The fans will decide if Wenger stays at Arsenal next season?

At the end of last season (and the season before in fact), there was a large minority of Arsenal fans that wanted Arsene Wenger to either resign or be sacked, which was made clear by thousands of comments on this site as well as others.

But after our transfer activity this summer (and our excellent start to the season), these dissenters have gone very quiet (or are maybe feeling a bit more positive, like Konstantin) and the anti-Wenger comments have dwindled away.

But of course the season is long and I won’t be surprised to see the doubters all come back again when we lose another game, and if we suddenly drop out of the title race, like last season, the full force of the WengerOut protests will resume in intensity.

Now Wenger himself has admitted that the mood of the fans will be a big factor in whether he extends his contract again at the end of the season.

Le Prof has been discussing his long term plans in the wake of the England job suddenly becoming available again. “One of the factors is that the club and supporters still want me and I still want to stay,” Wenger said. “What will make me want to stay is that I feel I can give more to the club.

“People know that if things go well my priority is this club. After I have to accept as well that if things don’t go well, maybe I do something else.

“If I look back, the way I manage today is not the same as it was five, 10 or 20 years ago. I accept that it can finish tomorrow. It’s a love story and you always expect a love story to last forever, but it can always stop suddenly.”

For some Gooners, nothing less than the League title will do this time around, and maybe a little more than the last 16 in the ECL, and some others think he should go even if he brings in the title, so that Wenger can “go out on a high”. Wenger himself doesn’t feel that should be a factor in his decision. “I am not obsessed by that.” he said. “Would [ex-Manchester United manager Sir Alex] Ferguson not have gone out on a high after the history?

“Time makes a difference with what the guy has done. He would still be the same great manager had he not gone out on a high. You don’t lose his experience just in the last year.”

So are there any JustArsenal readers that still think Wenger should leave at the end of this campaign no matter what? One of the biggest complaints over the last few years has been that Wenger has not invested in the key positions that needed strengthening, but that has now been rectified this summer, so if we put up a strong fight but still only came second or third, would we still be happy with Wenger knowing that he did his very best? Or would we be calling for him to go yet again?

Sam P


  1. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    Thanks to the fans who put him under immense pressure to buy some much needed cover otherwise he still would have had a depressed camp. Look at Ozil now enjoying his game and has more smiles on his face these days, even thumping on his Arsenal badge after he had scored against Chelsea; why? Because he has his German team mate and friend Mustafi playing alongside him. This is someone who was on the verge of leaving. The whole camp is a happier place now I believe cos the manager invested last summer in the right calibre of personnel. You don’t wish to own a Rolls Royce with ordinary engine oil or tricycles as your replacement means of transport nor would you want Ozil and Sanchez surrounded by men like Santos, Chamakh, Flamini, Arteta and such likes. Now we’ve got Mustaqfi, Xhaka, Perez, Cazorla & Peter Cech; these men fill you with much confidence to go out there and perform. Would Wenger have done it without the fans’ increased revolt and pressure? That I doubt very much, therefore give credit where credit is due and that is to the fans!!!

  2. Break-on-through says:

    When we come to a period that the team struggles a bit then losing some points, fans need to shake it off and try to bring a feel good factor back, and let the team believe that we still feel good about our options and believe in this team still. There will be difficult moments ahead, we should not all fold like cheap umbrellas when they come, esp online, that seeps out into the real world because ugly negativity is like poison. Hopefully any difficulties will be very few and very far far between.

  3. k says:

    To be fair I feel that Wenger has got the transfer window right this year and brought in what was needed and this was generally where most of the fan frustration came from so really there should be less WengerOut posts this year cos at the moment he is doing a fantastic job,evidenced by the way we are playing and the options in the squad that we have

  4. Man Mulo says:

    Even if wenger left the club who would come in, all the exciting manager are with other clubs already and i don’t think Simeone’s style of football would suit arsenal, the only option would be Low, so not many options.

  5. mall-gooner says:

    Dear Admin,
    I am not sure if I missed it but I have not seen any article about Arsene completing 20 years.
    I am not AKB but Wenger deserves tribute article on this site.
    Many might not like him but no one can deny that he has transformed Arsenal into giant and most importantly into beautiful club. He gave us biggest gift, Emirates stadium.
    Please publish one tribute article for our greatest manager of all time

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      “It was 20 years ago TODAY…”

  6. Wilshegz says:

    if Arsenal don’t win the EPL or UCL this season, Wenger should leave honourably.. it’s as simple as that.

  7. Ugabooga says:

    If he wins he should leave at seasons end on a high note like Ferguson.

    If he falls just short to a very good city and extra year is fine to make title happen.

    If we fall way short again it is time to move on

  8. firehart says:

    If Wenger leaves then a lot of our players will leave because most of them are here only because they want to work with Wenger

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