The finishing let Arsenal down, not the manager

The #WengerOut brigade is out in full force today, but I’m one fan who is not placing the blame solely on the manager’s shoulders.

Arsenal failed to beat Crystal Palace at the Emirates Stadium today, despite leading the match for the majority of the second half. Alexis Sanchez scored on the stroke of half-time to open the scoring, but we conceded a sickening equalising goal with just under 10 minutes of normal time remaining, and failed to retake the lead.

The result is not blamed on our failure to score toward the end of the match however, as we should have closed the game off way before we conceded that demoralising goal, but I for one am refusing to blame that on Wenger.

The Frenchman organised our team with the intention of dominating possession, as well as creating a number of chances, and we did just that, having two thirds of the time on the ball, as well as notching up 13 shots, but the finishing was not good enough on the day.

Palace ended up scoring with their one and only shot on target, and we were punished for our lack of killer instinct at the other end of the pitch, but do you blame Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, Mesut Ozil or Alex Iwobi for that?

Is it the manager’s fault that our in-form or highly skilled players failed to put the ball in the net? Do you blame him for bringing Giroud on in the 75th minute, when the French striker remains as our top goalscorer in the league this season?

It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and agree with your fellow uneducated supporters and take to social media with the infamous hashtag, but it is naive to believe all of our players will magically improve under another boss.

A huge number of the players have given their backing to the manager, including star Mesut Ozil, and to keep a superstar like him happy should not be overlooked.

The answer to our problems is not to simply cast Wenger into unemployment, but maybe, just maybe, he could do with more positive support coming from yourselves.

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  1. WENGER OUT BRIGADE is pretty much every ARSENAL fan with self respect…, BUDD an all the other deluded fans out there that continue supporting this joke of a Manager that brought ARSENAL to be the laughingstock of football……wake me up when this nightmare is over hope by then WENGER will be a thing of the past and hope to see Simeone fixing the mess he is leaving behind.

    1. Deluded fans think that we would get a manager who is better at tactics than he is at accounting, why would Simone leave AM for us when he can see our owner doesn’t care for titles, where the owner is more interested in making a profit?

      WOB are deluded fools.

      It is like claiming the GK is at fault for us not scoring more… not logic at all but you know what, enough sheeple have bleated that ignorance that people like you repeat it without thinking for yourself.

      Before we look at swapping managers we should unite against the owner, get Silent Stan to either up hi efforts for titles or sell to an owner that will.

      Once we got an owner that puts winning ahead of profits then either Wenger will have more support and we will end up winning things like we did when Wenger had Deins support or we can look at actually getting a TOP manager in who will have mutual desires… TO WIN.

      You can call me a AKB fool if you want but the truth is a lot of people who get accused of being ‘deluded’ because they back Wenger are nothing more than fans who want Arsenal FCs targets to be winning stuff while providing good entertainment, change that and if we still are not winning then we would more than likely be looking at the manager next…

      They believe that a new manager MIGHT have a 1 off good season but then we will drop, unless the owner changes the targets then any winners will become profit as long as we keep enough for top 4…

      You gonna keep on being deluded and call for Wenger to be sacked before we can resolve the issue of the owner not caring about titles?

      1. And what makes u think that wenger really wants the throphy?…he hasnt pressure, he is so sure of his continuity in the club that he can walk aroud telling people that he allways finish his contracts, even that he will not buy too many player for next season and other things that makes me sick….he think his situation depends just by his mind…he has the call…u are right, is the board who have to blame because it incondicional support for our manager because he is able to give what they want…CL without spend so much…but is the general situation, tat relationship between the manager, the board and the club what cost us so many years without throphy…u said a manager cant make players better…my friend…thats exactly the job of the coach, first of all motivating them…something wenger csnt do even if his life depends on that…he is so quet, passive…and the players he brought too…alexis is the exception with le coq and kos….u can watch the player playing like nothing happen…any team know they can win arsenal, even in emirates…do u feel the same with leicester this season?? The opposite…i feel that they cant lose…they are soldiers, lions who fight for eachothers…since when u cant feel that with our mighty club? We need a coach who has pressure on him, with hungry, someone who is not used to lose and fight for just 4 place….and we need players with passion, those who spread and inspire the others, with winning mentaly…players like arturo vidal…

        1. Watching at Ranieri screaming from the sidelines pushing his players to the front when there were seconds left to play and losing by 1 with 10 men …..darn that’s the man for the job, will not say more but we all see the difference between someone that is really hungry to proof himself and the other who defiantly says that no one is taking his job away regardless of the debacle he brought to this club.

