The facts of Mesut Ozil’s decline since joining Arsenal

There has been much discussion about whether Arsenal’s highest-paid player still has a job to do for the club in his preferred position of playmaker in the Number Ten role, so I have decided to dig in to the changes in his stats for the last six seasons at the club, so that everyone can decide for themselves if he is still an asset to the Gunners.

So first of all, let’s look at the stats (gathered from from 2013-2016…..

So, in total, he scored 15 goals and made 34 assists, and his average shots were 1.3 per game……

So now look at his figures for the last three seasons…..

His goals went up to 17, but his assists dropped massively to 19 with the very worrying fact that he only gave TWO assists in the whole of the last season, and his shots per game dropped to one shot every two appearances. This is a massive drop in the stats.

The biggest argument was that Ozil only had mediocre forwards to provide chances to when we had Giroud and Welbeck leading the line, but this season he had two of the best strikers in the world in front of him and he couldn’t provide one assist for either of them.

Now I know there are going to be fans that disagree with me and say that he contributes much more than the basic figures (eg running off the ball, racking up more kilometres per game) but what is the point if there is very little in the way of end results?

So let’s see if people agree that the stats don’t lie. Ozil has declined immensely over the years, and the last season he has been practically anonymous.

How much worse can they get if he stays for another two seasons until the end of his contract?

Darren N


  1. Most of us don’t need to look at these stats as we have eyes and a brain. A few of us also have a lack of bias and are able to be totally honest with ourselves on football matters. Really and truly this article should have been addressed to the fast declining OZIL fan club comprising such as Phil, Sue and a few still self fooling others too.

    1. Oh I just knew Phil & I would be mentioned!!
      Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow suit… yes I know there are others on here that also don’t like him, but that’s up to the individual!! Nothing you say or anyone else for that matter, says will change my mind… he’s my favourite player.. so I’m afraid you’re wasting your time on me! Jeez now I’m the Ozil fan club, I suppose that’s slightly better than Ozil fan girl/boy.. and even Ozil cult – laughable!!

      1. I would like to also add did t we have an ozil post the other day ?
        For someone who was in and out the team all season no wonder he didn’t perform ,but of a which hunt where he’s concerned ,as he play well this season …no ,but you could also argue half the squad were average ,some fans won’t be happy until we have 11 razor ruddocks in our team

        1. I’m with Sue and Iwobi (sorry Dan But I had to say it bearing in mind your genius photo inclusion) on this one.And Jon- from someone who has nothing but praise for this Manager do you not wonder why Emery has chosen to pick him as a first team starter week after week?He is watching the same player we are so that is Emery in the Ozil fan club I would say wouldn’t you?Otherwise why would he select him to play?
          Once again you seem too contradictory in your comments.You don’t like Ozil because he is lazy.You applaud a manager who does not tolerate lazy players.Yet the manager selects Ozil.
          So Emery is satisfied with the players workrate and…..what exactly is your point?

          1. But he was not picked week after week for much of the season, so you state incorrect “facts”. Emery, as you well know , had very little other option at times. He had the equally lazy and less talented Mkhi and Ramsey, who has always been in and out over his decade here and no other serious attacking creator. Xhaka is a cumbersome, immobile joke and Guendouzi a still raw but promising though flawed kid. Ozil stats for assists and goals were pathetic considering his past abilities and way way worse than around 4 years ago when he had 19 assists. You simply refuse to accept what so many other Gooners say and what your own eyes must tell you. To deny he is lazy is self foolery on a grand scale and unworthy of a bright and experienced fan like you Phil. You are hankering for the past when he WAS a world class player. Those days are long gone and his unearned grotesque wage, stupidly awarded by the amateur regime, now thankfully gone, is bleeding us dry financially. Just accept the clear evidence and cease fooling yourself Phil.

            1. If you recall it was also Ramsey that was dropped as well.And this by a manager who was telling anyone and everyone that he was going to play Ramsey as his No10 and build his team aroundvhim.After 6 weeks he is benched .And them told he wasn’t getting a new contract so he could leave for nothing.Then put back in the team when it was obvious Emery was struggling.Then when he realised that in fact if he played his best four attacking players (Auba Laca Ozil Ramsey) together we could just perhaps win more games 5out of 5.
              Funny that.Play your best players and you win more games.How hard is that.
              Arsenal are a better side when our best players are played.Mesut Ozil is one of our better players.
              This is not a stat.This is a fact.Snd I’m not fooling myself or anyone else.Emery himself has realised this and that’s why he is playing Ozil and I have no doubt he would have Ramsey would be included if fit as well

            2. Jon, the fact that you and those who claim that they are the majority, with a dwindling Ozil fanclub, REALLY do need to do some homework on the subject,

              The Arsenal have just issued the details of shirt sales and Ozil has, once again, proven to be the most popular named player amongst our supporters.
              Furthermore, it has also been announced that Ozil has been named as the fifth biggest named player in shirt sales worldwide.

              These FACTS aren’t from the past, but up to date figures.

              Now I know Jon that you ALWAYS insist that you represent the majority, but this clearly proves otherwise.

              I don’t think anyone would argue that Ozils salary is qrotesque, but that applies to all professional footballers and when the club agreed this contract, the fan base was ecstatic that we had managed to tie him down.

              As for UE having to select him (as you state) no he didn’t…as he proved during the ridiculous period when we saw Ozil being made captain one game, dropped the next and picked the following. ?.farcical management.

              So can you please stop ignoring the fan base and it’s views of Ozil as a player?
              If you want a debate about salaries, I’m sure that you will have a much more sympathetic ear.
              I would suggest that the money the club earns from the Ozil name is included in his contract, so its you who should stop deluding yourself with regards to your personal views and how much support they have.

              1. Ken, his shirt sales are a separate point and neither you nor I know how much the club makes from his shirt sales. Yes, ALL Prem salaries are grotesque but his is more damaging than almost any other and certainly more than any other at Arsenal. But the relevant point is how much use is he to our team and is he the sort of player a progressive team builder should now use, were he able to shift him on, which I am convinced is the aim, whether achievable or not. The fan base is split on him and we can argue, uselessly, as to what degree but that gets us nowhere.

                I temper my opinion of all fan debate at all clubs with the knowledge that so many fans, again everywhere, are biased in favour of their own players . I would rather take notice of ex pros who are largely unbiased about other clubs teams and have more informed opinions than most fans. These pundits almost all say we would be far better off with him off the wage bill for the little he produces on the pitch. I do NOT always say my views represent the majority so you do me a disservice there. I have sometimes said my views are in a minority and well recall several times writing that; even about Ozil back before last season.

