The five Arsenal players that will strike fear into Chelsea

There has been a lot of talk about the Chelsea players Arsenal have to be aware of and rightfully so but it is not a one way street, we have a whole host of players that will be striking fear right into the heart of Chelsea from their manager down to the players on the field of play.

They can look at the likes of Eden Hazard, N’Golo Kane (if he plays), Pedro, Jorghino and so on and believe they have the players to lift the trophy but we can do exactly the same and for me, we have the more capable and frightening players.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Of course, we have to start with our Golden Boot winner, he is flying right now and you can take it to the bank that Chelsea has had session after session working out how to stop the Gabon international. He will be frightening the living daylights out of them.

Alexandre Lacazette

He is our player of the year for a very good reason and that is because when he is in the mood he is unstoppable and the Chelsea defence will not be looking forward to facing our most dangerous player. They know he is much more than goals, his movement and off the ball work will be giving the Chelsea management sleepless nights.

Mesut Ozil

Yes, I know he can be unreliable but there is no way that Chelsea will see him like that, they will fear him because they know full well if he is on his game he can rip them to shreds with subtle moves and killer passing. Ozil is still a high-class player and while he may not be Mr consistent he is absolutely capable of putting in a world-class performance and Chelsea will fear that possibility to the core of their being.

Lucas Torreira

I know his form has dropped off but he will be fresh and reinvigorated when he steps out on Wednesday evening. Chelsea knows he has the talent to control the middle of the park and will have a plan to smother him because they know the influence he is capable of forcing onto the game and if there is one Arsenal player capable of controlling the midfield it is the little Uruguayan.

Danny Welbeck

I know this is out there slightly but you just know Chelsea will have contingencies in place in the event that Welbeck comes on in the latter stages of the game. They will not fancy a determined fresh England international playing his last game for the club entering the match hell-bent on leaving his mark.

I could have easily added a few more, Granit Xhaka has the capability to make a difference and even Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Saed Kolasinac will worry the Blues but I am confident that the five players above are the men Chelsea fear the most.


  1. I only opened this article to find out the other 3 after Aubameyang & Lacazette.
    Really looking forward to that final. I hope our 2 strikers will be out there to wreck havoc on that Chelsea defense.

  2. It all depends on who wants it more, and who translates that desire to on-field game craft and graft. Who is more intelligent and who transfers the game plan to real action on the field.

    I hope and pray that our boys turn up with the quality we all know they can. This is THE cup final guys. So come on!!! Bring the cup home!!!

    1. I just wish he wears his scoring boots this time. If he doesn’t score or assist, he barely offers anything else apart from his unthreatening forward passes and recycling backward/ sideways passes

      I think Chelsea would assign one of their mezzalas to pressurize him, because his forward pass stat looks scary on the table, even though Jorginho has 1000+ forward passes more

      I hope he finds some chances to do long shots or to create through balls. He is not much of a deep-lying playmaker if he cannot dictate the tempo or if he cannot see the openings to shoot/ assist

  3. Agree on the listed players, except Torreira

    I have big expectation on Welbeck, because he is a scary striker if he plays regularly without injuries, he just had a hattrick in the warm-up match and he would want to show his abilities in front of his suitors

    He would most likely not start, but he could be our plan B. Because he is better in set-pieces compared to Aubameyang and Lacazette

  4. I did chuckle at Ozil being on that list. He’s as much a goal threat as Iwobi, and doesn’t create clear chances anymore. Maybe the odd half-chance if we’re lucky. He’ll be gassed out after about 55 minutes.

    The only players to strike fear into Chelsea are Auba, Laca, and possibly AMN. If our front two are on form, they are unstoppable! AMN has been a mixed bag at RWB, but has gradually got better over the course of the season, and he can easily beat a player with his trickery and acceleration. E.g. that fantastic assist he got against Valencia.

  5. How people tend to disrespect iwobi and some other players is a shame. Ozil will start of course. But other players will come on to do their bit. Therefore let us respect each and every player so far as they wear our shirt. there is no way we will lose this match.

  6. Arsenal fc tend to play around with the ball after leading by one goal. Hopefully tomorrow that tendency of theirs change as we need to score alot of goals after seeing how vulnerable our defence has been this season. The more the merrior.

    I wish them the best of luck for tomorrows game. Arsenal fc come what may.

  7. our strikers are the only players any team should fear. Rest of our squad is just passable. Our strikers will lead us to victory.

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