          1. Wenger keeps putting his hands between his legs the whole game, while people like Ranieri sits very little in a match, they are there always shouting motivating the players for 90 minutes, still the AKBs thinks Wenger should not be blamed. By sitting there working on his zip does not show any motivation to his players, but when we concede that’s when you’ll see him standing up and go argue with the 4th official, this shows he’s no longer interested, why would he do that while when he shouts or not his fat paycheck never shrinks?

        2. If Wenger doesn’t win with a better board backing him then I would support the need for a new manager.

          Until the board/owner is changed then whats the point?

          They will just hire who THEY want next time around and not who YOU want.

          That is reality, wake up FFS.

          As for how do I know that Wenger still wants to win things? He hasn’t changed, what changed at Arsenal all those years ago was Dein getting forced off the board because he wanted to invest in the team rather than struggle for years without a trophy.

          Low and behold, Dein was right.

          Dein still backs Wenger, Dein still talks to Wenger… Do you?
          I think I will take the word of Dein over your so called opinion.

    2. Of cause Wenger is to blame,he makes subs at the wrong time brings on players that don’t improve or to play out the game. He should have made the sobs in the 65 with off Awobi for Chambers then later off Sanches on Mertisaker leaving Ramsey for last. He says how he wants it played but it is no good in today’s game. The coaches of the mid range teams have more Davey than Wenger. He is past it and his game is all about finishing in top 4 so he can mix with the big boys but never to beat them, especially with the squad he has. What the F::k is Boulds job because it certinaly ain’t teaching defending. Move over and thanks for the memories Arsen you need to step down before it gets worse with the fans booing you. You move on with respect. CB

  2. @ Mikdemma first try to keep the conversation civil, appreciate you stop calling me and every one with some common sense ignorant because we call it as it is, WENGER is a FRAUD and when you become a real ARSENAL fan and not an ARSENE fan you will realize that the fault lies in WENGER and him alone…. KROENKE and GAZIDIS are part of the same plot, but they paid for the likes of OZIL, SANCHEZ, CECH just to see them become part of this mediocrity that WENEGER turned ARSENAL into…..wake up smell the coffee and join the BRIGADE… I said bringing SIMEONE was part of my dream, can’t see a real winner like him come and coach for us with the team as it stands today, but we can only hope.

    1. @mia that mikdemma guy calls people fools here and you’ll never see admin commenting anything, but call them AKBs fools or stupid and you’ll find paragraphs from admin explaining that you should not insult others when you don’t have the same opinion, shouldn’t Admin be fair in this? Haven’t you seen what mikdemma said or your moderator only works on one group of fans here?

      1. Hold on a minute there mate, the first comment is from Mia and it says the usual deluded crap about fans who don’t agree. Then he or she starts naming names of the deluded ones, that’s going to provoke people.

        Anyhow Mia, Wenger was always a controlled manager that done all his preparation before games, he was that way when most successful and he’s that way now. People should not be shocked by this. Saying wake me up when Simone is here to fix this mess, yeah, when has exactly the signing you want ever happened for ya’s. If you type hard enough, it might come true though, it couldn’t hurt I suppose.

      2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

        I see that on a lot of my posts, I usually at least try to explain myself and I will call people out on BS. I’ve had posts not put up and I just reword them and post again. I tend to look at what caused my post to be removed and I learn from it, why can’t you learn from your past?

        Sorry it offends you, actually, I ain’t sorry.
        I hope it does offend you, at least you might stop and think about what I said to try and counter it and learn something for once. A good debate can provoke an individual to exercise his mind a bit more, if I can raise that in people by offending them so I do not care if I offend them, better to be offended briefly and evolve as a human being than staying stubborn and ignorant, constantly upset at things which make no sense.

        Again, I may not be as polite as you would like but I have explained myself, maybe it is that which gets my posts past the Admin when compared to posts which just flame and do not add anything.

  3. The manager is responsible for signing quality players that can score 20-25+ goals every season.

    Just look at the top FOUR

    Leicester City have VARDY – 22 EPL goals
    Spurs have KANE – 22 EPL goals
    Man-city have Aguero – 21 EPL goals

    We have the best assist maker in the world in our team and no Arsenal player has up to 13 EPL goals till now

    Who is responsible for signing players that can score goals? WENGER
    Who is keeping faith with Walcott, Giroud and Sanago? WENGER
    Who failed to sign any forward despite his knowledge of Wellbeck’s injury? WENGER


  4. Wow… just wow. Smh. Who wrote this?
    The finishing let Arsenal down, it’s because Wenger chose not to buy prolific striker(s). And now we’re back to the usual 4th, and possibly even goes to 5th. And we are not allowed to blame the manager for that? LOL.