                I am also a little dismayed that you accuse our still new manager of “farcical management”. I could not more disagree based over the whole season, though he has made mistakes. Who does not do so either? I would suggest in all seriousness that any mistakes Emery made last season, pale into insignificance when compared to the mistake Ozil supporters are now making with this fast fading player.

                My post was not, on this occasion, about Emery so I will not get into a separate discussion here and now. Another time though, willingly.

                But mainly, even the salary is a secondary issue to us fans, though not the club I believe. We lot on here care about how useful a player is and not much about anything else concerning him, which is how it should be, since we are fans and not club accountants.

                It is about his lack of regular use when playing that I care and on that issue that I want him gone. Life experience has taught me and surely you too, that 100% effort in whatever you do , is the only way to maximise your talents, in any field of work. I do not believe that you, Phil, Sue, or any others who want him to stay, believe in your heart of hearts that he gives 100%, is value for money or will now regain his once undoubted world class of yesteryear. Yes , he is better than Iwobi (despite TH14 s bizarre love in with him) and the equally lazy Mkhi too but if that is the limit of your ambition for our future, just to be better than Iwobi, then God help us!

                1. Jon, go back to your very first post “the fast declining OZIL fanclub”…that is what you stated.
                  I have given you proof that this is not the case, in fact far from it.
                  Why do you say his shirt sales are a separate point?
                  This actually PROVES that our fan base, both at home and worldwide, are stillspending their hard earnt money on having the Ozil name put on the back of their shirts…hardly the fast declining fans you always elude too is it?

                  Of course we have no idea how his contract is made up and what value the shirt sales contribute to the club, but I think most rationale thinking fans would recognise the power of his name across both our club and worldwide, in respect of the recognition it brings.

                  You say that you respect the views of ex pros, so can I ask you what you think of the views of our current players regarding Ozil?
                  To a man they praise his vision, experience, work rate etc etc …do you not take into account their views?

                  As for me not wanting Ozil at the club, that’s another assumption that is completely wrong.
                  Like lacs and aba, I appreciate the skill and expertise he supplies to our team.
                  Thank heavens he has the pedigree of a master builder and hasn’t yet become a hod carrier.
                  Finally, you say that his salary is a secondary issue and yet it is ALWAYS the subject that you focus on “bleeding us dry” so to speak!!!
                  Until someone can come on here and quote verbatim, the EXACT details of his contract, to say that he is bleeding us dry is nonsense….just like me saying that his shirt sales account for 50% of his salary.

                  1. Ken you have skilfully avoided my MAIN point which is his sheer lack of effort. I had already addressed all your other points and declared them , in my view, as secondary to the MAIN issue, his laziness. I will not be deflected by skilfully written traps from declaring his LAZINESS. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK HE GIVES 100%? Yes or no please Ken.

                    1. I should also have said that IMO, it is virtually impossible for any current player to speak totally honestly in a derogatory way about teammates. It would cause dressing room arguments and is surely written into their contracts . So your point on team mates falls surely?

                    2. Jon, of course I believes he gives 100% – not by running up and down like a retarded jack in the box, but by using his god given gift as a player who reads the game, sees the opportunities others can’t and uses the minimum of effort to make this happen.
                      It seems that UE thinks the same, as Phil pointed out earlier.

                      I would ask you this Jon, why do so many of our fans ALSO see this, as evidenced by the support given him at games and in sales of his name?

                      You cannot ignore the facts that he is the most poular player, as the shirt stats prove and to be popular, he must be doing things thaat you are simply missing, along with the “dwindling fanbase” you insist is happening.

                      As for current players, I’m sure their contracts do not specify that they should come out and praise any player either wouldn’t you agree?
                      As for ex-professionals, their being paid to be confrontational and play the devils advocate, just take the Neville brothers as an example!!!

      2. SkySports reported Sanchez’s representative has already met with Juventus and Inter Milan. The report also suggests he is willing to take a pay cut on his £500,000-a-week ($935k-a-week) salary to push the move through

        If Ozil prefers to milk Arsenal 350k per week while being a squad rotation player, rather than restarting his career in another club, he doesn’t deserve to be a Gunner. He could act and talk nice but actions speak louder than words

        If Sanchez and Oxlade-Chamberlain prioritize their careers over bigger salaries, why didn’t Mr Nice Guy Mesut Ozil do it? Shame on him if he doesn’t move before the next season starts

        1. Sanchez??? He’s on more than Ozil at Man United… so as you say, he’s happy to ‘milk’ United….

        2. gotanidea, what on earth are you bringing Sanchez into this debate for?
          Wasn’t he the guy who caused untold unrest in the dressing room in order to get the lucrative move he wanted?
          Do you really think he didn’t take into consideration the reported £650,000 a week that manure offered him when he turned down city?
          There has not been one reported incident of Ozil upsetting the squad when UE was playing silly bu**ers with him.
          As for the OX, he wanted to move, agreed. That was his decision and I wish him well.

          1. That’s coz he’s on 350K sitting on the bench & when he’s brought on plays like a Bencher why would he disrupt the squad when the whole squad are earning you your keep Kenny? To everyone backing Ozil since joining Arsenal not 1 team has ever looked at him as a potential buy, when he renewed his old contract to his current package he knew this, so he stayed and acted like he was doing us a favor. Ozil & Ole Gunnar are the same as soon as they signed their new deals they became worse….

            1. Ken, for much of the time you claim “UE was playing silly bu””ers with him” Mezut Ozil was affected by various injuries (back spasms etc) and illness. These could also have impacted on his form this season.

              1. ozziegunner, yes it could have done…but…once UE was confident that he was fit, he made him captain one game, dropped him the next and then brought him back in the squad the following game.
                When he picked Ozil, Ramsey, Lacs and Aba (something that many on here were asking him to do long before he actually did), we won five games in a row.
                I am certain that if he hadn’t kept tinkering, we would now be in the CL and it’s something I hope he rectifies next season.

