The fitness of Theo Walcott is crucial to Arsenal’s success

How Theo Has Helped Arsenal Return To Form! by AT

After having lost to West Brom and managing only draws against Spurs and Norwich City in consecutive games, Arsenal’s title credentials were seriously being questioned, with the Gunners also seemingly on the verge of an exit from the Champions League. But thankfully, Arsene Wenger’s side have won every single game since then and quite a fair bit of that credit can be attributed to the return of Theo Walcott.

Being deployed on the wing instead of his more preferred position up front, Theo has put in some excellent performances for Arsenal, with the North London club having won all four games since his return, including crucial victories over Manchester City and Olympiakos in the Champions League. Despite not scoring too many goals, he has brought in a certain degree of dynamism and cutting-edge to the Arsenal frontline and these attributes have certainly contributed to Arsenal’s return to form.

In my opinion, it is no coincidence that Arsenal started returning to form once Theo returned from injury. What the Englishman brings to the side is a greater level of penetration and high-octane forward play, which makes Arsenal even more lethal on the counter-attack and gives the team another source of goals. In addition, having a winger who can finish like Theo plays right into the hands of Arsenal’s midfield maestro, Mesut Ozil.

Now while the German wizard and striker Olivier Giroud are rightfully being given a lot of credit for the Gunners’ success so far this season, I believe Theo Walcott also deserves the same amount of credit, he really has stepped up his game this season. In addition, he’s also made a big impact against the teams in and around the Champions League places, with brilliant performances against Manchester United, Manchester City and Leicester City.

With that being said, I believe that it will be vital for Arsenal to try and keep him as fit as possible throughout the season. With the Gunners looking at a potential push for the title, surely a fit and hungry Theo Walcott can play a massive role in helping the team build on the momentum.

*Merry Christmas!!*

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  1. It might be Boxing Day, but the Daily Mirror’s John Cross doesn’t let Christmas get in the way of getting Arsenal news

    Cross reports that Arsenal have agreed a fee with Basel for Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Elneny. He’s a central midfielder, but maybe not the one supporters were expecting.

    The following line might also make a few fans shudder: ‘The fee is believed to be in the region of £5m and it is also likely to be the only deal Arsenal do in the January window.’

    It’s probably worth pointing out that Swiss outlet Aargauer Zeitung reported this story a few days ago, but said the fee was in ‘the tens of millions of pounds’.

    Elneny is a central midfielder rather than holding midfielder, is 23 years old and has 39 caps for Egypt.

    1. You can’t go wrong with spending 5 million on this player lol
      apparently he can score goals from distance!

      If wenger is only interested in spending peanuts in January then he should snap up Kokorin for 4.3mil as well.

      1. Agree with you here; can’t go wrong with a cheap, young player with so many caps (meaning experience in addition to playing with Basel). Worst case he provides backup to Flamini (who has shown he can cover it with Ramsey by his side), best case he makes the position his own until Coquelin comes back and then they can compete.

        Don’t think we even need a ST with Giroud (rarely injured), then Walcott, Sanchez, and Campbell.

        1. more likely than the pole … but not as defensive as coquelin..more like ramsey…would prefer a quality attacking option to boost our conversion rate…not sure if anyone available though…

    1. Sincerely, I can not agree any less with the writer of this article. TW14 is very crucial to our tile success this season. He’s the subtle winning catalyst that was responsible for our victories against clubs like Leicester city, Manchester United, Olympiakos and Manchester City. It’s indeed important that he’s stays fit. Has really improved in all ramifications and I would prefer he continues playing from the wings rather than a central role that reduces his efficiency and effectiveness in games.

  2. I always knew that what really went wrong in our Ucl away game against Bayern was Theo’s absence. Those his movements against them in our home made there defenders worry and therefore their midfielders were not attacking us in numbers. No disrespect to OG, I tink Ozil is realy amazing in his movements when he’s on play with TW14. Once again I cnt wait to watch Ozil again today. 3pts won’t be a bad MERRY XMAS. Lol and again maybe a clean sheet for Peter.

    1. @Davros
      What has happened to MU? It can’t be blamed on Van Gaal. They did this same ish under Moyes also…

  3. El nenny is more defensive minded but he has some moments of brilliance to give a long pass upfront
    If we snapped him he will sure play as the DM next to cazorla or ramsey
    And by the way he never got injured in his career and he has grgre

  4. LVG getting sacked in the morning, nah nah, nah na nah nah hey hey good bye.

    Lol how the mighty have fallen

  5. AT, I wish you also a happy Christmas! You’ve underlined a recently big missing part in the Gunners starting XI which many have taken for granted including myself if I must admit. The return of Theo Walcott has suddenly brought stability to the Gunners exploits on the field of play which became hindered or short as Theo got injured and could not start. So AT, you’ve observed correctly. My Kudos to you. Does the Boss have to spend colossally to get top qualities in the market during the windows? Not all time. If the Mohamed Elneny story is true, it’ll be good big news for Arsenal’s midfield options which obviously is needing a reinforcement after the many past and recent injuries to that department. I hope if the Boss still believes Alekandr Kokorin is good for Arsenal, let him please get him for us. Even if Giroud doesn’t get injured often as Welbeck and Walcott are. Getting Kokorin by the Boss should be a good big plus for Arsenal. Besides, no player is injury free guarantteed as time of getting is unknown.

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