The FA Cup Final means Arsenal will finish the season on a high point (Sorry Chelsea – no chance)

Another FA Cup final, another Arsenal v Chelsea encounter. by Shenel

Rewind back to the 27th May 2017, on a warm and beautiful day where Arsenal ran out 2-1 winners in an epic game from our boys at Wembley in the FA Cup final. Forward on three years on a rather unusual 1st of August match and Arsenal will yet again come up against their London rivals in another well-deserved final.

Cementing our hard-earned place in the final after beating Manchester City 2-0 in the semi-finals, a repeat of the 2017 semi-finals, albeit we won 2-1 back then, but this time it was with a rather impressive hard-fought defensive display with two sublime goals from Aubameyang, and with the 2-0 score-line there was no doubt we would land our feet in the final. It was the least we deserved!

Showcasing our talent, something that is finally beginning to shine through, despite being too late for this season, we are in a major final and have a chance to win Arteta’s first trophy and Arsenal’s already record breaking 14th trophy in the FA CUP Final.

If our boys remain fit for the last few games and the Final, if they play the way they did with the grit, quality and defensive and attacking mentality that they have at their disposal then I can only see one positive outcome! There is no doubt that our final opponents are dangerous but all we need to do is focus on our performances from the games against Norwich, Wolves, Liverpool and Manchester City and we will see that anything is possible!

Coming back from lockdown we haven’t had the best of starts in an already disappointing season, but finishing the season on a high with the FA CUP in our hands and showing what we will be bringing for the next season is the best way to move forward.

Being the underdogs is natural to us nowadays, but we have done it once before and we can do it again in this competition, we love the FA CUP and we love Wembley, plus revenge over Chelsea after that Europa League final defeat should be top of the list for us!

No matter the opponents that cup is meant for us! No matter the result in the final, as much as I am praying for a positive one, if it is negative, from the last few performances the boys have put out I think we can be proud, positive and definitely look forward for the new season!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners? Is the FA Cup Final going to give us another trophy?

Shenel Osman


  1. I’m so nervous about this game….. Kepa will be between the sticks, so not all bad 😆

    OT.. How come Bergkamp is being mentioned a lot today? Is this the big news we’re waiting for? Is the legend coming home?!

    1. This is the nig news:
      Arsenal have held preliminary talks with Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. He’s made it clear he is happy at the club under Arteta. He will sign a new deal providing they get into Europe via the FA Cup.

      Without Europe, he wants assurances of their ambition but is still open to staying.

      1. The Auba situation is very different from that of Sanchez and Ozil back then. If Auba were to leave not only we will lose the one man who has been carrying the club on his shoulder for the past two seasons, but also it will be next to impossible to find another player of similar quality based on our current condition both on and off the pitch.

        It is imperative that the club should do everything on and off their power to make Auba stay. The rebuilding process will collapse if we are to lose the very foundation of it.

  2. We will be under more pressure to win than Chelsea, just like in 2017 and in Baku too.
    In 2017, we transformed that pressure into hunger and passion and we beat them. In Baku, we let the pressure get the better of us and we lost.
    This time around, I know Lampard would definitely want to kickstart his Chelsea coaching tenure, with a trophy.
    As for Arsenal, you never can tell which team will show up. If we show up with the same determination displayed against Liverpool and City, we will win. However, if we show up with the Aston Villa attitude, then forget it, Baku will repeat itself.
    I seriously hope for the best, cos we need to be in the Europa League.

    1. Is time to give an unreserved apology to Sir Arsene Wenger.
      He was call names for qualifying us to the Europa league.

      1. He was ridiculed also for his top 4 trophy. The man deserve a statue in the middle of the pitch.

  3. Qualify for Europe, deny Spurs European Football, draw Villarreal in group stage, is the media’s wet dream

  4. Sorry mate , you said even if we lose ….
    We can be proud and positive for next season
    It’s our worst finish in 25 years !

    1. Lol… Even Arteta said if we win the FA cup, there’s nothing good bout the season and it’s just ‘Ok’ to win the FA cup. Man says we’re bigger and the target is the highest before we can start saying we’re doing good again

  5. AFC will be ready for the FA Cup final.

    Mikel just saying that, he would be over the moon winning the FA Cup in his first half season to be sure!

    Sue beat me to it, kepA the keeper for a chavs final is enticing for Auba and co.

    As long as AFC is on an upward trend I could careless about this year, as Mikel is finding out what he has to work with.

    Will be happy to see coviD in the rear view like the rest of the world!

  6. I’m not all confident with the FA cup final, this team lacks winning mentality, Chelsea tried to fight back against Liverpool, after being three goal down, imagine arsenal being three goal down against Liverpool, we would’ve given up and let more goals in. I hope they can pull off the type of performance we all saw against city and try to get at Chelsea not sitting deep. We might have been lucky to get away with defending deep against city, but I don’t trust our crop of defenders to do that on a consistent basis, it saddens my heart when I see how we’ve declined over the past years

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