The feelgood factor is back and Arsenal can have a great 2020

forwardThe feelgood factor is catching up on even the Arsenal players. by Lagos Gooner

Before the arrival of Arteta, there were insinuations that a lot of the senior Arsenal players were not happy with the way things were going in the club. Some were rumored to have stopped all contract negotiations; others were thought to just play for the club sorely because they had a contract to fulfill and not because they wanted to still play for the club.

Our two strikers were said to be negotiating new contracts with the club earlier in the season; the negotiations were taking so long. All of a sudden, we started hearing stories of how Aubameyang’s contract was withdrawn because the Gabonese had made up his mind to leave the club. The gist was that Auba felt he needed a new challenge and was not keen to remain in the club beyond his contract; a story Auba would later deny.

“I would like to react to some of the rumours that are going around about me in the media,” said Aubameyang, in the matchday programme for Monday’s FA Cup showdown with Leeds.

“People like making up stories and they should focus on what’s happening on the pitch. They talk too much and it does my head in!

“I am the Arsenal captain. I love this club. I am committed to it and desperate to bring it back to the top, where it belongs.”

Now, this is not just something he would have said if he didn’t mean it. In the same matchday programme, Aubameyang also spoke about the feelgood factor in the club…

“I really hope that you were proud of us after the United game. I’m sure you can see what we’re trying to do on the pitch that you can see improvement in our performances and now it has materialized with a deserved win on Wednesday.

“The atmosphere was exceptional. When you are on the pitch and you feel the crowd roaring after every run, every tackle, and every duel and after every chance, it gives you such a boost mentally. The Emirates felt like a fortress.

“You were our 12th man and I felt like Manchester United could have played for hours and they would have never scored.

“I really hope it will be like that until the end of the season. All together, we can have a great 2020! We need to be united more than ever.” He said.

Aubameyang is not the only player talking about the feel good factor currently experienced at the club; a lot of Arsenal players have come out at different times to talk about how improved the mood at Arsenal has become ever since Arteta was employed. This is actually a good thing because with happy players, we expect good results and with good results the sky would be our limit as a club. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. gotanidea says:

    Kroenke have got balls by hiring an unexperienced manager like Arteta

    Had the gamble not paid off, the media and the fans would have scorned Kroenke again for being a cheapskate

    1. beast mode says:

      Well, appointing Arteta was actually the easy choice given that he is cheap and well liked by the fans. The big challenge is if they are going to support him with enough funds to get the players he needs. Based on the history, Arsenal managers(AW/UE tenure) rarely succeed in getting their targets because of lack of transfer funds. Most of the time they end up with the cheapest options available and thats why we have become a dumping ground

  2. jon fox says:

    I reckon we got the true professional MA just in time. When yoy persist with a man who could not communictae properly either to players or to fans then yoyu stir up heaps of trouble. I reckon we just avoided major squad malconrtent and walk ourt threats . Players and fans deserve better than a man who had no ability to communicate his ideas(IF INDEED HE HAD ANY, SAVE PACKING THE ELEVEN WITH “SO CALLED ” DEFENDERS).

  3. Trudeau says:

    Interesting comments Auba made about the atmosphere. I think as fans we can underestimate the impact our support – or non support as the case may be – can have on players’ performances.

    I was surprised when someone told me we went 0-4-4 in the eight games after Xhaka was booed off the pitch. Gave me pause for thought.

  4. Reggie says:

    Yes we can have a good 2020 but that will be down to the manager and then the players. Im hopeful but i dont trust too many of our players to think we have fully turned a corner. So we have a rookie manager with potential and players with potential, its all potentially looking like we have potential. Im giving it a little more of a test drive before im convinced.

  5. Jeff Considine says:

    I’m very happy with what iv seen since Arteta has come in and the way the players have responded to what he wants from them, they actually look like they want to play for each other and have tightened up at the back as well…. Think we could have a good year!! COYG

  6. ken1945 says:

    Well, that’s the first I have heard about Auba’s contract being withdrawn, even with all the ridiculous rumours being spread around…anyone else aware of this rumour?

    Why is anyone surprised by the power of the fans at the Emirates? Some of us have been saying for ages that the chanting and singing were supporting certain players, at every opportunity, some chose to ignore it, while then citing the power of the fans when it suited their own personal agenda…we are our own worst enemies sometimes.

    As for the good times coming back, the feel good factor between players and fans is so important and when we see our players giving 100%, we give it back…something that is finally happening under MA.
    Long may it continue and a good article for discussion.

  7. Certainly Arteta has made a huge difference the moment he took over Arsenal. I only hope the Board supports him if he insists to buy some player, specially in our defence and a creative midfielder. As far as the cohesion between the fans and players goes, once the players give it their all, the fans will be right behind them and it is a symbiotic effect. It is mutually beneficial and the fans will love players put in their 100% and after that sky is the limit for Arsenal. Lift off Arsenal!

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