The final straw between Arsenal fans and Fabregas?

He was once a firm favourite with the Arsenal fans and even though he did not give Arsene Wenger much option but to sell him to Barcelona back in 2011, the fact that Cesc Fabregas wanted to play for his boyhood club and had given us some great years, meant that he was not treated like a traitor in the way that other departing Gunners like Nasri, Cole and van Persie were.

Also, the Spaniard still spoke fondly about Arsenal, saying things like he would never play for anyone else and talking about his former mentor Arsene Wenger with great warmth. The Arsenal fans´ fondness for Fabregas was sorely tested last summer though, when he chose to sign for a Premier League rival in Chelsea, especially as their manager Jose Mourinho had a long running feud with the manager he supposedly had so much respect for.

Once again though, Arsenal fans were not too hard on our former captain, as Wenger had the option to buy him back but chose not to, mainly because we now had a number of players like Cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil in the centre of midfield.

But Fabregas may finally have lost all his privileges with the Arsenal fanbase. I was surprised and disappointed to see Cesc as one of the Chelsea players most vocal in persuading Mike Dean to send off Gabriel, and then he was at it again with his international team mate Santi Cazorla, rolling around as if he had been cut in half to make sure the ref produced a second yellow and clearly enjoying us going down to nine men.

And just to emphasise his complete lack of sympathy for his former club, Fabregas has spoken out about how unfair it is that his new bestie Diego Costa was given a retrospective ban for his thuggish behaviour, as reported by Metro.

He said, “He’s frustrated, obviously, and rightly so.

“We all know the causes why he is. Some people understand it, some people don’t. It’s very unfair what happened to him.

“Apart from that, he’s a key player for us, our striker, a player who has to score goals and finish our combinations.”

So it really is all about his new club now and all that talk of having Arsenal in his heart appears to have either changed or was never true in the first place. Adios Cesc!

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  1. Bayz says:

    Why the f**k does Fabregas has to do with Olypmiacos humiliating us?. this is a very nonsensical post at this time.

    1. liam79 says:

      What a terrible article…who cares about such a nonsense. Can we talk and have proper articles

  2. Robertthegooner says:

    Don’t care about him
    Nothing abnormal with defending your teammates and helping your team by trying to get opponent sent off. It happens all the time in football

    Agree with first post. Lets worry about US
    1. Horrible result against olympiakos
    2. Upcoming match against United
    3. Wenger’s tactics
    4. Injuries

    Lots to write articles about other than Chelsea, Mourinho and former players.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      When you say wengers tactics what do you mean by that

  3. Thura Zaw says:

    Juz give him affection, you will have that back. Don’t boo. And Have we arsenal fans ever clapping him in honor when he come in pitch? If NO, he will react the same manner. I won’t tag him as traitor. Remember, he is a professional and not an Arsenal player anymore.

  4. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Ospina has played his last game for Arsenal…hes just not good enough

    from now on Cech shall play all games including FA and League Cup games…

    1. samson kay says:

      Nonsense! Ospina kept 14 clean sheets in his half season and helped us make the third position. Cech made TWO costly errors in his first game against West Ham and conceded a cheeky goal against Crystal Palace. Lets advice Wenger to sell Cech back to the Bus Vendor.

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    The House of Rahman and its representatives insist Wenger must go with immediate effect……

    together with Gibbs, Ospina, Gabriel, BFG, Giroud, Sanago, Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini

  6. Jimbeam says:

    Stan + Ivan + Arsene = Mediocracy.

    While we are frustrated, they are lining their pockets. None of them give a flying frack about winning. It’s a business. A badly run business at that but for mediocre people with mediocre dreams, it’s more than enough.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      You have to be pretty damn dense to think arsenal is a badly run business.

      But I feel like there’s something not right at the top it seems like something is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. It just feels super shady

      1. Colin says:

        As a business yes, but as a highly successful top tear football club as well? Beyern Munich seem to have managed to do that. I know Barca and Real are a little “different” in the way business is done, but Arsenal, and the rest of the EPL giants now only care about the business it feels. Shirt sales, other merchandise sales Wenger’s favourite “Global Brand”. Sadly, that isn’t how fans see it though. They like passion, commitment, effort, belief. I don’t really care if Arsenal andPuma are a Global Brand known in every corner of the World. I want to see a bloody good game of footbal.

  7. Gigi2 says:

    Cesc is a poor little man.
    And has no word.
    So I’m not surprised and I Ve been saying this for a time now so he lost me a while ago

  8. Colin says:

    He once played for Arsenal, now he plays for Chelsea get overit.

  9. Arsenal007 says:

    I don’t get this topic at all.
    Arsenal are at the brink of joining Thursday night football… And we are talking about Fabregas? OK let’s talk about Fabregas… We had the chance to re-sign him. Wenger said no. Whatwoulld you have realistically expected him to do…sign for Sunderland instead? Yeah right. He signed for Chelsea and won a trophy. Chelsea is his club now…he’s expected to support his team-mates. So deal with it.
    By the way…Wenger out.

  10. Koss the Boss says:

    I remember the day Cesc signed for chelski, i was on the last day of my holidays in Salou and checked my phone as was keeping an eye hoping he would return but around 5pm that day i checked sky sports and saw him holding the chelski shirt up… have to admit i almost cried in heartbreak and ruined my last day of my holiday! Then when i got to reading more about fabregas and the way he treated Arsenal to get to barca (at the time i understood why he wanted to go home to Barca so didnt give it much thought, gutted yes but always knew same goes to Bellerin now whatever he says in interviews) he showed that he was a selfish, aarogant little brat that only cared about himself then the chelsea move did it for me so whatever cesc says about Arsenal always in his heart is a load of crap!! Hes scum just take a nosey into his personal life!! So his name shouldnt be brought up on this site as he is not worthy of being mentioned never mind an Article. Good article just bad topic imo

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