The fans need to get back to supporting Arsenal – Not booing them…

Time to move on and start supporting Arsenal once again

Hello gooners; Good day! Hope we are getting prepared for another weekend of football? Hope we are ready to support our team, no matter how bad we feel about happenings in the club?

Football fans and supporters are a very powerful and an important ingredient needed for the successful running of any club side. We have enormous power; powers that we may not even be aware of.

In good times or in bad times, we must learn to always support our club. Either we belong to the “Emery out” or “Emery in” brigade, we need to be united in supporting Arsenal on match days. A situation whereby a team is being slaughtered on the pitch and the home fans are booing or hurling abuses at them is not a good one. Everybody wants to feel loved, even at their low points; Arsenal has players who are human beings. The coach may not be the most popular figure at the Emirates right now, but he is still the coach and as such, should still command our respect, support and loyalty, at all times.

Human beings respond to care and affection. When a man is at his lowest point, what he needs is encouragement and not abuse or a vote of no confidence. Great teams of the past have always been cheered to success by an ever relentless support base. Can we still try our best to push Arsenal to success? At least, until the end of the season?

Let me share with you guys how I spend my match days. On match days, I wake up very early in the morning, do some house chores and by mid noon, I am fully ready to go out there and support Arsenal. I go out fully dressed in all round Arsenal attire. I am not one to be ashamed of putting on my jersey because I have learnt to always support my team both in good and sad times.

Let us all rally round our darling Arsenal; let us realize that we are supporting Arsenal and not individuals. Let us all rise above our disappointments and push the team forward with one voice, whoever is in charge…

Sylvester Kwentua (Lagos Gooner)


  1. McLovin says:

    Arsenal FC will be supported when they actually give the fans something to support.

    No amount of support will fix:

    – terrible football we play
    – clueless manager
    – leaky defense
    – 15 years without the title
    – no CL trophy, not even in the CL

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    If Arsenal were on a winning run and lose a game at home, fans won’t boo the players and manager.

    If arsenal play good football week in week out but lost a game or two due to hard luck then the fans won’t boo the players and manager.

    At this stage. Every boo is much needed simply because we ain’t winning games, we play so bad and we don’t have that fight in us anymore.

    The fans suffer a lot so they should express themselves

  3. kklin says:

    Please just announce it already. Tell me mr emery is out already.

  4. Truth says:

    You have a big heart and a lot of patience Sylvestre. Good for you. Hard to argue that human beings respond well to care and affection.

  5. We as loyal Arsenal fans will always support the Club no matter what. But what is the state of our club today? We were once the Giants not only in England but also in Europe. Teams would dread to come to Highbury/Emirates and worry when we went to their home grounds. But what is Arsenal today?
    1. A clueless Manager always looking for excuses in defeat. No plan, no proper formation, no selection, no tactics, the list goes on…
    2. A team which has lost belief in the Manager and slowly losing belief in itself.
    3. A team which lacks proper defensive set up and lacks cohesion in the transition from defence to attack.
    4. A team which refuses to track whenever they sense danger.
    The first thing is that Emery must go asap than all things will be settled and solved. I am not saying there will be dramatic things overnight, but surely we will start getting our Arsenal back. No matter what, win or lose, but the team should show the fighting spirit, wear the jersey with pride and passion and play for the rich history and legacy of the club that is our dear Arsenal.

    1. Uzi Ozil says:

      Well said gunnerforlife.

      A team who plays from the back annoyingly

  6. Dr Chris says:

    You want the fans to waste their money to go and watch nonsense, or you want them to go and die of high blood pressure. Why are you particular about supporting a team that has no respect for the fans. Year in year out we have been exposed to the same ridicule by the management , they force the fans to accept the downgrades in players they buy , they refused to technically address the issues of our bad defense.Going to the stadium to see the horrible team they present to us as our Arsenal team. Furthermore what does it take to know that we need another coach? Must you subject the fans to punishment because they love arsenal.

  7. Daulat says:

    Xhaka didn’t receive boos yesterday when he started, after all that happened. He was even applauded when he was playing good. That just says that Arsenal supporters are anything but toxic. They booed Emery after the loss. And I really don’t blame them.

    It makes no sense whatsoever to let Emery continue now, and I don’t think I can support Emery now as a caring fan. His second half decisions were awful yesterday. When you’re running on a tight rope as him, you don’t make such blunders, unless you think you are doing the right thing. But he is not, even if he thinks.

    He should leave.

  8. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Bro in a previous article, only you decided to write it’s okay to boo and voice our anger as fans, now you’re here saying the opposite.
    Chill brother, make a decision and stand by it.
    Are you booing Emery out or are you supporting him?
    Make a decision, stop being like Emery when it comes to decision making

  9. Le Coq Monster says:

    When the inevitable happens today can we please be sympathetic to Emery when he is sacked……………remember Vampires have feelings too !

  10. luckyville says:


    1. S says:

      Give the job to Freddie, to chase Nuno now would be an insult especially since we could still face wolves at Europa.

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