The first thing Mikel Arteta needs to get right at Arsenal

Mikel Arteta would have gotten a good reading of his Arsenal side at Everton over the weekend and he must have seen how big a task it would be for him to transform them.

Although he hasn’t managed a senior side on his own before, I trust Arteta’s football sense and I believe he can be a success at Arsenal, but it would take a lot of work.

There are so many things to be done at Arsenal, but I believe the first thing Arteta has to do as Arsenal’s manager is to get this team to return to basics.

Football isn’t a complicated sport, as a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest sports to understand in the world today, however, Arsenal players have made it look so difficult recently.

I understand why some of our players have been trying so hard to play something extra, that is partly because they are looking to get their confidence back, Arteta needs to tell them to keep it simple.

From the back, it doesn’t take so much to make the right pass, but it has been so hard for Arsenal defenders in recent games.

In his first training sessions, I expect Arteta to tell them to keep it simple, stay with the basics, relax and enjoy the game.

From their faces, you can tell that Arsenal players have been trying so hard to play for the fans and get the win that would relieve the pressure, but in trying to do that, they have been putting themselves under pressure.

I hope Arteta can bring some calm into this team and help them return to enjoying football again.


  1. First thing is develop the culture.
    Get rid of the big egos and get the players showing determination and fight and love for the badge

    1. Music gets a lot of people in the right head space before a game. Surely it doesn’t matter if they arrive at the ground like this if they play together as a team?

  2. The first thing is a win against Bournemouth and this can be achieved by playing only hardworking players that will play according to his instructions.

  3. Arteta was a average to good player who wouldn`t set the world alight therefore I question if he has enough `fire in his belly` to make an impression at Emirates?

    1. Being a good football player and having the tactical awareness and man management skills to coach a team are two very different things.

    2. There is no doubt in my mind that Arteta has the fire in his belly as you put it. You only have to look in his eyes to see this.

      What we don’t know, with some of our senior players with bad attitudes like Ozil or Aubamayang who seems to want to leave and plays like it to, if Arteta can handle that.

      But many experienced managers have failed to deal with spoiled senior players and lost the squad and their jobs as a result. Mourinho, Conte, Van Gaal, Ancelotti to name but a few.

      The best thing Arteta and the club can do is sell or remove players who don’t want to buy into the 120% energy ethos.

  4. Get rid of deadwood and players who don’t want to be here, and throw in a couple of the kids,
    Players out…
    Amn.. Mustafi.. Sok.. Luiz.. Sead.. Zakai.. Ozil.. Auba..
    Get these players out over the next couple of windows and start rebuilding…

  5. In order to make a pass from the back, Admin Martin, the thing is that you need someone to pass it to. This imho has been the team’s biggest problem-running off the ball and creating space or running into space. Second to that comes decision making, which is also poor due to spacial unawareness.

    1. Good point. I also think our main problem lies in midfield and attack. Our midfielders are too slow an too unaware to take up good positions to receive the ball and play forward quickly.
      They are also too slow to react and get organized, when we lose the ball.
      At the same time several of our attackers still haven’t learned to press and defend.
      I don’t think any of it is easy, but it sure is neccessary.

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