      3. Sue , your missing the point Ozil is allowed to be your favorite player this is not a personal attack on you ! Who ever you are ! This is clearly about is Ozil worth the salary he gets paid ! £350 k a week 19.6 million a year or 980,000 per game he got two assists this Season !! There are 105 players in the epl that got more Ryan Frazier got 14 and gets paid £27’k a week the only player that gets paid more in the epl than Ozil for assists is Alexis Sanchez ! That should say it all

        1. Ok so if this isn’t a personal attack on me, then why is it every god damn time there’s an Ozil article, I’m mentioned by the same people, being referred to as an Ozil fan boy/girl, Ozil cult, now an Ozil dog… that I don’t know anything, I’m fooling myself etc etc.. it makes me sick and is really pathetic!! Just because my opinion & likes differ to others on here,… I have these comments to look forward to! Nice…

          1. Sue , you are incorrect that you are mentioned every time he is the subject. It may seen that way though and you have been mentioned , this time by me, in common with Phil who was also mentioned and whom I also much respect. None of this is remotely personal and you have been a passionate Gooner easily long enough to know that surely? I have the utmost respect for all thinking Gooners, which you are, who stand by what they genuinely believe, which is the right we all have, whether or not I agree with their views. I am old and long ago learned that only immature folk ONLY respect those who share their views. I respect decency, honesty, courage and work ethic, in that order and well know that we are all fallible humans, myself very much included. I write this to put your mind at rest and so that we do not fall out over so trifling a matter, in lifes grand scheme .

            1. Jon.. believe it or not, I don’t wish to fall out with anyone on here! There are just certain things that really wind me up – this being one of them.. I think by now, I should know most people’s opinions, likes/dislikes on here.. and vice versa… I don’t go around telling people who they should like/dislike… or that they’re a fool for doing so (just an example, you get the idea) so I don’t appreciate all this grief, just because I like Ozil!! But hopefully after today it won’t be as bad next time…? thank you for your reply btw

    2. Jon Fox,

      Those guys are the worst set of fan group have seen…
      Sentiment has clouded their sense of reasoning…
      Sue, Phil and Xxnofx dont know what it takes to be a Class or complete midfielder..

      what baffles me more about this guys is that they watched how this class acts underneath, controls the game, carried the Team, made others within the attacking line better Cesc Fabregas in his days at Arsenal, same with Cazorla Rosicky Hleb…

      They are always competitive, they don’t go hiding like that Liability.

      There excuse is always this, that the coach should get better players in order to make that liability effective,

      they use to say then that Giroud Playing makes Ozil weaker, as if is not the same Giroud that profited mostly from Ozil set pieces that made most of his assist stat for Arsenal..

      90% of Ozil assist stat are from setpieces
      just imagine that stupid excuse
      Ozil looks more dead Now with Aubayamang Lacazette playing instead of the reverse…

      A world class midfielder makes other players around him better and not the other way round

      Ozil must be forced out of Arsenal just like what Real Madrid is doing to Bale now..
      ozil is dead as a player
      is time we force him out now

          1. Maybe you two could get yourself a room ,seeing you’re all nicely loved up with each other ??

            1. What sort of pathetic childish comment is that! No actual proper argument made to support your case at all, merely a snide and ridiculous remark which says far more about your “intelligence” than it does about those wise fans who see through the expensive Ozil con job.

              1. If you’re replying to me Jon ,maybe go down the posts to see my arguments ,the childish comments are from the 2 you are sticking up for ,and I would imagine the reason for that is the fact they think the same way as you regarding ozil ,also next time I won’t stick up for you on post when people call you out for being a bully and offensive .
                I may not write as fancy as you but I always back up my points and arguments .

                1. it will be really sad if you are using Iwobi’s picture just to mock a player from our academy .

                  1. I’m an arsenal fan so I should be able to use what ever pic I want ,and I hat as him bring from outer academy got to do with it

                2. Yes it was for you BUT I speak only of this specific post and put down which I think unworthy of your fine intellect and general decency. I am sadly sometimes also guilty of being nasty and always regret it afterwards, so I should address myself sometimes in the way I addressed you. I respect all passionate Gooners who think before writing , whether or not I agree with their views. If we only respected people with whom we agree the world would be a far worse place than it is. I am sure you will agree with that last comment and wish to remain on good terms with you. I accept and agree that my post to you was too hasty and apologise .

      1. Iffybrihgt, that is what am talking about, because people don’t agree with you and your point means something is wrong with their sense of reasoning, they are blinded! Everyone that comes here to attack and abuse others because they don’t share your sentiments are BULLIES!!!! Yes, if you can not talk to others constructively you are a bully, if you find something wrong with any part of someone because they don’t share your sentiments you are a bully. I almost ran away from his website because of people like you that the first thing you say about people who support Ozil is call them names you are a bully. STATE YOUR POINT WITHOUT ABUSING OTHERS!!!!!!

      2. iffy bright, Good to know there are some on here who refuse to fool themselves. Well said!

        1. Jon, I’m afraid it’s you who is fooling yourself.
          I keen asking why his name is chanted at every game he plays in, he sells more shirts than any other player AND he is the fifth biggest named shirt selling name in the world.
          Unless, of course Jon, you believe that the above FACTS are irrelevant?

          Well done Admin for explaining the reasons why the ban has been made, bullying and crude language always seem to go together.

          1. Ken. Suggest you read my Ozil post higher up this thread in reply to your earlier post. The shirt sales are a secondary issue but you will soon read that, hopefully.

  2. That’s what I’ve always said. Give a player a new contract, expect decline in performance. Only when the goals and assists reach a respectable tally, consistently for each season, should a player be rewarded. Then, a slight dip in performance can be excused. But when a player doesn’t deserve a new contract, ship him out immediately.
    I bet Wenger & Gazidis planned this all along. Reward their £43m con artist to cover up for their own failures in management, then jump ship.

    1. Ozil reminds me of Walcott, Sanchez and Martial. Worked hard in the field to create fancy stats when their contracts were expiring, then slacked off and played safe after the contract renewals

      If Man United manage to kick Sanchez out before the next season starts, Arsenal should find out how they do it. Man United were able to ship Juan Sebastian Veron out to Chelsea, hence Arsenal ought to find a way to sell Ozil, preferably to another EPL club

        1. No one gives a damn about mere typos- I make plenty and care not a jot- but many of us do care about unthought through comments and rashly posted tosh. This is, after all, not a site for English graduates only but for ALL passionate fans who hopefully also have some brain power AND THINK BEFORE WRITING. I do not mean you specifically but all in general who refuse to think first.

  3. Ozil is way past his prime and that is a reality every player would face in their careers. Arsenal usually don’t know when to cut loose, we keep players for too long even though they are injury prone, average or finished at the top level. Ozil’s case is so peculiar because his fans are so loyal that they believe he is still the player he was at madrid and they would blindly back him no matter his on-field outputs. Iwobi is usually the excuse they use to justify Ozil’s brilliance and stating the fact about Ozil will bring comments like “you prefer headless chickens like Iwobi” even though most fans know Iwobi isn’t good enough as a starter either.