    1. When Mourinho was sacked, was he the one playing poorly on the pitch? AKBs will blame everyone else but their senile prof, while its clear to see he’s the deluded one. You heard some few months ago when Wenger was blaming the fans for his below average players playing like they do? He buys them, he train them, he selects them, he motivates them, when everything goes bad he blames the ref, the pitch, fatigue, injuries, the opponents, the fans, the team bus, the weather, etc, but never himself. Is he the only perfect human being in the world and the rest don’t know how to live this life?

  5. My oh my, no matter how good we started this campaign, it’s back to “business” at last : Fighting for ECL qualification place. Even 3rd spot looked to good for us, unbelievable.
    Whether you are AKB or AOB or someone in the middle like me, one rational fact we all should admit of : this Arsenal team which Arsene belief against all odds could win the title, are not consistent enough, both at physical and mentality strength as well.
    I’m not talking about one game or one strategy, this is overall. No man at Arsenal who should take responsibility for all of that other than Arsene himself. This was his belief, this was his choices. With his new contract extension, useless to shout for his head no matter strong your jaws, so this should be the very last lesson Arsene has to learn. He must changes the team to more competitive shape, nonetheless. No more loyalty to some under achievers (you know who!), because this long time BELIEF has been proved not working at all.

  6. I wish the Arsenal had as much passion as I’m seeing in this column. Arsenal seem to be just going through the motions now.Now that IS down to the manager. I can just see the signs that Wenger has had enough just like most fans.
    His dignity is being shot to pieces. Time to go Arsene with your head held high.

  7. So If the team does well, it is the ingenuity of the manager. But if it fails, it is the players that have refused to play to instruction. Mr writer, stop trying to divert attention from the real problem. Ultimately thecbug stops with the manager. Wenger was very okay, but has lost it thinking he can cut corners and still compete with the best. He prepares the team, should instil character and the right mentalility in the team. But you can’t give what you don’t have. Wengers mentality has become weak and it rubs on the players. For goodness sake, having worked with strikers like Henry, Bergkamp, wright and even rvp in the past, he chose to work with the present crop of strikers and expects very good results. Is that not delusion.

  8. Firstly, Who the he’ll are you to call those with differe views than yours UNEDUCATED..? Why don’t you call the site JUSTWENGERLIKES.? Anyone who crit him will not be allowed to join and let me know If you would have the amount of fans the site has.? Accept it, we are hurt, We’re humiliated year In year Out to the point of seeing SPUDS RISE and ARSENAL DECLINED. Change is need it you and the Wenger brigade like it or not.

  9. So we’re not going to win the title, I think we knew this before the game, and maybe a few games back we knew it. We still hate to see our team drop points though, and again we drop them with the other team basically hitting the net with the only thing they threw at it,. It hurts. This is a very strange season, I can’t count the times off my head of how many games, this one shot or two on target and goal. We had men back, Cech in goal, and even when the shot left his foot I felt Cech has this. But no, unbelievable. We never made our superiority pay, but Lei are maybe going to win the title from going one goal up so it is not imperative that we get a second. It’s a very weird season, certain games, I don’t think there is a defence against the strange clinical nature of teams when we face them. I don’t even think the other team could tell you how they managed this, very weird.

  10. “the finishing was not good enough on the day.”

    The finishing has not been good enough for the season.

    As far as the day goes, my blind Grandma could have told you that Giroud Le Pew, Walnut and Rambo were not at all likely to improve the finishing but would likely compound the team’s defensive shape and she’d have been right. Rambo at least bust a gut occasionally while Walnut & Le Pew couldn’t even be bothered to break a sweat. Who would – Joel Campbell. He’d have made contributions on both ends of the field and only a deluded dunce playing favorites wouldn’t have known that.

    Manager bought every single player (with the possible exception of our assist provider, Welbeck), trains them, names them to the team, subs them. So yeah, Wenger deserves the blame. We’ve given him the credit for belatedly settling on an effective starting front three of Iwobi, Sanchez and Welbeck but for at least the second time, he’s been tactically naive on subs – wanting to give his favorite sons a run out against all sense.

    Bilic names Andy Carroll to his team, Carroll “improbably” hits us for 3 – kudos to both Carroll and Bilic. Ranieri names Vardy, Vardy scores then gets red carded for a dive; no one on earth would blame Ranieri. He organizes his team, exhorts them from the sidelines, gets a draw – kudos to him.

    That’s how it works. If it were solely down to the highly paid players to perform, then you wouldn’t have highly paid managers!

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