The first English football event that might see fans back is revealed

The absence of fans has been arguably the biggest change football has seen as action returned across Europe.

The Premier League returned last week as they look to complete this season and the game experience has been very different without fans to create an atmosphere in the stadiums.

Arsenal has lost their two games behind closed doors although both games have been away from home.

There is the feeling that it really won’t matter when the Gunners play their next home game, after all, there won’t be fans to cheer them on.

The Premier League knows that the experience isn’t the same and that they will lose money as long as the fans continue to stay away and they have been looking for how to get the fans back in some capacity, at least.

The Times is reporting that the Community Shield, which is usually the season’s curtain-raiser, is being planned as the first event that could see fans return to the stadiums.

It claims that because of how short next season would be, there is a likelihood that the Community Shield may even be scrapped, however, if it goes ahead it might be used to see how some fans can return to the Stadiums in some capacity next season.

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