    Something i have always thought about is how can a europa league team afford to have a player like Ozil anyways? We are not strong enough to carry a luxury player, we are not finacially strong enough to pay his wages and have a strong team due to our business model. I feel Ozil needs to be in a well balanced, strong and dominant team like Bayern and Psg. These two teams dominate their leagues such that a player like Ozil will have a better effect. At arsenal, we struggle against every team but we are supposed to have players that doesn’t press or defend because it’s not their job to do so? We just can’t afford that because as underdogs, you have to have players who are ready to fight against the odds and Atletico madrid are a good example of that. You either build a strong team around him or you sell him.

  4. Some of us have been labelled as Haters of Ozil and haters of football for pointing out this for many seasons. We keep being labelled as clueless about football, labelled as not having any knowledge about football for asking more from our supposed only WORLD CLASS PLAYER.

    Now it seems like more and more people are only starting to notice what some of us have been critical of Ozil for for a long time.

    It’s not that we are haters, we are Arsenal fans that are frustrated by our steady decline for more than 10 years. We expect our so called best player (s) to do more for our club rather than depend on their past glory away from The Arsenal.

    Players like Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp, Cesc, Pires, RVP, Santi, Sanchez etc would lift their teammates and make them play better.

    May be the above players ability to take games by the neck is the reason my attitude towards any player being labelled as our Only WORLD CLASS / BEST PLAYER has been clouded. I now expect any player that is labelled as OUR BEST to be able to do what those players could do on an individual level. I expect a tougher mentality, leading by example, dominating games, making your teammates play better etc.

    Is this too much to ask for from our supposed ONLY WORLD CLASS PLAYER?

    1. On what grounds would Arsenal terminate his contract? It doesn’t work that way. We could decide – as reports suggest Real Madrid have done with Bale – to let him go on a free. I don’t think that will happen as I don’t think UE has totally lost faith in him.

      1. I am sure there will be clause for performance based payment which the club would’ve inserted. I also don’t think that the club will sit idle regarding this issue, they’ll be thinking a way out of this

        1. In a third world country you would most likely get away with what you seem to feel is a legal right.In a modern democratic country where the law actually means something then Ozil has a contract that is legally binding to both parties.He has two years left on this legally binding contract.Therefore if the Club ask him to leave that will cost them two years salary.Pretty simple really.

          1. @ Sorry but the statement you just made is ignorant and stupid .
            @Admin you ban people for less .
            Phil you are guilty of being over passionate with your wordings , You need to travel more .

            1. I would believe that I am rather well travelled.Also fairly well educated.Enough to know what a contract is.
              Mind you I would imagine a four year old would know Ozil has a contract that means he is paid a sum of money each year for so many years plus a load of other inclusions.
              What is difficult to understand about that .
              And are you seriously suggesting I get banned?Your pathetic PAL.

      1. I dont know if its worth it because we are guilty of playing players who are passed it. Youngsters are not given chances because people like Ozil are still players of the club . As no one will pay a player on the bench 350 k a week .

  5. When you look at it the facts, it is not at all surprising that Ozil is in decline. Yes, there is the contract issue but he also broke through to his clubs first team when he was around 18. He’s been going for a while and certainly isn’t the first player to start his first team career earlier than is normal and decline around 29-31.

    I don’t necessarily think it is his body but mentally it looks like he is done after 12 years at senior level.

  6. It’s more complicated than what we fans see on the surface. His value is more than pitch performance; its merchandising and more. He’s declined as a player, don’t think anyone can argue otherwise.

    However he still makes Kronke fc money and will go nowhere until that gravy train runs out of track. Terminate his contract won’t happen; what message does that send to potential transfers and their agents?

    IMHO the mistake was not loading the contract with incentives. I honestly don’t know how his contract is structured, and highly skeptical of anyone who claims they do.

    Can’t unring a bell, so club has to learn from this in the future. My thinking is payraise was cheaper than replacing with transfer fees and salary on top of that. However, I’ve never managed a club, but also never lost a match!

  7. 1) UE was Ozil’s enemy from the minute he got here. Seemed to me he was scared to death that the ‘Player Power’ he suffered at PSG might also happen at Arsenal so jumped on what he thought was the player who might cause it from the start. So using the season just gone for all the stupid stats is a master class in idiocy.
    2) To make sure Ozil didn’t get a proper chance to show what he can do Emery many times played defensive line ups with only one striker. Ozil should not even be on the bench in these situations.
    3) As Ozil’s job is to create he needs people to pass to – ideally 2 strikers, an attacking midfielder and decent wing backs. The 2 strikers (Auba and Laca) and attacking midfielder (Ramsey) were on the field at the same time as Ozil ONLY 5 times. Arsenal won ALL five! See for a quick rundown.
    4) Players in other positions have far simpler jobs i.e. goalkeepers try to make saves, strikers try to score, wide midfielders/wing backs try to get crosses in and occasionally cut in and shoot. Even Ramsey’s job is pretty simple – defend when you have to but then make runs into the box when you can. ALL OF THESE DON’T RELY SO MUCH ON THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM AS A MIDFIELD CREATOR DOES. Emery, if he is a good manager, should already know this and if he did then he more than anyone sabotaged Ozil’s chances of having a good game. Not sure if that was deliberate or not but sincerely hope UE is above that sort of thing.
    5) A commentor above said that the Ozil hate mob are often accused of not understanding football. If you don’t (or more likely DELIBERATELY WON’T) understand what I’ve just written then yes, you don’t understand football.

    1. While I think your last point is a bit of nonsense – folks who don’t rate Ozil – or in your words “hate” him – simply have a different but valid viewpoint than you. To say they don’t understand football is more than a tad condescending.

      Having said that, and being someone who is no fan of Ozil, your third point is a good one. Emery stumbled on his best line up with both Aubayemang and Lacazette up front with Ozil behind them and Ramsey joining in the attack. If Ozil stays, Emery will hopefully find someone to help get the best out of him.

