’s phone in Melbourne

It was an incredible night in Melbourne where hundreds and hundreds of Arsenal fans came out to witness our heroes on the pitch, every single one of the Arsenal Women took their time to go around the pitch and greet as many fans as possible.

Tomorrow the Arsenal Women will play the A-league all-stars in a huge clash which I’m again lucky enough to be attending and will make sure I keep you all up to date on the latest.

Daisy Mae

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