The five Chelsea players that pose the biggest danger to Arsenal

Chelsea will be seriously difficult opponents to beat on Wednesday evening, they finished above Arsenal in the league, they have a team full of top-class players and while we did beat them at the Emirates, they beat us at Stamford Bridge. The Blues are not opponents we can underestimate or be complacent about.

If Arsenal does not take the necessary steps to negate the dangers that the Blues pose all over the field then we will lose and I have highlighted the five players we must pay careful attention to.

Eden Hazard

As obvious as it gets, the Belgium superstar is genuinely a world-class player and is the stand out player in the final, there is no point denying that fact. Hazard can be a game changer, he will run our defence ragged and this could easily be his final game for the Blues and will, therefore, want to leave his mark.

Olivier Giroud

I am certain he will start for Chelsea and we know what he is capable of, he can hurt us and we have to be on him at all times. Make no mistake, Giroud is a huge danger and one we must confront head-on.


This guy is a serious pain in the butt, he zips in here there and everywhere, he knows how to score goals and is very versatile, he may not be in the class of Hazard but he is certainly a top class player that can damage us significantly if he is given half a chance to do so.


Earlier in the season he was abysmal, the Chelsea fans had turned on him and the truth was that he was a massive waste of money, however, he kept his head and over the last month or so has come good, he has started to show his class, his confidence is restored and he is finally on the same wavelength as the rest of his teammates. Jorginho could in effect be the biggest danger on the night such is his form right now.

Ross Barkley

The most likely player to replace the injured N’Golo Kante and you can be certain that he will pose a huge danger to us. The England international can be frustrating but he has that capability to turn the game on its head, he has a lethal shot and when he is in the mood can be almost unplayable with his swivelling runs.

I remain very confident that we will beat Chelsea in Baku and lift the Europa League trophy but if we do not handle those five players then we will end up being defeated.

Each of them can be match winners but of course, they are an inconsistent bunch with the exception of Hazard otherwise they would have been title contenders and as long as our lads do their jobs then we should be able to contain them for the most part.


  1. Agree on the listed players, except Jorginho. He is only good in playmaking, but not in scoring nor assisting

    Another one that would most likely start and would be threatening is Willian. His forms are not good in this season, but he would surely like to attract interests by putting in extra effort in this big match

    Arsenal should also not forget about Marcos Alonso. His aerial ability has beaten Bellerin several times and he could do it again to Maitland-Niles

    1. Agree about Willian for sure. He is inconsistent but can put in big performances. I don’t consider Barkley that big of a threat tbh. Even Chelsea fans are the hottest on him. He was much more effective in the beginning of the season for them. Isn’t it nice to not have to worry about Kante tho?

  2. If our mildfieders arent panicking while approaching Hazard, he isnt that difficult to mark out, this game is 50-50 on paper, i hope we dont conceed early goals

  3. Hazard will run rings around our players if he is given any bit of space! Giroud will definitely out muscle our defenders and hold up the ball in our box. Willian as well is a troublemaker. It will be a tough game as you’d expect of a final! Hopefully it doesn’t drag into extra time or penalties. Champions League here we come!

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