      1. Trudeau I am hoping AMN or ESR can step up if given the chance to take Ramsey’s place next season if UE sticks with 3-4-1-2.
        Having said that I’m not sure what UE’s favourite line up is so don’t quite know what to expect next season. If he switches to 4-3-3 then I would assume that he does not want Ozil in his team and will have to find a way to move him on. He’ll also need to either use Nelson or Saka on the wing or buy a winger.
        Condescending – I have explained no. 3 in previous posts a few times on here now and each time the Ozil hate mob have either not understood what I was trying to say or have DECIDED NOT to understand it. They may well have different views on Ozil’s worth but are judging him on the points I made in no. 2 above and so clearly do NOT understand how to get the best out of Ozil and hence football in general. I’ll try to tone it down a bit in future! 🙂

        1. GunnerJack, you lost me with your pseudo psychological analysis of Unai Emery’s attitude to Mezut Ozil. On what basis do you make the assessment of Emery falling out with star players and being out to get Ozil? Have you had a private conversation with Emery to gather information to support your opinion?
          The player power at PSG is still in evidence and it should be noted that PSG’s performance under Thomas Tuchel has not exceeded the results under Emery. Yes Emery’s PSG lost to Barcelona in the Champions League after a great win in the first leg, but only after Barcelona received two of the dogiest penalties ever given at this level.

          1. Not sure about the ‘pseudo psychological analysis’ but my ASSESSMENT of his bad treatment of Ozil was shared by many others. Only lately has he found, probably by accident, his best line up and Ozil is included in that.
            Your info about PSG has no real relevance other than to confirm that managers don’t find it easy against big name player power. Emery seemed to arrive here a bit shell shocked from his experience at PSG and with the determination not to let it happen again and simply chose our highest paid player to stamp down on. Many others also questioned his actions.
            At the end of the day that is my opinion of UE’s actions and I will be sticking with it.

            1. GunnerJack, I respect your opinion; however I disagree. Emery certainly has made mistakes in his first season in the EPL as Klopp, Guardiola aand others have done; however much of what posters have called “tinkering” has been due to squad limitations due to injuries and suspensions (eg Socrates). Ozil for parts of the season could not be relied uon because of on again off again injury issues.

    2. I automatically mistrust the intelligence of folk who wrongly and wilfully misuse “hate” when they mean a mere difference of opinion of a players effectiveness. I consider OZIL A WASTE OF SPACE AS A PLAYER BUT CONSIDER HIM A FINE AND WORTHY HUMAN AND HAVE NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR HIM AS A PERSON. Please learn what “hate” actually means and I pray you never come across REAL hate personally. Why do you choose to misuse it though, as I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW WHY?

      1. I use it so I can get across to the Ozil hate mob how I feel about them. Many of their comments are full of hate towards Ozil, even though they may not use that particular word lin their hundreds of anti-Ozil posts.
        If you check the comments of a few people in the hate club, such as iffybright, Quantic Dream, NONNY, ThirdManJW, Goonster, RSH etc over a long period of time you will see what I mean.
        I think posters such as Phil and Sue have a similar view of them as I do. Maybe you could read their comments to get a better, wider picture.

        1. But using “hate” merely because other also do is not a reason to keep using it. I have challenged a good number of fans over a long period who do as you do and persist in misusing it. My point falls sadly on deaf ears and I repeat that I pray you never find out what REAL HATE is. One thing it definitely is NOT is a mere difference of opinion on the abilities and effort of ANY mere football player, no matter whom. But as I say, deaf ears…! Sigh!

          1. It is far simpler to use the word hate in the context I used it i.e. ‘the Ozil hate mob’ as a very general term which everyone understands. I don’t think any of them are actually going to lie in wait to do Ozil any harm and perhaps many on here easily get the gist of what I mean. Much easier than writing something along the lines of ‘those many people who have a passionate dislike of Ozil’ – which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.
            Making a big fuss about the word ‘hate’ as I used it, in your capacity as self appointed arbiter of what words people should or shouldn’t use, just takes it to a different level – a level which was not intended.

            1. BTW I already mentioned to another poster earlier that I would be toning down my comments a bit.

  8. Stats do not lie.
    Politicians lie, not stats.

    The phrase “Lies, Damned lies and statistics” is a phrase which dismisses the human being as the lying variable, it is a bad phrase.

    When working with stats, one should ensure to collect as much as they can, stats on Ozil alone will not explain his assists, as an example. Does the conversion rate of the strikers matter? Do the number of shots that the strikers take, matter?

    How about assisting the assist? People have tried to mock this concept but in reality, it can be equally vital as the assist itself, sometimes the assist has been handed to a player on the plate and if they pick the right choice (to set up) then it can be a really easy assist. Example, Kola receiving that visionary pass which set up his chance to get an assist.

    This article hasn’t gone into Ozil def work this season, where are his stats for that?

    If you wish to tell a whole picture then do not draw a nose and tell everyone it is the Mona-Lisa!

    This article is pathetic, sorry Darren but it is worse than toilet paper, it isn’t even worth wiping my backside with. Why? Because it does what politicians do when they want to tell a BS narrative, they exclude vast quantities of facts which could prove their BS to be BS. People using stats like you have Darren are part of the problem with people losing trust in facts. Stop it! Include them all if you wish to highlight how stats can show Ozil needs to go. If you are right then there are stats for that… If you are wrong then you need to lie or change your perspective…

    1. “Stats do not lie”? Good grief, of course they often do. How can a serious and bright fan like you be so daft to think that is true? A slavish addiction to stats only is not deep thinking. TherE are countless misleading stats; one example is that Merts was consistently among the Prems best passers stat. It failed to mention that almost all his accurate passes were slow, close to and under no pressure to his fellow CB Koscielny made well inside his own half. A false stat and there are many others like that. They have SOME use if sensibly but not slavishly used, with a good brain and pair of eyes to interpret and rationalise them. A moments real thought will prove the error of what you claim.

      1. No John, they do not lie, they do not have agendas or opinions… It is the people who use them that lie, they will cherry pick stats which support a narrative.

        You think that stats lie because you are not presented with all the stats available, you are shown ‘cherry picked data’ which supports one theory (Mert passing) and instead of being a wise gentleman who sees the cherry picking, you become equally foolish and claim that a stat is trying to mislead us… That somehow, this numerical value, this non living thing… It somehow wishes to tell us porkie pies.

        Accept the fact that a single stat will never tell a whole story and a wise human will seek out as much information as they can to get the ‘fullest’ picture available to them.

        I have not said that stats are not used to mislead, I mock politicians at the opening part, human beings have agendas and they will mislead people with cherry picked stats. It is the human that is misusing them and people being ignorant enough to get distracted by a stat over the reason for the usage of the stat.

        I won’t repeat myself on this, if you still do not understand what I am saying then go to your local college and ask them for an education. I’m sick of ignorance and stupidity dismissing facts as ‘lies’ when it is just a value. Accurate or inaccurate, it is a a value… It doesn’t tell lies. It has no lips to tell a lie, no fingers to type a lie, no way to lie. It is the human being and they are the ones who needs to be called out as liers.

        Use your language Jon, think about what I am saying, you know I am speaking sense. You will if you admit it to yourself. Time to make the human beings who lie accountable for their lies, not pass the buck onto stats by association in ill thought out phrases.

  9. Legendary Jon Fox,

    Those guys are the worst set of fan group have seen…
    Sentiment has clouded their sense of reasoning…
    Sue, Phil and Xxnofx dont know what it takes to be a Class or complete midfielder..

    what baffles me more about this guys is that they watched how this class acts underneath, controls the game, carried the Team, made others within the attacking line better Cesc Fabregas in his days at Arsenal, same with Cazorla Rosicky Hleb…

    They are always competitive, they don’t go hiding like that Liability.

    There excuse is always this, that the coach should get better players in order to make that liability effective,

    they use to say then that Giroud Playing makes Ozil weaker, as if is not the same Giroud that profited mostly from Ozil set pieces that made most of his assist stat for Arsenal..

    90% of Ozil assist stat are from setpieces
    just imagine that stupid excuse
    Ozil looks more dead Now with Aubayamang Lacazette playing instead of the reverse…

    A world class midfielder makes other players around him better and not the other way round

    Ozil must be forced out of Arsenal just like what Real Madrid is doing to Bale now..
    ozil is dead as a player
    is time we force him out now

    1. You can guarantee who will be all over an Ozil article… and you’ve just proved me right Iffy.. you’re definitely in the top 5!!
      What annoys me is.. everyone is entitled to have a player they admire, as well as a player they’re not so keen on… yes there are a few in the team I’m not keen on… but I’ve had my say on them.. enough said.. I don’t have to keep ramming my opinion down everyone’s throat… maybe you & others should do the same!! ???

      1. Sue-the problem with IFFYTHICK is that he is only able to jump on other posters thoughts and not really have too much of his own to say.But he has a right to his opinion as we do.
        What I take exception to is when he says that just because we admire Ozil as a footballer we do not know what a midfielder is.Well I’m pretty sure I know a lot more about the players that have played for this Club and I certainly feel I know what type of player I class as a good player for my club as you do as well.
        IFFYTHICK mentions Santi Cesc Rosiky Hleb.All Players I’m proud to have represented our Club and how we could do with a couple of those at the moment.But we have who we have and thanks to our Manager not learning from hos mistakes and costing us a CL place unless we win the EL we will have a budget that will not help us bring in too much quality.But despite what IFFYTHICK and others might feel I don’t believe the Club would sell him anyway.When the Manager sorts out his defence,midfield and the teams non-existent defence then Ozil will perform more to his abilities and on a more consistent level.And let’s not look over the fact this manager dropped both Ozil and Ramsey but has been proven how wrong this was.
        Ozil will still be here next season.Ozil will still be a target for IFFYTHICK and his like.Will Emery still have a job at the end of next season?

        1. Phil.. I totally agree with you, it annoys me how we’re brought up as admirers, we know nothing, we’re fooling ourselves blah blah blah… same comments from the same people! As soon as an Ozil article pops up, you know straight away who will write on it (even if you haven’t seen them on here for weeks!!) ?
          Well Phil, I look forward to the next 2 seasons with Mesut… how delightful that will be ?
          From one fan boy to another ?? what a joke!!
          Right now you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got to be at my Ozil cult meeting at 6pm ?

          1. Sue-Di you remember all those I LOVE MESUT t-shirts we had made back in the day?I don’t believe IFFYTHICK will ever get sent one do you?ha ha
            Enjoy your meeting

      2. Sue
        I was once a Fan of Ozil, not just a fan but a big fan of him…
        infact i was nicknamed OZIL during my compulsory one year National Service to my country because of the way I celebrated his move to Arsenal on that deadline day…

        something i still regret till today…

        The difference between me and you guys(OZIL FANBOYS AND GIRLS) is that i say the truth
        i don’t support lies and hyprocrisy..
        This is why I can’t go into politics
        i can’t back lies
        i don’t know how to defend rubbish…

        Sue is like you are crushing on Ozil
        Good luck Babe ???

        1. Once again I’m labelled a “fan girl” oh my!!! ?
          You obviously didn’t read a word I wrote earlier!!
          After reading your “big dick” comment, I think it’s you that needs luck, not me ??

  10. Rather than saying he should be sold, why can’t the club add more quality players to the squad. He got a 350K per week contract, that was his luck. We should add to the players we have first before selling. You need top quality in every department. Team discipline and composure. The stats does not tell you the complete story. He has been on and off the team this season. Ozil came to Arsenal, and every other player raised their game. We won the FA cup in his first season. Football is a team sport. Rather than analyzing whether He should stay or leave, why can’t we demand the club add more quality players like Nabil Fakir, De ligt and a box to box all action midfield general. We can afford these players. We pay the highest ticket prices in Europe. We should demand more from the owners. They need to invest in the team.Also, our strikers need to be more composed. Aubameyang and Lacazette had many chances they could have converted this season.for the last 5 seasons in the EPL, who tops the list of most chances created?

    1. Ozil is costing us 19,6 million pounds a year it’s not about adding players it’s about getting value for money ! And we are no longer getting value for money ! He only played 20 times this season thats 980, 000 pound per game !! Is every performance worth 1 million a game ! And I think most logical based answers will be no! There where 105 players who got more assists than Ozil this season! And only one person paid more than Ozil ! Guess who that is Alexis Sanchez!! Say no more

      1. mark, how many games did UE decide not to play Ozil when he was fit and rarinto play?
        He even posted that he was ready to play and was doing extra training to keep fit.
        Look a little deeper at the decisions UE has made in his team selections, the way he singled out Ozil for very personal criticism when asked about Ozil’s exclusion from the team and…then…ask yourself why he was made captain one game, dropped the next, brought back the next game and was singled out by nearly every Arsenal player as the man they liked having in the team?
        Iv’e always believed that the most educated people to ask for an opinion from, are those that actually work in that enviroment and lacs and aba have said many times how much they appreeciate what he brings to the team.

        What on earth the decision by man utd to pay Sanchez over a reported £650,000 a week has to do with Ozil is beyond me, but you obviously see a link to further denograte the biggest named shirt seller at The Arsenal last season (fifth biggest in the world last season as well).
        I wonder if this will ever sink in to those who question what he brings to AFC as a worldwide football club?

  11. I dont understand this hatred towards ozil. Last season he was a fringe player thanks to emery for benching meaning he had little impact on the team which isnt his fault. Ozil may not be a workhorse but no current arsenal player is more talented than ozil.

    1. Talent without hardwork and commitment,
      Is that one a talent?

      is just like having a big dick and still not able to perform well on bed….
      Automatically that dick is useless

      OZil is useless if he can’t make that same talent you claimed he has to work for the team…

      other than his rarely seen through balls, i can’t see anything he offers to the team

      1. IFFYTHICK-it is interesting you mentioned big dicks.That was exactly what I was thinking when reading what you were writing.

        1. Your comments are emotional dribble! Make logical points of view to be taken seriously! Not name calling! It just makes you look unintelligent and a bully

          1. ………..Mark
            Do they have anything logical to say, No
            They have run out of words to say
            All they do now is to abuse and call you a Ozil hater…..

            pathetic set of Ozil dogs…
            Just leave them…
            Am their Nightmare in this group…

              1. IFFYTHICK -You have far too high an opinion of yourself if you seriously believe you and your thoughts give us nightmares.Honestly PAL get yourself a life.You obviously had little in the way of an education when growing as shown in your posts.But to even believe you are capable of becoming anything other than a source of amusement shows how little you have learnt in your life.Grow up PAL and at least show some respect to Sue no matter what her opinion.Others disagree but have the manners and education to respect her.Your just too thick to realise this PAL and I would believe everyone would agree

            1. iffybright: ‘All they do now is to abuse and call you a Ozil hater…..’
              Good to see you don’t abuse people . . . Oops! Who said ‘pathetic set of Ozil dogs…’?
              You ARE an Ozil hater and any and all abuse you get is fully deserved.
              If you don’t understand my post above about how and when Ozil will play badly or well then you truly are as thick as a freakin’ brick! It’s a LOGICAL argument so I’m pretty sure it will be well above your head.
              Hope you soon find your way back to the gutter.

              1. So admin, you didn’t see all those abusive words been directed at me by phil Sue and Xxnofx….

                i know you won’t see them most especially Pat who is a big fan of Ozil……

                1. I would love to see any abusive language from me .
                  Come with evidence next time you put my name in a post

                  1. xxnofx, you call iwobi a headless chicken and u still say” i will love to see an abusive language from me”. such a shame

                2. Am Ozil fan, am proud. He plays for the football club I support, that puts me and Ozil on the same team. I will support and defend any Arsenal players, yesterday, today, tomorrow. But I don’t use abusive words on others, and for you to call sue Ozil dog is totally shame. You said you are just finishing your youth service, you are still young, please respect others and their opinions, so that no one can shame your background. Sue is a wife, a mother and my friend, she is a great contributor to this website and so you will respect her, and others. None of us own Arsenal Football Club. No need to abuse anyone.

      2. iffybright, Not the best analogy to make about big d…s. It cheapens your argument, which which I much agree by the way, to use words like that. KEEP IT CLEAN AND YOU WILL BE TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY. Hardly surprising that you got Phils reply(below your post). Do not give own goals when writing . I only mean to help you and admire that you stick to your guns.

  12. I have always been a neutral on Ozil ! Some moments of brilliance and some of laziness! What I have noticed is his gradual decline to mediocre performances ! When you own a Farrari you don’t want it to handle like a Vauxhall Viva! My point is we are no longer getting our moneys worth from Ozil! this shouldn’t be an emotional decision it doesn’t matter whether I love Ozil or not !! It’s purely based on going forward is he performing in relation to the amount we pay him ! If no then sell him and get a player or two who has potential to grow if yes keep him ! Ozil is 30 and the facts are he’s been slowly declining sell him before we loose any more money ! Football is always about evolution some players through performance and character will be etched into our memories some are just moments of pleasure and others are forgotten in time

  13. Anyone who can’t see that Ozil is not even worth half the amount he’s paid is blind.

    We need to get rid of him because we need a better attacking midfielder and to free up wages

  14. Dont want to start an argument, but Mesut who walks on water would be in my best ever Arsenal team !………………………..along with DB10, TH14, IW8, Alexis, PV4,………………….actually all the best attacking players, I dont do defence !

  15. Had Ozil played in the games he was restricted to the bench we would likely have been playing in the champions league next season – i’m suggesting we’d have certainly been 3pts better positioned than where eventually we did. Ozil has done my head in – at times this season – but he’s never the fall guy when looking the current set-up there’s none in his position worthy to lace his boots (imo).
    Guess we just need to wait and see who it is the coach buys to play alongside him – today’s villain may well turn out tomorrows hero (again), such is football.

    1. You can say the same thing about Ramsey. Doesn’t justify any of them making 300k a week. Even when Ozil has played full seasons he just hasn’t been consistent. If you make that much money you need to be the guy the team can always rely on. A Hazard, Kane, Salah who 90% of the time show up when called upon.

      1. brother he’s not leaving arsenal despite the mutter and murmurs about his (agreed) income you’d do well to accept he’s going to remain an arsenal player and get behind the player, he will come good (again) for sure – and his naysayers will swear they’ve always been admirers.

  16. Am likely the biggest mesut ozil fan. It’s still my firm belief that he’s arsenals best player and is yet to play his best football. If anyone can break him out his shell its emery. The current lineup seems very ideal for him. His class has never been in doubt. The argument is always on work rate and confidence. These are all achievable skills.

    1. John I think it was Emery who put Ozil ‘in his shell’ in the first place. More lately, he seemed to have realised Ozil’s worth when played in a suitable line up so it will be interesting to see how things go this summer.

      1. GunnerJack and Ken1945, I would like to see the statistics on when Ozil was fit or not returning from injury, when he was not selected, particularly for a home game.
        Also the win/loss comparison for when Ozil did and did not play.

        1. Ozzie I am not really into stats and simply could not be bothered to wade through them to try and prove my point. The main thing to note is that when Ozil is played in a suitable formation (attacking) he plays well. When UE decides to play a defensive line up then Ozil should not even be in the squad. Played 5 won 5 when Ozil, Ramsey, Auba and Laca were all on the field together is enough of a stat for me.

  17. It’s been six seasons and the fanbase seems split on the guy still. Stats favor those who want him replaced though. And ask any of our rivals if they would take Ozil and they will laugh in your face. I understand a lot of people are big fans of the guy. But he’s not producing consistently and hasn’t for a long time. We need consistent top players in order to get better. Ozil is not that. His talent is undisputed, but I can count the number of top games he’s had this season with one hand. It’s time to move on and ship him if possible.

    1. Yes it’s split between those who understand the type of line up Ozil needs to perform well and those who are completely clueless about this aspect of the game.
      In many of UE’s line ups Ozil should not have even been in the squad (even though you would argue he should never be in the squad) because a defensive line up is no use whatsoever where Ozil is concerned. In fact defensive line ups did not work for the whole freakin’ team!
      So I am happy to blame our manager for those monumental cock-ups, unlike those who believes UE walks on water.

      1. If he is good, how many big teams want him? The reason Arsenal is stuck with his is precisely because he isn’t. And, guys, shirt sales don’t make a good player. No one will say Arsenal is a good team because they sold ten million shirts. A team’s success is denominated on trophies won, not kit sold. Some people will buy a player’s jersey because they like him for sentimental reasons unrelated to his performance on the pitch.

        1. Any team which has an attacking attitude and plays with 2 strikers and an attacking midfielder would love to have Ozil to supply the ammo for them – but they can’t afford him transfer wise or wage wise.

          1. GunnerJack, the solution to improving Arsenals league position is simple; just sack Unai Emery after one season and replace him with who?
            Arsene Wenger still hasn’t a job, but the majority of these players didn’t make top four for his last two seasons either.

            1. I am sincerely hoping UE has learnt a lot from his first season in the EPL and I definitely don’t want him sacked. Given that 4 of the 5 players he brought in have done pretty well (the exception being Lichtsteiner) I’m looking forward to seeing what type of player(s) he brings in this summer and wondering what formation he favours. Much to look forward to.

                1. Which part of this sentence don’t you understand danny b?:

                  ‘I am sincerely hoping UE has learnt a lot from his first season in the EPL and I DEFINITELY DON’T WANT HIM SACKED’.

                  Wake up, danny b

        2. Chris, when I brought up the subject of the shirt sales attributed to Ozil, it was to counteract two false claims.

          1. The Arsenal fanbase was turning against Ozil (aka Jon Fox etc etc ).
          Completely false claimms as this stat confirms.

          2. That Ozil is bleeding the club dry with his salary.
          Completely false as no-one who uses this site has any idea whatsoever about the clauses within the contract and what (if any) the club makes from the sale of “Ozil shirts”. I could claim that 50% of his reported salary is based on the amount of shirts sold, but that would be as ridiculous as stating he is bleeding the club dry.
          I am not nieve enough to believe that shirt sales win trophies, so please don’t insult my intelligence…it’s the two points above that I wanted to bring to the table.
          As for Ozil as a player, overpaid (as are all footballers), not world class anymore (but the best player we have by far in the role he plays), two more years on his contract during which time UE will hopefully figure out that singling out individuals is not the way to win trophies.
          I am looking forward to watching Ozil play, let’s hope UE sees the error of his ways and gives lacs and aba the supply of balls they need to do their jobs, by selecting Ozil whenever he is fit to play.

  18. Mesut Ozil’s wages not only reflect his level of skill and experience but he also serves as a benchmark of the calibre of player arsenal football club is all about . When Ozil was signed it was undoubtedly a game changer in both perception of arsenal’s ambition which was a very big issue at the time and the expected talent level of every signing onwards.

  19. Ozil and his wages are only a statement of his talent level and experience. When Mesut was signed it was a huge statement of intent when arsenal’s ambition and ability to attract top class players was the biggest issue on the planet. It also set a new standard on the calibre of talent recruitment from that point moving forward as witnessed with Alexis, Cech, Mhiki, Laca, and Auba.

    1. None of those players were signed after Ozil’s new contract. I don’t think anybody is arguing that we never should’ve signed him in the first place. But his time here has been a lot of up and downs. I think we’re not being honest when we pretend like he’s been our best player since he’s joined the club.

  20. Sue and Phil, while I fully recognise the exquisite talents Ozil used to be able to display in my view he has had a very poor season.Apart from one match at home against Leicester when he was sublime I struggle to think of many others where he has excelled.If I am wrong, perhaps you could enlighten me as to when he actually played well? There are many occasions when Ozil has been unfairly slated in matches we lost principally because of the utter incompetence of our defenders.But that said, I always try to focus on reality, not perception, and other than 2/3 other matches, I have been disappointed with his failure to make a positive impression against fairly average opposition.Like JF I do not have a personal vendetta against Mesut Ozil who may well be a very decent guy.

  21. I don’t know why people have to keep arguing about an issue that is really straightforward. When a player is good he does not incite endless debates about whether or not he is good. Only a player who is not good but is no longer good can cause this kind debate. When fans have to argue about whether a player is good or not, it means that player is definitely not good but used to be good but he is no longer as good as he used to be. This, I think simply means those who still insist the player is good are probably more focuses on the past and what the player used to be. Seriously, guys, you don’t need to go back and forth nit-picking things to validate why the player is good. When you find yourself nit-picking then the object of your support is a dodo. And I honestly don’t think you need fancy statistics to decide whether a player (in Ozil’s playing position) is good or not. You can see it plain as day on the pitch. A Number 10 only has two questions to answer: 1. How many goals has he created? and 2. How many goals does he scored? One of these numbers must be in the high double digits, preferably both of them. A tally of 2 assists and 5 goals is absolutely pathetic even if the player is getting £10,000 a week.

    But here’s where I feel most people here are losing it: Just because someone still likes a player does not mean you lose your head and call them names. Even where there is no real choice people will never agree on just the one thing. Some fans will still like Ozil for reasons others don’t see, whether those reasons are provably related to performance on the pitch or not.

  22. A hundred thoughts on just Ozil…
    geez this guy has really divided us. Mosses or Mesut parting the red sea of angry Arsenal supporters

    Truth be told after Ozil any player can now try to negotiate an inflated contract deal and use his 2 assists stats sheet, lack of leadership qualities, lazy ballerina strides, zero aerial duels, non-existant tackles, can’t take a shot outside the box, can’t curl a freekick or communicate his intensity….shoot can somebody please help me figure how he earns 7 million rands a week (in my local currency) again

  23. We’re stuck with Ozil


    Mesut Ozil.

    Everyones starting to understand.

    He’s Erdogan’s man.

    He’s on 350 grand.

    We’re stuck with Ozil

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